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  1. They started to show up at distributor warehouses this week...
  2. I had a customer looking for a baby owlbear. Perhaps a familiar pack of baby monsters... Like 'Lil 'Hlu.
  3. Yeah, it's not just Reaper. I had to pick up copies of Eclipse Phase from Posthuman Studios at Gen Con because my distributor still didn't have it two months after it had been back in print. It took them over a month after that before they got it in. So that was over 3 months to get it in stock... Good thing it wasn't a special order or anything. Oh wait, it was.
  4. No minis and no name drop...
  5. I asked about ordering the Bones Rack Deal for my store through my distributor and was basically told they would order it when they got around to it. Neither of my major distributors have updated their Rack Deal listings. Needless to say I ordered it direct from Reaper. I've noticed *some* outages (and some apparently got NIC'ed), but the majority of Bones are available from Reaper (and metal is cast on site, so I'm assuming it's readily available, I don't sell much of that). A store will give up a couple of points ordering direct (and it won't count towards volume with a distributor), but we can get it. If they're saying they can't get it direct from Reaper, well, I don't want to call them liars, but...I don't know how to finish that sentence.
  6. Thanks. The change was mostly groan inducing, since I spent time figuring out which Rack Deal worked better for me and then the rack deals went from A or B to All or Top 50, not something I ordered and showed up different... I needed to do inventory anyway.
  7. Dead

    FUNDED! Thank you! There's still an hour and a half if you want to get in on it...
  8. IIRC, someone gave me their paint rack because they weren't using it. I didn't get much use out of it either, but I did use it at my store for a while. I still have it, hidden up on the "top shelves" (where product goes to die)...
  9. Dead

    Magic, Legend of the 5 Rings, and Star Wars artist Drew Baker not only has a playmat level, he has also offered to join anyone as part of their group if you choose the RPG session or private booster draft levels. Less than 2 days to go! If you're local or even semi-local, please help out. There's even a level for 4 pint glasses with shipping if you're not local! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/978735882/dragon-snack-games-buffalo-tabletop-hobby-game-sto/
  10. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter... Are these the same Rack Deals you have on the website? As long as the distributor doesn't wait to combine it with their regular orders, I may be better off doing it through them... Side note, you changed the Bones Rack Deals recently, messing up my plans. *shakes fist* I can probably find a few that I should return...
  11. Dead

    Just wanted to point out a newer pledge level that I added after the campaign started - the $60 "Miniature of the Month" level. Once a month, get a miniature (that we choose) with an MSRP of between $4.99 and $8.99. You can pick them up if you're local or semi-local and stop by our monthly Paint Day. We also have a $750 level that let's you display your poster or advertising for at least a year (subject to approval), if you run a gaming company and want to get your message out to gamers while they're in store looking to spend their money. Obviously I will carry at least some of the products of any company who backs at this level, if appropriate. Remember, this was only a 2 week campaign, so there's only about a week left. Thanks! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/978735882/dragon-snack-games-buffalo-tabletop-hobby-game-sto
  12. Dead

    I suppose there may be a store I haven't heard about, but it's been a few years since I've heard of one. I love visiting gaming stores, even before it was my business. Some stores, especially Magic-centric (or Magic only) shops, do very little to promote themselves (and even with promotion, I know there are people near me who've never heard about me).
  13. Dead

    Oddly enough, there were two small card shops in Mt Morris a few years before I opened, so there were some YGO and Magic customers built in. There will still be another store here, but it's a sore subject. I handed a "friend" my business (this location and customers, at a VERY low price) and he repaid me by stabbing me in the back and moving out of my location overnight without saying a word to me. All so he could save $200/month (in business that's not a lot of money)... I'm actually renting the new place, so bringing it up to code was the landlords responsibility. Thankfully... I'm still surprised Utica or someplace around it doesn't have a game store. There are a lot of smaller towns that do have them. There has been a Renaissance for a lot of small towns in the past few years. Some have cultivated it a little better than others. I was the first to come back onto Main St here and survive (when they did the big "introductions" at our "Main Street Reopening" a few years ago I was the oldest of the new wave, then there was a span of 6 years to the next oldest business), but I know the negativity you talk of as well. Sadly, it ranks up there in my decision to move (when the Mayor laughs in your face when you bring an issue up with him, the writing is on the wall)...
  14. Dead

    Utica (going by your "3 hours" reference) is an interesting market. AFAIK, it's never supported a thriving store, but I'm not sure if that's because of poor attempts or the low median income of the area. I've talked with one of the owners of a former store there and even he admitted they did many things wrong. There are over 20,000 people in the 18-44 age group, that means there should be around 600 gamers. However, having run a store for nearly 6 years, I've come to realize that "3% of the population is a gamer" stat that has been bandied about may not be realistic (the study that popularized this was from 1999, so it is dated, and online stores have likely taken their toll since). A store is never going to cater to every local gamer anyway, it's just a matter of fact. College gaming clubs have a huge influence on the surrounding community (not only are they customers themselves, many run conventions to help grow/solidify the gaming scene - provided they do it right) and Utica only has 2 relatively small colleges. I'm not sure there is a "critical mass" of gamers at either college. There is a store in Herkimer that is looking into expanding into Utica sometime in the next year, but he's very Magic-centric...
  15. Dead

    Give me time for my plans for world domination to take shape... I mean ... if the public demands it!