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  1. Dragon Snack

    The new and improved Dragon Snack Games

    They're on pot design 3 or 4 at least. And those are just the ones I've seen, I'm sure there were ones from before my time... I don't think they'll switch to droppers anytime soon, a lot of new painters prefer painting out of the pot.
  2. Dragon Snack

    The new and improved Dragon Snack Games

    Yeah, Citadel paints are the most returned product due to quality issues across all my product lines (D&D books come in second) and even when I dealt directly with GW my reps gave me issues about returning them. They're also my highest shrinkage product (that I can track, I'm sure the loose dice and Magic bulk are worse), which is why they are closer to the front than both Reaper and Army Painter. Add on the short discount and I'm even less of a fan, but they do sell well...
  3. For those of you who remember me, I thought I would post a quick update on my my store - since I've moved yet again! Although it was only 2 miles this time, I did go from ~2100 sf to ~6000 sf - so I've got some breathing room (again). Since this IS the Reaper forums, I'll keep it relevant with some gratuitous shots of my paint and minis selection! Look at all that Bones mini goodness (with some Dark Heaven, Chronoscope, Warlord, and Pathfinder sprinkled in)...
  4. Dragon Snack

    Bones Super Glue - status?

    I suppose I should at least try to poke you for more info as to why, even if I imagine the lack of info was a hint that it won't be forthcoming...
  5. Dragon Snack

    Bones Super Glue - status?

    Am I blind or has the Bones Super Glue (00995 or 00996) been removed from the store? I'm not finding any in distribution either. It gets high praise from my customers and I'm down to my last bottle...
  6. Dragon Snack

    Weirdest Mispack

    It appears I've sold the Fire Demon labelled as a Gelatinous Cube I once had on my shelves...
  7. Dragon Snack

    Bulk bases

    I too miss the bulk base boxes, especially now that there are different types of bases available...
  8. Dragon Snack

    Bones 3 at Retail?

    Ugh, any non-packaged options?
  9. Dragon Snack

    Bones 3 at Retail?

    I understand that, but there is a release date for nearly everything else out to July 2018 (including other large minis). I'm well versed in "SoonTM", but when we're already looking 9-10 months out I'm hoping for a little more.
  10. Dragon Snack

    Bones 3 at Retail?

    If it's the one that is going to become 77514, info from one of my distributors says sometime in February 2018. Hmm, now for my own question... 77581 Froghemoth I have a customer who is waiting (im)patiently for this to be released, but I don't see it in my distributors listings.
  11. Dragon Snack

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    They started to show up at distributor warehouses this week...
  12. Dragon Snack

    Minis we would like to see

    I had a customer looking for a baby owlbear. Perhaps a familiar pack of baby monsters... Like 'Lil 'Hlu.
  13. Dragon Snack

    Where has all the metal gone?

    Yeah, it's not just Reaper. I had to pick up copies of Eclipse Phase from Posthuman Studios at Gen Con because my distributor still didn't have it two months after it had been back in print. It took them over a month after that before they got it in. So that was over 3 months to get it in stock... Good thing it wasn't a special order or anything. Oh wait, it was.
  14. Dragon Snack

    Department of Acquisitions

    No minis and no name drop...
  15. Dragon Snack

    Where has all the metal gone?

    I asked about ordering the Bones Rack Deal for my store through my distributor and was basically told they would order it when they got around to it. Neither of my major distributors have updated their Rack Deal listings. Needless to say I ordered it direct from Reaper. I've noticed *some* outages (and some apparently got NIC'ed), but the majority of Bones are available from Reaper (and metal is cast on site, so I'm assuming it's readily available, I don't sell much of that). A store will give up a couple of points ordering direct (and it won't count towards volume with a distributor), but we can get it. If they're saying they can't get it direct from Reaper, well, I don't want to call them liars, but...I don't know how to finish that sentence.