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  1. Having just read through most of the threads in this topic, I'm wondering about some of the choices for figures. While there will probably be plenty of people who would vote for each one if asked about their favorite, surely some are better candidates than others. Let me explain... The two reasons for going plastic that seem to crop up everywhere, are time and cost. Time: Painting one marilith is fun, and an interesting use of time (and who wants more than one marilith for a game anyway), but painting 100 orcs will probably be less fun. Therefore, figures that are generally needed in hoards are good candidates for prepainting (forget the 3-packs - what about the 10-packs?). All the small humanoids and lesser undead, as well as animals, vermin, men-at-arms, and basic pack-monsters all fall into this category. Cost: Given; the material cost of plastic is less than metal. That's the only thing that costs less though, as can be seen by comparing a few miniatures. The big miniatures are much less in plastic while the smaller ones are about the same price. Therefore, large figures are good candidates for plastic, especially if they are figures that may be required in multiple (a full range of giants comes to mind here). With this thinking, there's probably little cause for including adventures and mariliths in this line - at least not so soon in the schedule. By the way... I'm not knocking the line. the marilith is one of my favorite figures, but this will be a key figure in my game so I'd rather paint a metal one. The same goes with adventurers - I want them to all be unique, hand-created masterpieces. Just my two-cents worth. I hope I've not offended anyone.
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    How many minis are too many?

    This thread has been an interesting read. I was thinking I had rather too many unpainted miniatures, but it seems I have one of the smaller collections. About 60 unpainted to 598 painted = about 91% painted, which now seems pretty disciplined. I don't collect for the sake of it. Everything I buy is with the intention of using it for a game. I have had to use inappropriate figures in some cases, but I don't recall ever having used an unpainted figure in a game. I haven't painted anything for about 10 years now, but that will soon change now that I have two new games running.