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  1. sentinel

    MercNet After Action Report.

    Man, I absolutely love all the photos you post of your battles and such. Nicely done.
  2. sentinel

    Sororitas Terminatrix

    I don't play the game, but, always thought Terminators were good looking models. Your model is just beyond cool. Nicely done! I look forward to seeing this all painted up. Well done on getting the pose the same as the painting, also.
  3. sentinel

    Ogre Guard Bones

    Welcome to the forums! I like the tattoos. Not too bright, like they were just done, but, faded in. Nicely done.
  4. sentinel

    Graveyard expansion

    I really like all your stonework. The floors, walls, tombstones, all of it. It just looks "right." Nicely done, keep it up.
  5. sentinel

    A wolf, and my first detailed base.

    Nicely done! I think that third picture down captures the eyes like you wanted them perfectly. Keep up the good work.
  6. sentinel


    It DOES look like something from Futurama! I really like the cartoony look, and the sneer he's got going on. Nicely done.
  7. sentinel

    Pirate Ship Names

    Or, quite possibly The Hums and Rides party boat...
  8. sentinel

    Shadow War Armageddon

    Iron within, Iron without Creases so sharp, the wrinkles jump out!
  9. sentinel

    Pirate Ship Names

    The Reaper Sophie's Reaper The Reaper's Bones
  10. sentinel

    Tyranid Hive Fleet Chernabaug, Tabletop quality

    Any kind of big boss Bryrant model planned?
  11. sentinel

    02648: Schumacher, Ranger: As undead hunter

    Does anyone else see the ghost/specter rising out of the ground right behind him? Part of the cloak? That undead hunter is in for a surprise! Nicely done
  12. sentinel

    02711: Amiryth Elmlighter by Silvervane

    Oh yeah, back stories for minis are a requirement. Aren't they?
  13. sentinel

    Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    I dunno. When I read through this, and first saw the idea of bringing them back as the Frostgrave version of "Hostage Girl," I thought, "Nooooo!" You don't want to besmirch the names of surviving wizards Kodak and Knabe, do you? Needing the help of rookies? No, I do not have a different idea...
  14. sentinel

    Spirit of Summer

    I really like the towel, or wrap, and the hat decorations. Nicely done! Yes, folks in your part of the country could certainly use some summer
  15. Creepy look achieved! In addition to what RouterMike said, I really like the eyes. Nicely done.