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  1. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    What contract are you referring to? One between Kickstarter and Palladium? One between Palladium and Ninja Division? Something else? It's hard to tell as there is a lot of stuff on the DakkaDakka thread.
  2. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    The Kickstarter lists Palladium Books as the creator. It doesn't get much simpler than that. They can try and pass the buck all they want, but it is their name listed as creator (which I assume also means they are the ones contractually responsible for ensuring backers get what they pledged for).
  3. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    My only surprise with this Kickstarter was that there were over 5,000 people willing to trust Kevin to the tune of $1.4m. As soon as I saw that Palladium was the creator I knew to stay well away from thjs.
  4. Goblins Corsairs

    I don't need another Goblin team, and yet I have backed this. Pedro Ramos sculpts awesome minis.
  5. MapForge battlemap creation software [Kickstarter]

    I'm a backer on this Kickstarter and for this one, and for most Kickstarters, I'm fine with delays so long as: 1. The creator keeps up communication with their backers via Kickstarter updates. 2. The creator is open and honest in their communication, even if what they are telling me is bad news. 3. I get what I pledged for eventually. I think with Crowdfunding you have to go into it expecting that there will be delays. I've backed well over 100 crowd funding campaigns now and I'd say more of them have been late (some a couple of years late) than have been on time. Only a handful have actually been early.
  6. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    I bought some isopropyl alcohol and gave that a try on my stained Tact-Tiles. It worked an absolute treat and did not appear to do any damage to the lines (although I'm missing bits of lines in all 12 of the tiles I've used so far). So I'd definitely recommend using that on any Tact-Tiles that are stained. Now I just need a solution to the problem of the lines rubbing off.
  7. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    Does rubbing alcohol have any impact on the grid on the Tact Tiles? I don't want to accidentally rub that off.
  8. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    I tried using the Quartet dry-erase board cleaner, but didn't find it much difference compared to just using a damp paper towel or cloth, or even just using dry paper towels. I also found that, while the markers came off quite well the first few times I used the Tact-Tiles, after a few uses it was like the tiles got a coating that meant it was much harder to remove the markers. I've just accepted now that the Tact-Tiles will have a bit of staining on them. The markers still stand out compared to the staining, it's just that the tiles are a little more unsightly now.
  9. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    Out of interest, why doesn't she like your Tact-Tiles? Same question, what don't you like about your Tact-Tiles? I've been using mine for 2 1/2 years now and after a couple of months had issues with staining and ghosting on the tiles. This was despite using the low-odour Expo dry-erase markers like the creator suggested (and I even did a test to see which marker colours were hardest to remove and have not used those colours). The white magic eraser sponges can remove the staining, but also can take off the marked out lines (although I've had the lines rub off in spots where I've cleaned them with just a cloth too. Overall I think they are a great product in concept and they've been so much better to use than a battlemat or flip-mat, but I just wish they weren't so hard to get clean. On the plus side, I've found them to be really, really durable. The tiles themselves haven't broken or anything like that (not that I'd expect hard plastic would). In comparison, I also bought the Gaming Paper dry erase tiles. Now the Gaming Paper tiles were a lot cheaper and made from a sort of laminated cardboard, so I didn't expect them to be as good as the Tact-Tiles from a durability perspective. However, I have found that the edges of the Gaming Paper tiles have started to separate after just a handful of uses and their fit is nowhere near as good. If I had to pick between the two, I'd go for Tact-Tiles, despite the higher price. I'm still interested in getting some of these GNL tiles, just to see what they are like but, given the delays I'm not sure when that may be.
  10. Mini-Dungeon Tome for 5th Edition or Pathfinder RPG

    These adventures are all 2 pages long, so I don't see the issue in printing out the adventure to use at the table.
  11. The Deck Of Many: DnD 5e Reference Cards

    The decks just don't have enough cards for mine. They should be called the Deck of Some, because you're not getting everything you need. 20-30 monsters per deck only covers a subset of what you come across in your average D&D campaign.
  12. Fog Monster: Mini Fog Machines For TableTop Games.

    I think it's really, really cool, but I wonder how practical it would actually be to use in a game.
  13. Fog Monster: Mini Fog Machines For TableTop Games.

    Thought long and hard about this one, but ultimately gave it a miss. I decided that there are other things I could spend $100 on, given how infrequently this would see use in an actual D&D game.
  14. The Table of Ultimate Gaming

    Looks pretty cool. I'm not sure how well the design would work as a normal dinner table though One spilled drink seems like it would result in the liquid leaking through the gaps and onto the felt. You'd need to put a plastic tablecloth over it to stop that.
  15. Maps for your mini's and all your best RPG's.

    And now I'm a backer! Just couldn't resist.