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  1. Live

    And now I'm a backer! Just couldn't resist.
  2. Live

    These are very different from the Happy Seppuku texture stamps. Both have their pros and cons. The HS texture stamps are an awesome price, so you can afford to buy a few just to have a go with them. For $5, you can't really go wrong. They are made from a soft-ish silicon or rubber. I find the Basius stamps have a bit more detail. Plus they are made from a very hard resin (I was really surprised at just how hard the resin was. I find the detail on the Basius stamps is a bit better than HS. On the downside, they are also more expensive than HS. I've got 4 of the big Basius pads and a dozen of the Basius Texturis pads, so that's enough to last me for quite some time.
  3. Live

    Holy cow! These maps and art objects are gorgeous! This looks like it will cost me.

    Have many minis been previewed for this Kickstarter? I've seen a couple, such as the Dracolich and Baba Yaga's Hut, but not many beyond that. Just keen to have a look at what will be in it before it launches.
  5. Fulfilling

    That's a bit odd, but should only be an issue if you are measuring using a tape measure, rather than counting the hexes. Mine are still in transit.
  6. live

    I love Mike's maps. I've got a couple of his Forgotten Realms maps blown up and printed on vinyl. I've backed this campaign too.
  7. Pre-launch

    I'm with you there. For human-sized minis I prefer metal as the detail is better. For big minis though (and especially bulky minis) it's Bones all the way. I'm sure you could get your money back and then some by re-selling any big minis you no longer want.
  8. Pre-launch

    I managed to hold off on the core pledge for Bones 3 (I backed both Bones 1 and 2 quite heavily). I still backed it for add-ons, such as the coloured plastic weapons and paints, just not the core set. I've gotten to the point now where I have enough PC/NPC-type minis for most situations and, if I don't, I'm happy to buy a metal version as the casting and details are a bit sharper in metal and the price of a human-sized mini isn't too bad.. For big stuff though, Bones is definitely the way to go. It's much cheaper, pinning is less of an issue and they're not so heavy to lug around.
  9. Live

    I thought about backing it, but it was $40 for the PDFs. That was just too high a price point for me to back at for a PDF rulebook without having seen the game before. Strange as the hard copy and PDF combo was only $60.
  10. Funded

    And $540 short of $630k. Apparently the pledge manager funds will go towards stretch goals. In which case I fully expect the $640k stretch goal will be reached as well.
  11. Funded

    $2k to go to $630k with 7 minutes left! How the heck did you make that post then?
  12. Funded

    I was the same as you, except it was more of an internal monologue. I think I jumped on the 3 crate early bird when they were down to about 70-odd. The fences are definitely bigger pieces. Bigger pieces = More resin = Higher cost = Less pieces per set
  13. Funded

    I wasn't planning on backing this, but I am tempted. I've got a 48 hour reminder set, so I'll see what sort of value it has at that point.
  14. My Paranoia package arrived yesterday too. I need to double check, but I think that was my most outstanding Kickstarter by far.
  15. Fulfilling

    I got a couple of sets even though I own a set of Tact-Tiles that I'm happy with. So when my set arrives they will likely see some initial use so I can compare them to my Tact-Tiles, possibly followed by them sitting on my shelf not being used for some time!