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  1. Um... 75mm is short about 1/16" whereas 80mm is 2/16" over. I'm not sure which way is the better way to go other than 80mm will overlap 1" squares whereas 75 will remain just inside of the one inch squares and leave the line of the squares visible... if 1/16" makes a big difference. Sorry, I just saw this topic....
  2. This contests starts NOW! The December date is the end but I can't make and event ending that far out from now! You can turn in your photo as soon as you finish! Model to paint for this event: 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock Sculpted by Bobby Jackson (sorry I forgot to credit you for the Cloud Giant Patrick Keith!) (This model was part of the first Bones Kickstarter) Prizes: 1st Place $100 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store. 2nd Place $50 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store. 3rd and 4th Place $25 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store. Reaper’s Choice $15 [This award may or may not be given, and may be given to more than one entry per contest. It a special merit award for an entry we think should get a prize too that doesn’t win by likes] The winner will choose the Bones model to paint for the next contest. The model must be under $10.00. The first place winner from the previous contest will be excluded from this contest, sorry Mike. Please limit the amount of converting you do to your model. We are trying to paint the same model in this contest. For instance, weapon swaps or head swaps are allowed. Base the model any way you choose. Submit the one best picture of your finished model to whenever you are ready with the last day being December 30th 2016. A gallery will be posted to the group after the deadline date.. After the contest ends feel free to add additional shots to the gallery. Do not post any pictures to the event (or anywhere else) until the event ends (see below). Please submit entries to by end of day Friday, December 30th. When submitting picture feel free to send them in larger. I'll resize and crop where needed, but a large pictures ends up looking better! The gallery will be posted in the main Reaper Group Facebook page on Monday January 2nd as soon as possible and voting will end January 6th at 6 pm CDT. To vote: The voting is based on total likes for your photo. Please do not post your photos (or work in progress shots) in other forums until after this event ends. The event ends when the winners are announced. The Pictures with the most likes win. Please keep your comments positive and respectful. If you have any questions, please write to me at I may or may not see your questions if they are posted in the group or event only (or here on the Reaper forums). Reaper reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason.
  3. Here's my take on the Imperial Assault Carrier loaded with T.I.E. Fighters. Unfortunaly, one of the stand connectors broke on one so now I have to fix it! grrrr......
  4. Is now open for voting. Please click over and vote for (by liking them) as many as you like!
  5. Thanks! Hopefully more to come. I'm sort of getting into to repainting these x-wing models!
  6. X-wing Hound's Tooth repainted as a Flying Tiger. Spent and evening with my daughter painting this week at Reaper HQ. I don't paint often enough anymore! It was a blast!
  7. It's time for the third Reaper Group painting contest. This time it's official! Reaper has assumed administration of this contest. Please read the rules posted in the event. They have changed a little from the previous two.
  8. We use a thermal printer to print the paint bottle labels. They will fade over time from changes in temperature. A lot of heat, like being left in the sun will turn them solid black. The suggestion of writing on them or relabeling is about the only solution if you are experiencing this problem.
  9. Sorry, I should have let you know that Chris went with my error and kept the Avatar of Sokar. Remember, please don't post any WIP anywhere until it's over. Thanks!
  10. My bad... it may be changing...
  11. First Place winner was Chris Conely with 61 LIKES Second Place winner was Carl Lundstedt with 43 LIKES Third Place winner was Aaron Fudurich with 40 LIKES And Forth Place was split between TJ Gilmore and Trui DW who each received 35 LIKES. To see images of their entries please visit the Reaper Group Event
  12. Well there were lots of great entries for the first contest. Here's another one for you get involved with over at the Reaper Miniatures Group. The Group The event This time, the challenge is to paint up the Bones version of the Avatar of Sokar: 77338 You've got until May to enter, so you should have plenty of time to get this one painted. Have fun.
  13. The contest is taking entries now! And that means it's time to vote too. You can enter and vote until the 5th of Feb 2016. You do not have to have an entry to vote. Come support the contest and do your part! Thanks!
  14. Quick correction: Sir Danel will be fixed with the Bones 3 models. It requires a new mold to be made and I couldn't get that done with the Bones 1 fixes. But eventually all of the models will be released.
  15. Over at the Reaper Group Facebook page several fans have set up a painting contest that we are helping support. Please checkout this event. Or head over to the facebook group for more information.