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  1. The legs for this model are cast in ABS plastic and not standard Bones material, making them much stiffer. There shouldn't be an issue.
  2. ReaperClark

    February Bones Black Promotional Mini - Rock Troll

    Here is a link to the FAQ on our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/notes/reaper-miniatures/faq/10156398366878885/ Item 6 explains the plastics we use. Other that color, there is no significant difference from the regular Bones "white" miniatures and any other color we have used for Bones. Any differences are coincidental. Bones Black is a different process and a much harder plastic than any other color of regular Bones. Bones Black's Pantone is the same gray that we've used for Bones regular Chronoscope models and some terrain/dungeon dressings, however the Bones Black plastic is significantly different. The Bones Black color will be a shade darker than the medium gray we are going to be moving all regular fantasy Bones to. However, because some of these decisions were made after production started, the Kickstarter models (and any inventory remaining after fulfillment) will all be the same slightly lighter gray color, with the exception of the Chronoscope models which will be a shade darker. So, please understand, we could make them all pink if we wanted, so the color differences in regular Bones are irreverent. If they followed our instruction correctly, yes.
  3. ReaperClark

    Grey Bones

    Bones are PVC with some colorant added. We started out with standard PVC which is white but a little opaque. So, we added a slight amount of color to an off-white so they would photograph better. We changed Chronoscope models to a medium grey to differentiate the product lines. We liked this so much that we are moving the other Bones to a little bit darker grey as well, but still not as dark as Chronoscope models. Bones 4 will be all in this new gray. So, the color is not necessarily an indicator of the type of plastic. being used. We also try to cast the PVC terrain pieces in the darker "Chronoscope" gray as well. Eventually, all of the Chronoscope models will be the new grey color. Things like the weapon sprues from Bones 3 and the crypt are cast in ABS or polystyrene. ABS is similar to polystyrene but will not be effected as well by regular "model" glue, much like the PVC. Model glue actually chemically melts the polystyrene plastic and makes a weld. A few other parts are also ABS, like the (77180) Spider Queen's legs. That's why we recommend cyanoacrylates for gluing Bones kits together as it works well with any of the plastics.
  4. Because we do not make our miniatures for a specific game we have never worried about making bases a certain size. When we started we made integral bases that would support the model. Later to cut down on metal (as it rose in price) we reduced the bases as much as possible but still tried to make them able to support the model in most cases. Some models end up needing an extra base anyway as making an integral base would just make the model much more expensive. As they are all model kits we assume many folks will be adding or modifying the bases anyway.
  5. ReaperClark

    01445; Ellen Stone, Cowgirl

  6. ReaperClark

    full list of all reaper products??

    http://www.reapermini.com/RetailSupport/Extras There are downloadable CSV file here for retail stores to add our product into their point of sale software. Thanks for the reminder that I need to update this! If you really want more data hit me up at matt@reapermini.com and I'll see what I can do for you. It's just a query so it shouldn't take me that long. Release date won't be accurate because I didn't start the data base until much later. So all models before a certain time would have the same date. The only way to know this would be to see which catalog if first appeared. But it would still be just a close approximation and a serious pain in the tushy to do.
  7. ReaperClark

    Taste Of Horror

    Just backer this one to get all six busts even though the sixth one hasn't unlocked yet.... it will! Hoping they are able to do a few more. I like the characterizations they are doing.
  8. No, you are not required to have a facebook account, which is why I posted this here. Just submit by sending in your one best photo to me at matt@reapermini.com and you'll be in the contest. You would have to have a friend show you the photo gallery if you want to see it.
  9. ReaperClark

    Paint Your Dragon!

    You can enter that one for sure. As well as the resin Mal'Drakar if you have one.
  10. Announcing the opening of the next quarterly painting contest! https://www.facebook.com/events/628589544011960/?active_tab=about
  11. We are starting a new facebook painting contest event! This is NOT the quarterly contest which will be running soon too. You can paint any Reaper Dragon for this contest. See the rules in the event please. https://www.facebook.com/events/248940398913111/
  12. It's time to vote. Vote for as many as you like. Please do not share individual photos. You can share the entire album if you like. Thanks!
  13. ReaperClark

    Reaper bases- all your bases are belong to me...

    Um... 75mm is short about 1/16" whereas 80mm is 2/16" over. I'm not sure which way is the better way to go other than 80mm will overlap 1" squares whereas 75 will remain just inside of the one inch squares and leave the line of the squares visible... if 1/16" makes a big difference. Sorry, I just saw this topic....
  14. This contests starts NOW! The December date is the end but I can't make and event ending that far out from now! You can turn in your photo as soon as you finish! Model to paint for this event: 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock Sculpted by Bobby Jackson (sorry I forgot to credit you for the Cloud Giant Patrick Keith!) (This model was part of the first Bones Kickstarter) Prizes: 1st Place $100 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store. 2nd Place $50 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store. 3rd and 4th Place $25 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store. Reaper’s Choice $15 [This award may or may not be given, and may be given to more than one entry per contest. It a special merit award for an entry we think should get a prize too that doesn’t win by likes] The winner will choose the Bones model to paint for the next contest. The model must be under $10.00. The first place winner from the previous contest will be excluded from this contest, sorry Mike. Please limit the amount of converting you do to your model. We are trying to paint the same model in this contest. For instance, weapon swaps or head swaps are allowed. Base the model any way you choose. Submit the one best picture of your finished model to matt@reapermini.com whenever you are ready with the last day being December 30th 2016. A gallery will be posted to the group after the deadline date.. After the contest ends feel free to add additional shots to the gallery. Do not post any pictures to the event (or anywhere else) until the event ends (see below). Please submit entries to matt@reapermini.com by end of day Friday, December 30th. When submitting picture feel free to send them in larger. I'll resize and crop where needed, but a large pictures ends up looking better! The gallery will be posted in the main Reaper Group Facebook page on Monday January 2nd as soon as possible and voting will end January 6th at 6 pm CDT. To vote: The voting is based on total likes for your photo. Please do not post your photos (or work in progress shots) in other forums until after this event ends. The event ends when the winners are announced. The Pictures with the most likes win. Please keep your comments positive and respectful. If you have any questions, please write to me at matt@reapermini.com. I may or may not see your questions if they are posted in the group or event only (or here on the Reaper forums). Reaper reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason. https://www.facebook.com/events/164905070617904/
  15. ReaperClark

    X-Wing IMperial Assualt Carrier Repaint

    Here's my take on the Imperial Assault Carrier loaded with T.I.E. Fighters. Unfortunaly, one of the stand connectors broke on one so now I have to fix it! grrrr......