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  1. 77503 Temple Dragon

    Need to crop your photos so we can see the figures better.
  2. 03647: Drago Voss, Assassin

    Looks great, and I love the metal version of this guy. That hilt on his sword is great, and the nmm really sets everything off nicely.
  3. Wizard of a Different Sort: Anirion Conversion

    The only rust I've seen inside a ship would be an older freighter. Something that's hauling food, water, animals, etc. A military vessel, as already stated, would be too well maintained to rust. Even in the engine rooms you wouldn't see much. But a stock light freighter that's got maybe a crew of 2-4 people? Not well maintained at all, if not abused to the point of holding it together with space spider webbing and taun taun spit.
  4. Wiz kids orc warrior

    One thing to remember, and that has become my mantra is; Deeper shadows, and higher highlights. Especially since we tend to take photos of our figures, the more contrast we have the better.
  5. Time to reflect (vignette)

    Looks great, and I love using orange juice caps as bases like that. Though I'd paint in to look like either green or white marble. :D
  6. 77587 Frost Giant King Bones 3 Kickstarter

    You're NMM is pretty flawless. The only suggestion I have, is to bring the brown leather highlights up higher. Other than that, I really dig your style. Well done.
  7. Fire and Ice

    Thanks Darcstaar! I'm just saying that I didn't spend more than 2-4 hours on them, rather than the 8-10 or more that I normally do on my own figures. Since I needed them completed for a game coming up on 8/5 I figured I shouldn't be too detail oriented, LOL
  8. Fire and Ice

    Thanks Xherman! Much appreciated!
  9. Fire and Ice

    I finally got a chance to paint up some of my own giants! Nothing to special on these. I think each took around 2-4 hours depending on what details I really wanted to pick out. I'm kinda liking the blue tint I left in the Frost giant's hair. Thanks for looking!
  10. Some Sci-Fi stuff for my Shadowrun Campaign

    I sense a theme. Team Chimichanga! The deadpool family that slays together, stays together. LOL
  11. US Paratroopers for Bolt Action

    Good question Heisler! The answer is, I have no idea. LOL I'll ask him and will let you know.
  12. Thorvbald the Rune Mage

    Thanks everyone. I had fun painting this guy up. :D
  13. US Paratroopers for Bolt Action

    Thanks guys! :)
  14. Figures for Imperial Assault

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Much appreciated! :D The client liked them as well.
  15. Thorvbald the Rune Mage

    His backstory consisted of him as a child being almost drowned in a frozen river, but being brought back by a rune mistress that taught him the runes and the ability to use them in magick. Most of his spells are cold based as well. :D