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  1. I sense a theme. Team Chimichanga! The deadpool family that slays together, stays together. LOL
  2. Good question Heisler! The answer is, I have no idea. LOL I'll ask him and will let you know.
  3. Thanks everyone. I had fun painting this guy up. :D
  4. Thanks guys! :)
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Much appreciated! :D The client liked them as well.
  6. His backstory consisted of him as a child being almost drowned in a frozen river, but being brought back by a rune mistress that taught him the runes and the ability to use them in magick. Most of his spells are cold based as well. :D
  7. Thank you!
  8. More figures for my client Jay's Bolt Action army. I've painted up all of his Russians, not it's the USA's turn. :D
  9. One of my client's has me painting up not only his Frostgrave war band, but also most of his Imperial Assault figures. Here's the next 4 in his batch. :D Hera Syndulla, Chopper, BT-1, and Triple 0. Thanks for looking!
  10. For Christmas last year, my brother in-law got me the not the Ragnar, and not the Lagertha (both poses) from Hasslefree Miniatures. This guy came as a bonus figure. So I painted him up as our Rune Mage in my friend's Vikings campaign. I'll get to show him off on August 5th when we resume the game. :D
  11. Yours is more gold, while I went with bronze, but similar for sure. :D Thanks! It's what the client wanted, and to stay away from the more red/gold fur.
  12. I dig yours for the bright fur and different shades of green! Seems we had the same idea for the monkey face. LOL
  13. Not odd at all. This model was pretty good for assembly. Only a few places that needed to be trimmed to fit. Mostly the pillars to glue onto the base. I think they are overpriced as well. The one that gave me the most trouble was the vampire Strahd from Ravenloft. The horse's feet didn't match the holes, his sword was bent badly, and Strahd himself wasn't sculpted well.
  14. Very nice work! Put her in red and she could be Agent Peggy Carter. :D
  15. Thanks Xherman!