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  1. Knarthex, did you ever end up finishing yours?
  2. Or the cloud giant I painted a few years ago.
  3. Every time I go to paint NMM, I get nervous, because I don't want to screw it up. One thing I've learned is to keep the highest highlight right next to the darkest shadow area. Kind of like what I did with the sword on this guy. And on this guys Armor and sword. Hope these examples help!
  4. I've painted a ton of Hero Forge figures, and it call comes down to the type of material that was used. The white, basic, low detail, figures, IMHO, are crap. I prefer the clear plastic, and the grey (black) plastics, and most of my clients use that as well. Better details for sure. Here are 2 versions of the Hero Forge "Grey" material I painted for a client. As for painting, my mantra has always been darker shadows, and higher highlights. But also, HAVE FUN! :)
  5. Thanks again for the kind words everyone. Really thrilled you all liked him. :D I'm hoping to be posting more work soon. I've got a group of Dark Sword Miniatures for a Frostgrave warband completed for another client of mine.
  6. Thanks all! Had fun painting him. Though, if any of you do pick him up, the pillars with the tentacles wrapped around them need the bases trimmed up, and the pegs on the base filed/cut down, so that they fit, as they also attach to the right shoulder. Same with the pillar by the left tentacles. He's in multiple pieces anyway, and will need some cleanup work done to him before assembly. I did enjoy doing the baboon faces! Incredibly expressive. :D
  7. Client from my Facebook page commissioned this big sucker. 10 hours later and he's completed. Lots of over brushing, washes, and then going in with the detail brushes to tidy him up some, and do some lining. Thanks. for looking!
  8. Looking good for mini #6! As for eyes, it depends on the size of the eyes for me. Sometimes I use a Pigma Graphic Micron .005 pen, other times I'll use a brush with a really great point.
  9. I just picked up the dwarven fighters 2 pack. Interesting to see how they will paint up. The kobolds just looked like they didn't have much detail to me. My wife got the griffon, and that looks pretty good, though smaller than the Reaper one.
  10. Oh nice work on the white scales! Really like that. Never much cared for the sculpt earlier, and you've made me reassess my thoughts on him. :)
  11. "Oh yeah! I'm touching myself tonight." Great sculpt and paintjob Uber! 7 hours? Nice work. :)
  12. That gold breastplate is great! Really gives off the impression of it being shined up and ready for the fight against evil. As for the reds, I agree with the others. Bring up the highlights where the light hit it the most, and leave the rest. Looking good to me so far. :D
  13. Ew....ew..ew...ew... Nailed it. Even my stomach is churning. *blech*
  14. Oh man... Where's Coulson and May when you need them?
  15. Really like him sir! Great skintone. The cape is sweet!