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  1. One thing to remember, and that has become my mantra is; Deeper shadows, and higher highlights. Especially since we tend to take photos of our figures, the more contrast we have the better.
  2. Looks great, and I love using orange juice caps as bases like that. Though I'd paint in to look like either green or white marble. :D
  3. You're NMM is pretty flawless. The only suggestion I have, is to bring the brown leather highlights up higher. Other than that, I really dig your style. Well done.
  4. Thanks Darcstaar! I'm just saying that I didn't spend more than 2-4 hours on them, rather than the 8-10 or more that I normally do on my own figures. Since I needed them completed for a game coming up on 8/5 I figured I shouldn't be too detail oriented, LOL
  5. Thanks Xherman! Much appreciated!
  6. I finally got a chance to paint up some of my own giants! Nothing to special on these. I think each took around 2-4 hours depending on what details I really wanted to pick out. I'm kinda liking the blue tint I left in the Frost giant's hair. Thanks for looking!
  7. I sense a theme. Team Chimichanga! The deadpool family that slays together, stays together. LOL
  8. Good question Heisler! The answer is, I have no idea. LOL I'll ask him and will let you know.
  9. Thanks everyone. I had fun painting this guy up. :D
  10. Thanks guys! :)
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Much appreciated! :D The client liked them as well.
  12. His backstory consisted of him as a child being almost drowned in a frozen river, but being brought back by a rune mistress that taught him the runes and the ability to use them in magick. Most of his spells are cold based as well. :D
  13. Thank you!
  14. More figures for my client Jay's Bolt Action army. I've painted up all of his Russians, not it's the USA's turn. :D
  15. One of my client's has me painting up not only his Frostgrave war band, but also most of his Imperial Assault figures. Here's the next 4 in his batch. :D Hera Syndulla, Chopper, BT-1, and Triple 0. Thanks for looking!