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  1. Xauhaudoom

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    So will the HD paints (relabeled into the Bones series) in these kits be sold as single also?
  2. Xauhaudoom

    Tentative Pathfinder and Starfinder Rounds

    Just wondering which GM are running which games at what day and time. I can run mostly all day on Thursday except at 7 pm have a class and have another class at 1 pm on Friday. Thanks Mike J
  3. Xauhaudoom

    Reaper classes?

    Looks like the web site for classes is working now, just added another'
  4. Xauhaudoom

    Reaper classes?

    Only was able to get one class just a minutes ago, and then can't register for any other. Site goes to check out with no classes to purchase. Web site does not tell if classes are sold out. Frustrating!
  5. Xauhaudoom

    Starfinder and Pathfinder GM call

    I am willing to run some Pathfinder. Mike J
  6. Was wondering what would be a good color to dry-brush or high-light violent shadow 09237) base coat?
  7. Xauhaudoom

    Pathfinder Society

    Just wondering what the rounds are that we are getting from Paizo. Is it the PDF of the gmae we are running at ReaperCon. Thanks!
  8. Xauhaudoom

    Pathfinder Society

    Count me in, I am willing to run a few. My email is vinnrik@gmail.com Mike J
  9. Xauhaudoom

    Color Shift Paint for a Dragon

    Liquitex and Golden have interference paints that will work for color shift. I have a green, orange, and green-violet. They are clear acrylic with color flakes. Paint model area with a base color (let dry) then use thin coats of the interference color to get the color shift. I use Golden brand and they also have red, blue, gold, and maybe a silver. I have the 1 ounce bottles found at art stores and online.
  10. Xauhaudoom

    Forest Dragon horns/antlers tutorials?

    Maybe the Khaki Triad color, or Folk Art craft paint has a driftwood color.
  11. Xauhaudoom

    PFS Schedule for ReaperCon

    There are 2 of the same time slots for the PFS, are the models going to be ran at the same time in different location. Example is Consortium Compact going to run at the Atwill and Englund at the same time? On the Reapercon 2016 game schedule it just said Pathfinder Society TBA. Having where the location of the each PFS scenarios are at might be helpful for though who might want to sign up for a certain scenario. Thanks, Mike J
  12. Xauhaudoom

    Color Metallics

    Got some air brush color metallic (purple) and was wondering how can I darken the color. Can I use MSP violet shadow, clear purple, or gray liner to darken it? Thanks!
  13. Hi folks was wondering if Sparkling Amethyst and Alien Goo would go together or clash? THX for any info.
  14. Xauhaudoom

    MSP Bones HD paints..

    Thanks, Wren!
  15. Xauhaudoom

    MSP Bones HD paints..

    Was wondering about the Styx Purple and the Runic Purple from the new series, are they more of a reddish purple or a bluish purple? Also is the Icy Violet more of a light blue? THX