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  1. Thanks all! @Mad jack: her butt is a distraction; adversaries are so wrapped up in staring at her butt, they forget to pull the trigger... Et al: Again, the beauty of sci-fi/fantasy figures that aren't associated (i.e. no backstory) with any specific character; there are no rules! Any colors - flat to high-gloss, any climate, any terrain, any degree of conversion, etc. Just leave that butt alone...
  2. This is a very ambitious project combining elements of canvas, flat, demi-ronde, and 3D art and sculpture. Well done! I trust you'll be bringing this to ReaperCon...
  3. Thanks you both. @Cryadis: are you referring to me or the figure?
  4. I painted these as part of a figure based on a Gil Elvgren pin-up painting. I used the Muddy Soil triad on the bank and the bottom. I used transparent layers over the transitions, stippling the paint in some areas, then laid down a few coats of clear gloss. All were brushed on.
  5. Thanks all! @Hd, perhaps a futuristic slum lord...? @KruleBear, That's part of the appeal with painting sci-fi and fantasy figures that have no specific backstory or color scheme; you can do anything you want. There's no rules. Apart from the blue scheme I mentioned above, I was also considering a natural metal scheme for the armor with the Adamantium Black undersuit. Lots of polishing with a Dremel tool followed by a black/brown or blue oil paint stain... Slainte
  6. This is Scale 75's Bitsie or to use the the full title; Ares Condominium, Operator 31, 'Bitsie'. I have no idea what all that means since there's no backstory to the piece. Nada. There are six metal parts and a resin base. I epoxied the base to a wooden block and enlarged it with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, added some kitty litter (fresh!) rocks, some wire rebar, a bent styrene pipe, and the smashed pink teddy bear (also Aves). Overall the fit was fine, but there where some areas where the detail got a bit soft and/or nebulous. It was nothing that couldn't be handled. I pinned and epoxied all of the joints. I was originally going to paint it a medium to dark blue with white trim and red hair, but eventually opted to paint and weather her like a tank. It's the armor and guns... I used Dremel ball and dovetail cutters to ding up her armor before priming the figure with Floquil Model Railroad Gray Primer (no longer available, BTW). The basic color scheme is Reaper's Olive Drab and Earth Brown triads. Think RAF Spitfire circa 1940. Very military. I painted the small yellow disks on her shoulder armor and use 1/48 British tank registration numbers for the '31'. It was my wavy of tying her into the name. Her undersuit is painted Adamantium Black, while Scorched Metal was used on the vents. I went with red hair (a complement to the green, but everyone knows armed-to-the-teeth red haired space babes rock). The impact marks, scratches, scrapes, dust, and dirt were a combination of dark metal paints, colored pencils, tan/brown washes. The landscaping is based on Rover HD photos of Mars' surface with the Power Palette to point to the right colors. Questions and comments are welcomed. No secrets here... Glen
  7. I used layers of different thicknesses of cork sheet back in 2014 to do the base here: A write-up for the North TX Figure Club is here: >>Instead of the base piece, I'm using sheet cork to depict rock strata at the edge of a gully or cliff and gluing it down over a notched 1.5" wood block. Both the cork and block are available from Hobby Lobby. The cork is two different thicknesses and carefully ripped away from the main sheet with slightly different widths and depths. I used Titebond carpenter's glue to glue the pieces together. The pieces were clamped between two popsicle sticks to even the pressure. Once the glue was dry, I drilled a hole into the figure heel, cork and wood block for a paperclip pin. The uppermost piece was then covered with a layer of Aves Apoxie sculpt putty to depict the ground. The surface was stippled with a stiff oil painting brush to give it a sandy looking texture. A few bits of (fresh!) kitty litter were pressed into the soft putty and allowed to cure in place. Instant rocks. A paperclip was pushed into the cork hole from below to mark its position then pulled out while the putty cured. More putty was added to those strata layers that might be exposed to sand/dirt falling off the layer above. A few kitty litter rocks were added there as well. Finally, a rolled putty rock slug - a short fat snake - was added under an overhanging section of strata.<<
  8. Well done, m'lady. Draconia does some nice fantasy busts. Young Miniatures for historical busts. FeR Miniatures does both. A lot of both... There are others. Again, well done!
  9. Thanks! Anyone doing a plane? I know there's some Warhammer planes out there...
  10. What Heisler said... My old Binks is from the stone-age, but it still works. It runs continuously once a I plug it in (it doesn't have an on/off switch). When it dies, I'll look at a tankless semi-auto compressor. I'm curious; doesn't the owner's manual address this feature?
  11. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your stuff ...and everyone one else's as well. There will no doubt be a flood of tanks, aircraft, starships, and Imperial Walkers on the Ordnance tables this year. Panzer Vor!
  12. I think that looks pretty good for lava; maybe some yellows and near whites in the hot spots. Then I read your text. Oops... Ok, so the unpainted dude is conjuring something out of the rocks. Does the red imply a degree of eviltude? Perhaps some yellow/whites where the conjuring is focused to draw the eye to that area? I'll be quiet now.
  13. Passche guy myself, so I'm not sure about your Badger, but there may be a leaking gasket (rubber washer) in the air line to brush connection or a similar gasket up in the brush body that seals around the needle. Your manual should have an exploded view of the brush where you can check for the gaskets. If not, try checking on line. Good luck with it!. Edit: on second thought, is the compressor supposed to operate continuosly like my elderly diaphragm Binks compressor? Most compressor that shut off do so because an air tank has been filled or the unit has reached its duty-cycle and overheated. If it overheats on a regular basis, then something is wrong. Is it getting proper ventilation?
  14. Thanks all! Weathering, even minor weathering, can help pop the model. I generally go for weathering associated with dry(ish) climates - summer, desert, etc. I leave the vehicles covered in wet and/or caked mud to others. That.s not to say you can't go to town... Slainte
  15. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Hopefully, it'll light a fire in some folks and we'll see more entries in the ordnance category at R'con. Everything I did is more or less applicable to cars, planes, and sci-fi, and fantasy as well. I'm sure some of you out there have a Warhammer Orc tank or two...