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  1. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    Highlander, et al: look for book entitled 'Drawing the Head and Figure' by Jack Hamm. It pops up in used book stores on a regular basis and is likely available on line as well (think Amazon). It dates back to 50s/60s (and the clothing and hair styles demonstrate this), but it's an excellent anatomical references that shows how to render facial features and body parts, but also what bone, muscle, and tendon groups protrude and/or recede in any given position. I use it when painting (especially flats which often lack such details). If nothing else it gives you an idea of where to put a shadow or highlight even if the sculptor neglected to provide a reason for it. Glen
  2. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    Well now, these are a great idea. Apart from my usual medieval and occasional steampunk and sci-fi subjects, I like painting pinup girls. I learned hair and makeup on my own, but I think a class targeting these would fill rather quickly and would be a great follow-on to Jess' 'Painting Hot Chicks' class. Geez, redheads' hair and makeup could be its own class... Glen
  3. Mid life crisis

    The sports car is the way to go. They're relatively inexpensive compared to a girlfriend ...or mistress (especially if alimony is involved). And old Miata or Porsche 944 maybe. My preference is and always has been old MGs (see Avatar). The Midgets (and Triumph Spitfires) are probably the least expensive classic sports cars you can buy. Decent to great ones can be had for $3500 to $6000. They may have faded paint and worn interiors, but they shouldn't have rust or smoking engines. They require regular owner maintenance in the form of fluid changes and electrics. There is plenty of expertise and parts available. They are all carburetted 4-cylinder engines developing around 50 hp, four speed manual transmissions (no-5 speed or ODs), and manual front disk/rear drum brakes. Speed is not their forte, but they handle like slot cars on twisty back roads. If you're 6' and under and under 200 lbs. you will fit comfortably. If you're like me at 6'1" and +250 lbs, then getting in and out isn't pretty, but once in you're as snug as a bug in the proverbial rug. You may also consider a 70s era MGB. They're larger and more powerful than the Midgets (and some have ODs), but their mechanicals are very similar to Midgets. Their prices run from $4k to $8k or more. If you can wrench on a Midget, you can wrench on a B. The red MIdget is a '72, the brown Midget is a '77. Come to the dark side...
  4. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    Tish Wolter teaches a painting class for children. She's taught her own daughters and they are quite good at it. It is the standard two hours.
  5. General Grant

    I finished off the glaze/chalk pastel weathering and tweaked a few things here and there, but nothing major. So, that's it; this is the completed piece. Every thing is superglued in place and I've added some weeds at the ends of the some of the planks. So, the backstory... Cat Russell had a difficult childhood. She never knew her father and her mother Kate ran a 'Gentlemen's Social Club' up in Abilene, KS. Abilene was the end point of the Chisum Trail. so business was good. Cat didn't care for that life, so she left home early and went to live with her aunt Kitty in Dodge City, KS. Kitty ran a saloon in Dodge City, KS where Cat learned the art and science of poker. Eventually, Cat left Dodge City and wandered the west where she developed a quick draw and an even quicker temper. Seems the menfolk in towns throughout the west didn't cotton to some mere wisp of a girl beating them at cards. Seems the women folk didn't like it either. Words were exchanged. Although Cat won such arguments fair and square, sometimes she ran afoul of the law. That's where she met The General Grant. More than once... Cat, Kate, and I will see you at ReaperCon.
  6. Steampunk Flat Girl

    Thanks both of you! And now ...the end. I used pretty much all of Reaper's yellow metals and some of the lighter white metals to do the out skin of the mechanical arm. The idea was to create the impression of old, but usable sheet metal to form the skin. It was cleaned, but not polished or buffed. I also wanted a grainy appearance to the metal. That meant lots of stippling - a short stab downward, followed by a short stroke along the surface. Repeat. I also finished off the choker medallion and jewel using the same colors as the hat and corset. Continuity, y'know. Or a rut; take your pick. Rather than try to sculpt/build a mechanical hand, I opted for a work-type glove. It's painted with the Basic Dirt triad to go along with the corset stays, but I went darker. There is some minor lining around the choker, corset stays and clasps, and the metal arm bits. It is now complete. Unless I find some reeeeaaaaally big goof...
  7. General Grant

    Weathering now. Being the Old West, this will mainly consist of layers of dust and dirt. First part was a 1:1 mix of Golden Skin and Khaki Highlight applied to the lower third or so to the pant legs. Successive layers were then applied below the start of the first layer and so on. Slightly higher concentrations were applied to upward facing folds in the pants. The second part is a patch of 'under dust' around the base of the barrel, cactus pot, the hand-grip post. This was a 1:1 glaze of Golden Skin and Khaki Highlight. I will apply chalk pastel over these patches. For the most part, I'm concentrating the dust and dirt in areas where there is little, if any, foot traffic.
  8. Steampunk Flat Girl

    Thank you both! Some more progress. I'm doing a bit more tweaking on the skin tones and I've worked on the corset (same colors as the hat). I have to tweak the sheer red panel on the corset some. Mechanical arm next! Glen
  9. Steampunk Flat Girl

    A bit more work on the skin tones plus the hat (Pine Green triad + Black + Linen White for deep shading and highlighting. Also did the ribbed bracelet on her right arm (alternating Old Bronze/Tarnished Brass and Coppery Orange/Ancient Bronze and put some left over Old Bronze in her left arm. The choker ribbon is Deep/Blood/Fire Reds. Eventually, there'll be a jewel in the choker medallion. Lastly, there's a glaze of Deep and Blood Red over the Tanned Skin and Tanned Shadow panel on the corset side. I did this first so I wouldn't slop a red glaze onto the browns and greens of the corset. Now I can slop browns and greens onto sheer red panel...
  10. General Grant

    Thanks! ..and now a bit more. This is the entire scene mocked up before I start the weathering. Being in the Old West, the weathering will involve the already painted-as-such weathered platform, some light wear and tear on the machinery (scratches and chipping), and some dust and dirt effects (glazes and pastel chalks). Since this is all part of Professor Albert Simpson-Smythe's* traveling punishment wagon, I figured the equipment would undergo regular maintenance and be kept in fairly good condition. Glen *By appointment to her Majesty Victoria R.I.
  11. General Grant

    I decided that the piece needed a bit more color; right now it's mostly variations of brown with a dash of reds, greens, and black. I made some generic prickly pear cactus flowers by rolling some putty into a ball and mashing the center down with the end of some styrene rod. The interior was painted a dark yellow color with a dark orange shade in the bottom and the bottom center painted a dark red-orange. The same dark yellow was used on the lower half of the exterior with a lighter yellow on the the exterior's upper half. The flowers were attached with superglue. Overall, they're about 1/16 to 1/8 inch in diameter. The wood base is Minwax Dark Walnut applied with a small brush, allowed to soak in for a about 10 minutes, then wiped off with a paper towel. Clean up with mineral spirits.
  12. Steampunk Flat Girl

    Working on the skin tones now. I'm using my standard mix of the Tanned Skin and Rosy Skin triads each mixed with its opposite color - shadow with shadow, light with light, etc, in a 1:1 ratio. These are further lightened with Linen White or darkened with Burgundy Wine where needed. The darker skin on the torso side is Tanned Skin and Shadow. This will eventually be covered by a sheer material color. Still plugging away at it until I start the corset and metal arm.
  13. General Grant

    The General... The barrel's wood staves are the Tanned Leather triad with an Oiled Leather glaze. These colors were also applied the paddle arm. The paddle is Woodstain Brown and Leather Brown with an Oiled Leather glaze. The hoops, hinges, top plate, and the vertical shaft are all black. The two control levers (speed and force) are painted as staves and were given an warm gray stain where hands would grip them. The crank is Black with the grips painted as the control levers. Weathering later once I get everything together. That way all of the components are weathered as a whole; some dust and dirt, rust, scratches, etc. There's also a revised version of Cat's face. I toned down the intensity of the freckles and added more using a red-brown colored pencil. I also added additional freckles across her chest, back, shoulders, and arms, but you have to be really close to see them. More later.
  14. Steampunk Flat Girl

    Painting now. The piece was primed with brushed on Floquil Model Railroad Gray Primer and allow to dry for 24 hours. The hair is the Carrot Top triad plus Ruddy Leather and Linen White to further darken/lighten (ground-breaking, I know...). The hat is base coated in Pine Green. The goggles have a leather(ish) strap, yellow metal bezels, and variations of the hair colors for the lenses. The arm's interior mech is painted with an assortment of 'Steampunk metals', basically red, yellow, and white metals in assorted shades. The interior was the doused with a wash of Brown Liner. I also pre-painted her choker piece and the clasps on her corset. Face next.