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    ReaperCon Cosplay

    Is the theme "Sci Fi" or "Vintage Sci Fi" ? Make a fairly large difference as far as trying to create a costume.
  2. Bumble_B

    2014 Feedback

    who would I email in regards to suggestions/concerns about Reapercon? I'd rather not discuss aspects in a public forum.
  3. I just started making Reuben Sandwich's from scratch! They are deeeeeelish! So awesome we both started something new.
  4. Bumble_B

    2014 Warlord Tournament Miniature

    Thank goodness this will be available for purchase. I like this miniature a lot. I would hate to embarass myself at Warlord just to get a mini :)
  5. Bumble_B

    Modify Itinerary?

    Is there a way to modify your gaming itinerary? I had signed up for one of the special games, and it overlaps with other plans that I did not see. Is there a way to release my seat/spot back into the que so someone else can take? Thanks!
  6. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    Awwesome. Thanks for the update :)
  7. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    To purchase 4 day passes? I looked on site and couldnt find link to purchase. Purhaps its just my phone playing tricks on me.
  8. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    Sad panda :( Thanks for all the responses.
  9. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    Does the 4 day pass at the door still nab u a goody bag? And how much is 4 day pass at the door?
  10. Bumble_B

    pick-up at Reapercon?

    Where do I sign up? I'd love to be able to pick up my vampires at the con, and wait patiently for the rest :)
  11. Bumble_B

    Indiegogo - Drake

    Ya I found this elsewhere and then saw it here. I posted on another forum my thoughts, so I'll just copy that here. I’m torn. I really want to get into something like this and have always believed something like this was possible and could be successful. Unfortunately I haven’t seen someone pull it of right yet. Everything seems in place but a gameplay walkthrough or a demo game video, perhaps broken up into smaller videos. I need to see this in action before laying down the money, for something that honestly hasn’t been done yet. Few other concerns are the 100 price point for the starter , but I could manage if i believe in it. Also the game using tape measure where I would think something of this type would be more suited for a large grid system of some type, as it already has cards your going to want to keep in your hand a lot too. I just need to be sold with gaming, and while the first video has got my interest, it hasn’t done the job of taking my money. /CrossesFingers Here’s hopin
  12. Bumble_B

    Guild Wars 2

    Gates of Madness Norn Warrior here
  13. Bumble_B

    Kickstarter Discussion Thread

  14. Honestly think the bones line has completely hooked me. I went to the store and grabbed a bugbear just to test the paint with no primer, the detail, bendyness .... all the claims. All true. I have to say, im ready to trade a bunch of my pewter stuff for some lighter, more forgiving cheaper bones.
  15. Bumble_B

    Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Grats on the one meeeeeellion Reaper! Cant wait to see what can be done with this line.
  16. Bumble_B

    My Rcon pics

    ya! a shot of my wife and i! thanks for posting! Beardy pirate got some big old cheeks and a gut! lord! lol
  17. Bumble_B

    Warlord Tourney at RCon 2012

    I don't ever get to play in these things but they are always entertaining to swing by and watch. The tables .... Wow... They were amazing. Someones gotta post some good pictures of thos killer tables. now ... What was the mini this year?! I'm dying to know. and thanks to ian for finding me an alt axehelm mini! You are my hero!
  18. Bumble_B

    Big thanks to everyone.

    Thanks for another great con. We had a blast even with just our two days. We met some great people and had a ton of fun playing in the process. Thanks to the 2 ladys who took the time to do the metal tradein on Sunday.
  19. Bumble_B

    base trade @ RCon?

    /WhipsOutStalkerNotepad /Scribbles /HidesInCorner
  20. Bumble_B

    My painted forces

    I dig you clean tabletop minis. Did you use a dip or wash from GW? They came out very nice. Great job!
  21. Bumble_B

    Overheard at ReaperCon 2012

    lol I had to think about that one. Lovely taken out of context. lol
  22. Bumble_B

    Costume Contest

    Just wondering when the costume contest will actually be held. Which day? Thanks in advance !
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  24. Bumble_B

    A celebration of my own-and YOU'RE invited!

    congrats! Happy gamers are the best gamers! Love and play :)
  25. Bumble_B

    Warlord Tourney at RCon 2012

    Man are those regular size?!?!?