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  1. Secret Sophie 2017

    I love cheesy comments.
  2. Secret Sophie 2017

    Thanks for the compliment. The camera pointed out some bits I missed! Yikes. I thought two part epoxy would hold it but I guess a metal mousling that size was too much for it.
  3. Reaper Con 2018 Official Dates Announcement

    https://www.discoverdenton.com/denton-convention-center/ This one?
  4. @Cyradis sent me a wonderful package! It was full of lovely minis, paint, and some figures: best of all was this: I've been playing in a GURPS super heroes game. My character is "Chu Toi". Chu has intangibility and a 12 die lighting bolt attack. I go intangible. Get behind a bad guy. BZZZT! GM: "How many die are you going to use?" ME: "ALL OF THEM." GM: Grumble grumble grumble... get more henchmen... What really drives my GM crazy is he's a martial artist with no martial art skills. (I did buy a point of Karate to keep him happy) Happy new year to all of you :) p.s. I did get my painted mini finished today. I will mail it out shortly. I'm pleased with it and hope the recipient will like it too.
  5. My WIP for the exchange. My air brush seems to be all gunked up so I'm doing it with a regular brush. Should be finished up this week... @fanguad Does it have to be a Reaper Figure? If so perhaps I can include one of the Reaper figures I've painted as well.
  6. Going Agile

    None of the organization I've been at that adopted agile ever did things the same way. I found it funny there was a "methodology" but nobody could agree on what it was. At least your deliverables will be better defined and on a short time frame. Lovely mini's too!
  7. Bombshell Babe Celeste the Sorceress

    Very nice, with such a short time frame too! :)
  8. Conan The Boardgame Fully painted

    Squidgy monsters are definitely better with strings of spit! Yuk!
  9. Only two myself. I got a start of a few more though.
  10. I painted this found mini for the Thanksgiving paint binge challenge. It came off the paint and take table at ReaperCon. Poor thing was squashed front to back so I didn't spend too much time on her.
  11. Yephima for the Thanksgiving challenge

    Google found it. I saw your location and thought I had the right explanation
  12. Yephima for the Thanksgiving challenge

    I had to look that one up out of curiosity. I remember I met an older American woman who said something was "The bee's knees." Huh???? Thanks :)
  13. Yephima for the Thanksgiving challenge

    LOL. I wanted to actually finish something for the challenge. Adding extra work is right out!
  14. Do we get extra points based on figure age? ;)