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  1. We got our Bones Kickstarter rewards! Woot! So of course I'm sorry I didn't get more ;) Oh, well I'll be at ReaperCon so I'll get them then
  2. Thanks for the compliment! I'm cursed though. The contest disqualified me for resizing the images (they wouldn't upload unless I did. Too large) Then cats got on the shelf and sent it all crashing to the floor. Now I have to repair it :(
  3. Thanks :) It's been good to get back to painting again.
  4. Just one more play through... ;)
  5. You might do a google search for 'calibrating officer miniature' Just a thought... ;)
  6. We never did get to see her face... :(
  7. I've always been a big fan of the first Mass Effect games (We won't mention ME3). It took me several tries to finish a game where she lived! This figure is a 1/8th scale cast in 40 resin pieces. (Sorry not a miniature) The base is a slab of lucite with the advertising text scraped off (carefully!). The top of the base is a spray on flexible rubber coating. It's intended to stop leaks but makes a very nice textured surface for bases. The wall behind her is 3d printed in pieces on the Trinus 3d. The manufacturer supports a quarterly contest for painters much like Reaper does. #Inarah reminded me many of the Reaper community might be interested to see her too. Thanks for looking and wish me luck!
  8. That sounds way too easy! :)
  9. As it is now it's about as opaque as I would like it. I'll have to wipe off what I've got and try again.
  10. Good evening! I'm trying to paint a 1/8th scale Tali (from Mass Effect). She's got a clear plastic face cover. In the game it's tinted purple. I had some Army Painter quickshade purple tone ink. It worked when brushed on in many thin layers but it's blotchy. Any suggestions on how to get a nice smooth transparent purple? Thanks!
  11. Disturbing! Fine blending work though. :)
  12. I waste him with my crossbow! Very well done Uber. You can't go wrong with Conan. Oh, sorry, that's Torgar.
  13. Cultists need love too ;)
  14. My pictures do that. Some painters take pictures so they can find what needs fixing. By then I'm usually sick of it and leave it!