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  1. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    mail the picture to yourself. most phones will let you share via email
  2. Artist Trading Cards

    And a lovely card it is too! The hand is creepy though...
  3. Going to take more than a mousling with these ladies! ;) It's a tough room
  4. So of course I painted some mouslings for them: (Sorry for the blurry photos. I didn't notice until after I gave them away) @Inarah got me some of the latest "Color Shifting" paint and I wasn't quite sure what I would do with it. I looked at this mousling and just knew this was the right figure for it.
  5. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Thanks for the sketch Izzy!
  6. 3d printed robot

    I work for a large movie company and wanted to reproduce one of their animated characters. Here's the result. This little guy is printed in PLA: The arms and legs are posable. I printed small links with a hole in the center and ran floral arrangement wire through them. I cut the wire from the legs inside the body and connected an LED for the eye. The wire is plastic coated so you have to sand paper off the plastic coating to make them conductive. You can see the wire connections inside the cup. At the local craft store they sold strings of miniature lights so I picked up several on sale. You get a battery holder with circuitry to regulate the current to the LED and as a bonus it has a timer to turn the LED on for six hours out of every twenty four. For convenience I drilled a hole for the wire and glued the battery holder to the bottom of the cup. The switch is accessible without taking the thing apart. It was a commissioned piece for our CTO. As he said "It's all about the toys!" Thanks for looking :)
  7. Mr. Bones

    We got our Bones Kickstarter rewards! Woot! So of course I'm sorry I didn't get more ;) Oh, well I'll be at ReaperCon so I'll get them then
  8. Tali Zorah from Mass Effect

    Thanks for the compliment! I'm cursed though. The contest disqualified me for resizing the images (they wouldn't upload unless I did. Too large) Then cats got on the shelf and sent it all crashing to the floor. Now I have to repair it :(
  9. Tali Zorah from Mass Effect

    Thanks :) It's been good to get back to painting again.
  10. Tali Zorah from Mass Effect

    Just one more play through... ;)
  11. Tali Zorah from Mass Effect

    You might do a google search for 'calibrating officer miniature' Just a thought... ;)
  12. Tali Zorah from Mass Effect

    We never did get to see her face... :(
  13. Tali Zorah from Mass Effect

    I've always been a big fan of the first Mass Effect games (We won't mention ME3). It took me several tries to finish a game where she lived! This figure is a 1/8th scale cast in 40 resin pieces. (Sorry not a miniature) The base is a slab of lucite with the advertising text scraped off (carefully!). The top of the base is a spray on flexible rubber coating. It's intended to stop leaks but makes a very nice textured surface for bases. The wall behind her is 3d printed in pieces on the Trinus 3d. The manufacturer supports a quarterly contest for painters much like Reaper does. #Inarah reminded me many of the Reaper community might be interested to see her too. Thanks for looking and wish me luck!
  14. That sounds way too easy! :)