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  1. Jay

    Incredibles2 miniatures

    I don't believe it is. They may be available at big box stores too but I know there were some other versions that weren't as nice.
  2. FYI - I was at the theater today and found these cool little 28mm scale figures: They were quite inexpensive. I won't mention the name of the movie chain but if you're in a reasonably large city there will be one near you. In the spirit of disclosure I work for them but don't have any direction connection with the this. I just thought they were cool and bought a set.
  3. Jay

    Cthuhu Idol

    I nicknamed him "Billy" I lined the elder sign then painted a thin wash over it trying to get a good glow effect. I thought it came out well. It really needs more contrast though. It was solid white when I started so I can't complain too much!
  4. My darling wife is running a Call of Cthulhu game. I painted the Dark Young figure and offered to let her use it. She did:
  5. Jay

    Synth-ia (Cordelia from Infinity)

    Lovely! Recognized the base from your videos. If anyone doesn''t already know Kuro has tutorial videos.
  6. Jay

    Elder Thing

    If anyone is interested you can read more about them on Wikipedia
  7. Jay

    Elder Thing

    Hopefully not my character! I can't remember if I'm the slowest in the party or not...
  8. This little guy has been busy protecting the party from time travelers, the Evil Avengers, and thugs every since I got him!
  9. Jay

    Elder Thing

    LOL. She knows where my shelf is... maybe I'll have to hide it until after her campaign is over
  10. Jay

    Elder Thing

    I went to a local gaming convention (Recruits) that always has tables with lots of fun things. In this case I found some of the playing pieces from Cthulhu Wars board game. They come is sanity destroying single colors, or for the bold among you, GLOW IN THE DARK! Being a fan of all things Lovecraftian I purchased some for painting. Here's the elder thing I came up with: I think some snow on the base is probably in order. After all they were found in Antarctica. Hope you enjoy it. See you at the sanitarium! Jay
  11. Jay

    Secret Sophie 2017

    I love cheesy comments.
  12. Jay

    Secret Sophie 2017

    Thanks for the compliment. The camera pointed out some bits I missed! Yikes. I thought two part epoxy would hold it but I guess a metal mousling that size was too much for it.
  13. Jay

    Reaper Con 2018 Official Dates Announcement

    https://www.discoverdenton.com/denton-convention-center/ This one?
  14. @Cyradis sent me a wonderful package! It was full of lovely minis, paint, and some figures: best of all was this: I've been playing in a GURPS super heroes game. My character is "Chu Toi". Chu has intangibility and a 12 die lighting bolt attack. I go intangible. Get behind a bad guy. BZZZT! GM: "How many die are you going to use?" ME: "ALL OF THEM." GM: Grumble grumble grumble... get more henchmen... What really drives my GM crazy is he's a martial artist with no martial art skills. (I did buy a point of Karate to keep him happy) Happy new year to all of you :) p.s. I did get my painted mini finished today. I will mail it out shortly. I'm pleased with it and hope the recipient will like it too.