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  1. That sounds way too easy! :)
  2. As it is now it's about as opaque as I would like it. I'll have to wipe off what I've got and try again.
  3. Good evening! I'm trying to paint a 1/8th scale Tali (from Mass Effect). She's got a clear plastic face cover. In the game it's tinted purple. I had some Army Painter quickshade purple tone ink. It worked when brushed on in many thin layers but it's blotchy. Any suggestions on how to get a nice smooth transparent purple? Thanks!
  4. Disturbing! Fine blending work though. :)
  5. I waste him with my crossbow! Very well done Uber. You can't go wrong with Conan. Oh, sorry, that's Torgar.
  6. Cultists need love too ;)
  7. My pictures do that. Some painters take pictures so they can find what needs fixing. By then I'm usually sick of it and leave it!
  8. Your paint really adds to the sensual feel of the sculpt. Thanks for sharing it!
  9. "I AM the great pumpkin!" Very cool :)
  10. That's pretty good paint for "tabletop"!
  11. Send us your address and work schedule. So we can come raid your display case! Lovely work!
  12. Inarah was nice enough to make the father for a player in our game group. He really loved it.
  13. Nice work on the wings!
  14. And can be highlighted with a mix of gold/silver or straight silver. Speaking of highlights, you can also use orange to highlight your reds. Adding a bit along some of the creases and folds of the robes, along with various hard edges, might help them further stand out on the table. Overall looks great. I love the smooth transition of the shading on the pauldrons. Good stuff! And since metallic paint is not 100% opaque the color you paint the surface before applying the metallic makes a big difference. Paint some gold over a black primed mini, a white primed mini, or one with red paint then the gold. Not obvious but helps you get that mini just how you wanted it to look Thanks for the suggestions. I did do a light brown undercoat on the gold parts (P3 Gun Corps Brown) but trying a few other colors isn't a bad idea. I'm still building my collection and I will say the one color I'm not completely happy with yet is my golds (in part no doubt because of the shading issues I've had) but trying different under coats should help! I will definitely try out the green with a bronze (just got the Dragon Bronze) and see how that works. Do you have any suggestions for the silvers/steel colors? I had heard about undercoating metallics of course, but never really got a good sense of what works well with silvers/steels. Thanks again for all the advice, I really appreciate it! A dark/dirt color under makes the metallic look dark/dirty. Try out a few on a bones figure and see how they look