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  1. Live

    The update keyed me into one more thing - these are slated to ship in September of 2017 with the Kickstarter ending on August 25th. That's a pretty aggressive turn around.
  2. Live

    In the past, yes, that's how Stonehaven has done it.
  3. Live

    Owch on those prices! I hope that doesn't hurt them in the long run. You do get free shipping in the US, and a 15% off banner popped up when I visited the store. Those two things would bring the minis back closer in line with your average metal mini. That being said, KSer is the way for now!
  4. Live

    Psssttt.....completionist. <goes back to pretending to work on Uber's stuff>
  5. Live

    Core + No Rest + Friends and Foes + Paul Bonner + Adrian Smith + Ultimates + Rat King + MD crossover + 2 extra sets of bursters. I think I have an addiction.
  6. Nice job! It's actually from a Zombicide Black Plague guest artist box (by Paolo Parente).
  7. Live

    So - it looks like Eleven has been spoiled on an artist's Facebook page, so now we just wait to see if Lucas gets included!
  8. Live

    Correction - that's 3 Stranger Things characters. We have Mike, Demogorgon, and Dustin And of course, in true CMoN fashion, you have to get the Friends and Foes Expansion to pick up this exclusive.
  9. Live

    Cool! Thanks CorallineAlgae. I remembered reading about the other on the KS message boards. She is definitely Valeria!
  10. Live

    For tributes, don't forget that Kelsey is Kelsey Grammer (Cheers/Fraizer), Ygraine is Miranda Otto (LotR/Eowyn), Ryan John is George Michael, Queen Severa is Jean Marsh (Willow/Bavmorda), and Sigrun is Kristy Swanson (or maybe Sarah Gheller) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Buffy)
  11. Live

    Here's a good excuse to get the Kickstarter.
  12. Live

    The trebuchet is like dragon fire, in that it kills everything in the square you target. It also may be used to make attacks on 'the horde'. 'The horde' is a new mechanic which makes you set aside an extra zombie of whatever type you draw. It simulates a horde of zombies growing on the horizon. When you draw a horde card, the whole horde appears and you potentially have to deal with tons of zombies. Other changes to the game revolve around the concept that orcs are stronger than humans. This translates to walkers doing 2 dam/hit and fatties (and iirc abominations) doing 3 dam/hit.
  13. I just realized that the list of who's online is color coded to which house we belong to.....that's just awesome!
  14. Those all look fantastic, but the greens on gill(?) are phenomenal.
  15. I just have to say, I really like the new forum. It looks great on my phone.