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  1. I've been busy with school/work, but had a couple hours to paint tonight. I'm pretty sure that all these colors shouldn't work together, but somehow they do. It's not done yet, but so far, I'm liking how my cockatix is turning out.
  2. There's also these, which should be out soon.
  3. Like BlazingTornado said post some pictures and we might be able to help out.
  4. Back to it! Hellsbane is a good figure to practice some lava painting. I think it was confirmed at one point that he's 'not Diablo'. The iron golem is sized more like a shield construct or helmed horror from D&D, so I used inks to put his base coat down. After that I alternated metallics and inks. I'm not entirely sure why my camera is picking up so much of the magenta ink still, because (for once) in hand the colors are much more subtle. And was time for an Avatar swap. My third time ever!
  5. Looking good so far!
  6. I don't remember how much time I put in before my bout of painters block, but once the bug hit - 3 days. i hate that my muse inspires in fits and spurts! In addition to this project, I've also painted 7 of the wandering monsters from Massive Darkness, partially completed an 8th mini from the same game, finished up the dire bear and grave grub from Bines 3, a D&D minis naga, and have about a half a dozen other big metal and bones monsters in sitting in various stages of completion. This is all from the last 10 days....
  7. They are removable, so that they can be used for games. Other than fighting the urge to fiddle around....I think this project is done!
  8. Getting close!
  9. Just 25mm wooden bases from Litco. The main base is a wooden oval from the local craft shop. I traced out the 25mm bases, then gouged out the holes using a linoleum cutter (usually used for making stamps).
  10. Look over the the top of the table....
  11. I think these just keep getting better and better!
  12. Do the cards look better?
  13. I think I might be stuck with the cards. I ended up supergluing them on! As far as gold goes.... What I do need is a set of small goblets and mugs...
  14. Here's a little work on the cards - made with cardstock, drawn with micro pens, then painted over to look old. I'm trying for dynamic motion and I think it's working out so far.