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  1. Pre-launch

    The trebuchet is like dragon fire, in that it kills everything in the square you target. It also may be used to make attacks on 'the horde'. 'The horde' is a new mechanic which makes you set aside an extra zombie of whatever type you draw. It simulates a horde of zombies growing on the horizon. When you draw a horde card, the whole horde appears and you potentially have to deal with tons of zombies. Other changes to the game revolve around the concept that orcs are stronger than humans. This translates to walkers doing 2 dam/hit and fatties (and iirc abominations) doing 3 dam/hit.
  2. I just realized that the list of who's online is color coded to which house we belong to.....that's just awesome!
  3. Those all look fantastic, but the greens on gill(?) are phenomenal.
  4. I just have to say, I really like the new forum. It looks great on my phone.
  5. Funded

    Where are the SDE chibi crossovers?
  6. Fulfilling

    Pets is compatible with Rum and Bones? Awesome! *air guitar* Unfortunately no. The boxes just came in together.
  7. Fulfilling

    And today the Pets box showed up. They threw me by sending out Rum and Bones at the same time.
  8. Fulfilling

    Got all my pledge, except for one thing. I was missing the Pets expansion.
  9. Pre-launch

    My short list for this Bones campaign... Bloodstone Gnomes. Female common monsters (orcs, gnolls, bugbears, etc.) Another set (or two) of hobgoblins, sculpted to match the last set. Another cloud giant and storm giant of the opposite gender. A new set of stone giants, which match the size of the new fire and frost giants.
  10. Funded

    Because of the twitter poll results, I'm thinking we might still see Lumi as a SDE add-on or a solo release later. Most folks I've chatted with are assuming she'll be an alternate deep root druid, with a genie shapeshifter form. I'm just a tad disappointed that Kasi wasn't a shamble priest. It's true that she wouldn't have followed the same alt hero theme as the other two, but I really wanted to modify my second set of zombies to all be girl zombies with a female elite.
  11. Funded

    And backed for $20 - even if the $50k alt Herald is the only other one that gets reached, they're still cheaper than retail.
  12. Funded

    And alternate costumes for SDE....if they get there.
  13. If I accidentally ordered a four day pass, thinking that was how to obtain a swag bag, is there a way to get refunded or sent my swag bag? Unfortunately, I have to work all weekend so my attendance is not possible.
  14. Yeah. I just messaged Bryan to see if my order will still go through or not.
  15. Crud, did I just attempt to get a swag bag the wrong way by ordering a four day pass?