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  1. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Ugggh.... missed Joy, the Winter Fairy last year, and my wife really wanted it. Missed it again this year too.
  2. Minis we would like to see

    (1) ReaperCon Wolfman (2) Phantom of the Opera (3) Creature from the Black Lagoon (4) Hunchback of Notre Dame (5) The Invisible Man With the October update the classic Universal monsters from the Lon Chaney / Bella Lugosi / Boris Karloff era are there: Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Mummy. Conspicuously missing of the big four (Wolfman, Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein) is the Wolfman. 2-5 above would be cool, but making the Wolfman available would be really nice.
  3. Adventurescapes

    Here's a quick writeup of the samples I received. Short version: Adventurescapes tiles are a perfect match for Dwarven Forge's tiles, and can be used interchangeably. The material is similar, and won't be prone to breaking and chipping. Adventurescapes tiles will be a nice addition to a DF layout. I'll follow up the review with an examination of the DF City Builder and DF Castle components, which I think these tiles would be a perfect match for stylistically. As you'll see in the picture, the stair was a little high, but I think it's meant to be more of a raised platform for the Alchemist's equipment. Adventurescapes 2x2 tavern floor tile was a perfect match for DF. I wasn't planning on getting the tavern tiles, but I think I will now because they will be a nice addition to my DF City Builder and Castle stuff. The marble floors would be perfect for a throne room, and the tavern/saltillo tiles would be a nice change up for DF buildings. As for design, the regular 2x2 tavern floor tile I received looks to be a very nice representation of a saltillo tile, marble floor, or anything else along those lines where it is intended to be more refined than a dungeon. The Adventurescapes tile would work as a dungeon tile, but I prefer the worn irregular look of DF's dungeon and cavern tiles. But, since this is a tavern floor I like the design with sharper edges. This is the reason why I think it will work better with the city builder and castle sets than in a dungeon setting. I haven't painted either tile yet, but my initial impressions are that the features are nicely done such that they will pick up the washes and drybrush well. The first two pictures show the Adventurescapes tiles in a layout with DF KS-1's Chamber of Sorrows. As you can see the stair tile is just a little big, but it makes a nice transition piece from the table. That seems even more encouraging for Adventurescapes newly added beach tiles. The second picture shows the Adventurescapes tiles with DF cavern tiles that I'm still working on painting. The third picture shows the two samples I received by themselves. The fourth picture shows the Adventurescapes tiles with painted DF dungeon tiles. The fifth and sixth pictures are with DF dungeon tiles unpainted. I think this picture is important because compared to the painted DF tiles the unpainted Adventurescapes tiles don't really show the details. Here you can do a more direct visual comparison with DF. The seventh and eighth pictures show the Adventurescapes tiles with Secret Weapon's Tombs of the Dark Sun. Sadly, I've only had time to prime TotDS. TotDS is much thinner than DF/Adventurescapes, so you wouldn't directly mix them, but the transition as rooms isn't bad. The ninth, tenth, and eleventh pictures show the Adventurescapes tiles with Lunesdargent's Path of Osiris egyptian tiles. Unfortunately, those are also unpainted still, but you can see that the Adventurescapes tiles are a little closer... something like the Alchemist's lab leading to a secret Egyptian embalming room wouldn't be too bad.
  4. Adventurescapes

    I thought the same thing. I really don't care for the fishing sign. But, I did receive two sample pieces tonight. While I wish the sign didn't have any lettering, it won't be too hard to use a blade to remove the lettering and restore the wood grain to the sign board. Because the material is more like Dwarvenite than ceramic/resin I think it will be a reasonably easy mod if it bugs you.
  5. Adventurescapes

    I just received two pieces tonight. I'll write up more later, but I can give a pretty quick summary with respect to durability. Short version: Zero concern about chipping. Durability is extremely similar to Dwarven Forge with a bit of a sandstone feel. These will be safe to drop from the table or give to your kids.
  6. Reaper's 25th Anniversary Miniature - May

    I was thinking the same, except I'm afraid my backlog is probably worse than yours. I still have several Ral Partha Shadowrun and RAFM Call of Cthulhu minis, still in blister, bought when they were new releases.
  7. Well, I have enough minis still to work on. Some even from Bones 1 still, so maybe I'll check back in a year or so and follow up with the progress I have made.
  8. Is that anything like the elusive Snipe brand tacky glue? I have looked everywhere for that stuff.
  9. I placed an order recently for the 25th Anniversary Tara, and I found another bonus mini in the order. But, I'm having trouble assembling it. I have tried superglue (Locktite Professional) and I have also tried the Reaper Bones glue. No luck. The joints are still very visible compared to the translucency of the mini itself. The attached picture shows the results I have so far, but as you can see, the lines are just way too visible. I've had great success with Oatey PVC cement on the bones line, and I'm not sure if it would work here.
  10. Conan: Rise of Monsters

    I'd be interested in unpainted terrain. Not so sure about the game. I haven't seen many details on it, and as far as Conan goes (thematically) I went all-in on Monolith's Conan, and I have Ares' Age of Conan (which seems a little less thematic).
  11. Base Boss by Reaper

    Further temptation avoided.
  12. I wonder what the most popular day last year was. I'm guessing the dragon.
  13. I think the 01552 and 01557 dwarf pictures are mixed up in the online store. I'm looking at 01552 (dwarf with ale horn) and I'm seeing the 01557 picture (dwarf with axe and candy cane).
  14. Choices, choices. There are six I'd like to get, but I'll have to narrow it down to two, maybe three. The candidates are Naughty & Nice, Father Christmas, Wrapping Dragon, Goblin Carolers, Christmas Familiars and the Winter Fairy. Likely to be to Wrapping Dragon and Father Christmas, and a third will be tough between Naughty & Nice and the Goblin Carolers. Last year I almost picked up Naughty & Nice, but went with the headless mousling... but, Goblin Carolers. And the Yule Treant and Christmas Mockingbeast are pretty cool too. Tough call to narrow down to two. Very tough call. I suspect it will be even harder when we can see better pictures of the greens.
  15. Calling these 3D miniatures seems misleading.