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  1. BigLee

    Salute 09

    I know this is a little 'after the horse has bolted' but I thought I'd let people know I have posted a couple hundred pictures of this convention on my Blog. I have also posted a series of reviews that focus on those aspects of the show that I most enjoyed. http://bigleesminipaintingblog.blogspot.co...-1-arrival.html http://bigleesminipaintingblog.blogspot.co...2-displays.html http://bigleesminipaintingblog.blogspot.co...e-displays.html http://bigleesminipaintingblog.blogspot.co...-4-traders.html Drop by and take a look, and please feel free to leave comments and feedback. BigLee http://bigleesminipaintingblog.blogspot.com/
  2. BigLee

    Why do you choose Reaper?

    I buy Reaper for lots of reasons. First and foremost is choice. The range is so extensive that I can always find something I want to paint. Second is quality. I have yet to buy a reaper mini with casting flaws which is more than be said for other manufacturers. Last (but by no means least) is design. Reaper minis are just so cool!