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  1. My stash from bones 1 and 2 have been calling me. Time to answer the call. I'm in!
  2. King Frost Giant, Bones III

    Very nice. You got the eyes!
  3. My 2016 project list is relatively short, but populated with larger figures. I will am going to paint 28mm minis, but I'm focusing on 54mm and larger for the experience and learning opportunities they bring. First on the list is the orc shaman from Dark Sword Miniature's Journey to the Gathering vignette, which is based on Larry Elmore's painting of the same name. After about 3 hours of work, not counting prep time, he is starting to take shape. I decided to keep close to the colors used in the original painting, so blue skin tones it is. The skin is based around Midnight Blue, Ashen Blue, Snow Shadow, and Ghost White. There is a touch of Rosy Shadow, Rosy Skin, and Rust Brown for his ears and nose. I spent the past weekend doing prep work for all the other figures on my project list, so hopefully I'll get back to him next weekend when I have time for an extended paint session.
  4. A Journey with an Orc Shaman - WIP

    Life has a way of happening (moving, education opportunities that can't be missed, work, health, all of it). I've finally carved out time for painting. My mini photography hasn't improved.
  5. Easter Bunny (DSM7994)

    I painted this as a gift for a good friend who loves the Easter Bunny and adventuring (she loved it!). A little reindeer moss and some colored ground foam from my model railroad foliage and the bunny is ready for a quest. I took a lot of inspiration from Jessica Rich's studio paint job. The variety of bright colors was a lot of fun.
  6. Mushroom Season Has Arrived

    More mushrooms! Huzzah!
  7. May 2016 Hobby/Paint Goals

    April was, well, distracted. Hopefully May will be better. My goals for April May: Work on my 54mm orc shaman. Finish at least one other miniature. Done! One Talisman hobgoblin finished.
  8. Tiniest finished a thing. Tuma Windrunner

    Well done! I like the splash of color with the blue sash and hair ribbons. Great textures.
  9. Brown Liner Substitute

    I've added some linen or ghost white to the darker liner colors without any adverse beading when applying to bones. Just a bit will lighten it up nicely.
  10. Tale of War--White Fox

    Nice work. The OSL looks good. I especially like the face shield.
  11. Nice start! I look forward to seeing more as the details come out. Seeing those pallets reminds me I wanted to try my hand at making some.
  12. 50119 Crazy Pete, Prospector

    Nice flannel. Congrats to you for pushing out of the comfort zone and trying something new!
  13. Cash's 2016 Art

    I can definitely identify. I have a tendency to sketch/draw like a printer...try to get everything done in one area before moving to next. I do like the contrast between the more finished and in-progress areas, though!
  14. I'm with Pingo. I you can, eyes looking downward would be awesome. If you go with the zombie look, I'd still go in with some grey and/or light blue to give a hint of an iris.
  15. Oathsworn Baragor Baldursson, Dwarf Wizard?

    Nice work on the beard.
  16. Reaper/Counterblast Landing Party (Picture Heavy)

    Anne! You're back! Lovely work as always. I love the yellows. You really nailed that often difficult color.
  17. I've been there making the same (happy?) mistake. I ended up with lilac armor instead of my intended dark blue. It was definitely one for the oops column in my painting notebook. I'm glad you got it worked out.
  18. My goals for April: Work on my 54mm orc shaman. Finish at least one other miniature. March was very painting light.
  19. Solitaire

    Very nice blacks! I love the variance.
  20. Happy Birthday Adrift

    Happy birthday!
  21. Village Rioter (Bones)(77140)

    Nice work.
  22. Great read. Thanks for sharing the link.
  23. Gettin to Know Each Other - March 2016

    Oh my goodness, lay on the recommendations please! We saw Ip Man a few years ago and it became one of our favorite movies. We just don't know where to look for more like that! Ip Man is on my favorites list too. I enjoyed the Once Upon a Time in China series (1990s); anything with Jet Li, really. Jackie Chan (80s on up)! Bruce Lee (of course). Then there are the random movies I catch on television (El Rey channel, usually).
  24. Reaper 60191: O-Sayumi

    Very nice details on the freehand! Well done.