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  1. I need an excuse to get out of a painting rut, so challenge accepted! The Dragon: Ebonwrath (because the Bones 3 dragons are not yet in the online store) Let the randomness begin. The fates have selected: Primary color: Cloudy Grey (16) Secondary color: Lemon Yellow (5) Tertiary color: Orange Brown (4) Oh my. I'll have to think about this one. With those colors, I'll go all in with the three star challenge. Why not...
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Today's progress: the initial blending on the top of the wings. Since the wings are such a large surface, I ended up painting fairly rapidly, working wet-on-wet with medium paint dilution and lots of mixing both on my wet palette and on the model. Colors involved were cloudy gray, cloudy gray mixed with various amounts of pure black, lemon yellow, and lemon yellow mixed perhaps 50/50 with cloudy gray. I remembered to take a picture halfway through to help illustrate where the blends started and ended. Some of the orange just peeks through. And both wings with their first blends. More work is needed to clean up some transition areas and bring more lemon yellow and spot of orange back in for the highest highlights, but I'm pleased with where this is going. The bone areas also need plenty of work. I'll see you soon, Ebonwrath.
  3. I'm painting (very) slow these days. Hopefully when it warms up outside my painting area will also be warmer. Using pure black and pure white to help work the values, I started blending the cloudy gray into the lemon yellow. The highest yellow is pure lemon yellow at this point, while the deepest shadows are cloudy grey with quite a bit of pure black. I may go darker, especially between the scales.
  4. I'm loving this, Pingo! I have a few tiny Golden fluid acrylic bottles I've been meaning to play with. Seeing them in action is a wonderful prompt to just do it.
  5. There is paint on my dragon! I decided to sketch in the basic colors to help me later on in the process. So far only the core three of cloudy gray, lemon yellow, and orange brown are there. I'll primarily be using the black and white to change values, especially with the large expanses of gray.
  6. Boromir 75mm

    About five or six years ago I received the Knight Models 75mm Boromir as a Christmas gift. I started to assemble the pieces and became intimidated by what I needed to do to 1) finish assembly and 2) actually paint him. Last year I finally worked up the nerve to start painting, got some base colors and his face started, then again lost my nerve and drive. A couple of months ago I at last took Boromir off my shelf-of-unlimited-opportunity and started working. I finally finished him. Front view: Back view: Three-quarter view: Does this lighting wash me out? (Some day I'm going to work out my photography settings and workflow.) Each model is a learning experience and I learned quite a bit on Boromir: how to deal with large expanses of space, a method of highlighting black, keeping colors (somewhat) in balance on a large figure, and the importance of securing the weight of a big hunk of white metal. All and all, I enjoyed painting Boromir and I'm no longer afraid of taking on larger sizes.
  7. Ilva, The Syren of Kaldeth Strait

    I like the composition! Her skin color works very well with the color of the water. I also like the echo of the water colors on her skirt. Nicely done.
  8. 77100: vanja, fire giant queen

    Wonderful work!
  9. wet palette

    I love my wet palette and use it almost exclusively for this reason (and that I can keep my paint going over multiple days). The wet palette has allowed me to mix colors differently and more spontaneously, vary my paint consistency, and keep better track of which colors I'm using for a given figure.
  10. Thanks! I had only a couple opportunities to work with the dragon this past week. With a few dips in hot water and then an ice water bath (she must be a Roman dragon), the ever-so-straight wings are now curved and glued onto the body, along with the head. I decided to experiment a bit and, instead of my normal green stuff, I used some milliput to fill in the wing gaps and to smooth over the head join. Once it cures and dries I'll sand any rough areas away.
  11. 02712, Eyebeast on custom base

    Wonderful and disturbing at the same time. Nicely done! I wonder if there are dentists in the underdark...?
  12. I love it when the mail arrives with a box from Denton, TX. Time for some bending, gluing, and green-stuffing.
  13. Like @Rob Dean, I came, I binged, I'm sated for the time being. Closeups under here: Thank you @Inarah for organizing and encouraging!
  14. Four guardsmen added to the done pile. Painting Anhurians took me back to my first mini paint ever, the Anhurian swordsman from the old learn to paint kit.
  15. Good to know I'm not alone. At the end of the (painting) day, my major goal of finishing off my bin o' vermin was met. Rats: done, dire rats: done, beetle swarms: done, bat swarms: done. I also got several scene dressings finished - two candelabras, a treasure horde, and a summoning/cultist stone circle. A dark dwarf jumped onto the table and ended up painted, making the day's total twenty-one. Tomorrow I'll hopefully get through some more from my shelf-of-never-ending-opportunity.
  16. Binge is on. My major goal is to clear out my container of vermin from Bones 1. Two beetles swarms and twelve rats later, plus some odds and ends I had already primed, I can see the bottom of the bin. Good enough at arm's length for use in games. By the way, has anyone ever seen their bronze and gold metallic master series paints frost when they dry? I either need a lot more shaking or need new bottles. They are several years old... Checkpoint total painted: 17
  17. My stash from bones 1 and 2 have been calling me. Time to answer the call. I'm in!
  18. King Frost Giant, Bones III

    Very nice. You got the eyes!
  19. My 2016 project list is relatively short, but populated with larger figures. I will am going to paint 28mm minis, but I'm focusing on 54mm and larger for the experience and learning opportunities they bring. First on the list is the orc shaman from Dark Sword Miniature's Journey to the Gathering vignette, which is based on Larry Elmore's painting of the same name. After about 3 hours of work, not counting prep time, he is starting to take shape. I decided to keep close to the colors used in the original painting, so blue skin tones it is. The skin is based around Midnight Blue, Ashen Blue, Snow Shadow, and Ghost White. There is a touch of Rosy Shadow, Rosy Skin, and Rust Brown for his ears and nose. I spent the past weekend doing prep work for all the other figures on my project list, so hopefully I'll get back to him next weekend when I have time for an extended paint session.
  20. A Journey with an Orc Shaman - WIP

    Life has a way of happening (moving, education opportunities that can't be missed, work, health, all of it). I've finally carved out time for painting. My mini photography hasn't improved.
  21. Easter Bunny (DSM7994)

    I painted this as a gift for a good friend who loves the Easter Bunny and adventuring (she loved it!). A little reindeer moss and some colored ground foam from my model railroad foliage and the bunny is ready for a quest. I took a lot of inspiration from Jessica Rich's studio paint job. The variety of bright colors was a lot of fun.
  22. Mushroom Season Has Arrived

    More mushrooms! Huzzah!
  23. May 2016 Hobby/Paint Goals

    April was, well, distracted. Hopefully May will be better. My goals for April May: Work on my 54mm orc shaman. Finish at least one other miniature. Done! One Talisman hobgoblin finished.
  24. Tiniest finished a thing. Tuma Windrunner

    Well done! I like the splash of color with the blue sash and hair ribbons. Great textures.
  25. Brown Liner Substitute

    I've added some linen or ghost white to the darker liner colors without any adverse beading when applying to bones. Just a bit will lighten it up nicely.