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  1. I'm glad I got t'rauk, but I keep looking at Viridius, who I didn't get, and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Pretty sure if I'd got everything in the entire KS I'd still be regretting the ones I didn't get doubles of though. There's no satisfying the monkey on our backs.
  2. I finally took the time to put together my checklist... I'd saved it until I knew my minis were almost here. Just under 500 of them. It's interested to realize how much my miniature needs/wants changed over the time since I started locking in my pledges. I kinda wish I hadn't gotten a second graveyard now, and instead got a few more of the add-ons or duplicates of some of the giants. Ah well, I'm still gonna love having extra fences and wraiths and stuff. I'm pretty glad I didn't get ma'al. I have no idea what I'd do with that much draconic plastic.
  3. So beautiful! Thanks! Is it Tuesday yet?
  4. Anyone got a pic or several of t'raukzul, by any chance? I've heard such lovely things, am quite excited
  5. I just did a small army of Bones skellies using quickshade, and was very happy with the result. Even when shader got on unpainted parts of the base, it didn't have any problems.
  6. Got mine yesterday. They're pretty nice. I swapped hands around so that the guy in the faceless mask is holding his saber straight instead of backhand, which I think is an improvement. The lion is one of the better sculpted models.
  7. Personally, I am starting to kinda hate metal. My plastic minis stand up to use and abuse, while my metals fade and chip constantly. My bones get stored in a crammed little box, my metals need soft wrapping and careful protection. My bones are easy to mod, and if I mess up a conversion easy to replace. I don't paint art though... I'm a passably good painter but I'm never going to be in it for a competition. The quality difference is not on my radar.

    I'm really surprised the warmachine standard 30mm lipped base isn't an option. Still probably gonna get me some bases.
  9. Now that I'm not chasing my toddler around the hardware store I'll add, thanks folks for the suggestions.
  10. Went with the Plano ones, which are stocked at my local hardware store and a third of the price
  11. I bring my paints everywhere. I am trying to find a good solution to packing them around that is compact and lets me see the colours easily. Anyone know something clever? I'm going to look for flat cases at the hardware store today, but I feel like there should be something better. I use msp, vallejo, and a few off brand paints that I've transferred into similarly sized dropper bottles.
  12. My concern isn't so much the resin, which I'm sure will survive, I just worry that it might crack in the heat.
  13. Fulfilling

    Oh, I definitely need ks1 stuff. I'll be done my education and making money in six months, and then I'm going to buy so much dwarven forge that I can swim in it like scrooge mcduck. I do have use for exterior castle stuff too, just again not piles and piles. I expect to be in for the decor and for enough to stage a defence of a wall or a fight by a gate. Of course I thought I'd just be into bones 3 for a few core baddies, and I wound up getting most of it.
  14. Fulfilling

    hm. I kinda wish I'd been around with a budget for the first two kickstarters, the last one was less suited to my needs... and I am not sure about this one. If it's castle parts that's great, but if it's going to cost hundreds of USD to build anything that's another story. Mind you, mainly when I need castles for my players I need a room here and there, not an entire single constructed castle. I don't know if he's stating his budget for that. I will be watching. Curse the exchange rate.
  15. So, if anyone feels gutsy, I put a chip off the corner of a pad into the oven with my sculpey. It came out unchanged (275f/130c for 15min). I think one could put a basius into the oven with sculpey on it without harming it, but I haven't yet decided if I have the guts to try it.