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  1. Pre-launch

    I'm actually okay with bones 4 waiting a bit. I will be completely done after dwarven forge 5, and I've only barely started painting my bones 3. I want to be excited, not dreading.
  2. Live

    nice thing about the hedges is you can basically just take 'em and dip 'em in army painter dip and call 'em done.
  3. Live

    I really hope they double side with water and stone. A stone tray would make platform elevations so easy, just put a support in each corner and boom. Especially if I make a few magnetic supports out of wooden dowels. And water would get used in like 2/3 of my games, I use my water DM mats all the time. I wish they were dry erase rather than cloth though. Strongly considering getting 6x6 sheets of sheet metal and putting worldworksgames terrain down on it. Got some lovely gridded stuff. Then I can laminate them and use them as bases for my DF stuff all over the place. Strongly considering this, but of course I'll never actually get around to it with all my other projects
  4. Live

    I haven't backed one before but I believe the current rumour is that you can keep adding
  5. Live

    There's no way to have everything. But remember you can add a bit slowly in the pledge manager over months allowing you to completely forget your initial plans to not overdo it
  6. Live

    Based on texture and on its reaction to spray primer, which is almost identical, I think bonesium and dwarvenite are pretty much the same plastic. Nice set! I think you'll get a good feel for the product that way. If you wind up with a bit more budget I'd suggest getting a 12x12 box and maybe a dais set, adding both lots of coverage and some elevation tricks that are unique to 3d. The box in particular is a really good deal to cover a lot of table.
  7. The players weren't supposed to waken the beast of the reef just yet, but luckily the painted mouth and primer gave him a sufficiently impressive presence. Still haven't decided what colour to make his upper side. The underside is grey-green
  8. Live

    Yeah. I've dialed my pledge back a ton with the endless onslaught of survivors and nothing much else. If I like massive darkness as much as I think I will, I'll possibly add more of green horde in the pledge manager, to expand massive darkness. Otherwise I'm pretty much in this for the undead orcs and the siege engines, plus an occasional game of zombicide as a minor bonus.
  9. Live

    This is a very realistic risk for me as well.
  10. Live

    I'm expecting them to be around 450 each. I am worried they'll tip me over to a dod pledge, which will create a major storage issue
  11. Live

    Burning off excitement for the Kickstarter with my main assistant Scale creep drives me crazy. I have some absolutely lovely true 28mm minis that are really starting to look weird next to some of my newer stuff. I think 32mm is just too dang big, it invalidates my 1" grid systems and it makes the monsters look unimpressive.
  12. Actually a fat dragon would be awesome. It doesn't even have to be all that silly. I still think the only thing I'm desperately hoping for are lots of mounts and either conversion kits to make minis into riders, or just riders sculpted to match existing popular minis. Pretty much everything else sounds, as always, super awesome... but the mount thing is something bones (due to easy conversion) is great for, and something that's really not found anywhere else.
  13. Live

    Yeah, deadly corners and the gauntlet are two that really cause me a bit of strife. Level 2 vs level 3 pledge is a tricky one. On one hand they're great dungeon building material.... but they're almost all walls, and I feel like I need more floors than walls. I am kind of banking currently on an add-on coming out that sells 4x4 and 8x8 floors. That would make a level 3 pledge a lot easier of a choice. But if I'm gonna be honest with myself, although I might only initially back this for level 2-3, I am probably going to wind up with most of the kickstarter by the time the pledge manager closes :/ I hope my marriage survives the semi truck coming and leaving a cargo container of dwarven forge toys in my driveway sometime next year.
  14. Live

    I do think the order of the rooms is a bit weird, but if you're a first time buyer it makes sense. Room1 is a super basic encounter, room 2 is a basic hallway set, room 3 adds some versatile feature pieces. Then 4-6 add some traps and elevations. It's not until tier 4 that it starts getting a bit odd in my opinion. But you don't lose that much by making your own selection of encounters. Building your own version of dungeon level 3 (measuring my costs, painted plus shipping to canada) costs 12% more than buying the level as-is. Basically dungeon level 3 gives me encounters 2 for free, which is nice but if I had to pay for a larger encounter I didn't want to get the discount it's almost certainly not worth the investment. For me it's pretty easy (haha I joke) because I want everything up to encounter 6, and after that I can go piecemeal.
  15. Live

    Agreed on the system of selling in packs. It's one thing with kickstarter but in the store it's strange there's not even an option for individual pieces, he could increase the price and easily get away with it. I'd likely own a lot more dwarven forge if I could buy exactly what I needed to fill in the gaps in my collection, but especially in the town set there's tons of "I'd get it but I just don't need x pieces from the set"