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  1. Hello All, I'm putting out the first call for GM's for Pathfinder and Starfinder for the Con. I do have so GM's already but let me know if your interested. Thanks
  2. Rapheal

    Paizo Organized Play times (PFS/Starfinder)

    The Paizo events don't have pre registration.
  3. Rapheal

    Pathfinder Society

    Thes I have not received an e-mail yet.
  4. Rapheal

    Paizo Organized Play times (PFS/Starfinder)

    Another try. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B6dXT1MpcWUN8mWpomPNRKe-nAqaWbkOHHq6NnkSH8U/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Rapheal

    Paizo Organized Play times (PFS/Starfinder)

    I will attempt to fix that.
  6. There are still some GM switches but the rounds and times are correct as of now. PFS Schedule 2017.xlsx
  7. Rapheal

    Pathfinder Society

    GM's should be getting your rounds directly from Paizo. If you don't get them by next week let me know.
  8. Rapheal

    Pathfinder Society

    Schedule is just about complete, I will post it early next week, waiting for a final word from a couple of GM's.
  9. Rapheal

    Pathfinder Society

    This is the last call if you wanna GM. I will be putting the list out soon. For Starfinder we will probably only have a few maybe three months worth of rounds to pick from. I will probably have most if not all set at low level stuff.
  10. Rapheal

    Pathfinder Society

    I know several of you have already contacted me, I will start getting that info to you as the schedule comes together. I usually have a couple of other GM's : Robert and Derek if you want to run something let me know.
  11. Rapheal

    Starfinder at ReaperCon

    I have notice a thread started on Starfinder. The PFS crew is planning on running Starfinder as well as Pathfinder at ReaperCon. We will have more info as well get closer, as well as a schedule.
  12. Rapheal

    Starfinder at ReaperCon

    We will be running some Starfinder Society along with Pathfinder Society at Reapercon.
  13. Rapheal

    Pathfinder Society

    If you are interested in helping run Pathfinder Society Rounds at Reapercon let me know. We will also have some new Star Finder as well.
  14. Rapheal

    Reapercon 2016 pictures

    I took some from night life at the Hotel but so far they are only on FB. I will try and post them here.
  15. Rapheal

    The Thank You thread [merged]

    I know Greg was happy to come down, it may be a couple of years before I get him back down, but he will be back. If any of you have never played in one of his or Derek's games try and catch one sometime.