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  1. Saw Mockingjay Part 2 over the weekend- not bad. Katniss has some fancy bowmanship. Now I'm watching a youtube video of Myron Fagan's The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.
  2. @DakkauserKaptinBadrukk Thanks for the heads up! Hope everyone in the cone of probability battens down their hatches! I could actually use some rain though- I'm getting tired of having to water the grass seed I planted last week. It keeps on going around my location.
  3. I've got a modified wood lathe I can use to turn bases and plinths. I swapped out the stock motor for a more powerful DC motor that I can really lower the RPM's on. Also had to fabricate a motor mount, add a larger headstock sheave and safety guard. I might use it to make a pedestal for Ma'al Drakar- if the lathe has a large enough swing.
  4. Here's six suggestions on how to kill the fungus in your work boots.
  5. I've repainted quite a few miniatures after not being pleased with a previous result.
  6. Don't particularly cook much though I do have a couple crock pots of chili goin'. This time I used McCormick Hot Chili Seasoning Mix instead of the stuff I got off Amazon (didn't know I had run out) and I also went with two packs instead of one. The taste test was promising.
  7. @Egg of Coot Prometheus was pretty good. I hope they return to Shaw's journey at some point. Over the past couple of weeks via cable tv I saw Django Unchained and American Sniper. While both films were enjoyable the amount of commercial breaks and the censorship were rather annoying. Monkey fightin' FCC on my Monday to Friday TV.
  8. Fulfilling

    @strawhat I was kinda surprised as well. Being Wave 8, I figured my rewards would've been processed Wednesday or Thursday. @Pezler the Polychromatic Definitely not rookie numbers. ha!
  9. This might help. And here's an ice gem tutorial from cmon and here's the google image search from which I pulled the above links
  10. Work. surf the net. repeat.
  11. One of these, perhaps?
  12. I tend to want to be a Luddite, but in this day and age to actually be so would be very very inconvenient as I love being able to connect to the web. My most used piece of tech is a circa 2011 gaming computer, overclocked ~ 30% since day 1 and it still games pretty well @ 1080P resolution. The 1080P monitor is my newest tech- Acer Predator XB270H. I adapted early for this purchase as the reviews were extremely positive and I'm glad I did. Best $500 I've ever spent. I also like not being connected to the net. It balances out, I suppose. Smart appliances and the like I have no need nor desire to own.
  13. At my workplace, my boss' indoor/outdoor cats have hunted all the skinks and anoles to the point where I haven't seen any in a couple of months.
  14. Aside from actually completing a miniature (it's been a while since that's occurred) achieving my "artistic vision" if you want to call it that.
  15. "Turdly". It's a funny name.