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    AD&D + 2nd. ed. , painting miniatures, sculpting display bases, wood and stone turning- Just built a small workshop, Hand rolled cigarettes (can't afford the brand-name variety), time-space theory, Metal, Anything that explains "That Which Is"

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  1. I Flatline Remote Viewed™ a possible timeline for our present reality and due to quantum observation paradox, what I saw is coming to pass. The problem is that because of the nature of paradox, my psyche can no longer totally recall said observations, thus my ability to affect any potentiality has been greatly diminished to the point I can only rant about seemingly non related occurrences actually being somehow related. On a miniature company's forum, a mongolian basket weaving forum and social media. No one gets out alive (life is kinda like that, you know?) and if there is a sequel it begins "You ain't seen nothin' yet "
  2. Gotta be King Diamond's Halloween. Why? It's the reason for the season
  3. Question One~~ Sorry, I haven't paid enough attention to pumpkin spice themed products to be able to chose a most ridiculous. Question Two~~ Probably Pumpkin Spice Prophylactics.
  4. There's nooo tellin'
  5. I hate it when lightning hits near by and I get a static shock from it traveling through the internet cable- happened this past weekend. No damage to my rig or router. Wednesday while at work had a 8 foot long 5-6 inch diameter rotten limb break off and impale the ground. Waterlogged from the all the rain we've been getting the past couple of weeks and rotten, it decided to let go. Thankfully nothing and no one was damaged or injured, which is good since I was working by myself at that point- would've been "widowmakered" had it hit me, but I will say that I never walk in the area that it fell, so it's all good in The Grove. (or is it "all Neutral"?)
  6. I've been known since before the pillars of creation.
  7. I have a few ideas: Greyhawk personalities, deities/avatars, unique monsters, normal denizens in culture specific garb ect. done in 32mm scale Erol Otus, work converted to a larger scale 3D form. Pretty much any Dragon/Dungeon magazine cover that's "interesting" converted to 3D and "modern politicians caught in compromising positions" vignettes
  8. About 25 grams of freshly ground whole bean coffee in a Mr. Coffee with about 3 "cups" of water. It's enough to fill my mug and lasts long enough for me to finish a cigarette. Dark, medium or light roast- doesn't matter. Think I'll go have a cup now.
  9. Running sub 2 minute Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 is a blast.
  10. Purring cheetah is cute.
  11. Decay and rot!
  12. Both. Yes, I can dual wield. and I would also be force sensitive.
  13. @Beagle I think the operative word there is "try" and welcome back!
  14. They can, as well as head protection- so it's more like a gimp suit.
  15. If a person's gonna tee off a trained scalpel wielder who is intent on rigorous self defense, a kevlar bodysuit is mandatory.