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  1. I have a discussion with the Head Agent in Charge concerning an undisclosed topic of a sensitive nature and am released on my own recognizance. (It's a good thing I had that Philter of Glibness handy when the feddies showed up to arrest me.) On the plus side, the associated Federal Agencies will be receiving quite the donation to their retirement funds. Well,that's what they think will happen.
  2. Apophis 2029 ~~Shal met Tau'ri!
  3. I prefer volitional autonomy. How self driving vehicles will be protected from being hacked is going to be a very challenging undertaking.
  4. From my high school miniature painting days- cannabis stems and seeds. Might've even had a small flower or two attached as well, can't recall exactly since it's been over 2 1/2 decades.
  5. Looks like a fun flick and it'll be released in time for Armageddon!
  6. I found a pdf excerpt from the book Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic & Religion and found it to be very interesting. So, I did a quick google search to see if it was for sale... $90 used in good condition is a little too pricey for my wallet. Here's a link to the pdf should anyone care to give it a look The Philosopher’s Stone.pdf
  7. Poundcake... link related.
  8. Enjoy your day ub3r!
  9. North Carolina Education Lottery. or I might just pass it out to panhandlers.
  10. @Marvin Brushing one's teeth does as well. @Pezler the Polychromatic Nature is good. Pollen ain't quite so good for us. @Morihalda Hope that fracture heals up quickly! So, I run out of cigarette rolling papers. Get in my car to drive to the store and "Flying High Again" is playing on the radio. I was wondering when the Vernal Equinoxian Synchronicity was gonna show up. wyrd.
  11. I will certainly welcome the warmer weather.
  12. and then there were two...
  13. Pretty good job! It's funny, the other day I briefly thought about pulling a "Road Warrior' on the fuel tanker truck that turned left on a red light while I had the right green arrow. Remembered what happened to Mad Max and figured this tanker weren't full of sand and gravel so decided against it. ha!
  14. Witnessed!!
  15. Whatever the market will bear. Seriously though, I place a high value on the art I find appealing - doesn't necessarily have to be in a monetary sense but emotional or with say furniture, tactile. Even ephemerally when I'm out amongst nature.