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  1. I have a few ideas: Greyhawk personalities, deities/avatars, unique monsters, normal denizens in culture specific garb ect. done in 32mm scale Erol Otus, work converted to a larger scale 3D form. Pretty much any Dragon/Dungeon magazine cover that's "interesting" converted to 3D and "modern politicians caught in compromising positions" vignettes
  2. About 25 grams of freshly ground whole bean coffee in a Mr. Coffee with about 3 "cups" of water. It's enough to fill my mug and lasts long enough for me to finish a cigarette. Dark, medium or light roast- doesn't matter. Think I'll go have a cup now.
  3. Running sub 2 minute Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 is a blast.
  4. Purring cheetah is cute.
  5. Decay and rot!
  6. Both. Yes, I can dual wield. and I would also be force sensitive.
  7. @Beagle I think the operative word there is "try" and welcome back!
  8. They can, as well as head protection- so it's more like a gimp suit.
  9. If a person's gonna tee off a trained scalpel wielder who is intent on rigorous self defense, a kevlar bodysuit is mandatory.
  10. Welcome back Xherman! Thanks for sharing those pics, they're awesome!
  11. Drinking water during a meal. Growing up during the 70's and 80's tap water really didn't taste that good- even with ice. So I definitely preferred cola or Kool-Aid with lunch and dinner. Now, I prefer filtered ice water with my meals. Bun-Either. Condiments-Both. Spicy Brown if it's available Onions as well Meat-Doesn't matter with the hot dogs. Brats get the mustard and onions. Now I want a real Hawaiian Style Hot Dog but I can't afford the airfare.
  12. Saw a close quarters self defense video yesterday on face book where a scalpel would be an appropriate weapon. Using the techniques shown it would be an instant bleed out- well 2-3 minutes.
  13. Saw Mockingjay Part 2 over the weekend- not bad. Katniss has some fancy bowmanship. Now I'm watching a youtube video of Myron Fagan's The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.
  14. @DakkauserKaptinBadrukk Thanks for the heads up! Hope everyone in the cone of probability battens down their hatches! I could actually use some rain though- I'm getting tired of having to water the grass seed I planted last week. It keeps on going around my location.
  15. I've got a modified wood lathe I can use to turn bases and plinths. I swapped out the stock motor for a more powerful DC motor that I can really lower the RPM's on. Also had to fabricate a motor mount, add a larger headstock sheave and safety guard. I might use it to make a pedestal for Ma'al Drakar- if the lathe has a large enough swing.