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    Starfleet Officers

    Near as I can tell, Mega Miniatures isn't really a thing any more. The hassle free are a little too on-the-nose as Battlestar Galactica homages for my liking. The Victory Force ones are probably in the lead at this point.
  2. TheHawv

    Starfleet Officers

    So I need minis to use for some Starfleet officer PCs, preferably The Next Generation era. Can anyone recommend some place to start?
  3. TheHawv

    Kickstarter Conjecture Topic

    I really, profoundly hope that we get a set of the superheroes from Chronoscope. We need some good guys to battle that Cyborg Gorilla! I'd bet cash money on the treasure chest and pile of gold being pirates (either of the Dragonspine Sea boxsets or maybe Razig's salty crew).
  4. TheHawv

    British Policeman

    Is there a release date for the Bobby yet? I need that figure for a conversion I'm working on.
  5. TheHawv


    Show up? Say hi? I know how to do both those things!!!
  6. TheHawv


    When will tickets and classes go on sale? Or are they already and I'm not smart enough to find them?
  7. TheHawv

    Texas-shaped Burgers?

    I agree. When I came to TX for the first time from NC to check out a grad school, I was shocked at seeing the shape of the state of TX everywhere. And I do mean everywhere - road signs - overpasses - foods - candles - it was insane. Still is. If you recall, Darling, I wanted a Texas shaped Groom's cake (though I settled for the flag). We Texans have pride in our state which boarders on nationalism. You wouldn't understand, coming as you do from Virginia's Mexico (aka: North Carolina).
  8. TheHawv

    "How Did You Come Across Reaper Miniatures" Stories

    Yeah, like you had nothing to do with it. "All you wanted was a backrub.", right? Anyway, it was back in the mid nineties. I was working at a FLGS located in Dallas' long gone Prestonwood mall. We carried an extremely small selection of miniatures, just enough to fill one small spinner rack. A handful of Reaper minis were on that rack, but they never caught my attention, as I was focused on the WEG Star Wars minis at the time. Well, the owner of said FLGS also owned a share in a convention we used to have in the area called DalCon (anyone else remember it?) and he put me in charge of transporting things from the back room of the Prestonwood store to the hotel where the convention was happening, and then after the convention of doing the opposite. While taking apart the little dealers table he had set up, I look over and see a booth belonging to Reaper miniatures. I went over to check them out, and found some really sweet Gargoyle miniatures. That's when I became a fan. I fell out of the miniatures scene for a good long while, until several years later I met a guy at a different FLGS I was working at. We became fast friends and gaming amigos. Of course, back then he was just Bryan, not ReaperBryan: D-List internet celebrity. When he got a job for Reaper, I got back into the hobby hardcore. Thanks to that, I’ve now got a wife and a baby. . . So thanks for not blowing that job interview, Bro.
  9. TheHawv

    Previews 6/9/9

    I'm very excited about the new Nova, and I love the big game hunter! I think it's the stache. That upper lip is slick and hip.
  10. Personally, I'm a fan of black powder weapons in fantasy. I'm hopeful that they'll make their way into 4th edition D&D before too long (the Martial Controller perhaps?). To me, the key to enjoying guns in a fantasy setting is to be as light on the rules as possible. Treat the gun as mechanically indistinguishable from other ranged weapons and you're golden.
  11. TheHawv

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    I’ve got a few more from the “not” category. I’d like to see not-Ford-Prefect, an intergalactic vagabond with hand spurs that include a towel as an option… could also double as not-The-Doctor. Another one I’d like to see is not-Marty-McFly on a hover board. Not-Riggs, and his partner, not-Murtaugh… Who’s clearly getting to old for this stuff. Finally, not-John-McClane; by which I mean an action hero who has clear had the ever living tar beaten out of him over the course of the adventure. I’m thinking torn cloths, bandages, and of course, missing shoes. Also, from the not-not category, classic D&D style monsters in modern attire. I would love a Rakshasa or a Minotaur or an Ilithid Bathalian in a suit, maybe packing heat.
  12. TheHawv

    NOVA Corporate Security

    That red scheme is sweet, thanks for sharing it Nanite. And Reaper Darryl's Stomtrooper scheme is awesome. Right now, I'm leaning toward black and yellow. I'm worried though that they'll end up looking more like bumblebees then hazard signs (which is what inspired my color choice).
  13. TheHawv

    NOVA Corporate Security

    I was wondering what color schemes people were using on the NOVA Corporate Security figures? I was leaning towards something in a classic black and white, but I think they'd end up being to Stormtroopery.
  14. TheHawv

    So I see all the Reaper Peeps are Criminals

    I always knew Ed and Dave were criminal masterminds. The years of careful planning that went into the great Reapercon Sophie Conspiracy just has to be admired for it's complexity. I can’t wait until the Great Yura Water Buffalo Caper comes to fruition, then this guy is gonna be totally hosed. This guy shouldn't get all bent out of shape. His Reapercon Sophies are still worth what they always were: the market price of the component metals. Anything beyond that is conferred value. If he spent hundreds on e-bay buying them, they were only worth that much because he was willing to pay that much. Sorry about his damned luck.