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  1. Hi all. I have tossed around the idea of a Greek mythology type campaign for years. Recently, I designed my own role playing system for my friends & I to play. I'm currently trying to find miniatures that will fit the old Greek Mythology genre. Currently, I am having a problem finding one particular miniature and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. The mini that is turning out hard to find is Medusa or the Gorgon. It's not that I'm not finding any, but it's simply that the ones I've found are all standard miniature size. The Medusa in the original or even the newer Clash of the Titans movie looks alot larger than the size of a typical man. Thus, I'm looking for a Medusa that is larger than normal sized humanoid minis as well as has the lower half of a serpent and not the legs of a woman. I picked up the following Reaper miniature hoping it was what I was looking for, but it was a standard human sized miniature. P-65 65064 Medusa (Small Medusa) I saw the following Medusa recently (Reaper Medusa) but I'm not sure if it's size is like this other Medusa or if it is a larger giant sized type mini. Can anyone here tell me? Thanks, John
  2. Draugr

    Reaper Transport Cases?

    Hi. Does Reaper still produce the "Reaper Transport" cases? Everywhere I look it is out of stock. I currently have two cases and need to expand so I was hoping to pick up another case or two. Thanks, John
  3. Hi everyone. Has there been any news on the release of the next set? I'm dying to get those rats and the kobolds./Hell, I can't wait to get the gnoll either for that matter. LOL Thanks, John
  4. Ok.... I got somewhat lucky. I picked up 6 of the bronze spearmen and 6 (I usually get 3, but decided on the extra) bronze archers. All I need now are 6 of the bronze swordmen and I'm set for now. :) Thanks John
  5. Hello Everyone. I have a question. I am trying to close out my missing minis from the Legendary Encounters set. The minis I am missing are some of the skeletons. Now, I know its easy to find the skeletons at various sites which are selling them, but I need specific colors that were released. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me by pointing me a site that has the following colors for sale. Ok, as many of you might know there seem to be three sets of skeletons. There are the swordmen, spearmen and archers that have the bronze colored shields. Then there are the same three types of skeletons with blue shields and quivers, and finally there are the Red shields and quivers. I have a complete set of Red Shields and Quivers. A set for my collection is 6 Swordmen, 3 Archers and 6 Spearmen. As for the blue shields and quivers I have 4 swordmen and 4 Spearmen. I need 2 more swordmen and spearmen and 3 archers. Finally, I need almost a complete set of the bronze colored shield skeletons. I only have 1 archer. I need 6 swordmen and spearmen and 2 archers. Can anyone help me locate these specific items? In my campaign that I am designing there are three types of skeletons. Regular cemetery skellies (bronze shields), Centurion Skeletal Warriors (blue shields and quivers) and the "Legions of the Dark" skeletons (Red shield and quivers), so I'm really hoping to be able to close out the missing skeleton minis that I need. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, John
  6. Hi. Any chance that we may get a Hydra model in a future release? Personally, I like this Reaper Hydra model. I'd love to get a prepainted plastic LE version. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hydr...etail/02203_w_3 John
  7. Draugr

    Next Set?

    Thanks for the news on the next set. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the next set. Giant Spiders will go good with my game. :) I have one other question. I think somewhere on these forums or on the website I saw a pic with gnolls, a female demon and some others. Will those be released eventually? The gnolls looked really great and I'd love to add them to my game. Thanks Again for the update. John
  8. Draugr

    Next Set?

    I can tell you we got the quote for the next lot and as soon as we place the purchase order I will get the announcement of what we are ordering (with pictures) up ASAP. It's happening... really! I'm Psyched! I can't get enough of these minis. I like most of my DDM minis but don't think I'm going to like the latest release Dangerous Delves. They look too cartoonish to me so I'm looking forward to using the Reaper LE minis. :) Question, will there be a priest or cleric and mage good player model in this set? In the inital or at least currently available figures there seem to be a good warrior, ranger and elf archer, but no casters. :) Thanks and I look forward to the new releases when they are ready. John
  9. Hi all. This is my first post. I have recently discovered and purchased the entire line of Legendary Encounters for a game I am making. I love these minis and wanted to ask if there is an approximate release date for the next set and if possible how many minis are expected in the next set? I feel these minis are great and will go perfect with the game I am creating as well as the Dwarven Forge Master Maze tiles I will be using. [This is my current LE Set] I'm looking to expand it with new minis from Reaper. :) Skeleton Warriors x6 Skeleton Spearmen x6 Skeleton Archers x3 Zombie x6 Ghost x3 Orc Warriors w/ Simitars x6 Orc Spearmen x6 Orc Archers x3 Cave Troll x2 Great Worm x2 Evil Human Warrior x1 Bathalian x2 Good Human Warrior x1 Female Human Ranger x1 Minotaur of the Maze x1 Elf Archer x1 Ogre Chieftain x1 Reaper Transport Case x1