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  1. Da_Sub

    What is your Geek Fantasy...?

    Hey Malt, that sounds like the ultimate life for any mini painter... stay at home parenting plus time to paint!
  2. Da_Sub

    Can someone explain this to me?

    I've been known to play multiplayer Supreme Commander while painting, on occasion. Regularly I watch anime and paint/assemble/sculpt. While designing vehicle conversions in CAD I watch movies in windowed mode. Although lately I have been spending alot of time at the FLGS instead of painting at home, since two of my buddies work there now.
  3. Da_Sub

    What is your Geek Fantasy...?

    One word, Immortality. Why? Plenty of time to actually finish all the minis I could ever buy! lol
  4. I'm with Inarah on this. Being polite works on men and beasts alike (mostly... there was that one telemarketing firm that just didn't get it so I set the Ombudsmen onto them ). Honestly though messing around with people who may mess with you back is a little risky these days.
  5. Da_Sub

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    One to add to the improvised weapons pack: A collapse-able sign ala slippery when wet, for those times when zombies invade the mall. Also a length of length of lead pipe and a tyre-iron would be sweet. Also started work on some civilian/CDC/Radiation Hazmat Suited figures, if anyone has ideas to add for equipment etc for them don't hesitate to pm me. I plan to leave the hands open so you can add different weapons/tools/equipment. Plan to do one Male, one Female and maybe a kneeling figure. Pics soon.
  6. Da_Sub

    Best Sci-Fi RPGs

    Well depending on the setting you want there are a couple I know of. -Dark Heresy has been mentioned and IMHO is quite good and if you are an experienced RPGer I would recommend it as it is not really newbie friendly without getting hold of some of the pre-release intro stuff. -Another good/fun/different one is the Fallout PNP RPG. you can get it from the downloads section of No Mutants Allowed. There are the various versions of the rules there along with CSs, some source books and a couple of other post apocalypse "Light" RPGs availible for free download. Also if you think that you might want to RPG in Waterworld, there is to be found a source book for the rules for that as well, you can find it by searching "Fallout PNP Waterworld" on Ebook PDF Search Engine. Best of all Fallout PNP is free! Although it may not be Sci-Fi enough for you if you are a huge Star Wars fan. -Lastly someone mentioned GURPs, there are heaps of different sourcebooks, we are playing around with Centauri Knights atm at the FLGC. Hope you find something you enjoy as a break from D&D, I know it took my group a while to find something good when it got banned at our Catholic school in the mid 90s. :-(
  7. OK so I finally caved when I saw a Forgeworld Mars Pattern Titan on Ebay for well below half price, and it was already in country so no rediculously huge shipping fees. It was well photographed and there were excellent communications throughout the entire process. One problem... The feet/ankles/lower legs were assembled in a pose that would either cause it to fall over repetitively is even breathed upon or eventually snap the one leg supporting it... So luckily the pistons were mostly not in place and the ones that are can easily be fixed with plastic rod if I were to snap the thing back apart (shudder). I am not complaining, hell it was a really great auction and the lower legs were shown assembled in the photos and also it was stated in the description. However can anyone give me a clue on how to or what solvent I can safely use to get it apart? I know it is superglue and not epoxy because one of the toes already came off in transit (yeah I have in my 'hood what is known as a problem postie). I have searched online and am currently trying the freeze method. Other than my Stormblade that I bought a while back this will be the largest resin figure I own as i don't have alot of resin figures and lean towards 28mm ones when I do buy.
  8. For infantry sized figs, 28mm-35mm high, I usually use an old paint pot and blu-tak (I think this is what many of you call "poster tack"). Typically it will be an empty that I have kept for making pre-mixes of colours when batch painting. This works well with plastic and smaller metals. For larger metal figures I tend to get a couple of steel dressmakers pins, snip the top off with care and then pin then into the feet or other appendage/part that would normally glue down to the base with the pointy ends of the pin pointing away from the mini. This can then be stabbed into a cork sanding block. Cork sanding blocks are cheap yet provide enough balance to be able to prime, undercoat and paint figures all in a fell swoop and when you are ready to put the figure on the base simple pull the pins out and snip them to the required length. For tanks I use a clamp with rubber jaws that I have for working on electronics.
  9. Da_Sub

    NOVA Corporate Security

    Kudos to Mr Jackson, that is a really nice figure, almost like the guy is ready to spring into action.
  10. Da_Sub

    NOVA Corporate Security

    Hmm, one of the guys at the FLGS was talking about doing some up in Red Tiger camo on the weekend. interesting.
  11. Da_Sub

    NOVA Corporate Security

    Huh cool, they look very much like some I picked up from B2B at GenCon Oz last year. I would post photos but they were used to base some figs from the worlds second great evil!
  12. Da_Sub

    NOVA Corporate Security

    Very Spiffy Nanite, I was thinking of doing some up in blacks and dark grays like the ATC security teams from FEAR although they would make excellent Replica Tactical Soldiers too ;) also those bases don't happen to come from Back2Basix do they?
  13. Da_Sub

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    I have been playing around with the ideas of some combination of alternate history stuff for a while now and came up with some cool weapons that would fit right in. - Tesla Rifle: power supplied from a backpack by twin cables (+/- supply!) - CD launcher: A weapon that fires salvaged CDs... (yeah we have been playing alot of Fallout PNP of late while watching The Black Mask lol) - Radiation Beam Cannon - Ala Desolators from C&C RA2 - Compound Bow. Ok so Everyone needs a 28mm Rambo!!! - A tin of Deoderant/Spray'n'Cook with a Zippo taped to it..... Just the thing for Modern Horror PNP - a Lit Molotov, simply because they are plain fun in game and I have yet to see a company produce a figure with one (although Rosie could easy have one fitted she isn't really in a throwing pose) - Someone already mentioned them elsewhere but figure or two in hazmat suits. As it would be really cool/creepy to have them as PCs or NPCs for modern Zombie/Horror gaming (don't get exposed or you become the enemy!!!!)