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  1. They look awesome all together. I never realised the Ogre Chieftain shield was a dungeon door until I saw your pictures. Like you said, there isn't much damage on the door cuz he probably just ripped it off the wall to replace his old damaged shield. The rusted armor is a great idea. Congrats on completing such a nice bunch.
  2. Wow, thanks alot for such a warm feedback everyone, I'm very happy you like it. The basic idea for the colors and pattern of the scarf are from Jessica Rich paint job on her Hamster Mage. I just added a few more colors. Original paint job inspiration by Jessica Rich. It's true they deserve to be mounted on a decent bases. I have three more Hamster adventurer to paint, when they're all done, I'll see what I can do. For now I will focus on the Cleric Hamster with Mace. If anyone has a nice color scheme to suggest, I'm open to propositition. Nothing too flashy, I'd like to stay classic. Cleric Hamster with Mace green sculpted by Dave Summers.
  3. He it is! Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals, DSM8036, Hamster Mage with Staff. It was sculpted by Dave Summers. This model was a little more challenging to paint. I'am very happy with the final result, I like how his red outfit and I'm glad I chose that color. I hope you like it too! Comments and critiques are very welcome.
  4. You are very creative. That's a nice conversion, the parts size are perfectly fitting together.
  5. It really looks awesome, you nailed it!
  6. I like your very sharp painting style, JGF. That is quite amazing for someone who started painting two years ago.
  7. Thanks guys! I really like to assemble and convert these Ogres. I Can't wait to lay some paint on 'em. I will go with a wasteland concept on the bases, with a lot of dusty debris.
  8. It's nice to see how everyone has improved since they started. I started painting in 1988. I tought I had parted from the first model I paited back in a day but it was hiding, in ambush, at the bottom of a box. So, here it is, one of the first if not the very first miniature I painted it is a Ral Partha 03-081, Thief with longsword in ambush. It has been damaged after all the fight it had dwelling down the box of oblivion. By looking at the picture I also realised that was before I lurned anything about washes. I probably painted 200 miniatures since then. My latest work are Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms DSM8035, Hamster Knight with Spear and DSM8025, Hamster Thief. For now my favorite will have to be the 02712, Eyebeast I recently painted and 03484, Karlov Diedrich the wizard I painted in feb. 2014.
  9. It looks awesome. My favorite part is the rusted standard speaks and the longhorn. The gradient on the horns is amazing. Can't wait to see the group picture, that will dissolve any consurn about the boots color since they will complement the Ogress's clothes.
  10. I started working on an Ogre Kingdoms Army with hope to find some time to play Age of Sigmar once in awhile. This guy, I call im Rudgar the Furious, will be the Crusher of my first unit. I'm using parts from Mournfang Cavalry "its right harm and weapon" and Grimgor Ironhide " half of two handed axe on tip of right side weapon" and Orc Warlord swrod "in its left hand". I'm also planning to add more blades attached to its chain belt and on its back.
  11. How could I miss this one, that is quite amazing. After all the energy and effort you've put in releasing this project it must be really great to enjoy your new room with friends. Congrats for your determination, the final result is stuningly beautiful.
  12. It got a nice Skull Island Monster vibe to it. I like the green scales, that color scheme is more traditional but classics never fail.
  13. It is really a pretty diorama that you created. You did a great job on converting the horse and the dragon is very well painted. I like the black and red color scheme you have chosen.
  14. I agree, he looks exquisite. I like the way you textured its skin and the eyes are really well done. I also own a copy of this cutie, and seeing how you rendered yours makes me want to paint mine.
  15. Thanks for your comments! Glamberry, your Pancake is also very cute. I will try to integrate his fur grey markings on another model. Although I already painted the fur on all the six Hamster I'm painting, grey might be appropriate for the Swashbuckler. As for now, I did some color adjustment on the image of Jessica Rich Mage to see how it would look like in dark red. What do you people think about it? Original by Jessica Rich Modified color test