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  1. It can happen and it's probably the reason why Reaper reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason. I hope everyone's main goal is to have fun while promoting the hobby.
  2. Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. I first thought it was only available during the second Bones Kickstarter but just found out it's also available in the Online store 77299 Female Anti-paladin Now I'm wondering, as other may also be asking themself, do I need a Facebook account to enter the contest or can I simply submit my entry by email whitout owning a Facebook? I understand the fact that one may get more votes if he share his work trought his network, I'm just asking for does in my situation.
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm also pleased on how the glass effect looks on this one. I'm very happy about the fur as well. Eyes have always been a challenge for me to paint, I'm now using a fix magnifying glass to help me paint such small detail.
  5. Wow, I like that night shade effect you did on it. It sure have a long storyline, but it looks absolutely great like that.
  6. Thanks for your comments, I'm happy you like them.
  7. Here is Earnest the Singing Mousling sculpted by Gene Van Horne. He's also part of Reaper Miniatures 10034, Mousling Tavern Boxed Set.
  8. That's a good one. Imagine the weekend warriors remembering the old day after a couple of beers at the tavern. -Remember the Epic Dung we fought in that dungeon? -Yeah! I sure remember the smell.
  9. Yes, the dots are meant to represent bubbles from the beer and the white ones drops of condensation. I painted the mugs so they look like realistic glass, so you see the beer in the mugs and the white stipes are reflections of light on the glass. The purple beer is Red ale and the yellow one is a Lager. Thanks for your comments!
  10. They are great and the bases are very nice too.
  11. Here are Martin and Lewis the Mousling Drinking Friends sculpted by Gene Van Horne. They're part of Reaper Miniatures 10034, Mousling Tavern Boxed Set.
  12. I like the blue to green transition you did on the head at the base of the horns. The armor looks really nice too.
  13. Since I didn't have time to paint that much lately, I took some pictures of my W.I.P. to motivate myself to come back to the painting desk. I'm currently painting Mouslings and I started to prep the creatures of the Dungeon Horrors boxed set. I also played with madness and created an aberation with the parts from the boxed set. I used the Dung Monster body and arms, the Eyebeast head, the Charnel Grab tentacles and the Brain Horror head. Now I wonder how this aberation should be called? I was thinking about Dung Aberation... but it's not so original for a name. Maybe the Epic Aberation would sound better. What do you think?
  14. They look amazing, I really like the blue/green reflect on the axes.
  15. Great job! I like the high contrasting tones you came out with.