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  1. Great job! I like it alot and the base looks amazing too.
  2. I like the OSL too and the Leader dark leather armor. They look great.
  3. They're all great. I especially like the look of the Vampire.
  4. 89032

    He look awesome. I like the reddish glaze you did on the shield, helmet and the golden armor parts. Thanks for the instruction on how to see the 3D image, I can actually see it very well and it's the first time it's working for me.
  5. They look subliminal, you did an amazing job on both of them.
  6. She is stunning, these jeans looks so real and all the highlights are really amazing.
  7. Nice display, I really like the colorful flowers you added and the sharp paint job too.
  8. Here is 01432, the Easter Mousling sculpted by Gene Van Horne. Happy Easter!
  9. Beautiful work Pochi, I like everything you did here, the paint, the base, the realistic water effect, everything looks amazing.
  10. I really like the subtle color transitions on arrow feathers, the bow, the white fabric and the wolf fur.
  11. He looks awesome! I really like the cloudy aspect of the blue highlights on its clothes. The color of the feather is adding a nice contrasting touch.
  12. Nice job, that's a very inspiring miniature.
  13. Many thanks!
  14. It look great, I like the slimy effect you managed to get. Is it only gloss brush-on sealer? The mouth look so realistic with that wet aspect.
  15. Thanks for your comments, I'm happy that you like him. I used 09277 Spattered Crimson for the Red Ale. You are right about the expression, all the Mouslings were sculpted with a lot of character , I think it mainly got to do with their eyes.