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  1. Metalchaos

    10021, Viridius WIP

    Some pliers, nails, a copper rod, staples, strings and super glue. I think the size looks acceptable. Next step, green stuff.
  2. Metalchaos

    30014: The Grudge

    You did an amazing work on him. I like the pure blue you used, it brings out the eyes very nicely. It's never over until it's finished. That's why many artists don't like to show their work in progress until they feel satisfy. It's the same for me, sometimes when I paint, I get to a point where I think I'm going astray. When it happens, I leave the model on the shelf for a while and give it a go when I feel like it needs to be finish. I also really like that model, I wonder how many of those were produced and if Reaper plans to manufacture other bust in the future.
  3. Metalchaos

    77428, Vermin Tick

    As you continue your descent even deeper into the bowels of the earth, you learn that it's not only the huge monsters that are to be feared. While you are sleeping, after your watch shift, a creature drops silently next to you. Without you realizing it, it manages to sting you right on the neck and starts to suck you blood. Sometime later, you woke up with an intense pain on the back of your neck. You realize with disgust what happened. Your wound is infected, and you feel very weak. After examining, your companions realize that you are infected with a serious illness. If you are not treated quickly, you will certainly die within the next few days. Here's the 77428, Vermin Tick, a Dark Heaven Bones sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  4. Metalchaos

    Hot & Dangerous Lagertha and Rosie

    The texture you painted on the the Shieldmaiden's cape is great. I also like the helmet real metal reflection.
  5. Metalchaos

    77427, Vermin Centipede

    A giant arthropod comes crawling from under a pile of debris and dead leaves along the ruined wall of the tower. Instinctively, a violent emotion of disgust invades you as you see and hear a dozen more centipedes creep out from the rubbles. With aversion, you take out you weapon and ready yourself to scour the long destroyed fortification. Here's a 77427, Vermin Centiped Dark Heaven Bones sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  6. Metalchaos

    01596 Joy, Winter Fairy, sculpted by B. Ridolfi

    Lovely work all-round, I really like her eyes and cheeks.
  7. Metalchaos

    03650, Fire Elemental

    A mass of ambulatory flame races across the ground, seeming to flicker and spark from a central, humanoid-shaped conflagration. Like a living inferno, the fire-creature’s burning dance of heat flame brings it ever closer. D&D 3.5 Monster Manual. Here's 03650, Fire Elemental a Dark Heaven Legends pewter model sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  8. Metalchaos

    Mushroom Mage, Dark Sword Miniatures

    Wow, I like that beautiful silky-smooth robe and the crisp crystal. Gold, blue and purple are so beautiful together, great work.
  9. Metalchaos

    Bombshell Miniatures 10014 -- Victoriana with plaid hat

    That's an amazing leather color.The nmm, fabric pattern and freehand are amazing too. Another stunning paint job. Congratulations on the prize of the first place.
  10. Metalchaos

    DSM1159 Female witch with wand

    Awesome work, her eyes are so expressive it's stunning.
  11. Metalchaos

    02691, Striges

    You've been groping underground for a while when you catch the sound of beating bat wings down the cavern ahead. A few steps more and the oozing walls open on a large cave. Small rusty-red creatures are flying in circle between stalactites, four pincer-like legs and a proboscis dangling under their hairy body. Abruptly, you notice a change in their behavior. They all hover in place and their yellowish eyes pierces in your direction. Before you have time to do anything, you are swarm by these bloodthirsty Stirges. Here are the 02691, Striges Dark Heaven Legends sculpted by Bob Olley.
  12. Metalchaos

    Old Barbarian from Black Sun Miniatures

    Nice "different" color pallet and great nmm.
  13. Metalchaos

    Bloody mess

    Bounded to the pillory, I think about some of my past work and deeds. With introspection, I realize I sometime navigated the dark meanders of existence without awareness of the full implication of my actions on the distant horizon. As my time approaches I wonder how it would be, If I could only take back my life from the executioner's gory axe. Nice work on that Anval Thricedamned evil warrior.
  14. Metalchaos

    Studio McVey Elven Skirmisher

    Beautiful colors on this amazing model. His name is Y’Sidyra, sculpted by Yannick Hennebo .
  15. Metalchaos

    10021, Viridius WIP

    Still working on Viridius today, I drilled holes in the base to have screws solidly secure the dragon when it will be painted. The screw end will be recessed in the wood plank and cemented with tow part epoxy glue.