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  1. Thanks for taking care of the contest this year Pochi. I have a little question. Can the non Reaper entries be a dioramas?
  2. Metalchaos

    77379: Dracolisk

    Very beautiful colors, you did an amazing work despite the three color constraint.
  3. Metalchaos

    Mouseling Druid - 77290

    Beautiful work. I especially love the dark crystal ball and the frog.
  4. Metalchaos

    Fox Critter group pictures (heavy pics)

    Thanks for all your kind words everyone. I broke a personal record by finishing these models under forty four days not to mention the Beekeeper mini for the Facebook contest. This is largely due to all the positive feedback I received along the way. So again, thanks for your support. I'm not done yet with the Foxes has I'll be building a display base for them. I also plan to work on a large model from Reaper in the next couple of months, the pewter version of Viridius guardian of the forest. I already cleaned up the mold lines on all the nine parts of the model and will soon start to assemble it.
  5. Metalchaos

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    @WhiteWulfe @Pochi @Lidless Eye Thanks for your comments, I appreciate. I see it more as if the fox is in the order of the sacred fox.
  6. Metalchaos

    Maledrakh's Sledgehammer BFG

    This will be an impressive piece of artillery on the tabletop. You painted it to a high standard. Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the material. i was wondering if the sledgehammer was made of the same Bones material then the miniatures.
  7. Beautiful work. I really like the sunset reflection on the wings and the scales of her head.
  8. Here are some pictures of the entire Fox Critter group. They were all sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures. See the link below for pictures of each individual model. DSM7970, Fox Bard DSM7981, Robin Hood the Fox DSM7989, Maid Marian the Fox DSM8012, Female Fox Rogue DSM8013, Fox Dual Wield Warrior DSM8014, Fox Male Rogue DSM8020, Female Fox Mage DSM8021, Fox Cleric with Mace DSM8023, Fox Mage DSM8024, Fox Knight DSM8033, Fox Shaman with Staff and Wand
  9. Metalchaos

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    Thanks @SisterMaryNapalm, I'm glad you like it.
  10. Metalchaos

    02242 Ian MacAndrew

    Really well done, I think you already have a firm grip at it. The gem, the hair and sword are great too.
  11. Metalchaos

    Stonehaven: Large Fox

    Beautiful work, foxes now have a special place in my heart and I really like how realistic you painted it. The base is really nice too. Stonehaven have some nice and very original models, I really like their Clockwork Horse.
  12. Metalchaos

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    @wickedshifty Do it, practice will take you there. The maths for this technique is easy to remember. Let me explain. I first cover all the surfaces with a basecoat of pure black. It's easier if you used black primer. At this point, don't be scared to dilute your paint with water to help it go into all the cracks, almost as if you were applying a wash. Then, I apply successive layers of paler tones. Starting from the surface edge I cover 1/2 to 2/3 of the surface making sure not to paint in the cracks. Continuing this process, I apply another layer of paler tone, covering 1/2 to 2/3 of the previoucely applied tone. All the way to pure white, which I apply only on the edge itself. Remember, each practice will get you closer to success. No practice, no failure... no success. @Boaz A) I'd like to be that cool but my friend is even more generous that I am. B) We can be friends. I know how it feels, I also have hundreds of miniatures to paint including fifteen dragon and one hundred models more on their way from a Kickstarter. I'll be around for a while.
  13. Metalchaos

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's funny you ask. In fact, after 31 years without playing any D&D games I DM a game last weekend. The player didn't play anthropomorphic character but I tought about it. We player the Ruined Tower, a fastplay AD&D game to get back in the beat. An old friend and me introduced my brother to the game and we really had a blast. As for the Critter, I'm painting them for a friend. He got them from the Critter Kingdoms Expansion Kickstarer and asked me to paint them for him. The basecoat is pure black. I then applyed successive layer of charcoal grey, stone grey, alien flesh and pure white to create a black NMM effect. I applied dry brushing only on the chain mail.
  14. Metalchaos

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    From Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. Here is DSM8024, Fox Knight. This awesome 28mm pewter miniature was sculpted by Dave Summers. It's a three part model, the helmet and shield were painted separately before assembling. It allowed me to reach the eyes and the back of the shield much easily. I painted this one with the atypical colors of a marble fox. Your comments are very welcome.
  15. Metalchaos

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    You did an amazing job on Spidicules. Its bloated body is very well painted, very organic. Did you use an airbrush? I also like the conversion, it's definitivly more Chibi like with the dangling dead Chibi.