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  1. Metalchaos

    77178, Fire Giant Warrior

    Good day everyone, this was my entry in Reaper's Facebook Paint Your Giant contest. 77178, Fire Giant Warrior, Dark Heaven Bones model sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It is mounted on a 74027, Ruins Vignette Base, a resin base sculpted by Patrick Keith. This model is huge, 7cm high and 13cm wide with the sword. I did some minor conversion on it. A heavy thundering sound come crushing down the ruined hall. You see orange and red lights dancing between the pillar supporting the stone roof. In the glimpse of a moment, all hell break loose as a dark skin colossus burst from the rubbles wielding a towering incandescent blade. He lands next to you smashing the large tiles of the floor. You are paralyzed in fear as he turns gazing in your direction with fire in his eyes. Desperate, you wonder if you've gone too far exploring this ancient Undermountain realm.
  2. Metalchaos

    Adventuring Party- (3913) (07015) scratch built cyclopes

    Awesome paint work. That's a really cool cyclops too.
  3. Metalchaos

    77106 BONES Frost Giant Jarl

    Very beautiful brush work, congrats. That's an amazing vignette.
  4. Great work on these two space ladies. I also really like your colorful exoplanet setting.
  5. Metalchaos

    03394, Rat Swarm

    Here are two groups of vermin I had the pleasure to throw at the players last weekend. 03394, Rat Swarm sculpted by Sandra Garrity. These are pewter version of the model and I mounted them on 25mm base.
  6. Metalchaos

    Scarecrow, Witch, & Voodoo Man

    That's a nice spooky group, I like them a lot. All very colorful and full of character. Is the goblin Voodoo man a creation of your own?
  7. Metalchaos

    Iron Dwarf (Logrim, Dwarf Captain)

    I like it, the sword seem to be made of glass or crystal, especially on the second picture. i also like your Iron Man idea for the color choice.
  8. Metalchaos

    77293, Wererat Berserker

    Good day everyone. Here is 77293, Wererat Berserker a Dark Heaven Bones model sculpted by Jason Wiebe. I cut off some of the original plastic base and used it to change the model's posture. I like the dinumic pose of this malicious evil doer.
  9. Metalchaos

    DSM8006, Scottish Wildcat Warrior

    Thanks for the supporting comments everyone, it's always very appreciated to get your feedbacks. @72moonglum, in this case, I'm glad I glued the sword arm first. It's was farely easy to reach behind the sword and paint the kilt and tail even if the model was already assembled. This way, I was able to avoid making touch ups afterwards. It's sometimes hard to match a color and shading and the glue can mess thing as well. Their is a few cases I will paint the parts separately. For exemple on your Chihuahua, if you see the staff will get in the way and will prevent you from reaching the details on the robe behind, it's probably better to glue the staff after. The easy way to patch two parts that were glue after painting is probably to apply a dark liner on the "seam" after touching up the colors.
  10. Metalchaos

    DSM8006, Scottish Wildcat Warrior

    Hi everyone, here's another Cat Critter I completed this week, DSM8006 Scottish Wildcat Warrior. This two-part 28mm pewter model was sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures. I glued the hand holding the sword before painted it. I hope you will like it as much as it was a joy to paint.
  11. Metalchaos

    77280 Lich

    So, Halvin Nox has finilly ascended to lichdom. You did a great work on him. I like the aged metal and glowing acrane magic coming from its eyes and hand.
  12. Metalchaos

    02769, Woody the Halfling Ranger

    Thanks for your comment everyone, I'm happy you like it. In the game we play, Mr. Nimbletoe is now a 4th level Rogue and happen to have found a spider climb ring in a previous adventure. You should see him now sneak attack from the ceiling with is composite shortbow, it's going to get hard DMing.
  13. Metalchaos

    Frost Giant Queen

    Wonderful color choise. It's nice to see some more pictures of her. The wolf pelt is beautiful too.
  14. Metalchaos

    Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    You did an amazing work on both of them. I like the dark skin tone of Vanja and they eyes are beautiful.
  15. Metalchaos

    77636, Death Shroud

    I'm glad you all like it.