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  1. You did a great job on the conversion, congrats.
  2. Your choice of natural color makes her look very real. I like how you painted her hair.
  3. It's absolutely beautiful! I like the subtle contrast between the spikes and the metallic scales. The deep sea green of the wings and the base are amazing too.
  4. Again, beautiful paint job. I like the reflection of light and her curved dagger. Also, her blue hair bring a good balance with the warmer colors of her skin and garments.
  5. Beautiful work! I like that sculpt and how you painted it with such a highly contrasting gradient.
  6. Thanks for you appreciation @Willen, mine was 03762, Shaern Female Antipaladin metal version. You're right about the one picture rule limiting the chance to show all the features of the model, this model has some many nice details.
  7. Stunning nmm, the contrast between the blue tones on the aex and armor is beautiful. The hair, the wounds,the leather stockings and the shield freehand are also amazing. I like what you did with the base as well, it's a very inspiring work all-around. Congrates for the 2th prize.
  8. Thanks for your comments ;) I'm happy you like it. You're right @LarsM there is a gap between the flat base rock and the dry soil. I didn't pay enough attention to this detail when I fixed the Dragon the the round wooden base. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll correct that. @noodlemancer, I used the same product you're using. From what I red, my recomendation for Michaels Golden crackle paste is that it's better to apply it on a primed surface than a dry or smooth surface. If everything around on your base is already painted, use brush on primer. My understanding is that the primer help the product to ckracle better. If the surface is to dry, if you apply it on wood for instance, the surface will absorbe the product and reduce the crakcle effect. Also, the thicker the paste you apply, the bigger will be the space between the cracks. On my Kaladrax base, at the second attempt, I applyed a thin layer of paste. This way I got a smaller crackle effect, smaller spaces between the cracks. My last but not the least tip, is to paint the dry crackled paste two day after you apply it to your base. It takes a lot of time for this product to dry. I hope this will help.
  9. Beautiful job, I really like the leather and how you painted the armor. It looks like brushed steel, this dark tone works parfectly with red and purple.
  10. Thanks for your comments guys, I'm happy you enjoy her. @Kuche, I did end up in 4th place but what I ment to say it that it was the 4th Quarterly Reaper Group Bones Painting Contest (4th contest of the year). In fact, there is another contest going on on Reaper's Facebook page; The Official Quarterly Reaper Group Bones Painting Contest #5. The 77043, Eye Beast sculpted by Julie Guthrie is the model that was chosen for this next contest ending February 2nd 2018. I hope you will join this one.
  11. Beautiful work. I like the leather and the bronze very much.
  12. Wow! John Blanche... It definitely got to have something to do with the sculpt. However, I'm happy you like my paint job, thanks for the compliment.
  13. You're right NecroMancer, the lichen I used was completely dry and discolored. Thanks for the advice Pinkymadigan, I will try your technique next time. Thanks for your comment Malefactus. As I was working on the conversion, I also fancied necrotic symbiosis between the Dragon and the Wand. Go figure who's in charge...
  14. Very beautiful paint job. I especially like the marble base and the shield blind eye. Your nmm and the skin tone came out pretty nice as well.