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  1. maxstyles

    Air but no paint

    I had this happen once when I was using the wrong needle with the wrong cap. are there bubbles coming back into the paint cup?
  2. maxstyles

    Why Does SuperGlue Hate Me?

    Old glue was my first guess too -- are you sure it wasn't sitting on the shelf for a long time before you bought it? I've gotten old glue that way once....
  3. maxstyles

    You know what would be cool? I do...

    They could be just as close as they could get -- sort of a 2017 version of the old series. The "Hunt" would still be preserved because they are not the "real" thing, just a replica. Like a copy of a rare coin or something. It may not be very practical but its an idea worth talking about. :)
  4. maxstyles

    MSP Must Haves

    My answer is simple.... All of them. :)
  5. I talked about this at reapercon but I didn't really do anything with the idea..... Until now..... Wouldn't it be cool if Reaper released a special "All the colors of ReaperCon" paint set which would include..... wait for it.... All the specialized colors from ReaperCons of the past! I KNOW that I would pick one up and I bet others would too. I would make a great gift.... wouldn't that be cool? What do you think?
  6. maxstyles

    Reapercon 2017 home safe thread

    I made it home late Sunday evening (why don't I just wait until Monday to fly out?). I can't wait to see everyone next year. Only 50ish weeks!
  7. maxstyles

    A Big Thank YOU

    I wouldn't be the only tainted gnome in the south of France.... :)
  8. maxstyles

    A Big Thank YOU

    I just wanted to say a special thank you to everyone at Reaper who made this year so wonderful. You all made this year great and every year it seems to get better. you all ROCK! Also to thanks to all the volunteers for helping out so that the rest of us could have a good time. I was going to volunteer but then I realised I was just a self-centered SOB. you all ROCK! And thanks to all the vendors who provided help and support was will as an outlet for my cash. You also ROCK! Lastly to everyone else at Reapercon 2017. You (we?) all ROCK! See you next year!
  9. maxstyles

    DIY Name tags

    I want in....
  10. maxstyles

    So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Sniff Sniff -- Can you smell that? ReaperCon is almost here. Wait... I think I just peed myself with excitement. :( But ReaperCon is almost here!!!! cant wait!
  11. maxstyles

    2017 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo

    Card my in.
  12. maxstyles

    Paint It Black

    No one has mentioned my favorite black - Deadly Nightshade, but it is really a purplish black. ItIt has already been said but if you are looking for an untinted black then I would go with Pure Black or Solid Black. Dragon black works also but I have had very little experience with it and it is designed for reaper bones. Oh and lastly, you are not wasting anyone's time here. We all love this hobby and are glad to answer any questions you have. This is Reaper Peeps are the best!
  13. maxstyles

    Reapercon 2017 T-shirts

    Has anyone heard any rumors about the t-shirts for this year?
  14. Don't forget to PM your address so I can send you a ribbon if you participated.
  15. I think I'm gonna try for the marathon but I may only get to the half. Gonna start tonight at midnight PST.... I'm kind of excited.... :) I will try to post on my blog every hour or so.... Never know..... good luck everyone..... :)