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  1. THere is always this for a switch. I one for my hair dryer so I don't have to put down the mini.
  2. I didn't see anyone mention these for mixing so I though I would add to to the fun. I use the plastic food cups from Smart and Final. They come in long sleeves of 100 for about $2. You can just mix the paint and toss them when you are finished. You can also recycle them if you like.
  3. Made it home safely -- tsa searched by suitcase and I thought that I lost by "Jackass Jeff" badge but I found it tucked in a pocket. whew!
  4. I'm still at work but I can't wait to get on the plane tomorrow! Oops I think I peed a litter there from excitement...
  5. This time next week I will be at the meet and great.... I can wait! Oh crud I only have one more weekend to finish my entries.... Why am I typing or at work? I gotta call in sick! I will never finish! ha ha ha
  6. I'll have world wide miniature day ribbons. Im trying to make WWMD a thing. :)
  7. I was envisioning it as a sort of magical/ unworldly type of armor. Although some corrosion would be nice... hummm
  8. I am working on this for reapercon and I am looking for some suggestions to make the symbols pop. Here is a closer look at them. Any suggestions for this or other things you don't like about the paint job would be greatly appreciated. The plan is to have to add a cape with some freehand incorporating the symbols and a skull to keep the theme going. Thanks! Max
  9. Here is WWMD in a nutshell for me. Its down to 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Here.
  10. Nice pictures everyone. Man I have to admit that I do not recover from these things a fast as I used to. On the plus side the event keeps getting bigger every year which is AWESOME! Do not forget to PM your mailing address if you participated or if you are planning doing your run later in the month. Oh yeah, here are my pictures of the models I worked on during the event: At the end: The hourly log: I also have timelapse movie of me working away. I will post it a bit later. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success. Jeff
  11. Thanks! I just finished my 24 hours and I'm headed to bed. I plan on posting some pics an stuff tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the day...
  12. only two days remaining! I play to start on the 16th and finish on the 17th which is my birthday. Haven't worked out the exact start time yet but that is the plan. Now all I have to do is: 1) Clean my work space 2) Stock the fridge 3) set up the camera for time lapse photography 4) decide which figs to paint. 5) enjoy! Anyone else making any special plans for the event?
  13. Less than a week.... Everyone got their miniatures ready? I'm really excited for this year as I plan to post to my blog every hour or so just to record the even. WaaHoo!
  14. This is a stupid question but are you using a wet palette? A long time ago I would use a porcelain palette to mix and thin paint but when I switched to a wet palette thinning the paint became much more consistent.
  15. Cool thanks for the advice. I had some vague memory from your class talespinner, but I couldn't quite pull it back. BTW are you teach at reapercon this year?