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  1. Flawed

    Ok thats what I'd thought just wanted to be sure.
  2. Flawed

    Today I received a miniature, 3429 Black Orc Archer, to be precise. I opened its blister and the hand with the bow fell off. I was wondering if there is any procedure for sending a flawed mini back to Reaper or is it supposed to come that way.
  3. Printing Card Stock

    I have a printer that I'm not sure if it can print card stock or not? What would happen if I tried toprint something on card stock but my printer can't handle it?
  4. Help

    Can I order stuff off my list without actually ordering or deleting everything else on my list?
  5. Mage Knight

    I was wondering if anyone else used Mage Knight minis for games: A.Because I already have some. and B. They're really cheap.. I'm thinking of it and I was wondering what you guys think.
  6. Dreaming of a White Christmas

    This an official request to join your gaming group. Jking, but seriously whoever gets those are very lucky.
  7. Dungeons and Dragons as a teaching tool

    i wish my math teacher taught us with d&d
  8. d&d 4e

    ok i kind of get it now would u guys think it would be good for a bunch of beginners and my uncle might be willing to GM would it be hard for him to transfer from GMing for 3e
  9. d&d 4e

    I was just wondering why everyone thinks 4e is a bad trpg
  10. i was just thinking and I had a really good idea. To make cheap trees spray paint pinecones green. Your thought do please share.
  11. Harsh!

    They need those in my school, when ever we go into a room after the 6th graders it smells worse than a well crap.
  12. Is Christmas coming too early?

    whats a Halloween tree
  13. Is Christmas coming too early?

    so true so so true here in metro Detroit the radio stations started cramming Christmas music down our throats barely a week after Halloween and we were seeing ads for Christmas sales in September people are forgetting what Christmas is about
  14. Dangit

    what game
  15. What's your first thought?

    Yes - areas of Detroit are that bad: http://www.cityrating.com/citycrime.asp?ci...it&state=MI That is why my retard friend calls Detroit the homiland and Land of the Gangsters as well as many other insensitive names