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  1. Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Pics or it didn't happen! (Who doesn't love pirate turtles?)
  2. Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    They do have 5 turtles, one of whom is a pirate. Don't get me wrong, they are very nice sculpts, but a lot more variety would be quite welcome... especially if they are sculpted by someone as talented as Talespinner!
  3. Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    These are going to look awesome! Is there any chance that they will have options that will make them generically fantasy enough to be used as Tortles? They are a playable race in 5e Adventurer's League but there is a lack of miniatures for them.
  4. Bmpc WIP

    They always pay the handsome guys more than the rest of us rabble! But seriously, Talespinner is right. Cold slows the curing time in the same way that heat accelerates it.
  5. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Room is booked. Missed it last year, going to make up for it this year!
  6. Golem Print Arrived Today!

    For a $30 print that looks pretty good! The extreme detail prints from Shapeways seem like they are a great option for pieces that you can have as samples to show off without having to pay 4x as much for a higher resolution "professional" print. It definitely helps that it was a great looking sculpt to begin with! I may have to pick one up if I see it for sale somewhere in the future...
  7. ROUNDABOUTS!!!!!! The only thing they are good for is saying "Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!"
  8. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Fall is also better because you don't have conflicts with Adepticon.
  9. Don’t Drink and Dungeon-Crawl diorama

    That bard was made by White Knight's Miniature Imperium, I believe it is available through The Assault Group. Great model!
  10. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    I get the feeling that a picture can't really do this figure justice...
  11. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I am actually a licensed physical therapist assistant, so a good sized chunk of my schooling was in ergonomics, posture, therapeutic exercises and so on. If you have a good physical therapist that may already be interested in teaching an ergonomics class I could easily be convinced to help out if they are doing some more hands on stuff or with helping people follow what's being demonstrated. I don't paint much but I will spend hours at a time sculpting and, well, I'm not getting any younger. Watching my posture, trying to make my work area as ergonomic as I can, and doing corrective exercises and stretches has done a lot to help with pain, fatigue and focus. I actually had to rehab my shoulder about ten years ago because of neck pain- due to the way I held my arm when I was working I stretched out some muscles and shortened others, causing hypermobility and instability in my shoulder. Learning how to take care of yourself may not sound as cool as learning a new painting or sculpting trick but in the long run your body will thank you for it! I can't be the only one that is hoping they have Ray Charles.....
  12. One Take on the Classes

    Hmmm...it may be best not to joke about this any further then!
  13. One Take on the Classes

    I am seeing a lot of stories about how annoying the ocarina player was. Is it bad that I wouldn't be surprised to see a post about how the ocarina's player's proctologist visit went after playing the same song over and over for two hours? And if the ocarina was still in playable condition after the visit?
  14. GW partners with Wizkids to make games

    Sadly this would also put Battlemasters out of the running too. I actually bought 8 copies of that game back in the day just for the masses of cheap "official" GW miniatures that could quickly get dropped on the table for cheap. The local Kay Bee toys would sometimes have clearances of old gaming stuff, and one day they sold Battlemasters sets for $9.99 each! But given the choice between the two I would rather have Heroquest now. It was a fun game, and I can get a bunch of better quality cheap miniatures now by buying Bones models instead of Battlemasters sets!