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    DSM8017, Victorian Female Cat

    I like the paint job and I like the sculpt! It finally answers the eternal question "Can a cat have junk in the trunk?"
  2. GHarris

    Review: Mini Palettes by Stephanie Law

    ...and, as every person who grew up in the Midwest knows, we did it WAIST DEEP IN SNOW!
  3. GHarris

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage PbP

    More than 4x the carrying capacity for only 3x the weight is still a very good tradeoff for the bag. Mind you, after playing countless games of 5e over the past few years the only times I have really seen carrying capacity come up is when grappler players show the DM that they didn't actually read the rules for how much a character can shove, carry, and pull. I've seen a few players shot down when they thought that they could freely move a creature around like a rag doll (including dragging them sideways through spikes!) just because they grabbed them by the collar...
  4. GHarris

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage PbP

    You are correct about the item you want still being on top when you reach into the Haversack....but removing any benefit that you would get from that! Then made the Haversack a higher rarity item. Because....huh? I think it was one of the odd simplifications in 5e, like taking zero penalties for trying to swim in plate armor or allowing every flying creature to be able to hover and require no taking off/landing space. Don't get me wrong, 5e is excellent and you can nit pick every game system, the Haversack just happens to be one of the head scratchers of 5e.
  5. GHarris

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage PbP

    For some reason 5E also got rid of the benefit of always having the item that you are looking for being on top with the Haversack, which was a huge advantage in the past. A character used to be able to quickly grab what they wanted out of the Haversack during their action vs having to dig for what they wanted at the bottom of a Bag of Holding. Now retrieving an item from either the Bag or Haversack requires an action, essentially turning the Haversack into an inferior Bag of Holding with a higher rarity. The Bag of Holding holds 500 lbs, the Handy Haversack a total of 120 lbs. The poor Haversack got turned into the Cousin Oliver of 5e!
  6. GHarris

    Azer minis?

    WOTC also did an Azer model when they were still making metal miniatures. It was part of their Chainmail line.
  7. GHarris

    Direwild Boardgame Minis

    Very nice, clean sculpts! What scale will they be printed in?
  8. GHarris

    Apoxie sculpt questions

    I store the putty that I am using in an old flip top Altoids gum tin. It is a bit deeper than the mints tin, I just stick the putty to the underside of the lid so I can easily get to it when I am sculpting vs trying to dig it out of the bottom. I actually keep the tin in the freezer with the rest of my epoxies when I am not using it, putty warms up to a workable state fairly quickly. The epoxy that I have in long term storage is all kept in the original tubes and containers that they came in, as the epoxy in my tin runs low I just add more from the freezer. I actually don't freeze my Apoxie Sculpt, but I don't see the harm in doing so. I've found that Apoxie Sculpt is still fine for what I am doing even after sitting in its container for a year or two, one part might get a brownish film over time but I usually don't notice a difference in workability. Then again I usually blend it into green stuff, I haven't made a sculpture in straight Apoxie Sculpt in nearly a decade.
  9. GHarris

    Introduction and a question

    If you are talking about vulcanized rubber molds for metal figures keep in mind that they are usually about an inch thick, meaning each half is about a half inch thick (give or take). Whatever you are molding has to deviate less than that half inch out from the middle of the mold, i.e. the plane where the mold halves meet. You can get fancy and rip apart an extra mold half and add a bit to each end, making an inch and a half thick mold, but you can only do this with certain mold types. Contenti makes molds that are in layers before they are vulcanized so they lend themselves to this sort of thing, but not every mold maker is willing or able to do this sort of thing so the "check first" adage definitely applies. The other restriction to keep in mind is the total mass of what you are trying to make. Even if you can make a big piece in a large mold you may not want to. Remember that metal shrinks when it cools, and on bigger pieces you may get pits, wrinkles, and distortions on the surface of the cast figure. When it comes to deviations a good moldmaker can remove material from one side of the mold and add it to the other side to make "cut outs" and "build ups". 25 to 30 degree deviations are very doable....but they make moldmaking more time consuming. Many people just want to squash a figure in a mold and let that be that. A piece of advice I would offer you would be to study the mold lines on figures you like. You can actually tell a lot about how a figure was molded that way.
  10. ...with beards, because a female dwarf without a beard is just a fat gnome! If you are going to make a female dwarf do it right!
  11. GHarris

    Owl Coin

    New life goal: Become cool enough to be worthy of being able to call Talespinner "Peeps" My wife spent six months in college studying in Athens. She got Athena's owl from the old Greek coin tattooed on her ankle to commemorate going. I do see a little bit of a resemblance. I agree that this may be a case of great minds thinking alike!
  12. GHarris

    Chunky robot bits, advice wanted!

    I've also heard of people using small pasta rollers to flatten out sheets of epoxy, but I've never tried it myself. Could be worth a look though. Looks like your grabby claws are coming along nicely!
  13. GHarris

    Sculpting free-standing feathers

    Supposedly according to Mythbusters the hammer on hammer thing is not true but the episode was a bit controversial. The hammers were only hit straight on, they tried to harden the hammers to get them to break while brittle but used a questionable method of hardening, and real world examination of well used hammers finds that hammer heads do chip and crack, especially when hit against another hardened surface or at a less than perfectly straight angle, and those chips still have to fly somewhere. So if you are going to hit hammers together be careful and wear your eye protection!
  14. GHarris

    Chunky robot bits, advice wanted!

    Blend some Aves Apoxy Sculpt into your greenstuff, about a 40% Aves to 60% green ratio. Milliput can be filed and cured like ceramic but is pretty toxic and a huge pain to mix. Magic Sculpt on its own is a bit brittle. Greenstuff + Aves gives you the best of both worlds: edge retention, longer work time than straight green, plus a little flexibility in the finished piece. Sculpt the pieces into the shapes you want and keep going back and working the edges as they cure. After the epoxy completely sets up you can file it with hobby files or sand it with fine grit sandpaper (think finishing grades). I do a lot of sideways scraping with a dull exacto blade when I am working cured epoxy into shape, but do what seems natural to you. A dust mask may be a good idea as you will be kicking up fine particles of epoxy dust. If I need to flatten a piece of epoxy I generally put some Vaseline onto the sides of two plastic sandwich (not both sides, just the side facing in!) and squash the epoxy between the bags using a book or something else flat and heavy. You can add in a piece of brass rod or wire if your finished piece will need support or if you need a connection piece. Straight line sculpting is tougher than it looks. Don't get discouraged if it is harder than you expected!
  15. GHarris

    ReaperCon 2018 Admission Tickets Available Now!

    Thank you! So now the next question...I bought a 4 day games only badge because that was all that was available, thinking I needed to upgrade it afterwards. How do I return that so I can buy the correct badge? There is no option on the growtix site that I can see
  16. GHarris

    ReaperCon 2018 Admission Tickets Available Now!

    THIS! I just went to buy my tickets and no option was given for a 4 day admission with a swag bag nor a VIP pass with swag, just single day tickets, kid tickets and games only tickets that are all marked as being swag free. I want all of the swag, up to including the VIP goodies. I am guessing I am buying an add on, but what am I buying? Can I just buy the VIP bonus bundle and just be done? Or do I have to buy both bundles and end up overpaying for my Reapercon admission? Both Inarah and ReaperAHawk's links lead me to the same page that has no options for buying a 4 day badge or a VIP badge that comes with swag. If they did this would be a LOT easier
  17. GHarris

    Mori Learns Sculpting

    First off you have some great progress going on! My 2 cents regarding the legs... For her weight to be on her right foot in that pose it needs to be directly under her head for her to be balance. For her left leg I'd say it looks like it needs to be brought backwards a bit. It looks like you are going for a left knee turned inwards pose? It should look cute when you are done!. Right now her left knee is bent sideway, giving her a knock knee look. In very general terms a knee is a hinge joint, there are a bunch of other arthrokinematics going on with the knee but generally it folds one way. To have the knee turned in you have to roll the femur in at the hip, which will twist the lower leg out. The heel will end up sticking out away from the body with the toes turned inwards. There is some play in the angles due to flexibility in the ankles and to a lesser extent in the knees but usually the toes want to point in the same direction as the knee. Knees in, toes in, heel out! Unless you had a different idea in mind? I am just guessing at what you want the final result to be.
  18. GHarris

    Mori Learns Sculpting

    Way back when I was a younger sculptor Drew Williams taught me about applying plumb lines to a figure and how they should influence your posing. It was a huge help! In a nutshell if you run a line right through the middle of the head down to the feet the line should end up being directly between the feet or directly through a foot. Exceptions being a transitional pose, a bracing pose, a pose where the model is off balance, or if normal gravity isn't applying (weightless, underwater, free fall). Keeping this in mind should help you with getting natural, balanced poses, and if you break this rule it should be because you meant to in order to get a dramatic effect! I saw some of Rainbow Sculptor's work two years ago and really liked it, I am hoping to see more plus whatever goodies Morihalda brings to Reapercon this year!
  19. GHarris

    Roll Call for Con

    Cambot! Gypsy! Tom Servo! Crooooowwww! Oh wait, sorry. I got a little carried away when I saw roll call. Our plan is to be there Wed-Sun
  20. GHarris

    The Werendor Watch

    It doesn't really matter if we don't mind "not something" miniatures, it matters if the IP holder minds. Some don't, and some haven't become aware of violations in miniatures form so you can't just use "other people do it with other IPs" as a justification. You might make the miniatures anyways, and possibly do it without consequences, but you have nobody to blame but yourself if letters from lawyers start showing up.
  21. GHarris

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Running interference with the dog! I love it. My wife does that too when I am busy sculpting. Looks like you have a very talented team helping you make some very good looking miniatures!
  22. GHarris

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Not really. It did mention that they were just normal dogs apart from being really smart, but other than "special pommels and cord operated bows" it doesn't really mention how it fixes the problem, let alone how these special pommels even work (and why they look like NORMAL pommels). Look at the equipment on the models- sure they could technically grab some of them in their mouth but use the item correctly? Yeah that needs more explaining. Heck the way some of these dogs are equipped they couldn't even draw their weapons, let alone effectively grab their stowed gear as part of an action during a round. A dog won't be able to draw one of those weapons as part of an attack action. They couldn't open a scroll tube, unroll a scroll, and cast a spell all as one action Quickly remove their armor if they fell in deep water, let alone put it on if they are ambushed at night String a bow Crank back a winch on a crossbow Dig out a potion, uncork it, and give it to another character as an action Hold a focus in their mouth while casting a spell with verbal components These are still physically normal dogs. If they can't do it in our world they can't in the game. Sure you can houserule and apply lots of "handwavium" (I like that term Evilhalfling!), and have lots of fun doing so, but you can't use their compatibility with standard campaigns as a selling point any more!
  23. GHarris

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Oh yeah, I am totally with you. It is foolish to debate the physics of fantasy creatures. But these are dogs. Very smart, very cute dogs but still...dogs. There is a reason why dogs need us to use the can opener for them! Ugh. Encumbrance rules. Not exactly a bright spot of 5E, I won't argue that! But proper hands on creatures does come into play when it comes to special familiars and animals that you polymorph or shape change into. Some parts of a fantasy world are grounded in reality, some aren't. Humans are still humans, but they can heal really fast and come back from the dead because the game background specifically gives a reason for them to. Internal logic in a fantasy setting makes suspension of disbelief possible, this is why nerd rage when something makes no sense in a story- it isn't tied into how the setting works so it sticks out as being "wrong". Awakened dogs in D&D are still physically like dogs in our world, just a bit smarter and able to talk. This is the background of the setting, that is how they work within this internal logic. Not saying playing them anyways can't be fun or that you (or anyone else) shouldn't play them however you want to play them. But by default physically they are still dogs and dogs have a lot of restrictions that make being an adventurer very difficult. Heck if there is a game being played at Reapercon I'd be tempted to join you!
  24. GHarris

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Assuming we ignore the fact that dogs aren't pandas, ignore the fact that not all dogs have front dewclaws (the equivalent of thumbs), ignore the fact that a dog's wrist structure does not lend itself to proper handling of tools and weapons, and ignore the detrimental effects of having large pads on your pamls/fingers and non-retracting claws on your finger tips would have on your ability to grip and manipulate objects you are still stuck with the relative size of the paws. Relative to the gripping parts of a human hand (which is made for grasping) a dog's paw is tiny (it is made for walking). Even if the dogs had panda thumbs the hands would be so small that it would be the equivalent of handing a full sized sword to a baby or toddler and expecting them to properly manipulate the weapon. It just won't work. This also assumes that tying up one or two paws by using them as hands will have no effect on the dog's stability and ability to walk/run. Yes, I am aware that three and even two legged dogs can walk just fine, but can they do it while swinging something out in front of them with one of their legs? Also note that these are Awakened animals. Per the Awaken spell the animal does learn to speak a language but it doesn't mention anything about the animal's anatomy or physical limitations being changed. Not saying that this spell is necessarily responsible for the dog's Awakened Background, but it does sound pretty similar.
  25. GHarris

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    So I can totally see these as pack animals, familiars, polymorph forms, mascots and animal companions. But player characters? Has the number one flaw to being a player character adventurer been addressed- no opposable thumbs? How do they draw, let alone properly wield their weapons? Unbuckle and buckle their armor? Pull open doors or even turn doorknobs? Uncork potion bottles without spilling them? Cast spells with a verbal component if they are holding a focus in their mouth? Take advantage of magic armor that they find if it is designed for bipeds? Pick locks? Climb a wall? Use a missile weapon? I also assume they will continue with the D&D trope that you can ride a dog even if it will seriously damage their hips and spine if you do it in real life, but for practical purposes a small dog can carry very little in terms of equipment- how does that work? You also run into the issue where a player playing a dog can easily hog the spotlight during a game due to constantly needing to have accomodations made for them, leaving other players in the cold (much like the problem of having that one player that always has to be "the evil character" in a heroic campaign). I could see a all doggy one off, and I would totally play that, but in a standard campaign it raises too many issues that can't just be hand waved away. Or is that paw waved? I hate to be "that guy" but yeah, opposable thumbs. Those are pretty important if you are going to be an adventurer!