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  1. Fulfilling

    Long time since there was any noise on this topic. I received my minis game tee-shirt, rpg, and book. Everything cAmerican through fine although when. I got the initial shipping notification I didn't place the shipper until it arrived. Nice surprise on my doorstep
  2. Fulfilling

    I've seen it with trollcast. Sometimes you geto a perfect coat of primer that is literally a detached skin. It looks good but after a week or so without additional paint, the stuff dries and stretches causing it to bubble or peel of the mini. I'm waiting to see of this happens with the one above. One of my impact minis did this and I was able to peel the entire paint job off the mini like a latex skin. It was sort of creepy.
  3. Live

    there are good and bad points to both arguments. It sounds to me like they didn't get enough out of the last kickstarter to make enough in a production run to stock retailers. the first run looks like they sold pretty much exactly one print run at just enough money to design and produce the game; sort of a concept run. Since a typical print run is 5000, they really didn't have too much left over for retail and they really didn't make enough to afford a second print run for retail. Pretty much a catch 22. They did find out that their game was popular and that if they produced it they could sell a large number of copies, so they upped the cost of the offering to give them some profit margin, and made a second offering and I am willing to bet that they will be able to make an additional print run or two to stock retailers with. Contrary to popular belief, most of the world, gamers included, does not participate in kickstarters (I know, weird. Why wouldn't they want to spend money on something they might not get?) so there should be plenty of market share left for the retailers and everybody goes home happy except for the people who are trying to milk the product by scalping it.
  4. Fulfilling

    Would be nice, but I want metal so I get to wait... If anyone's interested, I have had some luck with some of the more greasier of my "freebies" using a double coat of Vallejo grey paintable primer. First coat looks like garbage, but the second coat seems to grab pretty well. I will get some paint on and then we'll see.
  5. Brings back my oldest memories of TV as a child. We had a black and white set in the living room that we kids were allowed to use when we were allowed TV. the remote was a weird device with a bunch of tone bars in it that apparently sent out a sonic signal that the TV could hear. we know this because eventually the remote disintegrated except for the little hammers and the bars and with a little ingenuity we were able to use the bars and the hammers to change the channel and adjust the volume by hitting the bars like a tuning fork. We never were able to figure out how to turn it on or off though...
  6. Good luck to those after the drivers license. I must come from a different generation, my kids have the same issue. when I was growing up we pretty much queued up at the DMV the day we turned 16 (or 15 if you were lucky to live in the right county) for our permit and then most of us (excluding klutzes like myself who took a little longer) were licensed by 17 and all of us were unrestricted by 18. But then, I also remember drivers ed was part of my school curriculum you had to take it either sophomore or junior year. We had one kid in school who actually didn't graduate until fall because he didn't take the class. Sometimes its interesting to see how the world changes. Says a lot for public transport and modern support systems too. Where I grew up, having no car meant you would be spending an entire day walking or biking to the nearest grocery store.
  7. At least it went out on a high note. With the new Zelda and Splatoon available to it, I finally got to play something I enjoyed on it. I can't mourn it's death though, it's not an impressive console in anyone's eyes, it just happened to run some games that the kids wanted. It also got me out of battling for a new switch so it wasn't a complete loss...
  8. Sorry there was a 7 where there should have been a 6. My bad. Fixed now. According is 18
  9. And Friday wins for a pretty perfect day! Got to be lazy, nobody from work called for the first holiday in ages, great food, got to fool around with the latest zelda, and my bonus check and my we love you retention bonus showed up in my account today. I need about a month of these.... but I will take the wonders when I can get them! Good cheer to all Roo Well okay an almost perfect day. My sympathies on the loss of a furred friend. It's not easy, ever.
  10. Chain mail +1 we found it in the dungeon. Do I have it in the wrong spot? Unless I have it wrong it's 6 for the armor and +1 deflection bonus. Does it go somewhere else?
  11. I still with this. Ready whenever, no rush. Roo
  12. sorry for the delay Morgrym is updated here: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=109986
  13. well that's because it hasn't happened yet :D. I'm thinking of giving it a run this weekend if I can find a player or three, in which case there will be pictures. my buildings are by Terraform. this company did a really great job and created some impressive pieces that are scaled really well and look great! They do need painting looking forward to it!
  14. hey! Happy birthday to the internet hamster! Planning to party with Hamtaro? or just take out a planet with the Big Red Button? Enjoy your day
  15. well on the good news side tomorrow is Friday and my entire department has, after 8 elfing years, figured out that its a company holiday and no one is trying to set up meetings. So for the first time since I took this job I might get the actual day off! YES!! On the down side I a friend of mine said they discovered what looks like tumors in her lungs, not so good. the hard part is going to be convincing her that if it turns out to be cancer, maybe western medicine might be used in conjunction with her plan of non-traditional medicine and crystal healing. All of this made more difficult because I'm the only one in the department that knows why she is retiring... Sometimes life is difficult, especially when you firmly believe that you shouldn't interfere with others beliefs and yet want that person to have the best life possible.