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  1. With opals I have to disagree with you. I have opal bone fossils and boulder opal that is beautiful and not possible in the lab. I have also had the opportunity to visit some of the black ridge opal mines, a number of which are houses and the family funds the room expansions with the opals found from digging out the room. Many small miners working small stakes. The opal mines I visited in Oregon are also small stakes, family owned. And the flaws are what make opals so beautiful. My wife has a piece called 'howling in the night' that I can't show pictures on the forum or WOOF will be sending the goblin to acquire it for their hidden archive Its also prevalent enough that you can get some marvelous pieces at reasonable prices I love thes stuff and it's one of the most exciting gems to cut as you never know what you're getting into until you start to cut and polish. Working with opal is an art form, you never know if the layer you are working will be stunning with another .1 mm cut or if you will lose the sparkle completely.
  2. Other than a 12 year old's crush on the literal girl next door, I never really had any real crushes on anyone. Too pragmatic, I guess but actors and people in the spotlight never held much interest. To this day my wife and friends get annoyed when I can't remember who played in this or that movie.
  3. We actually did a number of years ago. Just lost touch afterwards. Happy to do so again. Too much travel lately, but I will have a few weeks at home for the end of October, maybe something then?
  4. I think this is more like moderately quick food it's not fast food unless it comes in a sack and you have to deliver it yourself! I assume it's a big boy clone, sort of denney's like?
  5. Hey, I fixed it. Stupid phone has issues. And this is this random thread, which is how this is going to read now that it's corrected
  6. Oh, I know that one! Say hi to Wyrmslayer for me Is that sword sentient in your world to? As for Starbucks (*$) they are overpriced and geeky but they do offer free Wi-Fi in a pinch and their food and drink are (usually) acceptable. When you spend 50% of your job travelling , these things can be important. But sometimes you run into a franchise that has completely gone off the rails! Their liquid offerings were pretty awful too... I really needed the chocolate too... I had to 'Fix' a $24000 instrument with a 2x4 and a sledgehammer. And I broke a 6 sigma engineer, all in the same day
  7. Don't forget owlbears! Chimera do guard duty and unicorn make excellent Calvary
  8. I had the world's worst brownie yesterday. Got it at a hotel Starbucks Consistency of a dried sponge. Little chocolate flavor and all in the back of the throat. Not sweet at all. I am now afraid to bring the remainder anywhere near each other. I think I have found an anti-brownie and if I bring them together they will annihilate each other with a huge blast of flour and heat.
  9. Fulfilling

    The raven mage is both an impressive and imposing miniature. The entire lot is a great job (no surprise there, but they are awesome) and both birds really stand out! Great job once again!
  10. Fulfilling

    At backer 19,154, I think I will be waiting a while for a shipment notice . It will show up eventually
  11. You're a little late for donuts.... Time to make the pancakes?
  12. blood oranges have not existed For most of my life. I now feel old...
  13. . I did re gift the packing material. It worked in one direction, why not another. Hopefully you found what was inside better.
  14. Nice display of all your oceanic fun! I like!