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  1. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    @Glitterwolf my sympathies to yo and Brutus. Nothing is harder than dealing with a loved one when you are trying to help and they can't understand what they are doing wrong. My vet friend says that in extreme cases he has done a light fiberglass cast over the offending limb to give it a chance to heal. Somehow he set up the cast so there's no way for water to wick into the wound area even if the doggie chews on the cast. He kept it on the dog until she gave up (about 3 weeks) it does only work though if you know the cause of the irritation. Hope he gets better soon. I've never had a boxer companion, but they are one of my favorites
  2. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It's not the finding, it's the fixing. I go to make the repair and find the fuzzy spot has either been wiped out and the area now saturated or I missed and now have 2 spots to fix. Sorry mild aggravation, mostly with myself. Spending this much time with a mini seems too much like work This year I'm trying with the magnification app (which also does sepia). I'm also trying something around mold lines that fell into the 'keep line or destroy significant detail' catagory. Thanks for the advice
  3. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Some of my pieces are coming 'mostly' finished. I want at least 1 silver this time, but I need advice and opinions to get it. Problem with WIPs is its always the parts you cant see in the pictures that I get dinged on, or the lightings off or something. I have at least 1 piece for each category and a few for the open category (I have one piece that I want judged, the only way to ensure this is to only submit 1 entry...) My eyes are not getting any better and I may not be able to find a magnification / light level that will allow me to see the fine detail in the future so this year is sort of my moon shot.
  4. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    doggie galoshes or booties do work. down side is it can also cause them to gnaw on the foot more because there's something on their foot! Hope you can find a way to stop it. we had a Doberman who insisted on gnawing his toes. when he got a rash from some plant. Fortunately the cone of shame was effective
  5. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I know dog owners find it embarrassing but to stop an animal from irritating a wound, sometimes the CONE OF SHAME is the only option. Be prepared for some really mournful looks from the dog though, there is apparently no greater pleasure for a dog than licking.
  6. Kangaroorex

    Bad Kitty

    I'm probably not the best to give suggestions butwith such a sharp color break you might try a short transition space or a color between the two color to provide a softer break for the eye. If you look at a bat or lizard you will see the colors fade from one to the other. I do like your composition and colors. The body and mane are particularly intriguing Good job
  7. Hey! I have this... box Imagine my surprise when I opened it and discovered it was filled with mechwarrior cards :) I think I lost out...
  8. Kangaroorex

    Fire Mephit's Day at the Beach

    Love the concept and the face is extraordinary
  9. Kangaroorex

    Golden dragon of chaos in blue

    Definitely a Worthwhile min! Nicely done in blue. That whole series is a marvoluous array of artwork.
  10. Kangaroorex


    I think I'm going to skip this round. To much else going on in the summer and too little time to paint lately. Also trying to get a reapercon entry or two done. I look forward to seeing everyone s work!
  11. Kangaroorex

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Afraid i need to gather mine as well. Only time I wish I flew American more often. A direct flight is always so much easier, but free is a much better price
  12. Kangaroorex

    Pokemon Go

    if anyone wants to be my pokemon friend, PM me and we can swap codes God that sounds sad...
  13. Nice resemblance. Great job on the scroll, I can never get the knack of those art pens without cutting up the paint below.
  14. Kangaroorex

    03157: Garwin Greywand, Wizard

    Marvoluous work. The eyes are incredibly well done as is the lighting. You did a great job with both the lighting and shadows, something I'm always forgetting. I wish I could do something that well. Great job!
  15. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I had an order about 3 months ago. It got held up for 3 weeks because one of the items was backordered. Great stuff good priced but not the best with communications.