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  1. Yea I'm still sort of reeling over the fact that we are in and part of the group. I was expecting a more violent reception. Now we have to strategize... I could attempt to quietly get over to the stag lord and slumber him and or his minions. Do it right and we might end this without significant bloodshed and bring a living body to trial. I think a number of the moltly crew might now to a peaceful existance and the others might be willing to fade onto the Bush once the leaders are gone. Worth a shot. Worst that happens is a bloodbath...
  2. Mine arrived too! I love these minis but I have never been able to bring myself to use Mz Law's miniatures in actual play. These will pretty much be display for me. I did a set of the muses and have a 1 handed muse because no matter how I tried I could not get a pin fine enough but strong enough to make a difference. They are nicely done though and worth it!
  3. I have mine, the adventure is processing....
  4. I'm in! Just hopping with excitement Location: Louisville KY area Ship internatuonal: I can do that if necessary Start a box?: sadly, no.
  5. Cool! I have accumulated a number of kickstarters with stuff that came as extra. Looking forward to sharing it round!
  6. I see some new faces! Cool and welcome. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work in this latest venture Roo
  7. I thought I posted but I guess not.... I have an Emissary table from them that my wife got me for our 20th wedding anniversary. beautiful table. everything you could ask for and then some. I probably shouldn't have gotten some of the features we did as the player and DM drawers sounded like a good idea but due to space constraints don't get used much but I wouldn't trade it. They were first and probably the most expensive. newer tables cost much less but are not of really the same quality. the new ones even come fit with a screen inside for using tabletop video gaming. But the geek stuff looks just as comfortable in the game room as it does in a formal dining room. They will be missed...
  8. That's a shame Vulture. it sucks when the things you consider part of your life are taken. Fortunately the only times I have had things taken, its been inconsequential or easily replicable. Wish I was closer, I have much camping gear that will be going unused as my current medical condition means I am not doing more than assisted day hikes for the foreseeable future. Best of luck and if there is anything I can do to help...
  9. I have more time in the summer, I can join for this exchange. PM sent
  10. apparently I am much better playing cricket with a wicket on an electronic picket than I will ever be playing cricket with a wicket on a pitch. got a score of 60 on the third play and called it quits there. Hope everyone's week improves if it isn't better already. Roo
  11. I have to agree though. this Friday has too much Monday. Sorry to hear of all the problems. Hopefully everyones weekend will be filled with fun and contentment! (and painting, lots of painting!)
  12. for my license and for my kids, I always found it easier to get a "lesson" from one of the driving schools for the actual test. that way you know the car is up to all requirements and the instructor is less likely to be so bothersome with details.
  13. Live

    There are a lot of ways to learn music. some work for some better than others. My main concern here is I don't see any examples of this notation on the website or the webpages. Just as there are a lot of notations that work, there are many more that don't. I wound up playing the tin whistle because I found a notation book that showed the fingerings on the whistle below each of the notes. this has helped me immensely. On the other hand, I really do what to see what I am getting into. a signature that shows me what keys to hit with what fingers is great, a system that shows me a squiggle for a major seventh chord is about the same as showing me the notes, I still need to develop the positional memory and I can do that from the sheet music.
  14. Always a good idea to split the healing. I would still recommend some CLW potions for everyone. It's a relatively cheap insurance policy
  15. This would work for me I've always been pretty terrible about dividing loot. The gold I don't need usually winds up in the church coffers... A wand of CLW IS A great idea. If we have the cash, each party member should also have 2 or 3 potions of CLW so if a healer gets knocked out they can bring him back to heal everyone else. That's my input, can't wait to start going again!