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  1. Ellandar slips into the bosses chambers (15+4=19 to stealth) after casting mage armor on herself. she will slip into the room and cast slumber on the stag lord
  2. then in I go
  3. She is currently waiting on some type of distraction, but considering she is standing at the bosses door, if something doesn't happen in the next couple of minutes, she is going to slip in the door 15+4= 19 to sneak. Once inside she will lay the slumber whammy on anyone in the building...
  4. Packed up and ready to go. First time doing the entire con so looking forward to 4 days of not working and having fun!
  5. Live

    Well it's sort of nice that I won't need a surprise pledge to catch last minute stretch goals. These last two ks have really done nothing for me
  6. Live

    I don't know. the smells on a wooden ship are pretty strong... adding a pile of wet fur may make the possibility of stealth impossible. You might be able to smell that ship from upwind!
  7. Live

    This should all be interesting. I am waiting for the other expansions (I am betting there will be other expansion). not much use for sci-fy stuff. I already have a lot and warhammer stuff that refuses to leave makes up the rest but their expansions always have an interesting theme, even if I am not specifically interested in the specific minis. I am looking forward to some more big dragons! the Bones material allows for those dreamy monsters that would collapse in on themselves in metal and all the reaper artists and absolutely wizards when it comes to design! I really like the new griffon sculpt and I look forward to seeing how the wyvern takes to bones material with such a small head. as for female warriors, you can always take the top and bottom of the warrior you want and change out the chest. its a lot easier to do with bones than with metal or resin. Its easier to make them match too! And I skipped a big chunk of comments but its my belief that ReaperBryan should be permitted to vent here. This is among friends. I do sympathize, with a group of people this large someone will complain, even if you give them money, and then there are the trolls who think they are being funny by complaining.
  8. Live

    Different strikes for different folks.. I probably have more elven rubbish painted than any other set. And honestly I was far more enticed with that set than this one. At least the concepts were original, this group is just more of what I have from every other production company out there. I would much rather have seen another humanoid group tackled. To be honest these are, well, boring.
  9. nice choices all! good luck with the Peryton. I have a hate love relationship with that mini. its been through the simple green bath three times now because I cant make it come out like I want it to! I hope you will have better luck! I also like the pugs and the familiars. Bones does a lot of things right but the small detail on tiny figures is best left to metal and resin methinks. :)
  10. Live

    Ou would like to know why everyone is excited about and would we please turn the TV back on...
  11. Live

    Garuth is very anthropomorphic than the usual run of Reaper dragons. I think its why there is so much difference of opinion on whether people like him or not. most of the reaper dragons are definite quadrupeds and the only time you see them rearing is when they are striking. Garuth is very much a bipedal dragon and his shape implies that he normally walks around on 2 legs. Whatever your thoughts, having one of the classic pewter dragon recasts in the core set is pretty cool.
  12. Live

    We'll have to see. It's a long campaign too, unlike the last one so I expect slower reveals or more filler between the really impressive pieces. The whole point of these kickstarters is to get new models into bones so I do expect things that are base level or that old timers have in the mix. If nothing else they make great giveaways for new painters and attract those just starting out I am really glad those dice things are not part of the core [shudder] I am not particularly impressed by them. On the plus side a the mere thought of having a player wiped out by a thrown pig just leaves me dreaming of the possibilities...
  13. Live

    I've been sort of disappointed with their last couple of kickstarters. I really do understand that everyone's got to make a living but there is really nothing special or thematic about this one and the giants had very limited appeal. Wish they would go back to the race KS. I have use for the matron goblin or the stableboy tiefling, not so much for yet another adventurer.
  14. Pre-launch

    This looks like am entertaining toy. Might be a little pricy for something that can be DIY but it's worth thinking about at any rate
  15. Well life interfered and i didn't get 12 hours, but I did get the 5k in. Had a good time as well so even more plus!