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  1. Fulfilling

    Sigh, UPS changed my delivery by 4 days in the wrong direction.
  2. Pre-launch

    I always wind up getting the core because of the good prices and the ability to come up with PCs and npcs at a moment's notice as well as allowing anyone with any interest to pick a mini and start painting. At 50 cents or less a mini there is no loss there and if I interest just one new painter, I consider the investment worth it.
  3. Fulfilling

    I don't know the number for orders but I didn't think I ordered that much, yet somehow I wound up with 2 boxes... More fun when they arrive!
  4. I'm late to the party but I'll note that the one thing that hair spray works well for is paint you want to chip off as battle damage later. Spray your rust and damage layer, paint on your finish colors and then you can take a knife and flake off the finished paint to create damaged and rusted areas because the hair Spray prevents the paint layers from bonding. I don't think it would work well as a.sealer but it's probably where the idea came from
  5. That would be a drop bear...
  6. Nice job! And regardless of stepping, hound of a great job painting the big eye. It looks great!
  7. Nice job on these! The only way I found to keep the rigging taught is to make it live. Small holes drilled in the hull and in the masthead allow you to use knots and keep constant tension on all the lines. Waxing the lines by running them across a beeswax candle also help them keep their shape. It's a lot of work to make these look good and you've done a great job!
  8. Hello! I got a wonderful package in the mail today of a dragonborn duelist and a bug creature who I cannot help but call Zorak. they both look wonderful and were completely unexpected. Many thanks to RobinH for doing that for me. They look great and I will figure out some way to work Zorak into my games. Thanks again for a great lift to my day! Roo
  9. Fulfilling

    Hooray!! Looking forward to this one showing up. Though between this and bones, sooooo many minis!
  10. It really does depend on the wood and the dice. My cherry game table takes no damage from them but the plywood table my friend has had a few nicks before we started insisting on trays or mouse pads.
  11. I'm doing okay. If the little icyhot tens unit helped I would spent the 30 dollars and get one of the units off Amazon they work amazingly well for back pain and cramps, which I get unfairly often. The unit can be the difference between A reasonable nights sleep and none at all. I like the USB rechargeable types. Unruly: you make me really glad I don't have a public service job. I get enough entertainment from people who are supposed to be educated and qualified.
  12. Charles Sheffield and James Hogan are two more really important additions to that list.
  13. Personally I consider A Handmaiden's Tale to be Horror not SF. talk about a bleak outlook on the future. I would have to do some serious immigrating in a culture like that, even though a lot of those pieces exist today in different cultures. What really disturbs me are the people who watch or read that and see something they should be driving to, not running screaming from...
  14. Should be fixed now. Sorry we've always treated the magic bonus separate to keep it identifiable from the armor. Old habits die hard. Also not used to a manual sheet. Roo
  15. Even at my furriest, I did not have enough hair for any of these. Straight hair and a center or side part were pretty much my only choices my entire life (I now have a center part that extendS from temple to temple)