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  1. pictures of what was removed from the box will be displayed when I return home. I am 2000 miles away from the box. even with a telephoto lens, it is hard to take pictures of the box
  2. Weather got in the way of shipping. I'll try to get the box out to wyvrnfire tomorrow but it may be Thursday before the roads are back to normal (I can drive in the snow, it's the other indianianins that make me nervous)
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    We just started that campaign. (well the expansion 1st level dungeon to start with) party of 5 nearly went down in the first session. I find the pages of obituaries at the end to be both disturbing and humorous! Well congratulations on being a good human being! Now be careful and watch out for thugs that come in pairs. And at least you have hair to shave off. Adulting is work. but it does have the advantage of making you better off and helping those around you. Some days are better than others. and consider, if you were born 100 years ago you would be probably freezing in a one room building burning very smelly stuff in an attempt to stay warm. Smile, things will get better, unless there is a cataclysm, then you need to take your minis and run!
  4. the good news is the box will go out by Tuesday. the Bad news, pictures may not go up until next week. I have to travel and may not get a chance to tak pictures of the loot until i get home
  5. The Clearman box has arrived and has been rifled.
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    What next? guess which plane has the working engine? A lottery to see if you get the plane which has fuel to make it to your destination? Just Wow.
  7. Where's Fishnjeeps?

    Good luck to you. You ever decide to give up on the big city life of Indy, you can always consider Louisville or the northern suburbs. House prices continue to remain reasonable (mainly because native Kentuckians are terrified that if they cross the river the bridges will disappear!) just north of the Ohio. all humor aside, I understand house hunting is miserable. its the reason I haven't moved in 16 years, although I could afford a larger house, the concept of packing and moving is daunting! Just curious, have you contacted the bank who owns the forclosure? if they can find a loophole to get paid and unload the property quickly, they will usually do it. Again, best of luck, and if you ever find your way to Louisville, look me up. I actually have a couple of painting stations in my (slightly overrun) basement and would be happy to let you unwind for a few hours.
  8. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    That is one impressive crockpot, does it do dishes too? Are civvie engineers allowed in the club? I've always been partial to the board stretcher myself.
  9. Super congratulations on both acquisitions, but especially the latter.
  10. Dragon Lords: Grenadier miniatures

    a caveat to all of this : I am an engineer, I get my ideas and work "borrowed" all the time, in fact I actively encourage it both inside my company and with other firms. My job is to make the world safer, more efficient, and more pleasurable for everyone. if I protect IP I am by law only allowed a 14 year timeframe to recover my investment before it becomes public record Well, since you asked: yes, I would. you should have a reasonable right to recover the cost of production and a fair profit. The IP should then be released to the market for distribution. The law should concentrate on providing fair compensation in the first place rather than allowing some corporation to buy a copyright for a song and sit on it for the lifetime + of the creator, and that is what is happening to most artforms. I am all for active control: if you create it and you produce it, it's protected. you let the production languish, your done and its part of the free market. Right now I see lots of artwork making people and corporations (not the creators, just capitalists) large amounts of money because they bought a copyright and stopped production to drive up demand. Other than making the rich richer, how does this help anyone? IP is pretty fuzzy at this point anyway. what is the actual art? the actual art is the original piece. a casting is technically as much the artistry of the caster as it is the one who sculpted the original. in cases where someone else did the drawing, they too are as much a part of the artists process and deserve equal credit. I may sound like a 60's hippy but when art is let out onto the world, it should remain accessible, not restricted because you cant figure out who owns it or because the originator doesn't want more copies hanging around. alright that's enough being serious. now I am going back to playing with little metal men and beasts
  11. I'm glad those found a happy home! I liked them bit was never going to paint them and in thought someone else might enjoy the weird stuff. Really glad you like them!
  12. Pathfinder Version 2

    And this what makes the game. The real goal of the game is to have fun! Whatever ruleset that works to produce this is the one that works. We don't use all the rules, we do tend to restrict which books and feats are available based on the campaign we are playing. New rulesets are cool and usually always add something to the game set, we incorporated the creation rules from Traveller into star wars. We have moved feats from 3.5 to pathfinder and stolen some of the horror elements from Call of Cthulhu. It all becomes whatever you want it to be.
  13. Pathfinder Version 2

    When you boil it down, any ruleset is fine as long as you have a party that enjoys using it. we play pathfinder but we borrow from other systems as well and we have our home rules as well. we know each other and play within the rules but we may flex or bend to ensure the storyline stays where we want it to. the important thing is to have fun and enjoy. I have been playing RPGs since our only option was 2 white books and a Skeleton was new and scary. I like the skills in pathfinder because it allows for some handwaving when someone is weak in a skill that their character has and it allows them to be the hero and live out a fantasy they could never do on their own Feats allow for some customization but need to be kept in check or the players can stack them to become godlike and that also can take the fun out of a campaign I probably wont go to version 2, although I may borrow from it. I have more than a lifetimes worth of resources for v1 and really see no need to change. I never even learned D&D v 4 or 5, though I hear 5 has some good aspects. It just doesn't add anything to my play style. I am here to tell a story with my friends. we have a ruleset to provide boundaries and provide a common worldview. too many rulesets really just detract from the gameflow and I haven't seen one set yet that was absolutely better than any other (although DnD version 4 is about the driest and generic of them) so I am not really sure why everyone gets in such and uproar. it is what it is and you find a system or three that suit your needs. Pathfinder v1 is that system for me for fantasy (and traveller for space opera, and 7th sea for swashbuckling and Numenara for far future.) I may have to learn the occasional system to play in a competition or because one of my friends wants to try something, but these are where I go when I go "home"
  14. Dragon Lords: Grenadier miniatures

    In a nut shell: I dont really care about 20 and 30 year old copyrights. Old IP should be free. Too much art languishes in archives because of copyright squabbles and there should be a reasonable point where its public domain But.... I have no need for these and the size is so much smaller than the current generation that even the human sizes are halflings and the sculpting has come a long way since these were created And... The price for the casts and the price of the shipping is far to pricey for my taste. I think I will pass on this and find myself a modern sculpt of a large dragon instead!
  15. I'm in. It's one of the few companies that I love to see grow and I really want to keep Mike sculpting! Besides, he does some of the best Redwall style minis I've seen. Now if I only had time to paint more...
  16. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    more than understandable. I hate dealing with leaks, always a mess and you can never be sure you fixed it until its too late. Good luck and take your time, I'll still be here
  17. Celestial dragon...

    Nice job on the dragon! I especially like the basing, it goes really well with the dragon.
  18. 1/6th Scale Raptor Action Figure

    Very nice, cant wait to get a chance to build and paint mine! I really like the feather pattern
  19. Ancient dragon

    My favorite has always been Marthrangul for giant evil dragon (could be why I have 2 metal ones painted) the form is powerful and serpentine. T'raukzul is big but very godzilla like and I only have one of those in metal... painted. Marthrangul just seemed more dragon like.
  20. Maybe in strange but for me Apoxie washes right off with soap and water. No residue or little green permanent lines and blobs stuck in my fingernails (yes I'm looking at you greenstuff) One of the problems I have with it is that I have to use was or oil based lubricant for it. Water causes the Apoxie to become softer and can flow where you don't want it to until it hardens. As for GS I don't refrigerate mine and it lasts about 18 months... at which point it's consumed and I need more. In have never had any go bad on me Just saying, your experience may differ from common opinion
  21. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    my actions do not change
  22. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    The 70s called they want their cover are back. There was a time when that was the popular form of cover art and only the weird and cheap authors went for something tasteful.
  23. Will broke on a sale from frog god games. They offered 40% off their hardback edition of the Bards Gate city adventure. 500 pages of city description, including adventures and houses, shops, castles, sewers Nd everything else to bring a city to life for those of us to lazy to create our own. And the pdf came as a free bonus.
  24. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    Care and good wishes go out to you. His pain is over. I'm sure everything you did was a great comfort and helped to ease the transition.