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  1. congrats on your shiny new airbrush! I do like that model. though right now my Sotar is my go to airbrush, the 105 looks like its very much the equivalent. they are so much fun to work with. <*Looks at Imperial Vulture.... your next!*> <*vulture looks back... where you going to find the time?*> Sigh...
  2. Kangaroorex

    An appeal for civilty

    I've been in Beekeepers. I found it unpleasant. There was very little humor there, everyone was so serious about their issues and no one was willing to listen only restate their own ideas. out here at least, people actually listen, or at least pretend to listen, and consider other viewpoints. While they are welcome to do so, posting there generates that response and that is not what I am looking for. But I am fine with whatever the group wants. I come here to hide from the real world, and hang out with friends. Personal support is also a wonderful thing. But I still don't see why I can insult the hair style of an actor or other famous person, but cant do it to a politician.
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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Today is wet. That is all.
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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Yea, I'm not a fan of it on toast especially since my medications mess with my ability to fast salt (NaCl, the other bitter salts come right through, yech!) But I do tend to use it in stews and sauces for European and American dishes much like I use fish sauce in Asian dishes. It's pretty good at adding an earthy beery undertone to the dish. My first experience with Marmite was one of those other experiences. A 'friend' told me it was like Australian Nutella and I should dig right in and genius that I am, I did without really stopping to sniff or taste first.
  5. Kangaroorex

    An appeal for civilty

    There is also a lot of real world friction right now which bleeds into even the calmest pools of humanity. My mentor once gave me some really good advice when dealing with co-workers, but it extends to everyone: If you are about to say something because you think you will enjoy saying it, Don t say it, you'll regret it later. Sometimes the pleasure of snark overwhelms me but I do try tondpllow this and I'm normally regret the snark later. ::):
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    An appeal for civilty

    I try not to take anyone's views personally and try not to offend. That said, I have views and beliefs that I would like to discuss and explore. I have never intentionally aimed my remarks against anyone in the forum and, if someone took something personally and let me know, I have apologized. Most people on the board that I have seen respond the same way. This group is one of the few havens I have where I am normal and not on the fringe of toleration for my hobbies and beliefs. I do not wish that to change but I also don't want to have to screen everything I say to ensure I am not offending someone. So please let's see moderation on all sides: opinions are not to be taken personally and Don't make personal attacks against other forum members or their families. Nuff said by me at least
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    Great Race of Yith

    I love your take on the Yith! much better than the pile of 'stuff" that seems to form most of the commercial versions. This is so much more elegant. I could see this version passing itself off as a humanoid form with a large dark hood. I particularly like the eye head/stalk, very sinister
  8. I have greatly enjoyed my LEDs. I have a mix of 5k bulbs and strips of RBG LEDs which have a controller that allows me to shift my color from cool to very warm depending on what I shift the light to.
  9. I did. tried to save myself a few words on the phone microkeyboard
  10. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

  11. Hornblower syndrome is where the hero fights bigger and bigger battles for bigger and bigger rewards with less and less materials until the hero is stopping the mighty fleet of an empire with a couple of toy sailboats. Its fun, but it can get too extreme. David Weber does a good job of writing himself out of the corner story-wise, but I did not find the books near as intriguing after that point. Personal opinion, I know they are still very popular.
  12. this thread is as bad as the recent acquisitions thread for costing me money. was reminded that mission: red planet was supposed to be really fun and Sushi GO was also recommended multiple times. Planning on gaming session Friday with some new friends...
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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Dreams like that make me wish I was better at writing stories. I have some beautiful lines that I still remember to this day (mainly because my wife torments me with them) Highest of them being in reference to a time machine: "Never forget to calibrate the snakes!" apparently I yelled this at 3 AM while I was asleep the only sure thing you can count on in living is that we will eventually die. My condolences for your loss. This is why I chose engineering for a career. Every other choice I made seemed to lead to a PhD and I wasn't able to do the kowtowing and life as a grad student.
  14. in the later hornblower books there develops a lot of politics, similar to the Honor series. I agree that Honor can be looked at more as a combination of Hornblower and Aubre. The main point I was making is that her success climbs each time in each book until the author is in a very difficult position of trying to figure out where to go next. I don't enjoy the way David Weber gets out of that box, but he did a good job of doing it, if that makes sense. I have read a few of the John Grimes books and they didn't catch my attention for whatever reason. I will have to try the Daniel Leary series.
  15. Kangaroorex

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    He really does excellent small work. I like his work in general but his work with small creatures and little people is pretty amazing. I have no idea how he packs so much detail into such a small space. Be prepared to have a really sharp brush though the detail work is hard to get to
  16. I got mine! Actually I apparently got it a few days ago but my son's birthday wss yesterday and my wife thought it was one of his presents. He noticed the postmark and gave it back! One armoured lemon yellow snek is in process!
  17. Kangaroorex

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Announcing a closing of the PM followed by a delay makes good sense to me. So many laggards (to be honest, I was one of them) Don t fill out the pledge manager until the very last minute, leaving the suppliers guessing at production. Amounts. Having a premature closing time gets people like me to actually mosey over and place their main order. But once you have caught as many fish as you can with that ploy, it makes good sense to extend the deadline to catch as many of the little drift orders right up until shipment. That maximizes orders while keeping hype and getting those bigger pieces out of the way. Of course it would be nice if a couple of new minis got added to give reason for the extension but doesn't look like that will happen. And if there is a delay, so be it. It's not like most of us Don t have swarms in the wings. Those that Don t can be assisted by those who do...
  18. Kangaroorex

    Happy birthday, Froggy The Great!

    Happy belated birthday grand master of frogs!
  19. Only problem I have with the Honor series is that it suffers from Hornblower syndrome. Other than that the books are a blast to read, particularly the way the author finds a way to force the story into ballistic broadside engagements and includes most of the sailing ship tactics while keeping a lot of it fresh and interesting. And sign me up for a treecat companion!
  20. Wow, so much profound reading, I feel like you all are at the buffet and I'm stuffing myself at the dessert bar: Finished over the last 2 weeks: The Unwelcome Warlock by James Watt-Evans War Relics By James Watt-Evans The Emissary of Vond by James Watt-Evans Tales of Ethshar By James Watt-Evans Stone Unturned by James Watt-Evans The Sorcerers Widow by James Watt-Evans (noticing a pattern) Endeavour by Ralph Keri Tricks for Free by Shenan McGuire Squirrel on a train by Kevin Hearne Scourged by Kevin Hearne Watt-Evans Ethshar book are always pleasant to read, even the ones where he is exploring a character for a future novel or Just doing some character development. Reads a lot like the Cat Who books with magic. always a little bit of mystery, always a lot of character growth and development, and always a lot of charm and whimsy. Its the literal equivalent of brain candy The Iron druid series by Kevin Hearne comes to a close in this last novel. Cant say I was thrilled with the ending. I also cant say much about the book without spoiling something but it was well written, a fair ending and very poignant. Actually drew me into feeling for the character and suffering with him, that doesn't happen too often. Squirrel on a train is much lighter fare and is a mystery told from the point of view of an Irish wolfhound in the process of arranging a Meat and gravy bar Endeavour is a first novel by this author and he has chosen to take on a huge epic spanning literally thousands of years as Humanity reaches for the stars, asks the question "are we alone" and gets an answer even stranger than expected. Very well done and well written. Wish more first timers would take this much care in their work! absolutely loved it. Hoping to see some more from him Tricks for Free is another running series by Shenan McGuire: all those creatures you hear about that go bump in the night are real and have learned to hide in and around humanity. and of course there are humans trying to get rid of them and those who would protect them. Somewhere between Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs lies the world according to Shenan and her recording of the trials and tribulations of the Price family. Nothing very deep but it was fun. Work travel for me tends to mean a lot of reading :) currently slogging through the Swampling King. not sure if I will finish or not. it was a free offer from Amazon Prime and those can be very hit or miss.
  21. Played Diamat!, Plagues and Pestilence, and for the slightly thicker meat of the night: Ark! Overall we had fun and pretty light fare, although now we know why there are no dinosaurs on the ark: the skunk moved in and the dinos couldn't take the smell! nearly capsized the ark right there when they dove out!
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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    if its any consolation, I have to go ask the capital review board to authorize a 3000 overage on a 300K project because someone else forgot to write a Purchase order. earlier today I had two meetings: the first meeting was yelling at me for spending too much money. The meeting exactly 15 minutes after that meeting was a meeting yelling at the project group for not spending fast enough. Told them I could solve that problem but I got told to see meeting 1.
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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Keep on the borderlands is always a favorite for me. Simple, expandable, built in town with built in intrigue, simple plot that can become very complex if you want it to. a little bit of wilderness, a little bit of dungeon crawling, and the occasional big monster or surprise to keep the players in their place. One of my first and still a key part of my gaming experience. And if you want to have some real fun, run the version they did for 3.5 with the same group. the module is changed just enough to be both new and familiar to provide a lovely sense of deja vu. I think the lord of the rings is the same as Game of thrones. if I say that 100 times can they all be dead and we can get on to something more interesting? The only way to win is not to play. I would not make a good royal... if I was comfortable and warm, I don't need power. He doesn't need to write, he needs a better editor! that is about 1000 pages too long for a book.