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    gaming and more gaming. I have over 15,000 miniatures and looking for more! I play my own game every week with family and friends. I play piano/organ, chess, and am a dairy nutritionist for over 35 years working for a feed company.
  1. Fierios

    Numenera Figures

    MissMelons, what else do you play?? I plan to use these in a Sci fi game I invented about 20+ years ago( when I was 5...cough cough).We play every Sunday and once in awhile on Saturday. Most all my own family, I brought them up playing games like this. I see these Numenera figures fitting in well and my local game shop is starting a Numenera game to replace the Pathfinder game they have been playing. I already ordered from them some of all the 8 Numenera figures and he ( the shop onwer) has 4 plastic Bones 11 models of Numenera creatures coming and I plan on taking one each of them. Keep me posted on what you are finding... Larry
  2. Fierios

    Numenera Figures

    Thanks for the heads up on these figures!! They will be sold separately then and NO boxed set?? Will there be more types offered in future if these do well enough to suit you? ps miss melons , I knew you were ok, one Scorpio to another. I'm Nov 15th
  3. Fierios

    Numenera Figures

    Ok nobody seems to know anything or want to comit to when these miniatures will come out and in what form. This is simple.....box set only and when? Single figures as well and when? Additions to line of figures as time goes by? I was in marketing all my life and well you're missing the boat on releasing these while the game is semi fresh with the public! I will buy at least 100 of these if you get them out.....please let me know what you are thinking and the when for release. Thanks, Larry Buck
  4. Fierios

    Pathfinder minis - lets get more up to date

    dks, Thanks for the response. Yes, I really really like the new Halflings....I am going to buy more and paint them different so as to have a whole community of the little buggers! Soooo you are one of the talents....I really like the Cleric, what others have you done?
  5. Fierios

    Pathfinder minis - lets get more up to date

    I love the new Pathfinder figures!!! I just got 5 Lem's in the mail. I wonder on the upcoming cleric and monk, are they one piece castings or is there some gluing?
  6. Fierios

    Pathfinder Miniatures We'd Like to See!

    The Paizo books have some fantastic illustrations on them, many of the first miniatures were taken directly from these and I think it would be great to see them follow thru on this approach. Judging from the other comments in this section, I think most everyone agrees. This would be a major plus to both the books and the figure line. Paizo could monitor the customers demand on forums like this as to which figures are most desired....I believe most of them if copied from the books would be very saleable!! Take a lesson from the Evil Empire of Gw, who do this exact thing and have been very successful in years past.