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  1. Happy Anniversary, PingosHusband

    Much congrats to the both of you.
  2. 07001 Rictus the Undying

    Well painted. I'd go with Death Knight, or Skeleton Champion, or Skeletal Warrior. In a one off I wrote there was a bog standard skeleton that had a couple of levels of fighter, and of course he had a name. Maybe that's what's going on here.
  3. Happy Birthday K2h2m3 !!!

    Many Happy Returns of the Day.
  4. Priming my pewter

    My go to primer these days is Stynylrez. I push it through an airbrush and brush it on. Reaper Brush on is also quite good.
  5. 02812 Kallista, Female Mercenary

    Really well done. I think I may have this Mini. Hmmm.
  6. DHL Classics

    I've always loved the DHL Classics packs of the old figures. Will these ever be expanded?
  7. I don't post as much as I should lately, because of life and adulting. I love that the two of you are doing these. Love watching your work progress. I am also a big fan of Reaper's back catalog. I've often thought of trying to start a challenge to paint an old miniature that doesn't have a painted example in the store. I would love to see all the mega skilled painters on here slinging paint on those old Guthries, and Ridolfi's, and Garrity's, etc. Keep up the awesomeness.
  8. Jasper paints some Blackstar Corsairs

    Really excellent. I can't wait to see these painted up. I eventually want to get some of these guys and paint them up as Terran Marines from SCII.
  9. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Malefactus pretty much summed it up for me, and better than I could have.
  10. 7002 Baran Blacktree with Painting Guide

    Love the paint job on this mini.
  11. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    9: No 10: No 11: Sitting in front of a crackling fire with a warm beverage. I also enjoy squirrel hunting, and hiking.