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  1. Question for Monday, April 24 Sunday was World Book Day. What is one book you would recommend: to a kid? to a teen? to an adult? Kid: The Hobbit Teen: The Lord of the Rings Adult: The Dragonbone Chair
  2. This is bad. This is very bad. I don't need more minis! But we wants them!
  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  4. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  5. It is a very Monday Wednesday. I'm headed to see two concerts this weekend. RHCP and Tom Petty. If I can just keep my head down for two more days. Also, my air conditioning is not working. Again. Got to call the manager. It's difficult to make myself do anything when it's so muggy in my apt.
  6. Don't get discouraged. No one started off great. And everyone advances at their own pace. Try, as much as possible, to not compare yourself to other artists. I'm not sure what everyone else covered, because I just skimmed. Good brushes are worth the money if you plan to continue painting. Seriously. Not that cheap brushes don't have their place too, but if you have a good brush it makes things so much easier. The same thing with good paints. Amazing things can be accomplished with craft paints. I've seen it. But with craft paint you will have to fight the properties of the paints. So, if you want to continue painting into the future, you might invest in at least a handful of good paints. If you are worried about budget you can pick up the basic AV colors at Hobby Lobby. I've heard of one guy who bought one per day using the 40% off coupon they offer. There are a zillion colors from a zillion brands. Don't get overwhelmed. While it's nice to have triads and specialty paints you can do amazing things with the basic colors if you are willing to mix. Check out Pingo's work. She mixes a lot of colors, and her work is off the chain. There are a zillion and one videos you can watch for free on YouTube. Dry brushing has, for some reason, often been associated with sub par painting. And sometimes it can be. But it is also a powerful tool you can use. Be sure to post your work. Ask for feedback if you want it. There are so many insanely talented people on this board, and they are all pretty friendly. I don't know a single person on here who won't go out of their way to be helpful. Don't be afraid to try things outside your comfort zone. Above all other things have fun, and enjoy the company here. Great looking Kobolds. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers.
  7. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  8. Very wow. Such fantastic.
  9. I almost always watch Foreign Language films with subs. Even the Miyazaki films that always have superb voice acting for both language versions, I prefer subbed. It does annoy me a bit that the newer versions have changed up the translations a bit, though as far as I can tell they are still accurate. I just don't handle it well when something I love gets changed :). I took a girl on a first date to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I explained the premise of the movie to her when we were deciding what to watch, and she was interested enough, until she discovered in the theater it was one of those movies she would have to "read." There was no second date.
  10. Today is the Mondayest Tuesday I've had in a while.