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  1. So, we have a thread like this already for Reaper miniatures. I thought it would be a good idea to have one for minis from other companies as well. I have one I'd like to start off with: Red Box Games minis. I think that Havrik may be my current favorite miniature. I haven't seen a painted version anywhere. Handy Havrik Master Guildsman (RBG0045)
  2. I enjoyed Dunkirk a lot. For me the pacing and the way they interwove the scenes worked. I'm really looking forward to The Hero on Blu Ray. I missed it in theaters. I no longer sit through credits unless I'm with others who want to do so. I can go home and watch the mid/end credits scenes on YouTube without having to waste my time sitting through a lot of credit scroll that I don't care about. Other than the Miyazaki films I'm in a bit of a lull movie wise right now. I may try to catch Spiderman in the theaters on one of my next short Firdays, but if I don't I'm not messed up about it. I guess the next movies I'm really interested in making in theaters are IT and The Last Jedi. On Netflix What Happened to Monday looks good.
  3. Doug basically summed it up for me. I prefer metal when I can get it. Bones are have a steeper learning curve on prep, but are super cheap and I have many. I do not mess with Resin. It is amazingly detailed, but I'm super clumsy. I love seeing well painted resin minis, but I have enough problems with painting without adding fragility and the frustrations it will bring me.
  4. I just finished Replay. Good book, particularly if you are interested in time travel, though the vehicle is somewhat different. I recommend it. I'm currently reading The Heart of What Was Lost by Tad Williams. So far I'm enjoying it. It takes place between Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn and The Last King of Osten Ard.
  5. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  6. I love some of the Classics. Some are total rubbish. Don Quixote is a fantastic book, but I don't know that I'll ever read it again. I love me some Conan. I also like John Carter books.
  7. Happy Tuesday to all and sundry. I hope it's a felicitous one for all of you.
  8. This is really excellent.
  9. Quite a few fantastic tutorials on various things that I've saved over the years are now broken due to Photobucket. Way to go Photobucket.
  10. Great work. I love Head Lopper.
  11. I'm headed to an antique gun and knife show on the morrow, but I also get my Stynylrez primer in the mail today. I plan on playing with it on Bones. I will post pictures of the ensuing mess. I also get to play with my new airbrush, so I plan on getting a head jump start plan thingie on some Christmas decorations. And maybe some Halloween stockings. I will post pictures.
  12. Have blind boxes or packs ever been a good idea?