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  1. Loim

    Painting Textures

    Have you checked out James Wappel's blog?
  2. Loim

    Sir George the Gangly

    Looks like a Kingdom Death almost. Great paint job.
  3. Loim

    Happy Birthday Talespiner!

    Such Birthday. Very wow. Many Happy Returns to my favorite sculptor of platypus. Platypuses?
  4. Holy cats! Really excellent. I love the colors on this especially.
  5. Terrific. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Started this guy on World Wide Miniatures Day. I'm a super slow painter, so this is where I currently am. I am calling the shield done. So far I primed with Stynylrez green primer, and then dusted over that with white Stynylrez. I basecoated the shield with Walnut Brown. Then I layered Pumpkin Orange over the Walnut. Next I layered NMM Gold Base over the Pumpkin. I highlighted up to Fair Skin, and shaded down to a glaze of Walnut brown. I was shooting for an amber color, but I don't think I quite got there. In retrospect I would have done all the shadows and highlights before I put the patterns on the scutes because I ended up having to go back and clean them up multiple times during the shading and highlighting process. C&C welcome. I'm trying to improve.
  7. Doug said everything I was going to, but I'd like to add that on most RMS and HD paints and primers I like to add one or two extra agitators in the bottle when I get them to help make it easier to mix them. I use hematite beads that I get for cheap from Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
  8. Loim

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    During World War II the need for a heavy hitting anti-ship aircraft prompted modification of the B-25 Mitchell into a gun ship. On some models they removed the plexiglass front cone and replaced it with an installation that added 8 .50 Caliber Browning M2 Machine guns, coupled with the 4 forward .50 Calibers already in place, and the top turret faced forward this gave them 12 to 14 forward machine guns. I can't imagine that much punishment.
  9. Loim

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Ishi, the last of the Yahi tribe was cut off from some of the natural resources normally associated with his tribe, so when he couldn't access knappable stone for his arrowheads and knives he would sneak into trash dumps and use glass bottles. In fact, lots of people get their start knapping these days using glass, and by all reports it makes incredibly sharp heads.
  10. Loim

    Ittie Bittie Kitties...Again

    What did you use for the eyes?
  11. Loim

    Ittie Bittie Kitties...Again

    Will these have hair, or be the Smeagol cats?
  12. Loim

    Getting To Know You July

    I've written quite a few in the last previous months. Most of them didn't come out and say "I love you" with words, but in different ways.
  13. Loim

    Ittie Bittie Kitties...Again

  14. Loim

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    You guys have the best info. I love this thread. A Wildcat Cartridge, or Wildcat, is a custom cartridge that usually originates with a factory loaded readily available cartridge that has been modified in some way to limit the shortcomings of the original cartridge or improve performance. An example of this is the .22 K Hornet. The K hornet did away with the tapered case of the original .22 Hornet, and gave it a more standard shoulder on the case to improve ballistics.