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  1. Crowley's Almaran the Gold

    I love this.
  2. Absolutely what Buglips said. Absolutely. The attitude I've always had about painting, if you're getting paint on the mini, you're doing it right. When I started painting, the newfangled Internets were my only source for painting info. I certainly didn't know anyone who painted minis. All my artist friends were either good naturedly or openly dismissive of me wanting to paint "little toy men." The only information I managed to find was Dr. Faust's old web site. I didn't even know mini paint was a thing. Ral Partha, Mithril, and Reaper were the only mini companies I knew existed. I love how much information there is out there. I wish I'd had these forums back then.
  3. I hand painted 38 cards over the last two weeks. Finally got them all in the mail or delivered. Next year I need to start earlier.
  4. One of the things it took me a long while to figure out with the painting of things is that there really is no "right" way. Look a @Pingo, her painting style would make me snap my brushes in half, scream, and throw Devlan Mud through the window, but she gets amazing results. I categorically dislike people who have the "one trooth" about anything.
  5. Wiz Kids Dire Wolf

    Really excellent.
  6. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    There are a few minis I'd like to have, just to paint, like beholders, etc. But honestly, I have sooooooooooo many Bones that it's hard for me to justify more plastic minis anytime soon.
  7. 01612 Mylk & Cookies

    So. Much. Awesome.
  8. Happy Birthday HornedTurtle !!!

    Many Happy Returns of the Day
  9. Happy Birthday Argentee !!!

    Many Happy Returns of the Day
  10. Swapping Weapons

    TaleSpinner beat me to it.
  11. Remember the day....

    Indeed, sir.
  12. Happy Birthday Last Knight !!!!

    Many Happy Returns of the Day
  13. Mog and Umaro for Super Dungeon