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  1. I bought my jeweler's saw off of Amazon, and a zillion blades for pretty cheap. I use Marvel Mystery Oil for lubricant, but what Doug said. It also helps to lubricate your pin vise and drill bits when drilling metals. I'll have to try a razor saw.
  2. Pre-launch

    Unless there is a Ser Duncan the Tall miniature I'm not interested :).
  3. Man, this makes me sad. I loved those movies.
  4. I was very sad when Mega sold off all the old Grenadier Personalities molds and they then went the way of CenterStage Minis.
  5. The Dad takes these away from me whenever I find one. Something about my incessant spinning them and the noise they make gets on his nerves.
  6. Sorry to hear about roof troubles. I was looking into going to RCon despite the terribleness of the date (for me), but it's looking less and less likely. Too many expenses this year.
  7. I must admit I enjoy cooking over a campfire, but it's fidgety. Not optimal. Unless you're careful everything is either underdone or burned. I would love to see the pictures of the window farm.
  8. I actually really like chamomile. Especially with a little bit of honey. It's possibly my second favorite tea. I don't really seem to like any other herbal teas I've tried though. I generaly stick to black tea or green.
  9. @Froggy http://io9.gizmodo.com/unboxing-the-mystery-that-is-the-klingon-jedi-action-fi-1796401412
  10. Here are a couple of tutorials I did on here: There are roughly thirteen grillion basing tutorials out there too. Just hit Youtube or check out James Wappel's blog. Happy basing.
  11. I'm going to watch My Neighbor Totoro in the theater tomorrow. I'm stupidly excited about it.
  12. Mustard. All kinds really, but specifically yellow mustard.
  13. 2 miles is a lengthy shot, I don't care where you're from. The Canadians seem to be turning out some fine marksmen.