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  1. I try to learn something every day. Today I learned that getting your chin whiskers tangled around your collar button is a recipe for pain.
  2. @Xherman1964 What make and model of laptop do you have? Some of the newer models actually have an ac adapter port that is modular and not soldered to the motherboard. They aren't bad to get to, and you can usually find a video tutorial on disassembly on YouTube.
  3. I get all my packages delivered to my work unless they contain ammunition or gun parts, those I have delivered to the Rents. I don't trust our mail guy. He either leaves the package with the office, in which case I have to drive across town on lunch to try and catch them open, or leaves them just sitting in front of my apartment in plain view of anyone who drives by. The UPS guy has on more than one occasion left a "customer not home" sticker on my door without ever knocking while I was sitting on the couch three or four feet away from said door. I love the USPS. I'd rather ship with them than anyone else. I just need to bite the bullet and get a box at the actual post office.
  4. I work in technology, it's the reason I have a job. And I hate technology. I've been close more than once to cancelling my internet, ditching my smart phone for a flip phone, and pretending it's still 1990.
  5. Well crap.
  6. Sorry about the loss. Best luck with the move and school. Hope you and wife land on your feet. Take care of yourselves.
  7. I wish we had a better BBQ place here in town. The one I used to frequent went bad about two years ago, and has been on a steady decline ever since. I also really wish that we had a really good hot dog stand.
  8. First job was as a dishwasher in a local restaurant. It quickly turned into cook when the cook walked out and they told me I was it. It wasn't a great job, but I managed to save up a bunch of money through having no social life, and bought my first vehicle.
  9. I've spent 90% of today thinking it was Thursday. But it turns out that it is Wednesday.
  10. Last RPG: Labyrinth Lord running homebrew scenarios in my homebrew world. Last Video Game: The Witcher 3 Last Board/Party Game: Clue Fun was had on all of them.
  11. This is really awesome.
  12. I finally got to add him to his base last night.
  13. Thanks. I used a lot of the same colors in each, though in different ways. Like the shadows on the leather armor are blue liner, and I glazed in blue liner mixed with the base color of the cloak for the shadows on it.