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  1. Are we limiting it to Arcane magic or Divine also? If you have divine magic then disease and death would have much less hold over people in general. If you could go to the cleric and get a cure or a blessing or a raise dead then things like Cancer and particularly communicable disease would be much less prevalent. In fact much of the stigma of other diseases would be gone once the rich in particular could just get cured or healed. On the flip side if you have a grudge against someone it would be a snap to have a hex or curse put on them. Fear of magical repercussions or grudges would also create a trade for spells or wards, similar to the ADT security companies of today. Teleportation would make traveling easier and faster.
  2. My brushes spend most of their time scattered around my desktop.
  3. Reaper Bases are excellent too. I have a whole big ol' bunch of their bases.
  4. Travel safe.
  5. Travel safe all.
  6. I don't care for the sculpt, but you did a superlative job painting it. The colors are really excellent.
  7. Not attending and I will likely be avoiding all things con related. I will be doing my normal painting/crafting/art related activities during this week/weekend.
  8. If it was readily watchable I would give it a go, but I'm not going to put forth effort to track it down. Of course I've tried like 3 different times to watch DS9, and I can't.
  9. Fantastic. She makes a great gladiator.
  10. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  11. What if I bring you whiskey?
  12. Funded

    The surveys have gone out on this.