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  1. Loim

    Happy Birthday Catdancer!

    Many Happy Returns of the Day
  2. This is what I'm working on at the moment. I had to start over a few time due to issues with the sculpt. Before I even got started I had to, well I didn't have to but I chose to, fix some of the more obvious problems with the sculpt using Apoxie Sculpt. Some of the mail had no detail at all, so I add it in, and there were some just terrible mold lines. I finally just decided to say forget it and move on with the painting. I was going for more of a grey skin, but ended up with a greener skin. I'm ok with where it's going, but on the next Orc I'll adjust the skin tone. Sorry the pics are a bit wonky.
  3. Loim

    77019: Orc Swordsman

    @Slatejunco Primed with Stynylrez green then did a zenithal with Stynylrez white. Base coated with Clouded Sea ( I think it may be discontinued). Highlights are Lichen Green, Fair Skin, and Snowdrift white. Shadows are Liquitex Artist Color Dioxazine Purple.
  4. Loim

    77019: Orc Swordsman

    Initial work on the mail. You probably can't tell it, but there are 7 different colors there :P.
  5. Loim

    59009: Mad Scientist (Female)

    Off to a great start. Great work.
  6. Loim

    77594 Solar Angel

    Really excellent. I've been wanting to paint this guy for a bit now, and you really nailed it.
  7. Loim

    A Wizard in the Woods

    He's really fantastic.
  8. Loim

    Hackmaster/Ral Partha Female Elf Mage

    Really excellent.
  9. Loim

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    "Weather's getting worse chaps. Whatever we're to do we'd best do it fastly. If we're to release this thing, and I vote no, we'd best do it and scurry inside. If nothing else we'll need the cover."
  10. Loim

    Tzeentch Legion (pic heavy)

    Super cool. I've always been more of a fan of Nurgle myself, but these are awesomely done. Cheers.
  11. Loim

    Swamp/Marsh mummy

    I'm stealing all the ideas! I mean, I appreciate the inspiration for new and wholly original things that are totally not stolen from you guys at all.
  12. Loim

    Happy Birthday Paradoxical Mouse

    Many Happy Returns of the Day
  13. Loim

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    My roll is a 9. Looking at the group, Rolf will take the time to study the rest of the area aside from the obviously interesting humanoid. Sliding his axe from under his cloak while he checks the surrounds, "It wouldn't do to get in a pickle because we become too focused on what's in front of us."
  14. Loim

    Skyrim Mods?

    There is a summonable horse already in game if you have Dawnguard DLC. Arvak. Comes from a quest in the Soul Cairn. Purely for fun go and watch the videos of the Mod that turns all the Dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage. Well worth it.
  15. I also enjoyed it. Not the best movie I've seen, but everyone involved does a good job and it was an interesting story.
  16. Hard to think of a "best" moment for 2018. There were a lot of downs this year, and not many ups. My partying will consist of watching movies and painting until midnight, and then drinking a bottle of bubbly and probably going to bed.
  17. Loim

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    "Well, I didn't put on my kicking boots for nothing. I'm ready when the rest of you are."
  18. I went and saw Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse this weekend. Best movie I've seen all year. Stylistically amazing. I could gush for hours about the art. I also loved the way they handled the origins, and the characters were all interesting in their own rights. I was a bit disappointed that they divorced Miles from the Ultimate Universe, but I figure they were always going to. Recommend. I've finally gotten to where I can watch The Two Towers and Return of the King without screaming and breaking things, so I may binge all three of the LoTR tonight.
  19. Loim

    77541: carrion worm

    I love it.
  20. Loim

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    Rolf returns to the group, and words tumble out of his mouth. "Nothing in the stables. Some sort of Golden Humanoid chained above the gate. Saw right through my hiding. Tried to get me to let it down." Panting, he waits to hear from the group.
  21. Loim

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    Nodding at the others, "I'll slip ahead and see what I can see. If there is anything at the stables I'll report back, if not I'll head to the gates and look around." Sliding his axe from under his cloak he slinks forward. Starting with the stables Rolf will scout and look for signs and tracks, doing his best to move silently and unobtrusively. If there is anything noteworthy at or about the Stables that he can find he will bring word to the party. Otherwise he will check the gates, again moving unnoticed (or trying to).
  22. Loim

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    @Flit Heber is about 3 hours from here too.
  23. Loim

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    Rolf is much accustomed to the weather, having spent most of his life either out of doors or in damp and chilly mines. "I am not adverse to doing some scouting if the group desires. I can do my best to move around unnoticed and get the lay of the area. I'm not sure what I'll find, but if you want to find something there's nothing like looking."