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  1. Pants? I do have caffeine available at work. I have gotten out of the habit of keeping emergency pants at work.
  2. Ummmmm.........never mind. Wrong place for that story. Anyways, today has started off being a very Monday Tuesday. Woke up this morning going "the window looks awfully bright this morning". Checks time. Carp, I'm running almost an hour behind. I made it to work just in time, but left my phone behind. At least I remembered my caffeine (and pants). Now to see what else this Monday in Tuesday's clothing has in store for me.
  3. It varies. Sometimes it's only 15-20 minutes (I have a permanent area set up; whether it's clean enough to paint on is another story). When I was in the groove, I was painting on the forum Hangout's almost every night for 1-3 hours. Now it's maybe 1-3 nights a week. And when I get together for paint day, I'll paint for 6-7 hours straight (with occasional breaks for food and browsing the stores stock).
  4. Here is Durgrim Spellhammer: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1185806 I may still switch around spells as there are a bunch ones that are useful.
  5. Well, yes. I did mean in quantity and size for eating. Used to catch them around here for bait.
  6. I'm in CT; they aren't local here either. The guy doing the crawfish boils here is from Baton Rouge and orders them in from the Louisiana Crawfish Company. They are shipped next day air on dry ice and survive quite well.
  7. Whoever it is, I forsee a place for them at my Frostgrave table. Hmm, I wonder if I could make a viable war band using only Anniversary figures?
  8. Based on the schedule there may not be room to paint.
  9. Ohhhh, I bet those would have gone over well at the crawfish boil this past weekend.
  10. As another thought, is there going to be any available downtime during the adventure? If so, then as I am proficient with the herbalism kit, I can theoretically make potions of healing. That and being able to craft things. If so, then I can tailor things towards that. If not, then I may just tailor things to it that way regardless for RP purposes.
  11. Well, I haven't played since the Rogue Trader days, and am unlikely to start now (I've got a distinct lack of opponents and limited time for games; Frostgrave is my current focus). however, I hope that this goes well for GW. As much as they are a fun target to bash, they were one of the big influences on me getting into painting miniatures in the first place and I would like to see things go well for them. In seems that they are starting to get onto the right track (I for one didn't mind the couple of demo games of AoS that I played).
  12. Well, if it were me, I would start them all and never finish any of them. That said, if you have a use for them, the fishmen and the aquatic minis could lead to an upcoming encounter/diorama.
  13. Much birthday happiness to you!
  14. Cool. Then i shouldn't need to go Theurgy school so my wizard could have access to cleric spells (thought the forge domain does look spiffy). That leaves me choosing between lore seeker and abjurer. Or even the war wizard. Oh well, I've got until 2nd level to make up my mind.
  15. Yes, shoot MadJack a PM and he'll fill you in. He has done it many times.