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  1. Dilvish the Deliverer

    New England Paint Day

    So, I was at the Citadel today, and talked to one of the owners, Dave. He said that the 16th would be difficult to find space for due to Free RPG day events, but that the 23rd was good. I had him pencil us in for the 23rd as I was there and it was open. Of note, the Citadel is getting more busy, so we will most likely have to make sure we schedule things in advance from now on. Most of the tables were full today.
  2. Dilvish the Deliverer

    NSFW Elmore Demoness by Cyr

    Very nice! I love the way the eyes came out. The color makes her seem so otherworldly and dangerous.
  3. Dilvish the Deliverer

    New England Paint Day

    I can do the 23rd or 24th. Most of the other dates are taken for me.
  4. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I was going to guess Grease Lightning from the movie Grease. Cause I know the Wolf just loves some Travolta....
  5. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Happy ( Belated) Birthday RuneLyall !

    Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  6. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Happy Birthday Spacefrog

    Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  7. Dilvish the Deliverer

    What was your favorite D&D game hack ?

    At Total Con this year, a guy was tellimg me about his Bard, Jake from State Farm. Went around trying to sell all of the villains insurance. Quite humorous.
  8. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Happy Birthday Heisler!

    Much birthday happiness to you!
  9. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Happy Birthday Maredudd !

    Much birthday happiness to you!
  10. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I suppose it is time to determine what ribbons I'll be giving this year.
  11. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    I back slid for a bit, but I'm back to hovering around 180. So time to get more active. Think I'll tag along when Middle Child and Awesome Wife go do their ruck hikes. They are gearimg up for a backpackimg trip next summer.
  12. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Con season! Connecticon, OGC and ReaperCon. Want to try takimg the family white water rafting sometime this summer. Wether they want to go is another story.
  13. Dilvish the Deliverer

    Four miniatures at various levels of progress

    Looking good. Much better than any of my attempts.