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  1. Mine arrived today too.
  2. The galley in bootcamp didn't really make "red" meat. Everything was a uniform gray color; especially any beef.
  3. Started playing with my DnD group last night. seems like a good fit so far. They were finishing up Death House as the intro to Curse of Strahd. I've already played it once (and run it myself 3- or 4 times), so it was interesting to see things unfold from a players point of view. I kept my knowledge separate and got compliments from the DM when I didn't try and steer the Dwarf Cleric from touching the *redacted* and triggering a boat load of shadows from showing up. Watching the rest of the part freak out when they started taking Strength damage was fun!. Though the MVP for the final encounter was the Bard and his casting of Dissonant Whispers. I almost died during the escape as I was one of the two 1st level characters and just didn't have the HP to hang with the rest. I'm level 3 now so hopefully gong Bladesinger tradition for my wizard will help with the survivability.
  4. Note to self: watch the Fae closely after they compliment how cute my baby is. I had to take iron tablets while I was in boot camp. The taste didn't really bother me; it was the resulting constipation.
  5. Nicholai looks around for more targets, and not seeing any goes about recovering arrows. He is not adverse to recovering them from the archery targets if needed. He then looks around to see if he can help any townsfolk.
  6. So are lambs, but that doesn't stop me from getting a leg of it every once in a while, or having lamb and barley soup in the winter time. I don't tend to draw the line on what I eat based upon looks, but taste and sustainability. And most importantly price/availability. (Not a knock on other people; feel free to eat/or not eat what you want. Just putting my opinion out there)
  7. I'm down.
  8. Kind of like the hunters in the Matrix movies?
  9. feel free to recount as many as you like. One of the coolest moments for me in Battletech (using the MechWarrior rules for our pilots) was when we were caught out side of our mechs during an enemy sneak attack on our compound. We are running for our mech hanger to hopefully repel the attack, after shooting our way through some infantry. we round the corner and there is a Dragon (60 ton mech IIRC). My guy was armed with a gyrojet rifle, a weapon that has a chance of causing 1 pt of damage to a mech. As the Dragon swivels towards us, I drop to one knee, take aim and fire. I hit! I roll to do damage to the mech and succeed in doing 1 pt of damage to the mech! roll on the hit location table: 6,6 =head. Head had it's full armor but head shot force a consciousness roll from the pilot; he failed passes out. We race past, and fire up our mech while one of the NPCs scales the Dragon and pitches the enemy pilot out of his mech and jacks it to hold the other enemy mech off while we bring our reactors online.
  10. *I* wouldn't hurt one. But I do hear that turtle soup is tasty. I large snapping turtles aren't exactly "cute". Speaking as a Sub(marine) Human, I am thankful that the only season on us is during wartime. Though the sea tries its best in all seasons. Man if I took a half day every time I forgot my lunch, I wouldn't ever be at work! Good for you though; I'm saving all my time off for Reapercon (and I'll still have to take the majority of it unpaid).
  11. I've got one I'm working on; if it gets finished, it gets finished.
  12. Question the 22nd of September: What is one of the best stories you have of what happened around the gaming table? It can be in-game, out-of-game, awesome, funny or what not. Let's entertain each other for the weekend.
  13. Hmmmm, turtle season closed a week or two ago here. I know that in some states it's practically year round.
  14. Much birthday happiness to you!!! May it be Metal!
  15. Pretty sure it been available since last year at Zazzle. Tjats where I bought mine (hoodie actually) after the con.