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  1. Question the 25th of May: What tabletop miniature games do you play currently? What games would you like to play?
  2. Fulfilling

    And I have my shopping notice now. Well see how long it takes. Theoretically it could show on Saturday but my money is on Monday.
  3. My "favorite" part of painting a mini is putting a completed mini down on the table. That is ostensibly why I paint them after all. To use them in games (I was so close to joining Tabletop when the Houses were introduced). My favorite painting part is laying down the base coats. To me that sets the tone of the mini, and lets me know whether my concept will even work. I typically lay down all of my base coats to get a feel for how the mini will look. then I'll go back and shade and highlight and paint all of the fiddly bits. Sometimes I even stop at the basecoat stage and call the figure done; grunt orc #20 doesn't need to have 12 layers on his loincloth when he is intended to be cracked open to release all that tasty XP.
  4. Pre-launch

    I'll be getting the Core regardless. Even if I have bunches of adventurer types, new ones are just so useful. Also at the price of under $1 per piece, they just become natural conversion fodder.
  5. Question the 24th of May: What is your favorite part about painting a miniature?
  6. I'm at the tail end of Wave 1 so I'll get my notice tomorrow. I'm good. Less chance of it showing up on Saturday while I'm out Frostgraving.
  7. Well, you've got a place to stay if you want. I've got bunches of games and I like to grill as well.
  8. Fulfilling

    Me too! Pretty sure I waited an excessively long time to lock in.
  9. Pre-launch

    that's how it worked for Bones 3. I would expect Bones 4 for follow suit, but there is no way to know until the KS goes live.
  10. Rest in peace to the first man I remember being 007.
  11. I always have a bottle in my backpack that I bring with me to work. As well as my allergy pills, a set of dice, a phone charger, a battery pack and a binder of RPG stuff. I'm like a geeky Boy Scout. Yep. I have found it. Not flipping it though.
  12. Been there done that. though it was a team effort. Dilvish Daughter actually knocked it over, but mostly because I had it slid forward enough that it was hanging off of the table when she went to get a drink from the fridge next to my table.
  13. Any luck finding any of the stores? Or was your free food and libations too big of a draw?
  14. I'd prefer Eldar or Orks. But I figure they know what is most popular. the longer this pre-release hype goes on, the more tempted I am to dip a toe back in.
  15. With miniatures it happens infrequently. In fact, I am more likely to think that I still have a miniature, but have actually given it away (to a new painter, to my daughter, or the Box of Goodness) than to buy a duplicate unintentionally. But it has been known to happen. I do sometime buy extra household goods (like soup or flour or other staples). Recently I've been buying duplicate movies. Awesome Wife mentioned that our movie collection was sorely lacking some "must-have" titles (especially super hero movies), so I've been perusing the pawnshops and resale shops for any applicable titles. As such, I've ended up with some duplicates of X-men titles as well as some other movies. I really should download an app or something to inventory what I have.