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  1. Live

    Well KS 3 Was dwarf heavy so maybebthats it?
  2. I hear you can can applesauce.
  3. Nicholai moves around the North side of the table to get an angle on the remaining goblin and takes a shot: 12+4+1(pbs)+1(bless)-4(into melee)=14
  4. Actually three daughters: 18, 15 and 13. The oldest heads off to college on Sunday. Busy times.
  5. Work on the hangouts for a bit. Mostly mocking up a bookcase out of craft sticks and giving Sophie a sponge bath (of brown liner).
  6. Well that was a fun autocorrupt. For some reason any time I type 'th' after a number it throws a 5 before it. Makes typing dates difficult.
  7. I will be at least an hour or so.
  8. Today is Middle Daughter's 155th birthday as well. Low key today, but she is having her friends over for a board game party tomorrow. Getting Chinese for lunch Today and grilling tomorrow. Other than that, organizing stuff and then most everyone is driving to VT to move Daughter Dilvish into college. I'll be home with Youngest Daughter. Oh, and I have the box of goodwill to go through as well.
  9. Good luck to MrBoot. I'm in kind of the same boat. Third day since my contract ended, with no word of the outcome of said contract. Don't know if my company won, don't know if another company won, if they decided to kill the contract. So I've been burning vacation time. This goes in much longer I might not have enough for RCon.
  10. Who is left? Just the goblin by Reegol? Any target by itself or will I be shooting into combat?
  11. Froggy box has arrived from Pongo. I'll most likely open it later tonight.
  12. I really like the figures! Unfortunately the quick time is working against me. My job is in limbo right now (burning vacation days to get paid for the rest of this week) and until things shake out or I get a new job, I'm cutting back on any discretionary spending.
  13. From last week: Mystic Vale board game by AEG. 2-4 players. You are druids trying to cleanse your lands of corruption. Has a cool mechanic where you buy advancements to improve the cards in your deck; the advancements are clear overlays. Played with Daughter Dilvish last night. She kicked my elf. There is a tourneyment for if starting on the 27th at my FLGS. Do I should get practicing I guess.