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  2. (oops missed that it was my turn, sorry) Ma'alik steps back and detects evil)
  3. Am making pilaf and baked chicken breasts for dinner. Pilaf done in 5 minutes and chicken should be finished after I pick up youngest daughter from martial arts class. Then I can eat. Might have some pilaf before I go get her because Red Dilvish Needs Food Badly!
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    Well, the shipping rate is lociked in when you lock in your pledge. Even if rates later go up, you won't be charged. If you make an additional pledge, you will pay the difference in shipping, at I assume that current orders shipping rate.
  5. Not me. Might have been @knarthex. He's the guy that went to DragonCon a bunch. I'll still check out the link though, so thanks!
  6. The Paint Rack app has a complete list. Free on Android. Otherwise, http://www.reapermini.com/RetailSupport/Extras has some excel sheets with list of everything currently available (up to the last time it was updated)
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    Well, my concern is that the longer they take the more people that I work with will find other work, thus making it harder for us to fulfill the contract if we get renewed. I just want them to make up their minds. I'm also wondering if they have decided that they don't want to renew the contract, and they changed their minds after the bidding process started. Letting it die on the vine as it were. Just so much uncertainty. And we can't contact the people in charge of making the decision as that would be seen as tampering or collusion in the bidding process.
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    Meh, it is what it is. The Navy is taking it's sweet time awarding the contract that I work under (it ended a week ago), so I'm burning through my vacation time. No one has any idea when it will be awarded so I'm starting to look for work. I've got some savings, plus my Navy retirement, so I'm not worried about losing my house or starving, but money for KS is taking a back seat until the work situation is resolved. Biggest worry is that I burn through all of my vacation time or get a new job and don't have any built up for RCon. they did them in Bones 2 (one did have an issue though). Horses and riders were molded separate. maybe the weapon arm too. I'd have to check.
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    I'm really after the generic troop types, not the leaders that were released previously (Count Lorenth and Sir Danel). I need troopers, not leaders. I'll drop the $10-15 for a leader in pewter as I only need one. when I need 10+ troops, it gets too expensive for me.
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    Similar horse but different rider.
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    I know that lances in Bones would be iffy, I have no problem with switching to swords. Or just replacing the shafts with bamboo skewers!
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    This. What I would *really* like is an add-on with these: I would buy 10+ sets
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    This is not a good time to be out of work... Loving the expansion!
  14. Much burstday happiness to you!!!
  15. So, initiative? 17+2=19
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    For more drumsticks!
  17. Froggy box sent out to Epimys time now: 8/21
  18. Thanks Pingo! I'll have to look it up then. And Froggy box is away!
  19. I edited my post upstream to ID figures. Thanks to all who put them in for me to take!
  20. I'm your Hucklberry...
  21. So this is what I took from the Groggy box: L-R: Lead wizard on throne; Samurai Swordsman ad Archers (Pingo), 3767 Nemesra, Dnacing Girl (Froggy based on the penny base) L-R: 2917 Birdman; ???; 60153 Dungeon Torturer, 06025 Ahurian Crossbowman x2 (all by Froggy based upon pennies) L-R: 2638 Adventuring Accessories; Chain And Mad Jack is here so I was able to peruse the Bonwirn box as well: WOTC Necromancer?; Skaven w/polearm; some big alien/demonic cat? On my phone at the moment so I'll edit in ID's when I'm back at the computer. Froggy box will get packed up and sent off tomorrow.
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    My guess is an area where "normal" food is in short supply and desperate people will eat just about anything. They may have figured out that this normally poisionous fish wasn't after it was rotting. (they didn't eat it, it rotted, they got hungry enough and realized that it didn't kill them). Or it was a dare.
  23. I'm free after the 2nd.