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  1. Nope. Warlord has always had daily liberal profile rules. The main requirement was to use Reaper figures. There was someone who actually a unit of redcoats from the Chronoscope line as his war and in one of the official tournaments back in the day. The main requirement is to make sure that your opponent knows What database coresponds to each model.
  2. Can't help you with that. Though a play by post game might work for you.
  3. On my way home!
  4. Meh, people sux. I have no problem with repeating myself for people who have hearing issues. My paternal grandparents were both deaf since birth, so I'm used to dealing with whatever is necessary. Though my sign language was abysmal (as they both read lips fluently) and is currently non-existent.
  5. Was watching some people at my FLGS play. Looked interesting.
  6. It was a an "edgy psychological drama" with David Caruso (his first big role after NYPD Blue IIRC) and Linda Fiorintino (sp?). The edgy coming from the depiction of certain fetishes. All in all, I remember it as being an ok film. It was popular on the sub just to watch people who haven't seen it react to a particular scene.
  7. And now I have scenes from the movie Jade running through my head. Thanks, I had those repressed. <shudder>
  8. I pulled a 24-hour day last week. It was not as easy as it used to be. Still the hallucinations don't really start until the 30+ hour point. For me at least. I suppose yours never stop.
  9. 1. Yes, I am excited; for a certain level of excited. Pretty sure my excitement will ramp up once I hit Texas. I'm at a low level excitement at the moment. 2. Am I ready? Just need to finish work, then finish packing. Not sure about entries. Got a couple things to bring, not sure if I will enter. Need to figure out what CAV to bring, and pick out a selection of paints to bring. 3. Looking forward to classes and seeing everyone. I plan on gaming more this year. Last year I spend the majority of my time running Frostgrave demos. This year is fun time for me.
  10. Oh, I'll be in jeans and a t-shirt. The tie is for Jessica Rich. She needed one for her outfit, and I've got one.
  11. Maybe?
  12. I'm a points guy myself, for much the same reasons as Doug posted. I also use the standard array for my own characters most of the time. I will use whatever the method requested by the DM though; as proven by the numerous PbPs I've been involved with here.
  13. Close...
  14. Nope. It is mythological though. I'm sure there will be picture of it. And I did wear it on the hangouts; at least once.
  15. Awesome Wife just reminded me of the hat she and my girls got me for Reapercon. On the list it goes.
  16. I'm actually bringing it for someone else. That's why it's first on the list; so I don't forget it.
  17. Ok, time to make a list and get packing. first thing on the list will be a black necktie.
  18. that sickness that inevitably arises from hundreds of people cramming themselves into close quarters after a large number of them crammed themselves into little aluminum flying tubes.
  19. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  20. *THIS...IS...BUTTERCUP!!!!!
  21. I don't do anything special. Well, I do self medicate with Kraken in the evenings, but that's about it.
  22. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  23. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  24. "Well, doesn't that just inspire questions?" Detect Evil
  25. I'll ask some about the goblins. As I recall, they have existed peacefully around the town for a while. Has anything new happened that could explain their sudden hostility towards the town? Any weird or mysterious events happen lately?