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  1. Thank you for noticing! It was too easy and common to go with the usual grey or white hair. I wanted to break that mold and give them a slightly different look.
  2. I've been working on these two for a very long time. Well over a year I think. It's nice to finally get them off the paint table and into the display cabinet.
  3. These are stunning. The ladies face is fantastic.
  4. I rarely see this mini painted. I can't imagine why, it's a great sculpt. Anyway this is my version of Adowyn and Leryn.
  5. Your best work to date. I suppose that I could say that every time you post. Beautiful work!
  6. A pair of really fun Dwarfs to paint. The Ranger was particularly enjoyable. I think I need to try and paint dwarf hair something other than red. It always seems to be my go to colour when I paint them. I like that the red has a certain "pop" to it but it might be time to expand on my palette choices a little. Maybe next time...
  7. I wasn't confident enough to do it here. I haven't completely mastered the OSL technique yet so I'm very selective on where I use it. Next time...
  8. Another favourite of mine (to be honest I think all reaper miniatures are my favourite). The last time I painted this model I went with white armour. This time I thought I would see how black armour would turn out. I had to be careful not to make it too sinister looking so I off set the black with white ribbons and filigree. I like the result. Do you?
  9. Really nice attention to detail. I share your feelings on painting studded leather armour. It looks good in the end but it's still a pain to paint.
  10. Stunning piece! Well done!
  11. Thank you! Nothing very ground breaking about my metal technique. I use the Army Painter Warpaint Metals. I base with Gun Metal and work my way up to Shining Silver. My final edge highlight is Citadel Stormhost Silver. After that I start glazing Nuln Oil Gloss thinned 1:1 with P3 Mixing Medium. Thats it.
  12. These two bruisers were painted up to represent a pair of Half Orc Brothers. I've never been a big fan of artwork showing Half Orcs with very green skin. I needed make sure that the human side was visible. This meant a lot of glazing with lighter flesh tones over an Olive Drab base. I think it worked?
  13. He came out more than okay. This is fantastic.
  14. Beautiful colour choices. Well done!
  15. You're turning out some really great pieces lately. This one is particularly good.