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  1. Well... maybe next year? I dunno.
  2. John Fiala

    Traveller CCG Online Digital Edition Kickstarter Live!

    Well, I hope you're able to get things worked out, kristof65, but given that the kickstarter's at about 15% after two weeks, I don't think this is in danger of funding.
  3. You know, considering how many of these I'm likely to get from buying Christmas minis, I really appreciate that this is such a nice model.
  4. John Fiala

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    Well, I liked the fairy garlands, so I just dumped $80 on a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Yay Christmas!
  5. John Fiala

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    A great update. I'll be looking forward to February once the new year has passed.
  6. John Fiala

    HD Paint Sale

    Well, I emailed now. Apparently they've been emailing the wrong address, one that I don't use, and which isn't my address in the store. I don't know why. But amusingly they sent me the tracking number, and it's been delivered to my porch today. Happy Birthday to me, I guess.
  7. John Fiala

    Happy Birthday John Fiala

    Thank you. It's a bittersweet birthday, the first to come after my wife passed away last August. I'm finally older than my wife.
  8. John Fiala

    HD Paint Sale

    Nope. It hasn't really bothered me that much, and I just popped in here since folks were talking about problems with shipping. Is that something I should do?
  9. John Fiala

    HD Paint Sale

    Nope. Fedex from Lewisville.
  10. John Fiala

    HD Paint Sale

    Nah, nothing in spam. There's a bunch of emails from help in my mail, but nothing about orders since 2017. *shrug* I got a notice about a package being picked up for delivery in Texas, but it's hard to tell if that's Reaper or if that's some kickstarter I backed. (I've backed a lot of kickstarters.)
  11. John Fiala

    HD Paint Sale

    Hm. My order says "Order Filled" - but I don't see any notion of a tracking number anywhere, either on the site or in my inbox. :(
  12. I'll graciously let you send me an extra one so it doesn't clutter up your parlor. :)
  13. Hmm... sounds like we had an incursion from the land of Fairie a century or two ago in that area. :)
  14. Eh, swap out the sword for a mace or something similar, paint a holy symbol on the shield, and you've got a cleric. :)
  15. John Fiala

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    Oooh... so don't think of it as an extra bust, think of it as a future rebate on your pledge. :)