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  1. Yeah, I had fun going to my last one, but sadly with family issues I'm never able to make it, partially because it's a bit too far for me to easily get to. :(
  2. I remain fond of the movie. "If God had wanted us to fly, he wouldn't have taken away our wings!"
  3. Not sure if I'll make it, but I'll try to.
  4. Pre-launch

    It's so fluffy!
  5. Got some cool "Innsmouth Gold" from Campaign Coins in the mail last night - fun-looking Cthuloid coins. I'd gotten two sets as part of a discount/donation to Old Yoggie, who due to shipping and other shenanigans isn't getting the windfall from the Masks of Nyarlhotep Companion that they were expecting. (Also got that Companion book a month ago, and it looks like it would block weapons up to 1d8 of damage. :) There's something really hypnotic about fake coins. I got some from a subscription box, then I got a bunch of horror-black ones for use in boardgames as money, and now I've got these weird coins.
  6. Hold onto it - It's part of the 25th anniversary, so it may become collectible.
  7. Let's see. Saturday I hit the Denver Comic Con, picking up too much to really list. Some disney comics, some other stuff, a nifty laser-etched wooden picture of a stylized robot, two decks of cards, and more stuff. Lots of fun, very tiring. The folks who make the Clank! boardgame were there running demos in their booth, and I got in a couple games of that too. Yesterday I got my missing Reaper paints (from the kickstarter) in the mail, and the book for the ExSpelled kickstarter.
  8. Live

    Let's see... I'm getting Core + No Rest for the Wicked + Ultimate Survivors + Rat King / Swamp Trolls + Massive Darkness and some extra Fatty Bursters.
  9. Live

    Currently backing, but I hope there's more info about the system coming up.
  10. Live

    Oh? How old are your kids? My daughter's coming up on 6, which is probably too young for ZBP, but on the other hand, she's started to read everything she can see.
  11. Live

    Well, I've been enjoying the last few stretch goals and add-ons, myself. Looking forward to see what's going on next.
  12. So, from Chaosium, I've got a new copy of the "Two-Headed Serpent" campaign, and from Noble Knight I got a copy of the OVA 2nd edition rpg, which also got me the Runequest Free RPG day book and the Pathfinder Adventure Goblin cards.
  13. Live

    As a backer, you get one set of the Fatty Bursters for free. Additional sets are only $10 each.
  14. Oh, yeah. We've got a big trip scheduled to celebrate... NEXT YEAR. This year, we're going to just relax and take it easy.
  15. Today is my wife's 100th day of recovery from her Bone Marrow Transplant. She is allowed to drive a car again. She no longer needs to be babysat every minute of every day. She's still recovering - still has at least 2 doctor's visits a week, still is very week and taking a huge number of pills, etc - but everything's looking good, minus a small blood clot in her neck that her doctors are keeping an eye on.