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  1. Live

    So, they clear out slow-moving Munchkin expansions and accessories, and get to keep more of the profit from each one by not going through a distributor and store. It's a good idea for SJG, but I'm not interested in one myself.
  2. Live

    Glad to get everyone's feedback on this. I've been seeing them build up on boardgamegeek, but I've got a Masterson's pallette and I honestly don't think I need a second one, although of course things on Kickstarter always look more shiny.
  3. Yeah - that was a lucky thing. TEG only had the one Unicorn over in the pre-primed D&D section, and it's nice and big so it's easier for her to paint. Next time I really need to work on pre-priming what she wants to paint, I think some of that was her problem with the other figure, but she pulled that out an hour before we went to the store. (I thought she was going to paint these mermaids from Bones 2.)
  4. completed

    Just played a quick solo game. Interesting - a couple tight moments, but mostly it was easy enough. Then again, you don't want to bloody everyone's nose during the tutorial. I may see if I can get my daughter to play. Someone did up a character card for the unicorn, which she would have fun playing, I think.
  5. Live

    Yeah, I dunno. It all looks nice, but then the pricing seems to build up pretty quickly.
  6. It was nice to see everyone at the store! I didn't get a lot painted, but it was nice to see folks, and Rose did quite a nice job on her Unicorn, considering she hasn't really painted much this small before now.
  7. Yeah, you didn't miss much on the third, there. The first two really are all you need.
  8. completed

    I finally got mine on Saturday, which was cool! I've been too busy to do more than read through the rulebook, but oh... well. Hopefully I'll get to play it soon. I didn't really get a lot of add-ons (Ratlings, extra dice, Zombicide crossover pack) but it's still a *lot* of plastic to look though. Wow.
  9. So, here's one I tripped over on Kickstarter: Basically, someone's doing miniatures... which didn't really grab me, until I saw the one for Edgar Allen Poe. I'm from Baltimore, so I have to get that one. And there's an HP Lovecraft, and some other cool stuff. What do others think?
  10. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Seriously, I hope I'll be able to show up. I don't know if I'll be able to - wife's still in the hospital.
  11. Funded

    I'm happy with this go-round. Lots of fun things to be interested in, and I was able to buy in for more. Yay retail therapy!
  12. Funded

    HELLOoooooo Sophie-nurse! I was wondering if she would show up.
  13. Funded

    Wow, those are some cool figures in the fan favorites. I wasn't sold on the first serving, but with these three together I went in. And Nyarlhotep. And Silver Dragon... And... well. That's rather a lot of money now.
  14. Funded

    You know, it doesn't have to be your *own* kidney... :)
  15. Funded

    Man, that's a pretty sweet looking model, but I don't see a need for it. That said, I'm considering doubling up on the ghost pirates.