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  1. John Fiala

    Munchkin Dungeon by CMON

    Let's see... the "Board Silly" one. It features such figures as the "Shrieking Geek", the "Orc Board Game Reviewer", and the "Comment Troll". I skipped it.
  2. John Fiala

    Munchkin Dungeon by CMON

    I think part of it is also that Munchkin has a lot of popularity that you don't see in geek circles. So, as SJGames and others publicized the kickstarter, more than the 'usual suspects' signed up for the game. But who knows? I backed for everything but the weird board game expansion - that one just felt mean to me - and I'm looking forward to playing it with my daughter. Especially with the Gazebo.
  3. Nothing else I write this month will be as good as "I'm not up for the intellectual rigor of Venom." And the sad thing is that it's true.
  4. This is why I watch a bunch of silly anime these days. I'm not up for the intellectual rigor of Venom, but I'm happy to enjoy watching a silly vampire girl who looks like she's 14 and her human stalker/roommate.
  5. John Fiala

    Munchkin Dungeon by CMON

    And now we're properly finishing off the campaign with a Gazebo as a final big stretch goal. Personally, I expect an easy stretch after the Gazebo for a pretty box for the stretch goal items, but we'll see.
  6. Well, got back from Battle Angel Alita, which I really enjoyed. Admittedly I've been a fan of the story since it was first translated into English in the early 90's, but I thought they did a fantastic job, and the CG of her body was a bit mind-blowing. Definitely not something to show my young daughter yet, so much thanks to my friend for taking her to see Xanadu. (Not quite the movie - it's a stage production.)
  7. Well, just got back from Ralph Breaks the Internet - we all had a great time, enjoying the movie and the two post-credits sequences. I can't wait to get a copy and watch it for more in-jokes that I must have missed.
  8. Amusingly, watched Small Foot last night - my daughter (7) had wanted to rent it from a redbox, and we finally got around to seeing it. I wasn't really _watching_ it, mind, but I paid it half a mind while it went down. Although it wasn't terribly original, it seemed well acted and less cutesy than I'd expected it to be. I'm not upset that we rented it. Looks like we're going to go see the Wreckit Ralph sequel this weekend with friends. Daughter has already seen it once, but I haven't seen it and look forward to it. Also, daughter is being taken to see a stage production of Xanadu, so I'm going to have some spare time to go see Alita myself. Woo! Two movies in one weekend, it's like being on vacation. :) That said, my daughter's going out east to visit family at the end of March, and I'm looking forward to splurging on movies, both in theaters and on disk. Sure, I can watch when she gets to sleep in theory, but often I'm just too tired to bother.
  9. John Fiala

    Munchkin Dungeon by CMON

    With some of the silly expansions that have been set up for this game, I almost wish I'd gotten those dice-shaped miniatures to make an unofficial expansion with.
  10. John Fiala

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    Well, I haven't noticed it updating, and as it happens I live and work in the middle of Denver, so my cell phone is always live. But that does sound like a pain. One thing that does annoy me is the WW Connect social media thing. You can write new posts on your phone, but you can't update it from the website, which really annoys me.
  11. John Fiala

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    Weight Watchers is continuing to do me good - my last weigh-in was 345.2 pounds, which is a significant loss from December, where my doctor weighed me at 360. I'm really liking how they help me to manage my eating, and the app that they provide has made the program much easier to follow than it was the last time I followed it.
  12. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on the shoals of fatherhood. Rose has roller skating lessons first thing in the morning, and then I've got Weight Watchers and then, well, there's so much to get done around the house cleaning out Tammy's things. Hopefully I'll be able to join in later this year.
  13. John Fiala

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    "No, it was your turn to bring the gift to the wedding. I brought the gift to the Masterson's wedding." "Yes, and then I brought the gift to the Jones affair!" "That wasn't a wedding! They were just getting engaged!" "It still counts!" "Hold still and I'll show you what still counts!" Dragons may mate for life, but that's not as permanent as you might think...
  14. John Fiala

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well, it's February, so now I can be excited about getting the kickstarter rewards 'next month'. :)
  15. John Fiala

    WAREHOUSE FIND - ReaperCon 2018 Sophies!

    You could put the wings on, paint them weird colors, and say she's a cosplayer! For some reason, I thought she'd be larger.