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  1. I backed for the pulse fate dice, which I'd originally tried to purchase years ago, but that kickstarter never delivered.
  2. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    One of us, one of us!
  3. To be honest, I don't know yet. I haven't read the book that I can remember, which is a shame, because it sounds like it'd have been right up my alley. But as a movie, I liked it.
  4. I went to go see "The House with a Clock in its Walls", both to get some time alone and to check and see if my daughter was old enough to see it. She's not old enough, but I had a great time watching this movie. Some nicely creepy bits, and some fun character bits as well.
  5. John Fiala

    What's on TV?

    My daughter and I have started watching a new show on Netflix called "Hilda". It's about an adventurous girl in her early teens (or so) who lives in a fantastic world that still has science. There's Trolls and TV, Elves and cars... all sorts. It's apparently based on a children's book, but we haven't heard of it before. But the show itself is really well done, and it yanks her attention off of her ipad when I stream it to the TV. :)
  6. Recently watched two movies - 'Ready Player One' and 'Avengers: Infinity War' that I'd been kept from seeing. Ready Player One was a little extra bittersweet, since it was a movie my wife and I had wanted to see, but it just hadn't been possible - I found it on DVD after she'd passed away. I liked it well enough, but the central message of spending time with people and being close with those you love being important had extra weight now that Tammy's gone. Avengers was... wow. Very intense. Was expecting some of what I saw from what I'd seen of accidental spoilers, but on the whole was surprised by where the film went. Tammy wasn't a fan of superhero films in general, and this one in particular I'd have doubted she'd like anyway.
  7. John Fiala

    Alea Tools : Color Mix Magnetic Status Markers!

    These are nice, but I've got so many of their existing discs I don't need any more. :)
  8. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Pledge manager showed up in my mailbox recently, but I didn't notice until today. About $20 in shipping, but I didn't get the big kahuna statue.
  9. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    I'm pretty happy with my $175 pledge so far - that's both of the significant add-ons added in. It kind of feels like there should be more add-ons on this project, maybe we'll see one soon. I'm still uncertain about getting another set of the dice.
  10. John Fiala

    John Paints Chibis

    Well, it's been a bit, but I've got all five of the figures painted! And also Yay! All five painted. I just need to finish up bases, touch up here and there, and make them read for boardgame use. Sure, there's things I could have done better, but they look pretty good to the naked (non-camera) eye. Next project I have is to paint up the main heroes for my Zombicide: Black Plague set. I've got Samson pretty much done, but there's five more to go there.
  11. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    You can come to Denver and paint mine! :)
  12. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    No, Hastur's part of the base game as far as I can see. I doubt he'll be in a separate box.
  13. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    No, there still is an unlimited $250 R'lyeh Rising pledge... there's over 2000 people backing it so far. And the kickstarter's raised more than a million dollars.
  14. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    I'm in for the $100 level, but I'm not interested in the baby-sized expansion. I mean, what am I going to do, set up a crib to store the game in? "Oh, you have a baby? What's their name?" "Dread Cthulhu. Shhh... don't wake him."
  15. John Fiala

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Really, the paint job on the baby's clothes are really astonishing, although I think some of the shadows and the general feel for the baby's hair aren't quite right - it feels like there's barely any hair at all. I think the painter should try returning to that area and giving it another pass.