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  1. Live

    I disagree. If I hadn't seen that, I'd be more willing to wait for the game to come up through the distribution system and pick it up later at Wizard's Chest or Black and Read. I understand stores not being able to give discounts as online stores do, but I stop hard on having to pay a penalty to buy it from a local store.
  2. Live

    Well, if my FLGS hadn't put their one copy up at $200 with a random draw as to who would be 'allowed' to buy it at such a high price, I might not have backed the kickstarter.
  3. Yay anime! Recently saw 'Your Name.' in the theater - had a great time. I keep hoping my wife will get well enough to come see it while it's still in theaters.
  4. Live

    Rat Snake! Also, now I can load in a nice copy of The Chained Coffin. As a fan of Manly Wade Wellman, I've been really wanting this.
  5. Last night watched the Studio Ghibli production of "When Marnie was There". Unannounced, a band of ninjas snuck into the room at the end and started slicing onions. Wow.
  6. And... looks like I won't make it. My in-laws have asked for the day off, and so I need to stay home with my wife. She's doing great, but according to the doctor, can't leave her alone. *shrug* Catch you next month.
  7. Planning on showing up and seeing everyone there!
  8. Delayed

    That was my point when I grumbled about Relic Knights. Oi. Happily, at least Relic Knights Rail Raiders looks like it'll arrive this year. (sorry, typed in wrong project.)
  9. Live

    Given that my local game store was offering a random chance to buy a copy of the game for $199, the game itself is a bit of kickstarter exclusive. :)
  10. Live

    I can't ask for much more.
  11. Live

    I'm not sure copying updates to this forum is really needed.
  12. Live

    You're right, it does. My understanding is that cards get replaced to improve characters, not removed, but I haven't played the game yet.
  13. Live

    I don't think stickers get applied to cards, but I could be wrong.
  14. Live

    The idea of one or limited use games is a relatively new, and somewhat controversial one, but there's plenty of other entertainment that we enjoy once and move on - nice meals, fireworks, jigsaw puzzles ... indeed, the first time you read (or watch) a mystery novel is very different from the second time, as the second time you already know the solution and go in to see how it comes together. (Or not - apparently there's folks who buy books and only ever read them once. It's not something i get. :) They're not legacy games, but the 'Time Story' boardgames are all mysteries that a group pours over to solve, and once played there's not much use playing them again... which I suppose is also true of the old 'How to Host a Murder' games.
  15. Live

    Well, I haven't played a lot. And I understand that unlike other Legacy games, it's quite possible to just keep track of changes to the game state and re-set back, unlike other games that may require you to tear up cards or change the board. The basic idea of a Legacy game is that it's a campaign where previous actions on the game directly influence future actions, and future events in the game. This is a good fit for a campaign-based fantasy game like Gloomhaven. You may well think, 'well, what if I want to run it again', but my understanding is that there's many many hours of enjoyment in a given campaign to the point where once you're done, you may well be tired of the game. :) This is reflected in Gloomhaven by the fact that there are hidden characters that you don't start out knowing about - he's even blurred artwork for the standees in the kickstarter - as well as upcoming adventures that no doubt are hidden. Also, as part of the game you adjust your character's action and other decks, and mark the board to indicate which adventures you've completed. I'm not an expert on Gloomhaven - a lot of this is things that I've picked up on while listening about it. More true legacy games are games like Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy, where you may well destroy a section of the board due to a biological outbreak of some kind - but with my family's health problems, I haven't tried playing any of those. So, in short, if you're careful about keeping track of things, you can play it again, I think.