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  1. Its there...just over the horizon! :) HEY! Let's start of Thursday with a little preview of something that lurking right around the corner! CAV Kickstarter III is LIVE, so come give us a hand in bringing more of these exciting figures to "life!" https://www.kickstarter.com/…/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii Ghost-Turntable.mp4
  2. BTW I will be on FB Live today at 2 pm CST and 7pm CST tonight for around an hour each to try and answer questions or at least tell stupid jokes.
  3. Forward...they are actually indirect rockets.
  4. CAV KICKSTARTER III... with less than 24 hours to go until we kick this show off, I wanted to share another preview with you, but first a little back-story on how this one came about. With two kickstarters already under our belt and over 80 models produced so far, we have learned a lot on how to produce these type of plastic figures, both in terms of designing them on our side and working with our manfacturer to better understand how they do things. I'm proud of the figures we have done so far. They are well-detailed, paint up easy and are relatively damage resistant for a pretty good price. At every show I get people that would have never looked at a big, stompy robot till now (and lots and lots of kids, which our hobby needs to continue in the future). I know not everyone was as wild about their "softer" composition but for a table-top figure they worked great. I think when you see the video Im putting together of our latest effort, material wise, you will be impressed. With that being said, there is the Terran Tsuiseki from KS 1. It just has had a bad time with being so easily "squashed" during production and the time spent to "boil" it straight just plain sucks! I also hear over and over from our CAV players and other customers who use the figures for other games they want to see more aircraft. Not a lot of choice out there for larger 10mm scaled sci-fi aircraft it would seem. So, in an effort to correct both problems we are hoping to offer more aircraft for all seven factions during this KS with your support. One of these is the all-new, updated design for the Tsuiseki II! I hope you love it as much as I do...best, CB. Tsuiseki_II-Test.mp4
  5. We will be offering the rulebook as an add-on through the Pledge Manager without limiting it through the offered pledge levels at this point unless we just run out of them. There is an special pledge level, but it will offer other exclusive rewards to those backers.
  6. CAV Kickstarter III... we are less than 48 hours away from the kick-off on the 19th at 12 noon CST! We hope you are as excited as we are for all the really cool stretch goals we have planned for you! Every level has been designed to add new models to the Core Force reward, so the more we grow, the more rewards for our backers! This should be our biggest and best kickstarter ever so a big thank you for all of your support so far! I plan on doing a live FB broadcast on Wed at 2pm and 7pm CST to answer any questions you may have (or more likely, to just drone on endlessly)! Each session should last around one hour. And finally, I will just throw this picture out there! :) CB
  7. No...once a figure has been released to the retail market we will not be going back and adding those to future projects.
  8. As friendly as it can be shipping out of the UK next year as all we can do at the moment is plan on what the situation is right now. We will evaluate what changes can be made at the time of final shipment if needed.
  9. 12 noon cst!
  10. CAV KICKSTARTER PREVIEW! Well here we are under the one week wire so its time for a new preview. Today we highlight the updated Templar Crusader. A Large Chassis Attack CAV with EST, the Crusader is the perfect addition to any squad set up to dominate the battlefield! The Crusader is a CORE SET reward and can be yours for backing the Kickstarter on Sept 19th! Blue Crusader painted by Chandler Scott! Crusader-Turntable.mp4
  11. You may of heard mention that we are planning on several terrain objects for the upcoming KS. I wanted to show off a favorite of mine, a recovery vehicle for damaged CAVs and vehicles. The trailer on the model is over 2" long so you can see its a pretty sizable model. This is one I really hope we get far enough to open up for everyone! RECOVERYVEH.mp4
  12. Dont be so quick to dismiss. It might surprise you price wise! So James Wappel has decided to post up his adventures in painting during CAV-Con of the Broadsword dropship with a cute bugger showing up at the end! https://wappellious.blogspot.com/2018/09/reapercon-2018-painting-beast.html?m=1
  13. OK, Its time for another Talon Games CAV Kickstarter 3 preview! Today we are showing off the updated Templar Sovereign III Fire Support CAV. Painted by Ross Hines and sculpted by Chris Lewis, this medium chassis model is a great for any ranged attack group! The Sovereign III is part of the Core Force Set and can be yours as a backer starting Sept 19th! Sovereign-III-Turntable.mp4
  14. Not through this kickstarter.
  15. They are coming! We got slammed for Darts today and I had to go cast more!