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    To bad its not the right "look" for CAV but it gives me ideas!!! ;)
  2. I would love too but that extra is already going towards the terrain I added without making it a SG.

    The United Terran Federation

    Corsair, this is an older thing left over from 1st and 2nd edition of CAV. You can certainly build that legion, but it might get used as well (number wise) in the current game. We will be listing a more complete list so that people can work around our plans ASAP.

    Terran force input, thanks

    I would suggest a Talon in every squad.

    Grom's Treatise on Rach Wafare

    Great article! Couple of points I would add as explanation. 1. As noted all doctrines do not always work for whatever model you throw in there. Its part of how you need to choose what works right for what you are attempting to accomplish. 2. The Rach have used the rockets and gm more as a harassment factor or to damage wounded or lightly armored models. They will be getting some more help though with new variants for existing models and some new designs. We didn't do as many in KS1 and will work to rectify that. Open models will also help for that. Did you know the Rach can use a Simba? :) 3. All factions will be getting some new faction doctrines down the road to add to their choices. 4. Also Armor and weapon damage potential is pre-figured into the close-combat or EVERY model. So its there, just not as overt!

    N scale railroad vehicles at Target

    I will check these out.

    Buying CAV stuff in europe

    What she said!!! :)

    The Greater Empire of the Rach

    You need a Kahn in there for sure.

    ECM vs. Jamming question

    If the model is currently using ECM/APA and you jam it the effect is removed. On that models next activation it can activate again. If it is not using ECM/APA it will remain jammed until the end of its next activation. Think of it as two sides of the same coin... if its already going, the unit has made the necessary motions to allow the effect to be successful. By blocking it you are trying to over-power them and shut it down. If its not going yet, you are making him work hard to figure out how to get it up and going, making him power up and get through you.

    ECM vs. Jamming question

    If the Warden jams you it is gone until your next activation and you use it again, regardless if you kill it. Its an abstract way to keep the game moving in the actual amount of "game time" that is passing.

    10/30/18 Battle Report: Texas Toy Soldier, Carrollton TX

    Though I find it hard to believe with a +5 to salvo fire you can bust bigger armor on average rolls.
  12. Well half of it at retail will be at least $50 so figure that into your thought process :)
  13. Yes, the PM will be open at least till March.
  14. AND just so I can say it over and over, shipping will be added and charged when we are ready for fulfillment. As we get closer I will make sure and update you on how that will work. CB
  15. Pledge Manager is NOW LIVE!!!