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  1. J-- Per the current errata we have removed Bulky from consideration when determining squad size. It only counts for transportation purposes going forward. The current version of the software program has already been updated with this change. As a result you only have to have 4-6 actual models in the squad. So you could have 6 bulky models in one squad should you so choose.
  2. The metal figures have been discontinued at this time. Sorry.
  3. J- I will have the program designer check to make sure its adding correctly but as Club mentioned a 3000 TVP battle would allow you a 2700 point force group, with 600 point of specialization with an additional 300 points of flexible spending if you decided to go that way. The flexible spending in on p 42, the first paragraph under the battlefield bullet list. On a side note has anyone found this amount to be too little or too much as they design a force group? If so, either way, please let me know why. These points are design to simulate a force group that been out in the field for awhile allowing for more experience and access to equipment, upgrades or just tinkering around but not at the expense of making every model overly superior.
  4. J- That is correct.
  5. The color cards are on the website at under downloads but they are down at the moment while I worked on the site. They should be up by the end of the week again.
  6. J-- On the colored data cards they use the symbols as detailed on p. 37 of the core rule book. On the b&w cards from the CP program their role is stated on the card. You can check out the two cruise missile launchers off the last KS package.
  7. Pictures... or it didn't happen! :)
  8. Just a note on this year's contest... Talon Games will be sponsoring awards for CAV themed entries in the following categories: Best CAV Single Figure Best CAV Squad (min four models) Best CAV Diorama Winners will each receive one our all-new and very "coveted" ;) Golden CAV Trophies (new cooler sounding name to come later!) and a 32mm resin model kit Dictator B!
  9. Yes you can still play with the metal minis! The game is alive and well with even more new stuff in the pipe. As for Phoenix, I know that someone is planning to start demoing the game at Imperial Outpost Games so you might check in there with Darren for a schedule. You can also follow along at:
  10. I have a few and they really add to a game. Great job on 66s, though I might of saved the metal ones for play and used plastic CAVs :)
  11. There are still a few white ones floating around that I use for demos and paint and takes so you "might" of seen those at ReaperCon last year. The gray that you received is the color the production ones are in.
  12. Double, In CAV most units are equipped with Adaptive Thermal Camo that effectively mimics the surrounding environment, changing as the model moves from one area to the next. This same system allows the model to program its "skin" to whatever it wishes to display, which is helpful when displaying their unit paint schemes. SO you can really use whatever you wish. With that being said the "house" paint schemes used by the Terrans has a lot of Greens, browns and such like you see with most modern earth militaries today. We are working on putting up "official" paint schemes for those units that have so far been detailed in the universe. As far as numbers and logos yes those would work well on the minis.
  13. CAV: Strike Operations (A list of posted models) 72203 Razor 72208 Ritterlich Cougar 72235 Terran Dingo 72221 Terran Katana Terran Ryoshi Terran Simba and more! Misc Terran CAVs Misc Terran CAVs Misc Terran CAVs, Aircraft and Vehicles Misc Terran CAVs and Vehicles Misc Terran CAVs and Vehicles Misc Rach CAVs, Aircraft, and Vehicles Ritterlich Rhino Rach vs. Terran Terran Katana plus friends! Terran Naginata Rach Kraken B Terran Wolf Rach Kraken Terran Tsukai Terran Tsuiseki Terran Tsukai Terran Ashigaru Terran Ryoshi Terran Dingo Terran Tsukai Terran Talon & Raptor Terran Dingo Ritterlich Force Terran Wolves
  14. As Watchman noted there are several CAV focused paint jobs in the "Show Off" section. The forum mods have requested we post actual painted figures in that section only. Discussing paint schemes and such would be best in the CAV general section and be fine there. Ive also started to sort the pictures into a single post...
  15. Greetings All! Since the release of the new rule-set last year I know I have talked a bit here and there about COG and getting support to those people wishing to run demos and such. The main reason I havent advanced any farther on it is Ive been trying to put a program together that will get the job done and allow players to feel their efforts are appreciated and awarded correctly. Ive looked at other programs out there and haven't seen what I think is required. So I'm asking for your input. What would make you want to be part of this type of program and get out there to support the game at conventions and your local stores. What do you need from me to be successful and remain engaged over time? Any input would be much appreciated!