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  1. WE ARE LIVE... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/272456130/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii
  2. A little of both I think.
  3. Make them about 3 times bigger and they might work!
  4. Yes.
  5. CAV KICKSTARTER III UPDATE: Terrain Expansion Set As we march into the final three days of the KS, I wanted to cap off the campaign with something spectacular (at least in my opinion)... So, with that in mind, I give you the Terrain Expansion Set! Containing over 100 model pieces, the Terrain Expansion Set provides a wide array of unique pieces to use across the battlefield. While designed with CAV in mind (and in 10mm scale), the Terrain Expansion Set can be used for a variety of games and scales!!!
  6. I think that if you have backed in the past and are looking for models to use for other games or just generic stuff, then yes I doubt you need 50+ more CAVs with the hundred+ you already have. For players, both old and new, there is still plenty here to interest you. Mechs are a niche of a niche and we just need to get the word out to people who haven't seen this yet and it's hard within the confines of what's available to do that with a smaller company/campaign. I'm proud of where we have gotten so far, there are very few non-board game sci-fi KS's that get above $10k let alone $40k.
  7. CAV KICKSTARTER III UPDATE! While I know its Taco Tuesday, you will just have to settle for me unlocking the next stretch goal early! I know we are only half way there but I have faith we will blow through it on our way to even more models! That brings the Core Fore Rewards up to 52 models for only $100 (that's less than $2 a model)! So please let the positive energy flow and share the news far and wide!!! Thank you for your support! CB https://www.kickstarter.com/…/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii
  8. Those rates are based on what a core set shipped for last KS. Smaller orders will have smaller shipping.
  9. CAV KICKSTARTER 3 UPDATE! With a little over a week left, the Core Force Reward (available with only a $100 pledge) now has 48 models in it (that's a retail value of almost $300). We are almost to the less than $2 a model level and have plenty of stretch goals to add even more. Each stretch goal ADDS 4 more models to the core force and opens up a new vehicle model as an optional reward add-on.So check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cavboss/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii

    Basing your models in CAV

    No sorry needed for display, etc I love nice bases, but I just don't like them getting in the way during play.

    Basing your models in CAV

    Here is CAVBOSS BASING PHILOSOPHY 101 (and a primer in CAV posing): OK, and just for the record this is worth what your paying for it! ;) I hate bases for miniatures game. They are a necessary evil for various reasons but I keep them small so they don't get in the way. With plastic figures you can cut off what we put on there and base them however your little heart desires. I went with hex bases because other mech games use them...simple as that. If that helps sell these figures to players that use them for whatever game they play then its a win/win! Posing: Why don't you use more dynamic posing? Well one reason goes back to base size, sometimes we cant get to crazy to keep the darn thing from falling over. The main reason though, is for every person that asks me for a dynamic pose, I get two that say don't. They want to pose it their way or don't like what we come up with. Case in point is the Wight from KS 1. I love how that thing is running but you can't believe the number of people who have told me how they hate it for this reason or that. Since most models have various pieces and the plastic is easy to work with, sometimes its just easier to leave it standing and go with it.
  12. We have (and will continue to) considered many possible future variations on what we can do next time. Every project allows us to find out what works and what doesn't. We tried a wider spread of stretch goals to appeal to a wider audience and apparently we haven't found the right mix yet... but as it sits right now we have 13 new models we will be adding to production and ultimately that's what these are about...adding new models to play with and if that's where it ends u, then I'm ok with that. We can't have two competing SGs at the end as they would just wipe each other out. I chose what I think we could reasonably expect to do. The Pillager as it sits now is about 59mm, so about 4 mm taller than the Enforcer (that is sans base). That may change for final production (a tad smaller but not any bigger).
  13. IF KS would let us, I would kick the dropship off into it's own right now but they don't. So we have to work on this one and get as many models as possible opened up. The ultimate goal is and remains ADDING new models we can play with game wise. I decided trying to force one at the expense of the other at the end wasn't not going to work, no matter how we set it up. To reinforce that point, I put my money where my "mouth" is and paid for the Pillager.
  14. Unofficial CAV:Strike Operations Force Builder July 20, 2018 Combat Assault Vehicle, News from the Dark Horse After speaking with Jon at Talon Games, we were given permission to create the Unofficial CAV:SO Force Builder 3.x. We used our version of the Warlord 2E Army Creator as the basis for building this new tool. We will be taking this opportunity to improve upon the user interface and the data card output as well as some of the functionality during its development. Work continues as time permits on adding new features that folks have expressed interest in on the Reaper Forums, where those features make sense and don’t require lots of resources to code. This tool is being offered on one of our sister domains for free, along with additional game materials we hope you will find of value, including house rules and the official convention scenarios that were published during the first few years after the game release. The new unofficial CAV-Strike Operations Force Builder 3.0.1 will soon be available at the Unofficial CAV:SO Force Builder. As of this writing there are still a large number of model images and datacards that need to be completed and uploaded, but the tool will produce any roster that the older tool could do with a few enhancements. FEATURES: 1) The builder page (and all other pages) may be zoomed in your browser without destroying the page layout. 2) A Roster Name may be added for every army build. 3) Squad names can be used for each squad section (or you can leave empty for the default). 4) Game Points have been added and are optional. 5) Number of Squads per Row can be configured for the output. (The default of 4 fills the page better.) 6) Faction Doctrines have been added along with a display of each doctrine in the datacard window using the datacard format. 7) Models and Equipment within any given squad may be re-ordered within that squad via drag-n-drop with your mouse (however this does not work with touch devices). 8) A “mini” instructions block was added as a footer to the squad build area/column with a couple of basic as a reminder for new players. 9) Army Creator 2.0.1 can be “skinned” with a color theme – though the ability for the user to change the color theme has not been implemented, maybe in a future update. The Roster Output (Printout) now contains the following additions/enhancements: 1) Roster Name (optional – faction name is used if no roster name is supplied). 2) The full Faction Doctrine (if selected) is included as a section on the 1st Roster Page just below the troop roster. The Support Site currently provides: 1) A datacard spreadsheet with a quick-overview of model stats. 2) All current official errata for the CAV:Strike Operations Edition. 3) Reference Pages for gameplay, such as Model States, Upgrades and Equipment, and Special Abilities, with more game reference material to come. (Note: You will ALWAYS need the rulebook to play the game.) Also included are Campaigns, Scenarios, and Free Download materials along with other useful information to help you recruit new players and just plain have more fun! These Library Materials will be added to or expanded as time, and submissions, permit. Please report any data discrepancies or functional issues to the Dark Horse inbox in the reapermini forum – thanks! Also, we would like to extend a Thank You to the folks at Talon Games for granting permission to use all of the data and materials necessary to build this tool. *** I am posting this over here from Dark Horse Hobbies so people can start looking it over and providing feed back. I know its a tool a lot of people have asked for and I'm glad they have been working on it. CB
  15. 2018 CAV Secret Santa exchange questionnaire

    • Mailing Information

      • [Your Name] JON WALKER

      • [Your Full Address] PO BOX 849, EL DORADO KS 67042

    • Miniature Information

      • [A list of models that you would like to receive in the SS exchange.] SOMETHING FROM KS2

      • [Desired paint scheme and basing - please be specific. Don’t say '...anything will do...'. Help your painter out] I PREFER MILITARY BASED PAINT SCHEMES.

    • Personal Information

      • Are you willing to ship internationally? YES

      • Are you open to communication with your painter? YES


    KS2 models? Where to buy?

    Just put a dot/period in the middle of our name with no spaces in your browser and you will be fine!
  17. I use a strainer that fits right into my "boiling" pot. I leave them in there for a couple of minutes to make sure the ehat gets good and "deep." I pull the strainer out, grab the figure and put in the shape I want and then immerse in room temp water and hold for a good bit of time to let it cool down.
  18. No expertise here. I'm learning as I go! :) If I make a mistake...just don't it again is my mantra.
  19. Well, we had several levels of terrain and aircraft planned for and we had the starting ones a little further along since they were going to add a significant amount to each stretch goal they were part of. The thinking was if the levels were going by faster, the extra wouldn't be as bad at that point. If the levels are going fast, yes you can stretch the dollar amount but if not, you need that level to pay for that mold/models. -- Well that technically how it is, just not broken down that far. If there are 4 models in the next stretch goal and its $10k to reach, you are technically hitting a model every $2500. But, it gets unmanageable quick trying to plot dozens of stretch levels.
  20. It removed nothing of value. We were $52k away from opening the beginnings of those expansions. They were not as popular as I had hoped to drive up the overall funding in the early part of the campaign. I made the call to focus the remainder of the campaign on what I thought we could obtain realistically going forward. We will still do them, but as separate projects that I think we can get everything planned for them on the "table." As to being worried about what else gets cut, there is nothing to cut. We have CAVs, vehicles, and the dropship. As long as we keep hitting pledge levels we will keep adding them. And yes, we do not have distribution in Canada yet. To be honest, the run up to this KS got in the way to get that finished up. Right after we are done this month we will finalize our distribution point in Canada and add that to our online store. Reaper will also begin listing product, as they ship internationally. EU and AU distribution will follow soon after. I get it your mad/upset/disappointed/etc but I made the call for the greater benefit of the backers and I hope at some point you can except it at face value as to what it was/is.
  21. I'm sorry. We hoped that adding these type of items would generate higher interest, but we haven't seen the crossover traffic to justify the funding goals to this point by leaving them in there. By removing them before they are reached, it allows us to focus on the CAVs and vehicles for now rather then add a few pieces that would be better served in a campaign focused just on them. The feedback so far has been more CAVs and vehicles, so that's what we are giving our backers going forward.
  22. I understand your disappointment, but take a second and consider what you said vs realistic expectations. Getting one or two levels of either expansion does not help this KS overall and doesn't affect its overall value for your pledge. The Core Set remains the same and by decreasing the pledge levels, gives it a chance to add more models with no extra cost to the backer. We will come back later and focus on those expansions to give them a chance to get everything out there. Cutting them out is not an effort to get people to pledge more, it's an effort to get as many models as feasible within the overall funds that are pledged. We will not "axe" anything else.
  23. I thought it has a '50s Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers vibe to it. I really like how it turned out for a out of the box look.
  24. The Construction Program went to a major update to clean up some code as well as adding data cards for every model currently available in game and a few more to boot (I even put the Scorpion in there for you :). CAV:SO Construction Program Updated 3/29/2016 The Force Manager is also now available for beta testing on windows based machines. So if you are able, please give it a spin. The FM zip contains the latest CP as well. CAV:SO Force Manager Updated 3/29/2016 If you have any questions on its operation (either program), find a bug, find a model we missed, etc. please submit an email to: bugstomper(at)talon-games(dot)com The following file compiles all of the data cards from the CAV CP and puts them in one master PDF file. Data Cards I have also updated the model list and removed all the color coding so people could stop worrying about what it all meant. MODELLIST.pdf