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  1. Have no fear, we are very aware this is the "first" CAV tourney and will make sure everyone has a good time, regardless of skill level. Ms Sue-Ellen will also be set up with a computer to check and print out any force list or cards someone may need Friday night.
  2. That's great to hear! I cant wait to see your entry.
  3. For more information on the CAV-CON events at this year's ReaperCon, including tournament rules, make sure to check out !
  4. New version of CAVCP posted that should address the reported bug from above...CAVFMv1122
  5. You can enter your work on Friday so it shouldn't be a problem.
  6. I will have it checked out. Thank you.
  7. The Construction Program went to a major update to clean up some code as well as adding data cards for every model currently available in game and a few more to boot (I even put the Scorpion in there for you :). CAV:SO Construction Program Updated 3/29/2016 The Force Manager is also now available for beta testing on windows based machines. So if you are able, please give it a spin. The FM zip contains the latest CP as well. CAV:SO Force Manager Updated 3/29/2016 If you have any questions on its operation (either program), find a bug, find a model we missed, etc. please submit an email to: bugstomper(at)talon-games(dot)com The following file compiles all of the data cards from the CAV CP and puts them in one master PDF file. Data Cards I have also updated the model list and removed all the color coding so people could stop worrying about what it all meant. MODELLIST.pdf
  8. Yes it would use the combat action if part of an attack or still use the special action to use it by itself. I'm always happy to answer a question and look forward to seeing you at the show.
  9. J- That may be a bug with the software. PA Infantry should be able to use panzerfaust and mortar. Any restriction or availability that refers to "infantry only" applies to all infantry. I will check on the SA: Fist thing as well. Carl, Its light on damage potential and armor so MACs and GMs to pound him out and some anti-aircraft to shoot down the aircraft and cruise missiles. Light CAVs and fast vehicles are great to take out PA.
  10. TAG is the poor man's answer to ECM and with the change to guided missiles allows you to use a guided missile without needing to spend an extra action for target-lock. So to answer your questions... Using TAG no longer requires an action point to use and is included as part of the direct-fire combat action (it is all basically a low level laser). So lets say you want to fire the GM along with your MACs but only have the one action point. You declare it as part of your combat and its automatic as long as you have a direct LoS to the target, allowing you to fire any GM(s) you may have. NOTE: TAG does not allow the addition of any targeting-computer bonuses, that may only be used with the target-lock action. TAG cannot be blocked expect with smoke and losing LoS. Question 1. Does the TAG confer a Target Lock? No, it only allows you to fire a guided-missile(s) at the selected target. Its a slight nuance in what TAG enables. Question 2: Does the TAG allow the use of a targeting computer bonus against the painted target? No. Refer to earlier statements. Question 3: Can the TAG be used by other units in the friendly force? Yes. TAG remains in place from the time it is activated until the beginning of that models next activation. ANY model in the friendly force group can use it, unlike EST which is squad specific. That kinda takes care of question 3.1. Several models have TAG to either compliment their load-out or in a recon roll to seek out an enemy target for fire-support models. No models have semi-guided rockets as that is an upgrade to normal rockets. If you have a rocket launcher you can spend the extra TV to upgrade the launcher to semi-guided. Hopefully that helps!
  11. For final fulfillment we will process and ship everyone's order in the same batch so I doubt you will see any noticeable delay.
  12. Correct. A Force Group of 1-2 squads of Cavs only using the standard force construction rules as set forth in the rule book and additional errata with no modifications to the models or additional bonuses.
  13. Grayfax, Make sure to stop by and try out the "Time of Storms" Event. It will be running the entire show and is set up to teach people how to play or for those already familiar with the rules. More info can be found (including tournament rules!).
  14. Like I mentioned earlier, the Hedgehog is not an APC its a armored transport and has more in common with aircraft. Its present state didn't fit in what I was after going forward. I plan on bringing it is a preview of the model we are working on for it.
  15. CAV II KICKSTARTER UPDATE 7 JULY 2017 Greetings all! This is the OFFICIAL announcement that as of July 31st, 2017 the CAV II Kickstarter Pledge Manager will be closing so we can get final numbers and start planning for final fulfillment. This means you need to finalize your selections for the amount you pledged and/or add any final models you may want and lock in your pledge. If you do not lock in your pledge by this date you may miss the initial shipping of product. Don't be the guy or gal who says they never realized this step was required or didn't see this update. If you need any help or have questions email [email protected] and make sure to include your name, your email address used on your Kickstarter and/or pledge manager accounts, backer number, and a phone number just in case. We will get back with you as soon as possible.
  16. At 14' tall in 10mm that would make it just shy of an inch tall and if 60' long about 4'' so I think True-Scale may be off a bit. 12mm would be even worse. If you figure the doors on the side to be around 6' tall (I think a good guess for an armored vehicle as the back hatch on a M113 is around 4 feet and I think we would be more generous due to powered armor) so I would go with about 10' tall and about 65' long if it was "real" (which would make the mini (in 10mm) about 5/8"x4 3/8"). Which is why (one reason anyway) I dropped it as an armored "vehicle." Its more in line with being an aircraft/troop transport. Just a couple of random thoughts I thought I would add to the conversation.
  17. The pledge manager is still open and you can get any of the items but it is closing very very soon (like end of July soon). Official announcement coming this Friday.
  18. J- To fire a guided-missile (direct fire now only) requires one of the following methods: 1. One action to target-lock and one action for the ranged combat (two APs total). 2. TAG (either by you or anyone in your force group with a current TAG on the target) can be used as part of the ranged combat (1 AP total). 3. Another model in your squad has used the target-lock action and with EST is transferring that lock to you to use as part of your ranged combat (1 AP).
  19. ^ That is correct.
  20. It is but will be closing soon. Once we approve molds we have to give them final numbers at that point.
  21. Yes. They cover a variety of model types and functions.
  22. We are waiting on the mold manufacturer to complete the final molds, once we ok the test prints, I expect the delivery of the final figures to proceed pretty quick. They have not provided us any dates at this point beyond we are currently in their work queue.