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  1. I'm doing my best to get the shippers to finish up. I "believe" that everything they received has been shipped now. If you do not receive a shipping tracking email by Monday, then you will need to start the process as detailed in the last update so we can figure out why yours was dropped.

    Player finder options?

    https://www.facebook.com/CAVSOHQ/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/712413318960809/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/323258791068961/ Try these first!

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    We are talking to RAFM Minis about carrying the CAV line in Canada. As soon as I know more I will let you know. Also be sure to keep bugging your local store if one is available. It is actually a lot easier for us to ship to a retail location with a big order and supports them to boot!
  4. I believe that all Canadian orders have shipped, or at least will have by the end of today. And yes, free shipping to anyone has gotten ridiculously expensive for KS projects, especially for those going outside the US. We tried our best to work with other shippers to cut down those costs but it does add extra time at every stage. For the next KS in August, free shipping will be gone (as was seen with Bones 4 as well).

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    We are making sure everything is working right on our end before we add overseas options. I cant tell you for sure when that will happen. Reaper will continue to stock the CAV line so I'm assuming they will add the new minis (plastic-wise) in the future but I have no idea when that might happen.

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    OK...we should be "hot" (crosses fingers)... anyway you can access off of the cavhq.com site (see button on top of that page) or you can use our new url... www.talon.games or from the CAV: Strike Ops FB page.

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    It will be linked from there for sure.

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    He's on the way! I'm finishing up some new pics right now!

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Its going online tomorrow on the 8th. I'm helping out some retailers to get images ready for theirs and there's just not enough hours in the day! :(
  10. Just a general FYI... I believe we have contacted everyone at this point who were having issues with their fulfillment and are now processing those for missing rewards. As far as Canada, the shipment is currently in customs and I will update once I have more information.

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    By the end of next week.
  12. The Construction Program went to a major update to clean up some code as well as adding data cards for every model currently available in game and a few more to boot (I even put the Scorpion in there for you :). CAV:SO Construction Program Updated 3/29/2016 The Force Manager is also now available for beta testing on windows based machines. So if you are able, please give it a spin. The FM zip contains the latest CP as well. CAV:SO Force Manager Updated 3/29/2016 If you have any questions on its operation (either program), find a bug, find a model we missed, etc. please submit an email to: bugstomper(at)talon-games(dot)com The following file compiles all of the data cards from the CAV CP and puts them in one master PDF file. Data Cards I have also updated the model list and removed all the color coding so people could stop worrying about what it all meant. MODELLIST.pdf

    CAV at Origins?

    We have a game Thursday, Friday, Saturday night. I do a demo of sorts in the vendor room booth explaining basic concepts and such all day long.

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!


    Questions about New CAV Paints

    Yes they will be available through Talon Games after May 1st. Yes they are HD paints. No idea why they used white caps, but all future CAV branded paints will always be HD (yes we are doing more colors!) You would have to check with Reaper on the caps.
  16. While we don't use a spam folder on that address to avoid that situation, if you DID NOT receive the automated response there is a chance your email bounced somewhere.
  17. As I have mentioned in the last update and responses to questions on the KS page but I will repost here... "Right now we are unboxing all of the product we brought back from the Denton warehouse after initial fulfillment. I don't have anything yet to send even if I knew exactly what was wrong. I am also going through the data bases so I can try to see where the problem lies so I am working on any shortages, missing rewards, broken pieces etc. as fast as I can. So no, I'm not waiting two weeks to figure it out, but yes it will be two weeks before I get everyone sorted out. I'm sorry for the delay, especially for those that haven't received anything." So if you got the automated response, then your request for help has been received and we are working through them. Also here is a link to the update which had already posted earlier on this forums as well...

    New Journal of Recognition?

    Right now we are planning on a single book.

    New Journal of Recognition?

    There is a full color JoR under development but it wont be part of the next kickstarter.
  20. Your paint should be fine! Bingo! plus a couple of other surprises we are still working on!

    CAV @ TotalCon in Massachusetts

    Sorry to hear for your loss but your support is appreciated and please let me know how we can help with any future events you wish to attend.
  22. CAV: Strike Ops Update 14 April 2018 US Shipping Complete! Questions and Non-US Backers Status! As noted, we have completed shipping all the rewards to our US-based backers. If you have not received an email in regard to a shipping notice (US backers only!), make sure to read the “Questions”Help” section below. There are always a few that slip through the cracks for a variety of reasons and we want to make sure we get any problems resolved quickly! Next up… a big THANK YOU from Talon Games for your support and patience as we worked through our first “solo” kickstarter and the delays for final fulfillment. We know that some of you were very frustrated with the process, but we have finally got to the end and couldn’t have done it without you! As we had announced earlier, we included a couple of extra CAV models with final fulfillment to as an additional thank you for your patience. These models, the Adon Enforcer, is the same PVC plastic as the rest of the models but is of a higher durometer (density) and is much more “stiff” as you might of noticed. With the delays we encountered with this project, we began looking for additional manufacturers for future products to help speed the process up. The result is the model you now have. While we are unable to go back and produce those models we have already released at this higher durometer (due to the way the molds are “built”), going forward we should be able to continue with this type of manufacturing. Non-US Backers Fulfillment Status Before we began pulling US orders, we packaged up all of our non-US backers rewards first and sent them out to ship from their respective hubs and they are en route now. We cannot predict how long it will take for final delivery due to the uncertainties of shipping times, customs, and such but rest assured they are on their way! Now on to Questions! We will try to cover the most frequent questions you have asked so far and how you can help us to help you… (PLEASE NOTE: Do not contact Reaper Miniatures for help as they are not involved in this kickstarter beyond providing some logistical support for us. They will just refer you to us, so to resolve your problem as quickly as possible only use the custserv@talon-games.com email!) My Shipment was Lost or Stolen! Your tracking information says that the package was delivered but you haven’t received it. You must open a claim (or sometimes referred to as a trace) with the carrier first for stolen or mis-delivered packages (each shipper provides this on their home website). Once you have done so contact us at custserv@talon-games.com with your order number, name, and tracking number as shown on you pledge manager, along with any claim/confirmation number provided to you by the shipper and we will follow up. If it becomes necessary to send a second shipment, we may request a new delivery address and require a signature to help ensure proper delivery this time. I have not received a shipping/tracking email yet! At this time only, US backers have been notified of their shipping status. If you have not received an email yet, log into you pledge manager account and look to see if it located in the right-hand column of your itemized reward list. If no number shows up, please contact us at custserv@talon-games.com and we will try to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. Be sure to include: Your Order Number as shown in the Pledge Manager (Not your kickstarter backer number). Your full name as shown in the Pledge Manager. Your shipping address as shown in the Pledge Manager. DO NOT include any attachments or screenshots unless we ask for them. Emails with ANY attachments are deleted without being read! My tracking information has stopped updating! Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the accuracy of any particular shippers online tracking system. Be aware we see the same information as you do and have no additional data beyond what is provided by the shipper. My pledge level was called a “Core Set Wave Number” but I did not receive a core pledge. In almost every case this is because in the Pledge Manager you selected rewards that spent your pledged amount but did not select a “Core Set” as part of your reward. We are not responsible for shipping items that you did not order and lock in. There is something missing from my order OR a “bit” from a model. If you are missing one or more models (or other reward items) or a bit/part from a model, please contact us to receive a replacement. We will not replace parts which are not listed on your invoice or were not locked-in on your Pledge Manager. Be sure to include: Your Order Number as shown in the Pledge Manager (Not your kickstarter backer number). Your full name as shown in the Pledge Manager. Your shipping address as shown in the Pledge Manager. The part number of the item(s) in question as shown on the large rewards graphics from the home page of this kickstarter and a brief description of the problem, such as “model xxxx is missing its left arm” or “model xxxx is missing or damaged.” Please refer to a model’s “left” or “right” side as if you were that model so we can make sure to get the correct parts to you. DO NOT include any attachments or screenshots unless we ask for them. Emails with ANY attachments are deleted without being read! Likewise, emails that are exasperatingly long and complex, or which contain vulgar and abusive language will be moved to the end of the queue, and in extreme cases will be deleted without resolution. If we cannot determine your problem and the appropriate resolution quickly, we will not take hours to do so, nor will we wade through paragraphs of profanity and insults to our heritage to help you. Please send only one email of this kind. Sending a new email each day with “Oh I just noticed this” will not help. If you have already sent an email, reply once to the first email with the required information. We will not begin the replacement process for missing or damaged items until after May 1st. It will take us some time to reset and be able to process these emails. The Address My Rewards Were Shipped to is Incorrect! Sadly, the package has already been shipped. We are unable to change the address in transit. If your package shipped via UPS, you might be able to make a MyUPS account and update the address. If the package is returned to us and we must reship, you will have to pay for the second shipment as well as provide a new address. Customs wants a printed Invoice! You can print your invoice from the Pledge Manager, under Completed Orders. This is significantly faster than waiting for us to mail you a printout of that same page. Customs is billing me for import fees/duties/VAT! While the majority of Canadian, EU, and AU backers are being shipped with methods that mean this will not be a problem, a small number of shipments may still come with such fees due. This was discussed in our Project FAQ you are responsible for any such fees. My Pledge Manager shows no Orders, or I have no Pledge Manager Account! A created and complete Pledge Manager account is required for us to be able to fulfill your rewards. It is required for two reasons: 1) It supplies us with all of your contact and shipping information and 2) It details to us your list of rewards. If you have this problem, it is because you either never created a Pledge Manager account or you never updated and completed your existing Pledge Manager account. The occurrence of either of these events has created a problem for you. So, before you contact us and tell us how bad and irresponsible we are in how we conduct a Kickstarter please review the following: 1) To remind you and encourage you to complete your Pledge Manager account we have: Included a large graphic link to create your Pledge Manager account right after the Stretch Goal Map in the body of the Kickstarter campaign. 2) Included step-by-step screen shot instruction on how to setup and use the Pledge Manager in the body of the Kickstarter campaign. 3) The Kickstarter FAQ contained several entries of important Pledge Manager information. 4) Since the end of the kickstarter in 2016, we have included information in several updates requesting you to complete and/or update your Pledge Manager. Kickstarter is considered the official channel of all updates. Not social media or direct emails. 5) In November of 2017, we sent emails to everyone with an incomplete Pledge Manager account requesting that they please take the time to complete their Pledge Manager. 6) We kept our Pledge Manager open for over 12 months and helped anyone who contacted us by opening up their Pledge Manager for them, so they could complete their rewards order. We have provided a reasonable amount of time for you to complete your part of this equation. Kickstarter Terms of Use state: The creator may need to send you questions about your reward: To deliver rewards, the creator might need information from you, like your mailing address or t-shirt size. They’ll request that information after the campaign has succeeded. To receive the reward, you’ll need to provide the information in a reasonable amount of time. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/terms-of-use So, what can you do? Please contact us at custserv@talon-games.com and we will attempt to work with you to find a solution. In your initial contact, please detail your extenuating circumstances, such as active military service and deployment to an Internet-restricted region. (If at all possible please do not start your contact with us by telling us how stupid we are. Believe it or not it will help you a great deal! My figures are “bent!” The PVC plastic we use for our models comes out of the mold hot and while cooling can sometimes end up shaped “wrong.” The process to fix these is relatively simple and quick and we recommend you check out the following link for how to work with this type of plastic. Please note we do not replace figures that can be fixed with this process. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/48667-bones-frequently-asked-questions-unofficial/ The Cheetah CAV and Wolverine Tank do not go together as shown in the initial project! It is come to our attention that the manufacturer made a couple of changes to the models during the mold process that we didn’t catch until now. In the case of the Cheetah, they added the mounting tab on the array dish (as shown in the picture below in “A”) backwards. While you can mount the dish as provided, if you want to put it together to match the illustration, you will need to cut off part of the tab and trim the sides a bit to fit into the mounting “hole” on the model (as shown in “B”). The Wolverine’s tracks were reversed and point the wrong way if put together with the provided key and slot. To fix, you will need to trim the key down on both sides (as shown in “C”) so you can glue them to the correct side, facing the right way. The following pictures shows how the models should look. For everything else… If you have any questions or a problem we have not already covered above, please contact us at custserv@talon-games.com with: Your Order Number as shown in the Pledge Manager (Not your kickstarter backer number). Your full name as shown in the Pledge Manager. Your shipping address as shown in the Pledge Manager. Your email address associated with your pledge. A brief description of your issue. DO NOT include any attachments or screenshots unless we ask for them. Emails with ANY attachments are deleted without being read! We will do everything we can to help you. It is very likely we will need additional information from you but this will help to get us started with solving your problem! Best CAVBoss
  23. We will be sending out an update in a day or two addressing how to handle any shortages, etc. I had intended for it to come out today but we caught a couple of problems with the wolverine (the tracks are backwards) and cheetah (the pin for the emitter dish is backwards) that we missed during production (changes made by the factory from the originals) we want to address so people can put them together right.

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Have you tried the GW mold removing tool yet? If not get it!