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  1. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    OK... time to add my "in progress" pic. I decided to go with a Terran Firedrake currently being used by the mercenary company Sal's Slammers. The are currently stationed on a desert world so I'm going for a Italian style desert camo pattern from WW2. This is just the wash so far.
  2. General Drake: 50147

    Great job! I shared this over on the CAV FB page btw.
  3. The Ritterlich Republic

    Following up on Ross's answer... ...using different Strike Points... no. You will declare a single strike point for the indirect attack, regardless of the number of weapon systems firing from that model. Additionally, if you miss the strike point roll, you will make a single drift roll, again regardless of the number of weapon systems firing (individually or as a salvo attack). You could house rule it though and make a drift roll for each but it does slow up the game if there are a lot of rocket "boats." ...a Cougar target lock a Strike Point... no. The Cougar though could use one AP to target-lock the model for a rocket "boat" in its squad and using the EST to allow that model to add its targeting comp bonus (if available) to the strike point roll and a second AP for the Active Phase Array (provided the target is in its AoE) to provide a bonus to the strike point roll.
  4. B.A.S.E. System - Take control of your battlefield!

    Its hard to say by looking. BT minis may say they are 6mm but they are closer to 8-10mm in reality. So if he is scaling to the minis they might be big enough. If they are true 6mm they will look small next to CAV stuff. A good rule of thumb is a one story flat top building in CAV should be pretty close to 3/4" or about 19mm.
  5. CAV color schemes

    The Harpy is still in game and hopefully we can get it back out in the correct scale with the current line. Its a Terran aircraft I believe.
  6. CAV @ TotalCon in Massachusetts

    Make sure to email me at jon(at)talon-games(dot)com with info so I can provide some prize support!
  7. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    I thought it looked like a peanut butter cookie! ')
  8. CAV: SO Ritterlich Cougar squadron 72208

    Great work! Keep it up and don't forget to share with one of our FB fan pages... CAV: Strike Operations HQ https://www.facebook.com/groups/712413318960809/ Reaper Miniatures CAV Support Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/323258791068961/
  9. CAV color schemes

    I would think the reflective. -- I MUCH prefer a non-green game board as they are just so prevalent in our hobby. I've done just about every color combo their is at one time or another over the years. Example of a more recent one... https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FCAVSOHQ%2Fphotos%2Fa.308091942726011.1073741830.287005291501343%2F397121833823021%2F%3Ftype%3D3&
  10. CAV: Strike Operations Faction Logos

    Yes, while part of Fleet Command, marine ground forces lose the "wings."
  11. CAV FM: TVP / Flexible / Bonus

    Well that sounds to me like to many! :)
  12. CAV color schemes

    I'm reposting a bit I wrote up about cockpits that might be of some help... Cockpit Canopy A question that is commonly asked (mainly by those painting CAV minis) is what color should the cockpit/canopy glass on a CAV be colored? The cockpits of the future are made up of ballistic glass using layers of polycarbonate materials designed to stop the penetration of kinetic weapons and dispersing the focused beam of any energy weapon. Incorporating “smart” glass technology, a layer of polymer dispersed liquid crystals are also placed within this layering t...hat can change its reflective properties by the use of applied voltage to “rearrange” the crystals into the desired result. Typical configurations include: Transparent (allowing people to see both ways, inside and out). “Blackout” producing a matte black finish, blocking anyone from the outside to “see” through the cockpit glass. Reflective, especially useful for removing unwanted thermal heat on planets with intense solar activity.
  13. They moved the SS thread

    The link to it stays on this page though.
  14. CAV color schemes

    In game terms a military unit in CAV has a parade color scheme (which you can make whatever you like) and if you are going to paint up a "canon" unit, we are working on putting those up ASAP at www.cavjournal.com once I can finish coding it. Rach prefer reds, purples, oranges and other bright colors as they like to stand out and show they are here to fight. Terran like pretty much what you see today in earth militaries, OD green, browns, blues. Malverns tend towards purples, blues, silver, gold. Adons lean towards yellows, browns, and greens. Ritter are grays, tans, greens (typical ww2 german colors) and blues. Templar like blues, grays, silvers, white. Almiths use a lot of schemes and colors typical with the Russian military from ww2 on. While in the field, as Ludo mentioned they will adjust their outer "skin" to mimic the surrounding area to aid in blending in.
  15. New CAV mini

    That's a typo on the MAC. Min range should be just 1. I will fix it.
  16. Thank you for CavCon/Reapercon.

    A big thank you to all for coming by and playing or just stopping to say hi. We all had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again soon!
  17. What Happened to Breakfast?

    I can also vouch for the Holiday Inn Express about a half block away from the Hilton. I got rooms for under $90 with free breakfast, Wi-Fi, etc. and they were clean and modern and super nice folks working there.
  18. New CAV mini

    I will get it loaded up to the cavhq.com website next week.
  19. Cavcon Tournament who is going?

    Have no fear, we are very aware this is the "first" CAV tourney and will make sure everyone has a good time, regardless of skill level. Ms Sue-Ellen will also be set up with a computer to check and print out any force list or cards someone may need Friday night.
  20. CAV-CON 2017 @ ReaperCon

    For more information on the CAV-CON events at this year's ReaperCon, including tournament rules, make sure to check out www.cav-con.com !
  21. CAV-CON 2017 @ ReaperCon

    That's great to hear! I cant wait to see your entry.
  22. Force Groups for a city defense scenario

    New version of CAVCP posted that should address the reported bug from above...CAVFMv1122 http://talon-games.com/downloads/