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    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    This will be a weird request, but - on one hand, I want more minis who aren't holding guns! So many Chronoscope figures I'd buy if they didn't have guns, because the characters I want them to represent don't use them (the new one with the lady in the Chinese dress is an example--she would be SO mine if she didn't have that gun, but because she does, that's a sale lost), and guns are a pain to cut off/convert. I'd rather see empty hands I can glue a gun into than a figure I have to saw the gun/hand off of. And yet... - I also would like to see a gun pack of historic guns, not only for historic games but steampunk stuff and the like. In particular, I've seen a lot of folks looking for gun wielding but definitely fantasy-type figures ever since Pathfinder put out Ultimate Combat, and it seems like it would make the most sense to have a historic gun pack for conversions.
  2. Thanks very much for the responses. Not going to invest in a Dremel as I haven't the money and will likely end up severing my own hand instead of the model (even if it's tiny), but I appreciate the suggestion. The Craft article is great (though less so as hands are more trickily wrapped around guns than they are around melee weapons, but it still has some great tips, and I will look up the other tutorial. Otherwise, I suppose hand swaps will have to do for now when I can, but it's a pain in the wallet to buy two miniatures to make one, so some projects will just have to be shelved until my sculpting gets better. I've got a half-decent bitz box but not particularly in the hand department.
  3. Hi, I am very largely a lurker/newb here, so please bear with me. :) I really want some contemporary/sci-fi minis for superhero games or to model after favorite heroes (for example, I have a dream of making in mini form all the heroes of Read or Die). My problem is that most of the heroes I want to "miniaturize" don't use guns, and most contemporary/sci-fi minis have guns sculpted into them, often in both hands. (Honestly? I'd probably have bought half the Chronoscope line by now if so many of them didn't have guns on the minis). The problem is that the nature of guns is that your hand wraps around them, so if you want to get rid of the gun, there's no easy way to get rid of the gun without cutting off the hand too. And a lot of "gun poses" aren't easy to turn into other poses either, like a martial arts pose or wield-a-melee-weapon pose. And if they're holding a rifle or holding a gun two-handed? Forget it. I wouldn't even know where to begin on a model like that. What I'm looking for advice on is 1. How do I remove a gun on a tricky model without ruining it? For the record, I've got clippers and jeweler's saw. Anything else I need? 2. How do I sculpt hands? I can do some conversion/sculpting, but hands are HARD and I can't find a good tutorial. 3. Any other advice for de-gun-ifying models? How to work a gun pose into something else without having to cut arms off and put them back on? I suppose I could hope and pray Reaper makes a hand-pack for the sculpting inept, but I'm sure they're plenty busy with other stuff. (And yet we have multiple gun packs. *weeps*) Thank you!
  4. DeathQuaker

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    Hi, new here, basically piped in to say I ADORE the Chronoscope line, but have one request: More empty-handed miniatures and/or miniatures that are easier to convert, weapon-wise. So many Chronoscope minis--and modern/sci-fi minis in other lines--come default with the characters wielding guns. I understand why that is, but it's still annoying when you want to represent a character who perhaps prefers knives or baseball bats or just plain punching somebody. Or who is holding non combat items like a reporter's note pad or PDA or cell phone, etc. Hard-sculpted-in guns are especially annoying because the way they are usually shaped and held, it's very difficult to cut the gun off and replace it without it making it look like crap. I especially like modern/sci fi figures in business suits and/or "spy outfits," but these characters are almost always holding guns and extremely difficult to convert (for example, I LOVE the general design of the Astrid Berger, Spy model and WANT IT for her lovely coat, but the pose and the weapon ruin it for my particular purposes). Since there already are a few Chronoscope weapon packs out, and surely more that could be made, I'd love to see more empty-handed miniatures that you could then glue the weapon of your choice in, if anything. I loved some of the earlier figs like Rosie and Jack Harrison, that came with interchangeable bits for their hands, but I understand why you wouldn't want to make separate bits for specific models as a general rule. That's why I'd just like the empty handed ones. General requests: More people in business suits/trenchcoats A "not-Diana Prince" ("sexy nerd" could be used as spy or scientist etc.) Fighter pilots (modern or future, a la Battlestar Galactica) More military officers of various eras (most of the existing ones look mid 20th century) Some more modern "regulars" like construction workers, gamblers, bikers, waiters/waitresses, etc. Police officers! Why aren't there any police officers!? Thanks!