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  1. Shortbeard

    My First fully painted mini in the last year.

    AAHHHH!!! It is not a Dwarf. Still a bloody fine piece of painting. Great for not putting anything together in over a year. Wish I could find some time to paint now. Hurry up and complete a respectable model instead of these blasted greenskins.
  2. Shortbeard

    Calming Down!!!!

    So a quick update. I had the hearing yesterday and they reduced the suspension to time served as I have already missed 2 games. They tried to read the ref report out loud and no one including me could understand what he had written as the reason as he said the foul was committed by the attacking player and I was the defender so they reduced it to a level 1 infraction wich is better I guess. The downside is Imissed 2 games instead of 1 for a level one infraction and if I get another red(not likley as this is the first in like 22-25years) it is an automatic 8 game suspension. Some times minor sports lack of organization is so frustrating you wonder if it is really worth it. Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. Shortbeard

    Getting back in the saddle.

    Yeah!!! A Mercius special. I can't wait to see the completed project. You are the whole reason I posted a few of my poeces on this forum. As a former lurker back when you started I was shocked at the feedback you got and amazed at the improvement I saw. Now I envy your skill and have sorely missed your completed figures in show off section. *ahem* mini crush over *hem* Not that I am any expert but what I see on the monitor is a great mini. Clean with well defined details. I absolutley love the leather skirt and boots. As always you paint the best beards a personal envy of mine. However and this could be your photo skils I would suggest darkening the shadow on the whites. I am not suggesting you go to black but a touch more definition would bring them more in line with what you have presented with the rest of the mini. Great to see you back. Now if only I remembered where I left my paints.....
  4. Shortbeard

    Calming Down!!!!

    Not in a holding cell yet. Never will be I am not that violent of a person. This has just got me down. Yes I am still upset even after this many days. 3 Game is the minimum for a foul along the boards. It is indoor soccer as it is -12 C here as a high at the moment. I play in the lowest division by choice as I no longer have the drive to practice and train to compete at the level I once did. I do it or a little exercise and think it is a good example to set for my children. The being active thing. I am the coach and no we don't tape the games for later review. The actual occurance was I jockeyed the plyer down the field until he ran out of space so he slammed himself into the end board to try a speed turn to get around me and the ref blew his whistle off of the noise from the wall. The other player still had pocession of the ball and was never knocked off of it. The appeal will not be heard until next week at the earlies and they will for sure give at least a game to show solidarity for the refs. Which means a min of 2 weeks but I have never seen any board infraction be less then 3 games so here I am just frustrated at the system. I guess that is the joys of "organized" sports.
  5. Shortbeard

    Calming Down!!!!

    Oh I haven't gone off the deep end yet. I am still hot under the collar though. As for an appeal I have already filed for a hearing but I know the outcome already from being in the sport for over 20 years I will get at least a 3 game suspension just because the league wants to show their support for the ref community. I have never seen them overturn a ref decision. I don't understand how a board of directors that were not at the game can rule on it but them is the breaks. I just can't believe how upset this has made me. I used to consider myself I fairly laid back and calm person. The fact this is still ruling my mood is a little disturbing to me. If I had your skill with a brush this would be a perfect idea. As it is I think painting in my current frame of mind would be a bad idea. My technique is rough enough without the anger inserting itself into my work. Plus with the holidays and year end all culminating this month I don't have a lot of personal time so the brushes are collecting dust at the moment. Thanks everyone I think it helped a little just to vent even if it really is over a trivial piece of life.
  6. Shortbeard

    Calming Down!!!!

    Hello, I know I lurk more than post and am not close with many on these forums but I had an incident tonight that has gotten under my skin and the longer I stew on it the more upset I get. I play Soccer (I know not he most popular sport on the forum, take your best shot) and the ref mad a horrible call and gave me a red card for a foul I did not commit. Got the wrong player he did. That means a minimum 3 game suspension in the league I play in, so I am done until the new year. This really upsets me. To the point where I can't sleep and am literally shaking. I know I should let it go and just wait until I can play. I can't!!! Thoughts of physical violence to the ref are dancing in my head. I am not a violent person I have played this game for 25 years and never gotten a game misconduct penalty. I play within the rules and pride myself on that. This is against my nature I don't know how to deal with it. Looking for coping methods. Beer is not working. I have had three(I limit myself to 1 usually) and I don't feel better. I have been robbed and this is the worst I have felt. What would you do to release the anger? I really don't have a method to deal with this anger and I know it is irrational. Please Help. Shortbeard
  7. Shortbeard

    Nicodem and...Zombies

    That is some fine gaming minis. After giving you a hard time I guess it is time to get back to my Perditta crew. Teaches me for opening my big mouth.
  8. Shortbeard

    Dominion by Rio Grande

    Allright, Plated the predefined startup 10 deck first game match against my wife. What a blast!!! The game is silly quick to setup and by the third round we were basically beating each other to finish a round. I couldn't recommend this game any higher. Not sure I really need any expansions right now but do I ever want to play again.
  9. Shortbeard

    Dominion by Rio Grande

    Thanks for the replies everyone. The 6 player thing would have been a nice bonus. I picked up the base game today and the Mrs and I will try it out if we can get the kids to bed ever. Let you know what we think.
  10. Shortbeard

    Dominion by Rio Grande

    I thought Intrigue would be an autoinclude as does that not allow the game to play with up to 6 people? Or does the game bog down and sort of lose it's shine at more than 4 players?
  11. Shortbeard

    Dominion by Rio Grande

    Well, I loke board games and was looking into this one the other day. I have not played the game so was wondering what people thought and if the expansions ore needed? If they are which ones? And probably first off is the game worth it? Thanks
  12. Shortbeard

    Bonzo, Killer Klown

    I think that is a very good idea.
  13. Shortbeard


    @Traxia After seeing some of your work especially "Rule #1" I'm sure your cisco will be 2x as good. Thanks for the compliment. @MamaGeek I can see I have to bring the highlights up a bit more. Under the ottlights it looks okay and as soon as I bring it out from unde those it seems less so. I have been trying to follow your photo tutorial. I built a lightbox out of a cardboard box and use wax paper to diffuse the light from the ottlights then take the photo. I tried using some manual settings on my camera this time and got truer colours but as you say it tis a bit washed out. Still working on it. Thanks for the tips.
  14. Shortbeard


    Well I finally put him on a base and sprayed him down with dullcoat. I think he turned out okay for a mini I will be gaming with. Please give constructive criticism you feel will improve my painting or photo taking. If you want to ee the process used to paint him the wip is here.
  15. Shortbeard

    How to start a painting contest?

    Thanks for the insights. I may have to reconsider how I was going to do this. As for painters I think I could reasonably expect around 10 - 12 participants. I did a mini exchange around a year ago and got 8 people who participated and the store population has grown since then. As for judges I am not sure who I could get. I am considered one of the better painters in the store and I don't know if I would feel all that comfortable critiquing others work as I don't feel that my own skill is high enough to give appropriate feedback on the model. Plus the people I can count on to enter have very distinct styles that I would be reasonably sure most of the people from the store would recognize. I don't want to have judging done by a poll because I really don't want it to be a popularity contest. I was thinking for a theme to do a Demoness or are they just not a type of model people would be into? I was hoping to eliminate having every other entry be a space marine. How about no basing over a 1” base in size? Any other logistical problems you more experienced members can think of? What would be a reasonable timeframe to run the contest? 2 weeks, 4 or 6? I was hoping to have it end in November so that gives me a little time to arrange everything with the store and do some local advertising. I really appreciate all the feedback as I have found having all or most of the wrinkles for events like this ironed out before you try and do them makes for a smooth event that everyone has fun at.