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  1. Sturgis shares the information he finds. "I believe we should leave them be. Let us move without disturbing them."
  2. Knowledge Religion: 19+6 = 25 Knowledge History: 15+6= 21 Sturgis looks for any historical or religious significance to the scene before them.
  3. So, I'm beginning a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game Campaign since the Humble Bundle came out and we all now have the books. I'm looking for ideas and inspiration for a basic Warhammer Fantasy adventure that feels setting specific that I can use to jump start a campaign. I plan on this being my winter campaign this year, but I have out googled myself, and I just can't come up with something that I really like. I have the entire line thanks to the bundle, I even found some fan made "missing" material (elves). So, does anyone have any good suggestions/ideas that you've used to jump start a campaign?
  4. "I think that our quarry may not be on this level, but ensuring that is our safest bet to not be ambushed."
  5. Well then, Sturgis is going to suggest we go north of the 7. "Well, did the Tengu investigate north of the tunnel that they made, or were they just unlucky enough to find us?"
  6. "That seems a wise course of action, especially given our current situation."
  7. While there are no pictures of them, I finally finished my first commission. 13 Tabletop+ Stormtroopers from the Imperial Assault game. I will say, painting that many Imperial White soldiers drove me more mad than usual (yes, I used a lot of photo references). Soooo... after that. I'd like to get back to painting something simple. My sixth Minotaur, and perhaps something else this month into October. We will see. My life has been an absolute plane crashing into a trainwreck lately, so if I succeed at any of this I will be happy.
  8. Sturgis will agree on this, and he'll be using detect magic on anything they find, including the Ranseur and the half plate.
  9. No worries there Dilvish. I've been having trouble being online as much as I'd like. I'm glad for the pace of this game, as I can still keep up with everyone. I'm happy in my current role. I'm also glad that I've not really had to draw a weapon, I've been able to focus on full defense and spellcasting. I'll likely end up going that direction more as the game goes on. I'll likely not be taking a feat for the armor proficiency, I should focus on what Sturgis is good at.
  10. Sturgis will step up and cast burning hands defensively. Concentration check: 19+1 = 20 (definitely made it thank you d20 Dice Bag!) 1d4 Fire Damage: 3 damage dc 14 reflex save for half. "Have at thee, foul creature! We had no quarrel, and would have otherwise left you in peace!" Sturgis will angle the gone so that it goes towards the wall, it will scorch the heck out of the wall and probably give a nice warm sensation to Janalyth, but not actually touch him. It will be an L-shaped cone not the V-shaped cone to avoid the party.
  11. Sturgis holds 5' back and remains total defense in the event his partners are injured.
  12. Then Sturgis will take a total defense, but I thought since he stepped back he couldn't get that.
  13. Sturgis steps back and takes a defensive stance (fighting defensively effectively, since he cannot take a full round action to go "full defense").
  14. Funded

    pcktlnt: If you got the expansions, check them for their dice. There have been missing parts of the pledges, and that's causing a bit of frustration from a number of backers. I simply wanted the game and the minis to paint. I'm fairly happy (less so about more dice, mwahahahaha!). I was pretty relaxed. Others are... really angry. Holy carp. The kickstarter page is full of angry people on the comments. I put my 2 coppers in and left it at that (and noted what I was personally missing). No hate mail.
  15. I told you so! :P