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  1. Hopefully no chocolate for the puppies, last I heard, it's bad for them. Then again, @Xherman1964 might become upset if I make that suggestion for his technicolor majesty Also, I'm glad to see you posting more frequently Beagle. I was actually quite sad to see you disappear for a while. I'm going to go hide back in my dark space and get back to painting. Much fun will be had with that.
  2. This is a nice speed paint. It came out well and I think meets your intended goal nicely. I hope your friend likes it! I really like the verdigris color, by the way. Once that hits retail I am definitely getting it.
  3. Honestly, long car rides. Now I really enjoy them, but I really don't mind them at all and find them oddly relaxing (not to sleep, but they are fun to me to drive them).
  4. Answering early for once! Sadly, while I do have a desk, the rules dictate that we do not have personal items at our desks. It was not always that way, but it is that way now.
  5. To drink, I prefer "Northern iced sweet tea" is what I call it. It's not the syrup that they serve at most restaurants (and throughout the southern United States, but a proper tea with a small amount of sugar to just take the bitterness off of it. For food, fresh tomatoes or bell peppers from the garden that day (no refrigeration) are the best tasting foods ever along with fresh-laid eggs. My father-in-law makes a lemon-cake which is awesome with said eggs which is quite tasty (he has chickens). Outside of that, a nice whiskey or bourbon are nice.
  6. The whining of children "I'm boooooooooooooored." After I've taken away electronics and said "GO OUTSIDE!" Summer, in the flatlands, means corn. Corn that is taller than I am. And heat in August that just feels awful (no real airflow unless there is a storm/tornado coming). For foods, when my daughter is not around, means watermelon (she is allergic) and properly ripened honeydew/mushmelon (depends on your area what you call it). And, when we have a garden, it means tomatoes, zucchinis, yellow squash, red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers, cucumbers, and anything else I decide that's worth planting for a summer crop. This year we will have a truckload of tomatoes to make sauce with throughout the winter. Garden fresh veggies are the best veggies, hands down.
  7. Sturgis will attempt to provide mercy to the one who attempted to slaughter us. "You tried to kill us, what mercy shall we grant that you would have granted us? Sarenrae grants the flame to such as you, but I she also grants mercy. What mercy have you earned?" (This is an attempt at a full surrender he doesn't trust this tengu at all). Diplomacy 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 Sense motive on the Tengu for a feint: 1d20+7: 6+7= 13 He's also watching for a possible hidden weapon as he goes (perception roll if you would like please). Extra rolls: 13, 8 Crunch
  8. May the Fourth! I tend to avoid holidays. I despise most of them. I like the ones that serve food or make me laugh. Respect for firefighters lost in the line of duty, sir.
  9. Yes I have. Being an Evil Overlord means I have to do this in secret, as my benevolence could be mistaken for weakness by my enemies. Sadly, weekend quest cannot be completed (there used to be a thread on the hobby areas, but @ub3r_n3rd's hobby area is amazing and I would love to have it he has pictures in his home thread, I highly recommend it). I don't believe I'm terribly innovative with my hobby kit. I tend to be very tame with my hobby stuff. Western Red Cedar pods have made it into basing (as alien spores), having one in my yard helps. Other than that, empty pill bottles, some gravel (in the pill bottles) and poster tac (Blue Tac for our European friends) for painting some of the more "intense" models that I paint makes it easier for me to paint for longer periods of tiem without dropping the model.
  10. One of my good friends convinced me to go out, one of our local stores (more local to me than him) was haven multiple demos and events. I was leery, as the last time I went in they really were not all that friendly. Totally different experience today. They were friendly and I played a 2-hour demo of Dragon Age. It was fun, and something I haven't played before. Between that, my Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign and having lunch with one of my best friends, I'm pretty darn pleased with my day. And I was lucky enough to get the commemorative die.
  11. Yes, simply because, 22 years later, I'm still using a variant of it. I started with AOL using DarkmeerTheDark (long since dormant). Yes, I had two copies, and it was a fun mini to paint. It was techinically a wargaming mini (D&D chainmail Aasimar priestess), but I never used her for the wargame, RPG oriented primarily, although now I'd use either of them for a wargame. I would paint it a third time (for yet another alternate color scheme) if I had a third copy. I generally do not, I may paint a lieutenant for "capstone" adventures, but I generally do not feel compelled to paint minis as I have a very deep prepainted collection as well as a small, but decent, painted collection.
  12. HI, I am Darkmeer. I go by Darkmeer on multiple forums (Candlekeep, Reaper, and Chaos Dwarfs Online are my currently most visited, although I am a member of WAMP). I am the Patron Saint of Evil and live in Central Illinois (somewhere near enough to Champaign IL that I can travel there reasonably enough). I work in customer service and have done so for 18 years through 4 different positions (and I'm reasonably good at what I do). I am married with three kids (Grey, Blue, and Pink, which is how I denote all of my kids online). I started gaming in 1992 with AD&D 2nd edition with my father and onto other games as time went on. I bought heavily into the D&D miniatures prepainted line (from 2003-2006), ending with War of the Dragon Queen. After this I found both Reaper Miniatures, the D&D 25th anniversary line, and the D&D chainmail line almost simultaneously (the last of which had been out of print for some time!). So, that being said, I began purchasing things, and had a handful of miniatures and began painting with testors enamels (poorly!). Then the dark times happened. The dark times ended, and, roughly 2010, I got into Warmachine and Hordes, and found my "old" miniatures. With that I began painting again and buying new Reaper models too. Then Bones 1 came out... And Bones 2 (after party participant here for a couple of pieces), and Bones 3 (ahem...). I have plenty of minis, but I find other pieces and go "ooh shiny" but I paint to mostly tabletop, so I do pretty well.
  13. I enjoy cooking. I generally make breakfast and dinner. I prefer making italian foods because I understand those herbs. We have been experimenting with indian curry dishes at my house recently with modest ability to make food edible. Then again, scrubbing the dishes afterwards is super important as is aerating the kitchen, as that curry smell is potent for a long time!
  14. Funded

    Agreed on that front. They expanded what they wanted to do with it quite a bit, which was wonderful, but I don't believe they realized how much that changed the game for them when they did that.
  15. Fulfilling

    Sympathy like Bryan. Hope all is moving as well as possible there.