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  1. Scaring the bejeezus out of the players when the big monster has his own custom miniature... That and having a miniature for the player in question specific to their character :D
  2. I am as prepared as I will be. I have a space cleared for the rather large box or two and that's what I've done. I'm really excited for this one.
  3. Fulfilling

    Given the ability of Bones to withstand abuse, I would pay to have them shot via Trebuchet from Texas to Illinois... I'd love to see the impact crater and to see if they survive! Also, @ladystorm & @Reaperbryan Thank you for what you have been able to say. I hope I'm not one that has gone down the path of angering you, as I had hoped to alleviate some frustrations before last night/this morning's purge of posts (mine understandably included). I hope you both get some rest before next week's large amount of work begins again.
  4. Movie: Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Yes. I've been waiting since it was announced. Before that, I am excited about Thor: Ragnarok, Spider Man: Homecoming, and Black Pather, which all promise to be awesome. Miniatures: Ahem... a few figures in a certain kickstarter being packed and shipped right now. Board Game: Rail Raiders Infinite (overdue :( ) I should also get this year's expansion for Boss Monster... Right now the other categories are difficult for me to think of something that fits neatly into them. I don't really play all that many video games (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seems to be the only video game in 12 years that I enjoy as of late). Toys: More Nerf Guns.
  5. I have several projects going at once. I pick up the project that is inspiring to me that day which can be anything from classic warhammer figures, Reaper Bones, Warmachine, to the newest Star Wars figures. Some projects sit for about a year, while most only sit for a few months while I ponder them. It is a lot of fun to figure out what I plan to do then execute the idea.
  6. I have never been to a Comic Con. I'd love to go to San Diego Comic Con, or Emerald City Comic Con. I'd also like to go to Paizo Con and Reaper Con.
  7. Not really a type but a generality. A proper bakery/deli. There is ONE that I really like and it's about a 45 minute drive from my home. Flyover country problems.
  8. IF I ever get down to Texas, I would love to become an opponent on one of your wonderful tables. Any game system, I'd learn it. Any house rules you had, I'd learn them. It would be completely and totally worth it. Heck, just to set up the environs at a convention would be worth it, I'd take two or three trips in a u-haul to ensure that the pieces were not damaged if I had to... I've been very quiet on this particular topic recently (had some health issues of my own to deal with, I'm better-ish now). Your hauls have been awesome and your production has been outstanding as always, Mal! You've been doing a lot of things, although that crazy moon-thing would be amazing in your world, I can see that in the swamps as either an idol or as an oracle of sorts. Giving random advice (and feeding the odd being that annoys it to the tentacled horror in the lake that says "no swimming").
  9. I worked for Hardee's back in the day when they still served chicken (similar to KFC chicken). It was a horrible experience. I learned that fast food can either be a great experience or a horrific experience depending on the management. I had the latter of the management.
  10. Last RPG was last Saturday: Played Shadow of the Demon Lord and it was a heck of a lot of fun. Also ran my Pathfinder game for two of my four players, which was harder, but still okay. Last video game was last night for a little bit: Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Wii U. It's the first real video game I've played and enjoyed in 12 years. (Yes, there was something wrong with me, don't judge, and no, I don't have a switch and don't intend on purchasing one for a long time). Last party ish game? I played the Star Wars LCG from Fantasy Flight for the first time, and made an Empire Deck (I even included my favorite ship, the Assault Gunboats). Lost a bunch, but, in the last game, the Empire crushed the silly Rebellion with overwhelming force.
  11. Yes, and storage is being sorted right now for bones 3. I do not have plans for Bones IV yet. We will see.
  12. Here's my experiences: 5th Ed: Have not touched. No hobby funds or time for this on top of minis and paints. Honestly, I would give it a shot, it has a nice following and the gamers I am around are giving it a fair shake compared to 4e and predecessors. Pathfinder (3.75): Yes. I love this system. It's my preferred game as a gamemaster. I am FAR behind on releases, so my games are lower powered than others may be. I've run this for my kids and their friends (getting ready to finish up a character for one of my boys actually today). Also, I run a game for some work friends and my cousin that is fun, too, set in Taldor. Since my hobby funds are limited, I limit the books used, which makes my job easier and theirs as players easier, too. 3.0/3.5: Played this for it's whole run as well. Had a couple really good games, but 4e and Pathfinder ended this run. I have sold/given up most of my collection. This version suffered from little continuity of rules but was still fun if you had the right group (I did... twice). With the right group, your power levels even when you had sub-optimal characters, everyone can shine. Everyone understood who was playing what, and we all gave those characters their moments and it was amazing. I played a lot of Forgotten Realms in this edition. 4th: Their marketing was horrendous. I did not like this one bit. As I said on the first page, I made a character and ran a simulated combat, and it just didn't "feel" right to me. I left this one out. 2nd: This was what I cut my teeth on, RPG-wise. Played in Dragonlance, Planescape, and picked up Dark Sun's box. A very late purchase was the 2e Forgotten Realms box set. I also made my own homebrew world, and had a heck of a fun several games with it (mashing together Native American/Aztec culture with European Knightly areas with a healthy dose of Final Fantasy references, it was fun!). This one was probably the one where I was most creative and where the most creative license was given within the games. I think that my group of friends all enjoyed themselves the most in this particular era (high school for us). ADnD: I played very little of this, but it's second edition, as noted above, was my first real foray into D&D. Played this with my father. 1e: I have played several one-shots. It was simple and fun, and the group was nice, too. Rules Cyclopedia: Played a one shot and my dwarf warrior survived! I was pretty happy with that, as I expected him to die given how deadly this system is. Earthdawn: This system is very different from D&D but is a unique fantasy setting and needs mentioning. I loved the different races and how the cultures fit together. It's a very 90's setting, but it fits and I still like the original system and 2nd edition of the game quite a bit. Shadow of the Demon Lord: I'm currently playing this game with my favorite GM. This is a heck of a lot of fun. I think that there are plenty of things we could do differently, but this is one game that we have so many fun RPG elements and the system is so broad that it is nice. It's somewhere between AD&D 2e and Rules Cyclopedia for complexity, and it just hits a wonderful spot. Sad part is that it's definitely NOT for young audiences, the art direction puts it above PG-13 and that's okay. It's nice to be able to play a game that is really more adult in nature and that has some harsh consequences.
  13. Umm... Nessus has been unusually chilly and rainy. This is all Levistus' fault, I'm sure. The few nicer days I've been outside, it's been nice. Mostly, it's planning to walk/exercise more and grill out a bit more. That's about it.
  14. Most used quotes... "Language." Has been a big one in my house recently (Captain America tries to be civil!). It lightens the mood of any reason for such language being used. Other bits come from Planescape chant, Firefly, and a random assortment of other sci-fi and fantasy shows and movies. I go to a lot of effort to not do that on the forums.
  15. Sadly, I do not celebrate and, due to other issues, I did not celebrate the tabletop day either.