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  1. I told you so! :P
  2. "Everyone BACK AWAY." Sturgis proclaims quickly. (hopefully a free/instant type of action.)
  3. Knowledge: Religion: 1d20+6 = 16+6 = 22 (figuring out the creature as it appears undead) "We have no quarrel with you, and we are not thieves. We come seeking to find thieves from elsewhere."
  4. "Ma'alik, that room dealt with Wrath. Plying the secrets of Wrath will likely end in injury. I will follow, but I believe we will find nothing but trouble there." He looks to Janalyth and Greyson. "If we need an escape route, it is likely the Tengu used that tunnel. I agree with you that we should investigate that before heading to the main hall. What say you, Greyson?" If we end up in the "Wrath" room first, Sturgis will take a full defense before they open the door.
  5. This is very cool. I'm sad that I cannot make any conventions this year.
  6. Sturgis will vote to avoid the secret door. That room dealt with Wrath, IIRC.
  7. Sturgis had not used any and has 5/day. So, he has one left. That's good if we get hit in the middle of the night. We can rest and Sturgis will stick with his current spell list.
  8. I will point out my daughter, Pink, who loves everything He who must not be named immediately identified everything. And smiled and giggled at this. Mission accomplished, Doc. A bit of happiness for a child is always a cool thing to share (and it brought a smile to my fact to share with her!).
  9. Sturgis will rememorize the same spells, he'll use his channel energy to heal everyone up to full as needed (feel free to roll DM). Spells:
  10. Yes. Weekend quest: I'll bow out, since my house should likely be burned to the ground. Or nuked from orbit (less the bunker). Siding, two windows, finish a floor, replacing some roofing. more insulation. Adding drywall where needed. Changing "ramps" to steps. Finish supports for the floor. Cover the hidden cisterns.
  11. BB Code yes. The new posting editor is a bit different, so that makes it a bit more difficult, as I used to switch to the bbcode editor version in the old version of the forums. That's okay, because I can still do the code, it's just done directly now. I can also do it in HTML if I need to do so.
  12. Sturgis, smiling after Ma'alik's appraisal, limps along in his usual, semi-rear spot, introducing himself "I'm Sturgis, the one who is trying to keep everyone alive around here. Hopefully, we won't have to test that... too much, especially if it truly is a necromancer." He frowns at the thought given by Greyson.
  13. They phase in Antimatter into matter, causing the two to phase into the same existence, causing the destruction and inevitable disintigration. That's what I always thought (no idea what the actual canonical technobabble is). I think that the explanation given makes more sense than the technobabble.
  14. This bears repeating!
  15. Darkmeer has a commission. Darkmeer has Bones 3. Darkmeer has a LOT TO PAINT~! Goal is to get back to the brush. Finish the commission and get the Chaos dwarfs from a couple months back done. And OMG soooo many bones.