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  1. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Actual space and a glass display cabinet that I could put my models on without collecting too much dust. I bought a jet bike from a 3rd party years ago. The bike is awesome. The rider, not so much. I didn't convert much back then, and I regretted the purchase for years. Eventually I lost it in a move, thus regretting the purchase permanently.
  2. The Godsmouth Heresy

    Sturgis follows Ma'alik's lead with Greyson's warning. "Hopefully we pass unscathed. But that hasn't seemed our luck, has it?"
  3. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Thank you all for funneling money into my great Empire. Serious note, finishing them up tonight. EDIT: Done in less than an hour. Gotta love waiting for someone who is not me to provide their W-2. But it's done and I can relax now. Sadly, I didn't use my favorite accountant this year, but he's about to retire, and his wife is in poor health. They are such wonderful people, I'm very sad. I've known them for 14 years.
  4. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I found a reasonably priced set of the early Warhammer Elven 8-pack of plastic archers, unpainted and unsprued. Reasonably priced as in $8. I was pretty happy with that.
  5. The Godsmouth Heresy

    Does Greyson warn the party?
  6. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Friday the 13th? Unlucky? NO! It's a day to watch Nosferatu and Nightmare on Elm St. (the original). I alternate. I have never owned a black cat. They hate competition for that rampant level of Evil.
  7. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I don't have any in my paint bottles, sadly. I would probably prefer that. Yes to both. I love maps of all kinds.
  8. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    The plague hit hard near Nessus. I'm up to something like 50 some odd people if you include acquaintances. If you only include inner circle and trusted lieutenants, 8.
  9. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Two. Both varations on glowing eyes. The first one was Green Spawn eyes, the current ones are Richard's from Looking For Group. It reminds me to lighten up. He doesn't look nuts at all. He looks like he's dealt with the rest of the world, for all 36 hours, all within 60 seconds. He looks downright sane given the circumstances! And think of the creative bursts that one can garner from that! No wonder your world is so magnificent!
  10. The Godsmouth Heresy

    Sturgis keeps light cast on his heavy mace. And looks around the pit as well as into the pit. He is concerned with the dangers we have already faced and the potential of something grabbing us from the pit. (Roll: 1d20+3, result is 11+3, 14 total).
  11. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Emperor. But I will not have my minions dressed as German Troops from the 1930's and 1940's, Roman Legionnaires, or even the great Khan's troops. They were eventually defeated and I want my legions of Terror to have better morale than that. In all seriousness, I would like an enlightened empire, something akin to a parliament, with the Emperor able to veto some of the more egregarious crap that is not in the people's interests. And when the Parliament decides to try to overthrow the Emperor, they meet the legions of terror. I found employment and it is exactly what I want to do. I actually turned down a job that was more lucrative, but the hours were horrendous and meant that I would have lost the more important thing, time with my children. I also scheduled an annual health exam for reviewing my anxiety med. I'm almost a year out from my big breakdown.
  12. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Nope. Not once. I saw some great RickRolls, immediately identified them, and smiled as others fell for the trap.
  13. Lidless Eye Hobbies: Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    That makes perfect sense. I'm not as familiar with 5e Tieflings, so I saw it and went "tiefling, awesome" and it was done. Thank you for making sense out of it for me.
  14. Lidless Eye Hobbies: Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Nicely done! They all fit your intent, and I think you have a knack for getting things done! I will comment on the Tiefling: No one but you will mind the cloven feet. I'm not sure about your overall feelings, but I feel that tieflings should have varied feet and different looks about them, but that comes from years of Planescape on my part.
  15. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I would have gone with the latter, given the Pope's smiling nature, I can see him loving a good joke. The irony would be wonderful. Yes. Peep stuffed animals that were as tall as my daughter. I was horrified. Yes. Peep stuffed animals that were as tall as my daughter. I was horrified.