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  1. Darkmeer

    July Goals!

    I have one miniature to complete start to finish. I have two others on deck. Hoping to finish them.
  2. Darkmeer

    Getting To Know You July

    It has been many years since I have been at that place. But, if I were to gather the correct people who have moved on, I would have a wonderful pizza paired with a Brown Mumbler Manhattan (made with Booker's Bourbon, and having about 4-5 ounces of the stuff in there, it's a LARGE martini glass). After that, I'll have a Mandatory to drink. And a taxi to get me to my hotel, because there is NO WAY I am driving home. Also, do not torment me or I am likely to display how long my tongue really is (not sarcasm, and yes, this is nightmare fuel). Only a couple are out where I see them regularly. I put them on a bookshelf where I sit and on my windowsill. The rest are models used for wargames or gaming, so they get put in the bags of holding. And yes, a friend I have painted several miniatures for is displaying 2 of my minis. A third, and final, for her set is coming this year.
  3. Darkmeer

    The Godsmouth Heresy

    Sturgis attempts, and fails to fire another bolt of fire at the creature (Rolled an 8).
  4. Darkmeer

    Getting To Know You July

    I'm gainfully employed. So, that part of the goal is successful. I have also succeeded in a few longer-term goals as well, so I'm fairly happy. I didn't realize that story until now, but I'm happy to have learend it now. I am sure I have used a malaprop or two in my life. Mostly enjoying smaller, legal, ones in Illinois. Nothing fun here. I have also seen a professional fireworks setup misfire, sending many of the fireworks off all at once, to the delight of the kids, but all the adults groaned. Every. Day. One does not become an Overlord without rebelling against the system keeping them down.
  5. Darkmeer

    Cruzados vs orcos

    Me interesaría ver tu progreso con eso. ¡Buena suerte! No he tenido éxito con la técnica de metales no metálicos. Ver a otros triunfar con eso es algo que disfruto mucho.
  6. Darkmeer

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Not so much a technique, but impart upon. Empathy for others. This has been a disgustingly difficult week for me. 19. 5 Sledgehammers (2.5 pound, 5 pound, 8 pound, 10 pound, and 20 pound), 5 claw hammers (1 10 ounce, 3 12 ounce, and 1 18 ounce), 5 different jewelers hammers, 2 tiny ("ball peen" is a good description, but I use them for welding), and a metal and a wooden meat tenderizing mallet. This does not include anything in miniature format. Counting that, it's probaby in the hundreds. I like dwarves. I also have an axe-hammer, which I do not count as it is not purely a hammer. I have many tools. I don't blame you on that one. One thing about doing jewelry-work, you will find tools from other professions that work exceedingly well with what you do. The number of times I used something for not an "intended purpose" has flustered my father (a mechanic/maintenance worker) to no end.
  7. Darkmeer

    Ral Partha Samurai Night Fever

    And you've done the figure much more justice than many. You've captured John Belushi, and Hugh Jackman at the same time. That, sir, is an accomplishment! That and it's a purple Samurai. So much fun!
  8. Darkmeer

    Cruzados vs orcos

    ¿Qué colores crees que usarás? (Estoy usando Google Traductor)
  9. Darkmeer

    Ral Partha Samurai Night Fever

    I agree with Chaoswolf here. I like the figure. It's executed very well.
  10. Darkmeer

    June Hobby GOALS!!!!!!

    I have been organizing my paint space and doing some light painting recently (thus my very quiet presence), mostly due to multple different family emergencies. I have been successful in separating out some armies and figuring out an order of painting and assembly.
  11. Darkmeer

    Olive Skin

    I have also used an extremely dark olive color (I use Vallejo's USA Olive Drab model color paint) as a base coat going from dark to light, which gives a really wonderful dark green coat to the skin, if that's something you're interested in. You can then add some brighter reds and yellows to the top of the skin tone to give it some real differences, while still keeping those shadows REALLY DARK. And @Mocha, thank you for the tip on the Leathers. I will have to try that soon!
  12. Darkmeer

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I believe having something that allows you to live your fantasies might be a bit dangerous. Some could be far beyond PG, some could be as simple as meeting and speaking with the great philosophers, or living out a D&D fantasy. It's all about what you are dreaming of.
  13. Darkmeer

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    First game I recall learning to play is Yahtzee. First RPG was Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition with my Father. His eyes glow green from all the radiation he got in the service. @TGP Thanks for using my question! I wish I had a pocket dimension where time didn't pass in the real world, but I could go there to sleep and remain there eternally if I so wished. Would make a heck of a game night. Sadly, they exist only in fantasy (as far as I know). This would be the best job ever. But you'd need a teleportation device and the Flash and Quicksilver and perhaps even Nightcrawler just to keep up with the bountiful stupidity of the world. Perhaps contract out Deadpool to assist? The male Don (shortened Donald) and the female Dawn. I pronounce them exactly the same. One that vexes me when I hear it is Nuclear. It's pronounced "New-clear," 2 syllables. This "New-cue-lure" three syllable abomination has to be stopped! (Yes, it really does bother me.) I have Thanos, Captain America, and Mr. Rogers Funko Pops on my desk. I just got approval on a poster for my wall. They are debating on the "public" facing wall. Yes. Blogs mostly, mostly wargames, and some painters. Add in a few webcomics and you've got my mix. Honestly, I've been experimenting with a style from an OLD 'eavy metal style. I didn't get a chance last weekend, and this weekend is the dreaded annual trip for the Elder Spawn, so this weekend won't look good either. Whew! All caught up! It's been a busy time of storms, trees on houses and through rooves, car accidents and hospitals for my family! Sorry for the EXTRA long post!
  14. WOW! Since my last visit to this thread. Just wow, Al. The entirety of your twisted Mushroom Kingdom is wonderful! So many colors and so vibrant and strange. It feels like a place of faerie and both wondrous and dangerous at the same time. The goblin guards are perfect as others have said. I just recently got those same goblins, and I really like the character of them, had I not seen them for you and your thread, I would not have considered them. And the Rhino. Nicely done. It feels almost samurai-ish the way the armor is, or even East Indian, to use the antiquated term, given the way the armor is made. It feels like silk armor with hardened bands of metal or hardened wood. Add to that the vultures on the back (I just learned of birds helping Rhinos in the wild in the real world with longer vision), this is both a great addition and feels appropriate to the perception of this rhino as a much more dangerous creature. I really like that.
  15. Darkmeer

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Okay, my go to team: Coordinator. This person makes sure that everyone knows what needs done and helps them get it done. This person is a jack-of-all trades type but can get it done (this is me, by the way). Cook/Polymath: One of my good friends graduated from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), and learned all sorts of natural ingredients. That, coupled with boy scouts, makes him a natural person to keep around for cooking and teaching others to find/forage for food initially. Herbalist: I know three good herbalists, one specializes in plains herbs, while another goes east and another West. All three would be perfect depending on where we decide to go. Actual doctor: I know an amazing pediatrician and a great general practitioner. Kidnapping will be had to protect these assets and their families. Hunters: I live in Nessus, Illinois. The reason I call it Nessus is that people hunt with EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE here. Bows, guns, crossbows. I'm covered. I have a handful I trust, and these would be the ones I take with. Probably six or seven of them (expecting one or two to be brained). Guards. These are the people who fight. Now, one would think that these are for the zombies, no. These are for other people. I actually have friends who have been in real combat situations and real danger, self included (unfortunately). All of us act as guards to protect the group. Mostly melee, but definitely focus on range, because the further away from us they are, the better. Tanners/blacksmiths, fletchers, glassblowers. Yes, actual skills that are needed as the apocalypse spreads. We need to have real skills. Electrical person, someone to maintain the electrical chickenwire fence that fries zombies and ensures that the chickenwire goes 100% around the camp. No surprises for us.