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  1. Vallejo Fluo Game Colors

    I use Vallejo and Createx fluo in every OSL I do. as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight, you shouldn't have any issues. I have a piece with varnish that has yellowed, but the fluo shows no noticeable fading.
  2. Best Place To Buy MDF Bases?

    Try Warsenal or Underground Lasers. Both have a good variety.
  3. A VK has joined the hobby!

    The tail on that figure IS cast seperately, if i recall. which actually makes it perfect for a multi-tailed kitsune.
  4. Looking for...

    @ Brother Jim: That's perfect, thamks!
  5. Looking for...

    ...A suitable mini for a Shardmind. I need a crystalline humanoid, about human size. The Crystal Golem is too large, already checked that. Anyone have any suggestions, even if it points to other manufacturers?
  6. Vermina, Lauren, Stillwater, others

    I love how the Silversail sculpt slways gets painted as a Red Mage
  7. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm looking for suggestions on how to go about scratchbuilding or kitbashing droid minis for a Star Wars game. I'm getting into a game where the whole party is heavily modified droids, and any help would be better than my last attempt.
  8. WIP GW Space Marine

    GW's yellow recipie actually follows the Iyanden Darksun-Gryphonne Sepia-Golden Yellow route. try looking up their steb-by-step instructions for Iyanden Eldar (sorry, new to the boards here, otherwise I'd know how to link that for you)