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  1. My wet palette just arrived, along with a set of mid-grade brushes that got good amazon reviews - they look like they'll be nice for general non-destructive purposes, but not the ultrafine detail (and considering I have old junkers right now, this will help until my fancy ones arrive). ONWARD TO.... okay, making my March for Science poster, then PAINTING!
  2. I have once or twice >.> Pretty much only when I am priming though and going to town with a crummy brush. I definitely like having a handle, so I'll need to get something better for this figure. The glue and notecard works on only ~1/2 the figures I try. I don't use a magnifying lamp, and my vision is pretty darn good on these. Trouble is in application, I think. Her eyes are alright; fitting... but I could still improve (granted, I am a nitpicker and there is *always* improvement to be done). I have a magnifying glass on my desk to double check work, but I hate working under it. I find it extremely disorienting. Somewhere or another I have a jeweler's magnifying visor, and I may give that a shot.
  3. My thought was that it might get the nooks and crannies well. But if it can peel paint off then it is a no-go.
  4. Would compressed air (used for computer fans, keyboards) work? You'd have to hold the figure well, but it may help alleviate worries about water.
  5. I agree with Loth, that color choice is lovely.
  6. Pochi, I don't have sticky tack, but that's a great idea! The hardware/art/garden store probably carries that. A few on my figures are sticking alright with elmer's glue to notecards, but many are not, and it is getting quite annoying. My new lightbulb is helping a bit; my eyes are aching from the brightness but not boiling anymore. I'll try to get some more highlights on there. Going to try for smooth as much as I can, but she isn't the smoothest in general. She's somewhere between Mediterranean and Caucasian, so the greenish might be a bit better for the goal. Certainly trying to give her some personality - I'm glad it is showing!
  7. I was considering a dark green, and add some dirt to the bottom if I am getting ambitious. I got his red hair base coated today - certainly makes him look more fiery!
  8. I may give that a shot. It seems pretty variable for which triads are enough, which aren't. I really like the golden skin triad that I just got and used on my angry dorf. The tan shadow and tan skin are nearly identical though. I mixed the tan shadow with some scorched brown (old citadel) for her cheeks which aren't seen from this angle. It worked out alright. Not sure if I should make that more extreme or not. Might give the highlighting a little work as you suggest. Could add the right "pop" to it. Little worried about smoothness if I add more layers to the face though. I'll be waiting a little bit on this figure for my red paints from Miniature Giant, but one item was backordered so it could be a while. I got her trousers and sleeves painted, just a generic beige. I didn't want those to become a focus, so I picked innocuous colors. The armor though will be intense, with red accents.
  9. These are absolutely flabbergastingly good. Thanks for increasing my aspiration levels! Any tips or tricks to get the finesse on those? The shading is so fluid and the freehand is incredible!
  10. I'm working on Mr. Ironspike as a fastish paint job, while I rest my eyes after working on the lady with the spiked chain (also waiting for a shipment of paints so I can do red accents better for her). I got his face (skin, eyes, mouth) done, and have started the base coat for the rest of his skin. Swapped a lightbulb to something that isn't boiling my eyeballs - maybe it will help on my shading as well. Not sure what color the pants will be, but he definitely will have a glorious red mane (normal "red" hair which isn't actually red). Considering putting a tattoo of the Kirkwall symbol (Dragon Age 2) on his back, if I can swing it. Will try to get the lightbox set up for better photos in near future!
  11. Yup, you can mix white or black/brown to the blue and red to make your darkening and highlighting paints. The trouble for me is making them repeatable though (it is doable, but I get nitpicky). Absolutely worth playing with paint mixing though. Despite my reservations on it, I used that just last night to create the right color for a facial scar on a figure :)
  12. Eh, practice is practice. We shall get the shading and blending over time :) I am think I need to retest some of my old paints better too. I noticed an old figure had much smoother application of paint on the skin than my current WIP. Maybe I need to shake better, maybe I'm just rusty, but something's up. New brush will be good, but if the paints are ick, hard to remedy that without replacement. I'll add a #2 to my shopping cart on the brushes though :) This is the old one I pulled off a shelf (2010 or 2011). I love how she turned out (if I did it again, I'd add highlighting to the purple and a few other spots, and be more specific on the sword). Her face has thicker eyeliner than I'm doing now, but the skin turned out so well regarding smoothness!
  13. It is indeed funny! But eh, to each subject its own scale. I don't think I am all that capable of working on actual big scales; I've been a fan of small art for as long as I can remember. Filbert it is for another brush. I had been checking those out, they seem good for shading. When using your Rosemary #1, are you reserving it for the fine detail, or also using it for medium size stuff and small bits of blending?
  14. They seem to have you covered on most of the actual painting basics, so I'll add something else. Don't have caffeine for ~4hrs before painting. I usually guzzle strong black tea and don't notice it during general day to day activities. When I'm painting, I notice my hands shaking, even just a tinge. Keep your hand steady. To aggravate this more, avoid painting while tired for the same reason. It is worse than painting one beer in. Hydration is a great way to alleviate both being tired and over caffeinated. Get some water - and don't put the brush in that one! Take time to rest your eyes, even if just a few minutes. Hang out on the forums a lot. My figures improve drastically for each bout of time I spend lurking on here or asking questions. Learn from every figure you do; number them or put a date on the bottom. Don't just paint the same way every time. $3-10 per figure adds up, make them count! If you are conscious of what you want to improve or practice on a given figure each time, you'll get better very swiftly. It is pretty fun to line them up and see what's changed. Note what figure challenges different skills, and use them deliberately for that. Pick some that are "easy" and some that are difficult for your skill level. Be prepared to make a lot of mistakes, and correct them. Part of the game is knowing how to minimize mistakes, or make them so that they are more easily corrected. You'll learn from trial and error, and from reading. Welcome and I hope you have fun!
  15. Awesome, George. Thanks! Debating which brushes to get now. From your link, thinking the Rosemary 0 and a 1 at least. Any other sizes you like of theirs? I do have one small Ottlight, but it isn't enough. Will see if Joann's has Ottlight bulbs too; the local Michael's went out of business recently. Not only is my standard junker lamp a minor heat source, but it is starting to hurt my eyes. I feel the heat face first when I'm engrossed in a figure.