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  1. 77167: Ingrid, Gnome Thief (LTPK part 2)

    Purple in the shadows! Purple is love. But if the base color is purple, I may shade with green or blue, lol. I'll put purple in the shadows of red, yellow, orange, green, blue.... yeah. I like purple.
  2. 77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    Your kraken is totally salvageable. I think that what is getting you is probably patience, more than trouble with thinness of the paint. You want to go from a dark blueish purple to a light pinkish purple, yeah? Try making a spectrum on your palette, from the dark end to the light end. Keep doing thin (by thin we mean diluted with water) layers from the dark, to the light. It will take time to build up the colors. Right now you do have a sharp transition - just keep working finer and finer color transitions until is smooths out. Nothing is *wrong* with the sharp transition, it is merely incomplete I'd highly recommend watching Kuro Cleanbrushes's Youtube videos on glazing and Nonmetallic metals. You don't need to do NMM, but the methods will be similar to what you want to do - build up thin layers for a color transition.
  3. RIP Stephen Hawking

    This is a thoroughly sad passing for the world. May his atoms inhabit marvelous things throughout the universe.
  4. 77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    Heyo! I'd be glad to give pointers.... but none of the photos are viewable/none of the links are clickable. Fix that up and you'll have plenty of helpers!
  5. I just had a new idea on how to paint one of my DoDs.... volcanic lightning style. Get the white-purple-blues from the air and lightning, and then reds-browns-yellows from the ground and the lava. *ponders color schemes*
  6. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    I'm not into chibis or anime magical girls.... but corgberus is damn amazing.
  7. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    If it doesn't arrive within 3 weeks of being shipped, let them know though. That's when they can contact the postal service or go into replacement mode.
  8. Seen Stardust? Turn one into a FLYING undead ship! But but.... all the Dreadmere goodness .... or darkness! Might be able to alter the hut to look different enough. If you greenstuffed the windows to look whole, replaced some missing shingles, that could help too. Get them in different states of disrepair. That might turn into a "before and after" sort of thing though for shiny new house versus abused-by-witch house.
  9. It does occur to me now that Lisa should have been seated to be in the pose of the original painting. S'ok if she's standing though :)
  10. Adorable things complete. Going to try to photo and then send off next week.
  11. Intro and W.I.P.

    Welcome! That figure is one of the first I ever painted, over a decade ago or so. Recently rediscovered him in my minis trunk. You're off to a good start!
  12. From what I have heard, the Reimer ones are more advanced. Pick based on skill/confidence, perhaps?
  13. Now I need to figure out how to paint the Mona Lisa and do her justice!
  14. I'd really like some more terrain pieces, both in buildings and in nature. If this can extend to partial setting pieces, such as for a diorama, that would be great. Say.... a small piece of castle wall, with a window. Or... a cave that can fit a bear or two inside. Maybe a spiral staircase. This sort of thing doesn't need the detail of metal or resin typically, but would be really nice to have for setting up neato pieces!