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  1. I just remembered a weird sequence of dreams I had when I was ~8 years old. They were awful. I wasn't really present in the dreams, as much as over-head viewing for a documentary. All the unicorns were dying because the ground was lava and volcanos everywhere. Distinctly dead unicorns. >.<
  2. You still have to show up, but being sciencey will also make lawyers toss you. They don't like people who look for evidence instead of blindly trusting them. Myself, an engineering student, the student's professor, and the nurse were the first tossed out.
  3. No no... he chews spitting tobacco! Love this figure!
  4. Be creative! I think the bold red with mellow blue could be nice :)
  5. Yes LOL. The cleric is a weed dealer in the city. Fighter just realized that the order he fought for was corrupt (while invading Poland). Necrobard is an exiled elite from the city; he has to keep his necromancy hidden but gets by as a traveling bard. The druid thinks he's an anthro fox-coyote and just found out he's a druid. Druid and fighter are in world by magical mishap. Necrobard was on a supposedly fast errand for a wizard, and cleric was the wizard's dealer. They both were there when the wizard accidentally blew himself up and pulled the fighter and druid in.
  6. Hail Blucifer, our guardian of the land! May he reign long and with a mighty hoof!
  7. Currently in a D&D 3.5 (very loose on rules) game. I'm the dungeon master, and the world is my own creation. It is in a peaceful necrocracy that has a taboo against necromancy. They cursed the royals to be stuck as ghosts bound to the castle until their children die - it caused peace in the land as no one wants the curse of being royal now. I'm going to mess up my players by giving them NPCs to love and then killing all of them. We're pretty early in the game. The characters just arrived in my world via magical mishap, or were born in the world. They're in the mercenary's training maze right now, trying to prove that they're worthy of getting conscripted to stop the curse on behalf of the royals - else they rot in jail (suspected of blowing up the wizard's tower). I have four players - a stoner, a PTSD ridden drunk, an emo, and a furry. To clarify.... an herbalist cleric, a remorseful teutonic knight (fighter tank), the necrobard (gestalt wizard + bard, character born in world as a noble), and an anarchist druid from Wisconsin. If a friend wants to be a rogue they may jump in later (I want to throw traps at everyone damnit!). Haven't played my computer games for a while. I need to finish Dragon Age Inquisition (about 3/4 thru) because I adore that series. Also need to get the necromancer for Diablo 3. Board games? I often play the "screw everyone else up and laugh about it" strategy. I rarely win, but I have more fun. Otherwise I like to bluff my way through games.
  8. I dream sporadically. Maybe I dream more and have zero memory of it, but I have at a mild dream probably weekly, and intense ones once or twice a month. If I know I've dreamed, it likely occurred near when I wake up - sometimes during the half-sleep of hitting the snooze button on my alarm. I rarely have good dreams, but they aren't often nightmares. Did have a dream of my best friend getting shot in the head and that scared the bejeebus out of me for a bit. Also had a dream that I was inside of a 3D Cartesian graph, and there was a cube at the intersection of the axes. It was growing unless I hit it occasionally. Turns out, I was imagining hitting the cube.... I was actually hitting my snooze button. Used to have tooth dreams. As in.... zombies in a campus building that was actually a rocket ship in space and my teeth fell out, so I ran around the ship with teeth in my hand trying to find a dentist and not get eaten by zombies. Remembering dreams well doesn't happen often. Generally I am glad for that.
  9. Just saw the new Kingsman movie. It was thoroughly enjoyable, but not as good as the first in my opinion.
  10. I'm going to paint a snake all the way up her leg as a tattoo. I think I can do it. The worst to happen will be repainting the entire leg. But first... going to a movie with my friend.
  11. It is coming along great!
  12. Unless you are going for the bonus challenges, you can shade with whatever colors you want. Just has to visually read as "a white dragon" and have your 2nd and 3rd colors as 2nd and 3rd most prevalent. You could do the white shading with the khaki, you could shade the white with gray, heck, even pink. Or pale blues. Up to you!
  13. I learned a trick for tough to reach ones last week! Dollop of gloss coat on the mold line can smooth it, then paint over the gloss. I didn't do a ton on her, but the arm and leg are improved due to it. Could have done more for the one in the cloak perhaps. Totally using this more in the future.
  14. Ouch, @redambrosia. I hope things get better soon. That sounds like an awful situation to be stuck in
  15. Totally the punk rock pink! So white, khaki, and pink. That'll be fun! Welcome to the challenge! I'll get you added to the WIP list