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  1. How can I incorporate minis into Red Dragon Inn, Munchkin, or Cards Against Humanity?
  2. Yeah but then I'd spray my WIPs and my rinse cups. It is a kinda amusing game "paint the fly".
  3. There is a big green fly buzzing around my paint area. I've bopped it twice with my brush when it sits on my dabbing paper towel. Unfortunately the quantity of paint on my brush has been insufficient to say "I painted the fly". It was enough to make the fly pause and twitch its wings before continuing though.

    I just saw that and drooled a little bit.
  5. Live

    I like that clockwork horse. The points system is awkward though. Still, it is nice to have the option to go for specific figures.
  6. Woohoo! Paint and pigment and things that should not be inhaled or ingested! We got a post. Thanks kind Mod!

    @Reaperbryan Yay to toys for everyone! :)
  8. She's great! I love that you named her "The Carrot"!
  9. They go together in certain corners of the internet.
  10. Those are some cool figures you're starting up! Glad to help you onto the fairy-train

    Yeah, there are elementalists. The magic isn't on their hand, although it is implied by a sconce or something like that. Gossamer is the name of the air elementalist woman. There is a fire man and an earth man, and air woman and water women. Having some with the element on their person would be nifty too.
  12. Perhaps not albino, but he is generally creepy pale! I like it :)
  13. Got the knife done. The pommel was probably intended to be bone and I went for a darker metal. Maybe it is bone coated in dark iron. The coloring was fun. Put a chevron on the front. Colored the knobs. I think the extra color on these helps balance the fish out. Thinking that the fuzzy trim should be a medium tone slightly reddish brown.

    They already have this sort of thing in DHL, but it would be nice to have Bones versions of them. And I am pretty sure that the old DHL big elementals and the lesser elementals are out of production, but they'd be great candidates for Bones.
  15. Another question: anyone know where to get something similar to the turntable displays on WAMP? WAMP is all out. I'd like to put the rainbow fairy on a small turning display with a case to protect from dust before I give it to my friend.