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  1. Try to keep in mind how intense you want it. Subtle lighting is okay but can get lost on a small figure (similar reason for why we highlight and shade). Alternatively, it can get cartoonishly intense. Looking great so far :)
  2. Phone chargers. Batteries. Pencils. Ponytail holders. All the darn time. Major or hobby items? Less.
  3. No humidifier. Room just has generic poor ventilation in otherwise bone dry climate. Probably won't be an issue... but the house is weird. I don't trust it to not have something go wrong.
  4. I really liked the old Citadel hexagonal pots. They opened and closed (flip up) well with easy access to paint. I feel like I waste a lot of paint with a dropper bottle when I need a tiny dab for something, nowhere near a whole drop. However, I dislike screw tops intensely for paint in a pot, and the new dome shaped Citadel/GW paint pots I find rather awful. They don't maintain an angle and several times have dripped thru the back. My future paints will probably be in droppers despite my little complaint. If I had a finer drop nozzle I'd be thrilled.
  5. Excellent start! I am glad you like the eye method and the new brush. The eyes are great. I wish I got started as fast as you have! I look forward to seeing your interpretation of this one. I have her on my desk as a to-paint and have some ideas rolling around, yet to be attempted.
  6. I just got a wet palette on the CO folks' recommendation. I opened the lid to dry out while I am on road trip. Sure hope it goes dry instead of moldy. Forgot the copper. In the little bit of painting I got to do with it, I liked it. Still getting used to the different thinning ratios though.
  7. Denver Comic Con? Been to that DCC a few times. Wish I could have gone to Blizzcon while I was still a WoW player.
  8. Favorite place to eat? Williams & Graham in Denver. It is a speakeasy bar and restaurant and everything the chefs and bartenders touch is glorious.
  9. Excellent! The colors, detail, and consistency are great!
  10. A badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM! (Just youtube the badger mushroom song). The fungus among us are excellent. Great work!
  11. Who do I admire? Two of my geology professors. They are amazing women, doing some absolutely fantastic research. Somehow they can manage a leading their groups, family, research, teaching, and travel. They are wise and kind and pretty much my idols. Their research is different than my focus, but if we lived 300 years and could study more topics, I would hope to work with them someday. The best I got is having them as instructors and role models.
  12. A physics professor I was talking to once vented his frustration at poorly written published articles. He handed me a journal and told me to open any random page and look. Within three sentences of my randomly selected start point, I found awful writing errors. Other journals are better at least, and I find geology stuff more likely legible. My perspective may be skewed by that experience though. Also, I am so glad that my courses don't tend to want 50+ pagers O.o Mega kudos to you!
  13. That description of weather was exceedingly pleasing.
  14. Agreed. Baldur, you language skills are great :) I know native speakers with much more trouble!
  15. I am leaving for my road trip this weekend or Monday, so I won't be available this month. June is already in my calendar though! I tend to agree that the stripes ended up wide. I am experimenting with my new brushes to see what works at the moment. So far my favorites are not the fancy Rosemary & Co ones - it is a pack of Virtuoso brushes that I got on Amazon. May just be lack of practice with the Rosemary ones too and finding their purpose better.