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  1. Conversion for Odd PC- Bat-Man-Wolf

    You rocked the NMM! Excellent figure.
  2. PS: geologists rock. Pun intended. Beagle likes soft and wimpy rocks. I like fun rocks.
  3. Minis we would like to see

    I support not-Phantom of the Opera heavily. Also add not-Christine, not-Raoul, and other not-POTO characters.
  4. Especially on Bones figures. The cost/figure is so darn good that you can snag multiple if one goes awry. Exceptions being "The Big Ones". And even then, you can strip them and start over.
  5. I brought the pants up to linen white at the highest points - just a touch. Decided to try freehand on the belt. Mixed results. Hair turned out well. Gave the person eyebrows too. The piece is done except for signing and sealing. Not posting a Show Off until later though... for surprises sake.
  6. They want preordered Bones figures, right?
  7. Tiik

    Mmrrrrgggglllleee! They remind me of murlocs.
  8. My country would be taking over the Black Hills of South Dakota. Importing fun fruits and vegetables would be a must. It would be Lapisland. My flag would be blue, with a rainbow. Under the rainbow would be a crossed hammer and chisel. (All of this subject to me changing my mind later).
  9. Ditto. It is mounted on a new holder too. But other stuff is in his way
  10. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    Sphinx and Medusa here, but same logic. Not a fan of the human sculpts, which is a shame as I like their stories.