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  1. Mother Nature Bust

    What the wizard said. Watching you work is a treat!
  2. Paint Thinning

    I thin my paints with water because it is easy and I am lazy. Sometimes I end up doing it on a brush by brush basis - get brush wet, wiggle it in paint, test on towel. I don't always have the same consistency. I've gotten good enough to gauge if a brush load is how I want it to be in general though. Sometimes I make a thinned batch if I need a bunch; not always. I have used flow improver for a wash - it was nice but I didn't find it crucial.
  3. Showcase Miniature Suggestions?

    It is a beautiful sculpt. With the fine detailing, I wouldn't pick it up in Bones. Metal all the way for it.
  4. Darkswords Masterworks G.R.R.Martin

    If so, I hope they're dragon style dragons, instead of the wyverns of the show. Could go either way, since DS's previous GRRM stuff predates the show.
  5. Darkswords Masterworks G.R.R.Martin

    If you paint all your figures, you die. Therefore you need more.
  6. Some advice please

    That's why you clip away from yourself and others and let the shrapnel fly at the wall Alternatively, get a material you can cut with a narrow saw. Brass rod or tube could work well too.
  7. One of the artists who does concept sketches for Dark Sword is doing a coloring book Kickstarter. In case anyone is interested, voila, a link.
  8. Darkswords Masterworks G.R.R.Martin

    I am much more of a GRRM fan than an HP fan. The HP one could get me hard on "stuff to paint for friends". This could be me drooling on everything, easily.
  9. Darkswords Masterworks G.R.R.Martin

    Well balls. There goes my money. I wonder how these will be different from their existing dozens of GRRM figures though.
  10. Black Rose Wars

    Lactose intolerance. I can have a small portion of ice cream, but will be in bad shape if I pig out on it.
  11. Progressing as a painter

    Highlight, or just add more contrast in general. Sometimes that means going deeper into the shadows with a dark color. What I am starting to notice is that my well contrasted pieces have enough contrast that I can see some definition on the figure when I walk into my painting room... and I am seeing them from a few feet away, and my lights are dim (one poor window for daylight in the room - the ottlight still off). That isn't to say I'll see every feature, but that in poor light at a moderate distance, they don't look flat. It takes a surprisingly large amount of contrast to do that. Have you explored using washes at all? They aren't the only technique to get shadowing done, but they can really help early on in giving shadows to vague areas (like the bracer). That, and you can be relatively sloppy with them compared to other methods. As the sparkly canine said, welcome! If you want some critique in general, post WIP threads and ask for help!
  12. ma'al drakar pathfinder stats?

    If Pathfinder is similar enough to D&D 3.5, then I'd suggest looking up Tiamat stats. Most of the books have Tiamat in deity format, but there are homebrews people have posted online for her.
  13. B for scale

    Unless otherwise stated, Reaper makes 28-32mm scale figures (that height for a human). Almost all of the photos have little triangles on the side representing I believe a 1/2 inch for scale.