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  1. Live

    It had to have hit 50 pretty darn fast. My FB feed has been solid with it.
  2. Live

    Yeah, $10 for a good dragon sculpt is hard to beat. That's my dilemma. My zombie title is in reference to a game, not a diehard love of the mythos (but zomedies are pretty great). And it would fit my D&D world... but that's a more immediate need. BAH DECISIONS.
  3. What you described for metal matches what I did in silversmithing class almost a decade ago now. And to my knowledge, digital sculpting is starting to come up a lot for jewelers. It is more forgiving than handcarving wax. Nifty to know on the other types for sure! I guess that the metal for the Bones models makes it pricier than the rubber for the pewter, hence Kickstartering it for the initial cost? After that, material cost of plastics/PVC is cheaper than pewter. Thanks everyone for the input!
  4. Live

    The zombie dragon is good, but I probably can go without it. I dunno... that's just a huge expanse of rotting flesh to paint. Perhaps I'll change my mind *shrug*
  5. Roomie's going away shindig (she got a study abroad thing) CMPA on Saturday Work, then drive to WY for eclipse!
  6. We have had the lighting cause fire in the past. Summer 2012 when CO Springs and Fort Collins were getting absolutely mangled by fires, Boulder had a 10min thunderstorm at noon with two strikes. One lit up the Flatirons. That was an exceptionally dry summer though. This summer had a hot July, but August so far has enough moisture to keep plants at least a little damp it seems Our worst fires have been started by idiocy in regards to fire safety. When I was in San Diego, half were accidents and half were arson
  7. Question: what are the production differences for metal minis vs plastic, resin, and pvc? Metal ones are easier, yeah? I am loosely familiar with metal casting, but not the non-metals.
  8. Update! Shading/highlighting to the green bits. Hair complete. More twiddling with the face. Shading/highlighting the leg. Base coating the cloak. Still kinda looks like a certain public figure despite working on the face. The paint just wants to do that!
  9. This is great! I love that his equipment is so much bigger than he is! His pants look.... uncomfortable? Like there is elastic pulling up at the crotch. I think that is part of the sculpt though, you painted him very well!
  10. Live

    Oneboot is now my favorite purple cat, officially. Not that I know many other purple cats. Just now I have an official favorite one.
  11. Warcraft/World of Warcraft The Belgariad/Mallorean
  12. Live

    And we shall continue (gently) pestering Reaper about a cat dragon until it is in the cards to exist in an ambiguous future My hope is that one of the sculptors reads all this and goes "for goodness sake, I'm on it already" even if it doesn't make it into Bones. This is all my wishful thinking. I suspect there shall not be a cat dragon... but I'd very much like there to be. Pretty much, listen to @OneBoot!
  13. Huh, then their advertising is poo as I just looked for info online. I went to it twice, several years ago. Not a bad show when its around. Still loved the one in Salinas, CA. That had to be my favorite air show.
  14. Have you been to the air show at Rocky Mountain Airport? It should be coming up... *types stuff to look*... What?! None this year?!
  15. Live

    *twiddles thumbs while waiting for response about cat dragons*