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About Me

I'm a masters student at CU Boulder studying igneous petrology, inspired by my love for gemstones. Currently I am focusing on the structure of a weird mineral in a pegmatite on Pike's Peak. I am a mineralogy teaching assistant and I adore teaching - it is thoroughly rewarding (and exhausting). For some hobby-cash I work a few hours a week at a hat shop, slinging hats onto the heads of people who meander in. 


I've had 10 years of art class during childhood and teen years in various mediums, and began painting figurines when I was about 13. I started off with enamels, and was on-off painting till I got to college. Now in college, I've switched to acrylic paints due to ease of use and lack of smelly thinner. I'm on my second round of painting in college now. 


I like dragons and pretty rocks. I did eventually get my private pilot's certification, although I am no longer current due to strain of grad school. 


If you are reading my posts in the Craft Corner, please know that I really want critique. Seriously. Rip my work to shreds (constructively, please). I know that I have tips to offer, but I love sponging up knowledge even more.