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  1. I do have a princess mousling to alleviate the death and dead stuff painting I've been doing. But I couldn't resist putting a face on this one. Any resemblance to FLOTUS is entirely coincidental, seriously. I think the shading/highlighting toned it down, but the figure does have the angular structure on the face. To conceal the mold lines I failed to remove on her exposed leg and arm I'm going to freehand some tattoos. I really should do better on removing mold lines. Oh well.
  2. Kobolds and orcs can have a variety of colors in my mind. Therefore, pick what you like most. If that is with one of the rulebooks, awesome :)
  3. We helped pick beans at the family farm after the eclipse. They kept a two trashbags full and gave us some. Recommended blanching and freezing.
  4. Live

    Would the mounted riders all by possible in Bones? Seems like they may have issues on the shape, unless they did some really weird multipart assembly. If possible I would also like them though!
  5. A trashbag full of fresh picked green beans. Seriously. I don't know how to eat this many green beans, and green beans are yummy. So... if you need some beans, gimme a hollar.
  6. It was magical (but not - it was just the world doing what it does because physics). We were up in WY on BF's family's ranch in the middle of no-where near Torrington. Got to hear their ducks and geese get tweaky. Missed the reaction from the pigs and goats. Played with sweet kittens. Helped the bitty kiddos get their masks on to watch. Totality was spectacular. Clear day except for some fire smog from Montana. The family is part of the fire department (who prepared like it was the apocalypse) and we were listening to their radio for traffic issues. Stayed at the ranch until 10pm, left via a route that totally bipassed I-25 and I-80. Got home at 2am, 4hr drive, no traffic. Super worth it.
  7. The boyfriend and I are an hour away from home after eclipse. We waited for traffic to slow and are going via Greeley to avoid I-25. So far so good. Also, Doug's pic rocks.
  8. Sooo... I can't be the only GoT fan on this forum (books or show). Last night's episode I found generally satisfying. Opening was golden. Even the erm... soupy scene. That was gross and so well done. Also love Jaime's disgust with his sister. Biggest surprise? The lack of dead Lannister soldiers. *open discussion*
  9. Yes, if possible. Xacto and tiny files are my tools. Mold lines same, may toss in a burnisher. Sometimes I am more successful than others. Sometimes I realize I missed spots after I have primed... usually I leave them if that is the case. For Bones I just use a sharp Xacto for big blemishes. I leave small ones alone.
  10. The eclipse was so cool!! Up in WY, got a minute and a half of totality. Waiting for the apocalyptic traffic to die down before heading home.
  11. ^^ Link to the WIP. My Stephanie Law Kickstarter loot pack had their first goof up! Lucky for me, they rectified the situation immediately. At any rate, I had a spare necromancer body and a spare bard arm. I decided to do my first ever conversion and connect the two! I told my friend about this, and we came up with the idea to make The Necrobard an emo-punk rock musician, with heavy influence from My Chemical Romance (specifically The Black Parade). See inspiration: Instead of a summoner, we settled on a "everything hurts" idea of the stereotypical depressed musician/comedian who has very high charisma, but hides a lot of pain. And he wears a lot of black. My friend is indeed going to play this character (his initials are hiding in red in the crook of the lute). Bardic party buffing plus necro debuffing of bad guys. I attempted to make it look like he was casting a necromancy spell by freehanding his hands to have the skeleton glowing through the gloves, and the lute glow where he holds it, and out of the center. I picked "The Punisher" character's logo for an easy skull to freehand on the back. The red stain is because the character beat his brother over the head with the lute as a backstory. I added the skull to the base for the heck of it. If you look closely at the bard-arm, it doesn't line up perfectly... but good enough for a first conversion, yeah? My epoxy was being a butt, so I settled on pins and super glue. If not for the inspiration being bleach blonde, I likely would have given him dark hair. But hey, crazy pale was an adventure to paint. As was the absurd amount of black/gray. The photos I think are over-bright, so I will be tweaking them in the future; I think less light but longer exposure (if I can hold steady) would do wonders - better ones to come in a week or so when I can pin Doug down with my camera. Comments, critique, musical expressions of sadness or joy - all welcome!
  12. Navy blue is a pretty innocuous color, and can be thrown in when in doubt, I think. Olive green is the tougher one, but since navy plays well with so darn many things, it fits, especially for the navy as the cloak.
  13. Did a bit more work on shading/highlighting the green. Started shading/highlighting the blue. Her name is Mel.... short for Melody. Because I have decided that she will be Necrobard's temptation towards evil. I also now have the goal of not using black on her. Ok, her pupils had it. But none for the navy blue shadows. None for the scythe. Nope. Last piece needed too much black and gray overall. She's going to be dark without actually being dark.
  14. I don't doubt it. How many cloves does it take to make a milliliter of clove oil? If there was a perfume of cloves, I'd wear it. I vary my proportions, sometimes more allspice or ginger... but... yeah. I go heavy on the mouth-numbing spices for fun.
  15. Live

    Dag nabbit. Reaper's going to take MORE of my money. The Dance of Death dragon thing coming up is so darn good! Gauth didn't really do it for me. Ma'al (what I see now - wasn't on previous KS's) is amazing... but not my favorite sort of dragon. This? bah hum bug. It is a good thing I don't need many calories, because money goes to dragons instead of foodstuffs.
  16. Small blonde gal with the cool hat - that's me. I'll be there next time too!
  17. Use all the pie spices, five times. I have been accused of making spice pies with apples. My tongue has gone numb after a slice due to all the cinnamon and cloves. Just the way I like my "apple" pie
  18. No no... use brown sugar and lots of pie spices :)
  19. Thanks for another fun painting session, Doug. And thank you for the paper and photo aid!
  20. Hey, Ladyhawke's soundtrack was awesome. I liked it in the setting. It fit more than A Knights Tale (80s music jousting - almost a satire). Alan Parson's Project is another 80s band I love, due to parental influence.
  21. Some tile stamps by Happy Seppuku, white paint, brown liner, and red-violet triad (one of the three as a gift). Lesson from CO fellow, with a Bones cowgirl - that was fun! Food. Acquired baklava.
  22. Live

    Pathfinder figures to core, modern scenics, and another giant. Not too shabby. Looking forward to the pathfinder ones personally!
  23. I was originally thinking the exposed calf, but the design is kinda complicated to do at that size. The cloak's difficulty will be in the wrinkles. Yes I know it isn't canon for the books ;)
  24. Thanks! She probably isn't one I would have picked to be honest, but the BF has been helping on figures and liked her. And her features are fun! I'm enjoying painting a not-black-themed necro, after necrobard was tons of black and gray. There is skin to paint, the cloth is a good amount of bendy (super folds are annoying, as are flatish shapes). Thinking of trying to freehand a Death Eater sigil on the back of the cloak, but that'll take practice on a paper first.
  25. Live

    It had to have hit 50 pretty darn fast. My FB feed has been solid with it.