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  1. 77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    My first NMM on two tiny axes took me 4 hours to smooth blend to satisfaction. It goes faster now
  2. 77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    You are on your way to great blending! Sometimes it does help to start with more defined areas, like your first fins picture. Then you can work at the boundaries of the colors and keep refining it (which it seems like you've done). I am not a fan of two-brush blending really; I find it unwieldy. Others really like it. I also am at a disadvantage for two-brush blending and wet blending due to a dry climate, so I'm more prone to doing glazes. I think I've succeeded at wet blending only a few times, and that's when I was really on a roll moving paint swiftly, lol. Once you have the blending where you like it, are you considering any freehand pattern? The initial octopus has spots and speckles and whatnot - you could try to replicate some of that sort of thing later. Thinned paints will be key!
  3. Kaladrax Reborn

    I think he looks good! Might I suggest a different backdrop for photos though? A plain gray, brown, gray-blue, or black sheet would do wonders!
  4. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Mine arrived today. They look great! I love that they came in a plastic case - storage already taken care of!
  5. Jewelers use Flex Shafts. Their speed is very controllable so you can go slow, fast, whatever, and use tiny or large bits and burrs for whatever purpose. They'd work well on minis.
  6. Also is freehand practice but without worrying about making it look great since it is on the bottom
  7. I also wouldn't bother with giving Bones the green bath unless it is a larger figure like a dragon or somesuch. Bones human-size figures are cheap. May as well let goofed up figures stay as-is, and pick up new ones. You'll see your progress as you go, and save the effort. I put a date on the bottom of my figures so that it is easy to tell how I've changed
  8. Title made me think you were experimenting with gloss paints instead of metallic Hmm... What is your take on demimetallics? Mixing a normal paint and a metallic - yay/nay/.... what situations?
  9. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    The komodo dragon at the Denver Zoo has a physical therapist. https://www.google.com/amp/denver.cbslocal.com/2018/03/21/physical-therapist-komodo-dragon/amp/
  10. Zombie German Officer W.I.P.

    That'll do it too. Are you able to paint while bracing your arms? Tricks I picked up in silversmithing class to maintain steadiness: Keep your elbows pinned to your sides. That will eliminate motion from the shoulders. Get your forearms braced on the working surface, table or whatnot. That eliminates motion from the elbows. Now your wrists and hands are the only parts with a range of motion. You can go a step further sometimes and put the edge of your hand on the table too, letting fingers do the work. None of this will eliminate all twitchiness or all trembles, but it can help give you more control.
  11. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I don't understand how so many people don't name their vehicles! Or their place of living.... I live in Nerdy Girl Castle. >.>
  12. Miniatures in Movies/TV/Media

    The wizard is a sculpt by Reaper, specifically by Gene Van Horn. He was inspired to paint one up at the CO meetings recently after seeing Stranger Things. Just saw that last night too. I love that they've turned LOT into the goofball fun show of the bunch. This made my day.
  13. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes I can drive. I drive a 2001 Nissan Xterra. His name is Indy - short for Indigo (blue paint - close enough to indigo color). I can also yell INDY.... GOOOOO! He's underpowered so sometimes needs a little kick to get moving. Awesome for off-roading, terrible for commute. I learned to drive when I was 15 in a ford 350 duely. My dad tried to teach me to drive a stick shift in his '84 Honda Accord, but I couldn't really reach the clutch due to shortness. I could with extended leg and full pointed toe, but the clutch was clunky and a pain in the patoot. Sir Cyr taught me to drive his stick shift much later (seat went further forward) for a road trip, but I'm not all that good due to no regular practice. So.... I can land a small plane better than I can drive a stick. Hah. Uhhh.... funny stuff driving? When I was moving back to CO from San Diego, U-haul bleeped up a bit. The trailer they gave me (Indy was hauling it - underpowered and all) had hideous tires. As in, a few millimeters away from being fully slashed. A stray pot hole would have popped them. I got it from Sacramento (pick up) to Sir Cyr's family in Reno. His uncle looked at the tires that we had missed and nearly popped. We brought the trailer to the Reno location, and those guys were amazed and surprised. Swapped us for a new trailer without issue, and said they'd be keeping the other as an example of what NOT to send out.
  14. Tiefling Paladin

    You got the eyes great! They're superb! Keep posting progress reports on this one - it should be fun to watch
  15. Wilderness Encounters by Bears Head Miniatures.

    Is it just me, or is it simultaneously awful, tragic, and appropriate that this Kickstarter goes up with a zombie rhino as Earth lost the last male of a line of rhinos?
  16. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    *twiddles thumbs*
  17. Much improved! She's turning out lovely!
  18. Zombie German Officer W.I.P.

    How much caffeine do you paint with, @Benwlundy? I try to avoid caffeine after around noon, anticipating painting in the evening. If I do a steady stream of caffeine I can't do the detail work as well.
  19. I like him Guindy, but I think the face needs more poking still. The visor is going to block a lot of light from his face, so even a Caucasian will appear a bit darker or perhaps even grayed - probably for the part of his face like upper lip and higher. If you get the top of his face darker, and the tip of his chin brighter, it would have a bigger impact.
  20. Figures I'D like to see...

    The Bears Head kickstarter that just fulfilled had HP Lovecraft. I can bring it to the next CMPA to show you. I believe they'll hit the store soon.
  21. I'd do that for the paint already on there, but change how you apply future brush-loads. Blot that brush out before putting paint on it, and don't thin the paint for the base coat. I'm pretty terrible about remembering to wash my figures, especially Bones. That rarely gets me. A damp brush sure will.
  22. New Avatar, Again, Sorry

    Who? Me? Noooo..... Also, your new sculpt is cool. New quest: sculpt more scary scaly critters!
  23. Bones is hydrophobic. If the paint or brush is too wet, it will leave blank spots.
  24. Mother Nature Bust

    I wish that the Reaction options included "I love this".