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  1. Greetings all! It is I, the Questgiver! Wait, no, the New Questioner! You are now on a quest to answer questions for a whole month! *mad cackling* Okay, onward to December's questions. We shall discuss random things. We shall discuss ourselves. We shall converse about holidays and food! We shall have fun and merriment and describe said fun and merriment with mirth (not ruling out some moodiness). For December 1st: What have you done that you are proud of lately? It can be a big thing. It can be a small thing. We know you are at least glad to have done something!
  2. Congratulations, by opening this forum post, you have received a quest! This quest is a challenge created by the combined forces of @Sirithiliel the Queen Tiamacrab, a Wizard Most Wild @Pezler the Polychromatic, and myself – @Cyradis the Questgiver. The challenge is this! Paint a small dragon, letting the dice control the colors! The Rules: Post in the WIP Forums “_Your Pseudonym_ is taking the random rainbow dragon challenge!” or “_Your Pseudonym_ has accepted the d20 rainbow dragon quest!” something to that extent. Select a figure from one of the following: Stormwing (from Bones III), Kryphrixis (from Bones III), Deathsleet (77110), or Ebonwrath (77102). You must select the dragon BEFORE rolling for colors. Take a photo with the figure and a clock as proof of order of operations. Roll for colors! Use a d20 and a photo, or an online dice roller with a screenshot as proof of rolling. Or have a fellow forum dweller vouch for your rolls. Use the Color Chart below to determine what the color is that you rolled. There are three rolls. Below is an online dice roller. Most keyboards have a PRT SCRN button that can take a screenshot for you. Then you can paste the photo into Paint to save. I'm sure there are better methods, but that works for me. https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm The first roll determines what your primary base color is. That must be the dominant color on the figure. The second roll determines your secondary color. It should be the second color that catches the eye, and second most prevalent color on the figure. The third roll determines your miscellaneous color. This should be most of the accent colors that you use, and third most prevalent color on the figure. You might need to order paint or go to the FLGS after rolling if you don’t have a given bottle – we’ll be patient and wait for you. If you can’t get a bottle of one of these colors, here is a spreadsheet with equivalent colors from different brands. If you really can't get them, use the closest thing you got to your rolls (let us know what they are please). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xl-x9eW3bLw5eqDeNUG2JUwn2EZwn34TDKfNIg5uul4/edit#gid=5 Number Reaper # Color Name Color Description 1 9004 Fire Red Bright red 2 9134 Clotted Red Dull red 3 9218 Lava Orange Volcanic orange 4 9201 Orange Brown Dull orange 5 9009 Lemon Yellow Bright yellow 6 9227 Brilliant green Bright green 7 9035 Olive Green Olive dull green 8 9017 True Blue Bright blue 9 9231 Heather Blue Dull light blue 10 9023 Imperial Purple Deep purple 11 9026 Violet Red A very misnamed color; somewhere between burgundy and magenta. Not violet. 12 9262 Blush Pink Very pink 13 9029 Earth Brown Generic brown 14 9122 Terran Khaki Light brown 15 9263 Mint Green Bright pastel green 16 9089 Cloudy Grey Generic grey 17 9077 Marine Teal Teal, blueish 18 9074 Palomino Gold Earthy gold yellow 19 9037 Pure Black Super black. Critical threat! 20 9039 Pure White Super white. Critical threat! You are allowed to use whatever colors to shade and highlight that you want, as long as the rolled colors are obvious visually.* Example: you can shade a red dragon with purple, brown, or black, but it must always appear as a red dragon. A white dragon shaded with grey must appear as a white dragon, not a grey dragon. You are allowed to use colors outside the ones that you rolled, but they must not take up more visual surface area than any of the others.** Example: your pink, green, and gray dragon is allowed to have bone-beige teeth. The proportions of color on the figure can be however you want, as long as the 1st roll is dominant, 2nd is less, 3rd is less, and anything else smaller. Example: 70% pink, 15% green, 10% gray, and 5% anything else. Or it could be 50% pink, 25% green, 15% grey, and 10% anything else. The tidbit colors are fine wherever, as long as they are minor. Paint your dragon according to the rolls plus your tidbits. Even if it is outrageous. The goal is to make the dragon look as awesome as possible without the benefit of planning color themes. You can add spots, stripes, eye-spots like moths have, or nothing. This is the base challenge. Star 1* You may decide after your initial three rolls to limit your shading colors to your rolled colors mixed with pure black and white. You may still use tidbit colors. Declare this if you go for a Star 1 challenge! Star 2** You may decide after your initial three rolls to not use colors outside of your rolled ones and shading colors (so no tidbits like beige teeth, only 3 visual colors shaded however you want). Declare this if you go for a Star 2 challenge! Star 3*** You may decide to do both the Star 1 and Star 2 challenges, using absolutely nothing but your three rolled colors, plus black and white for shading. If you do this, you are allowed to use the white for areas like teeth and eyes that could be really weird otherwise (or not - up to you). Effectively, you have 5 colors to work with only, and three of them must be the majority (in decreasing order of prevalence). You gotta be nuts! There is no time limit on this. However, if the WIP photos stop showing up at a normal rate and there’s never a Show Off thread, the forum dwellers may gently poke fun at you for adding this to your Shelf of Shame. Post to the Show Off forums with a “_Your Pseudonym_ has completed the random rainbow dragon challenge!” sort of title upon completion. Brag about your awesome (or hilarious) dragon. Win all the internet-points. Receive experience and praise. Thus shall end the quest. Once the first Random Rainbow Dragon has been completed, we will start up a group Show Off thread to compile all of the dragons in a great flock of rainbowy goodness. Current WIP List (started thanks to @Evilhalfling.) Little Bluberry Sylverthorne Glitterwolf Cyradis Corporea Sirithiliel Morihalda Evilhalfling Guindyloo Maledrakh Eldamir pcktInt Talae nakos Kate midshipmaneasy Paradoxical Mouse Darsc Zacal vegascat Cranky Dog Auberon robinh Ulfheathen Phoenix Rising NebulousMissy Edsterdoom Ironhammer Thes Hunter Invisible Thumb arouark OneBoot Gadgetman Eldamir v2 Ludo midshipmaneasy v2 HornedTurtle Sophie was taken Crazyscribble Sanwah Inarah Mierot Xiwo Xerase
  3. Did I leave a black box of paint there? Or did Sir Cyr pack it without me seeing. At work going "did I forget my paint?!"
  4. Secret Sophie 2017 - Mouse's Contribution - HELP

    Yes it is improving! Others have you covered on tips. You got this :)
  5. I can see some flashing on the edge in need of trimming. File the parts that are too wide (more control than a knife), and green stuff the gapped area.
  6. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Sunday, December 17th: Do you enjoy household chores or dread them? Specific ones better/worse than others?
  7. Diabolus was just released in Bones, at $19.99. That's about the right price point for the challenge. Shall we include him in the potential list of dragons (which is flexible anyway)?
  8. Secret Sophie 2017 - Mouse's Contribution - HELP

    I'd use a brighter set of reds and oranges for the flame, and the yellow would be more for mixing than for a highlight on skin yeah? The skin seems to have less bright hues. I'd also go with bright yellow first for the OSL (if skin goes up to orange) and continue to white (linen white). No white in the skin, so it will make a clear central OSL bright area.
  9. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Saturday, December 16th: What are your favorite puns? Or are you one of those folks who hates puns?
  10. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    When I was about 4 years old, my friend and I were in the back seat of my mom's old car as she drove somewhere. The upholstery was decaying and exposing the foam cushions. The cushions kinda looked like bread. We decided to eat it a bit. Yeah we made the seats even worse by literally eating them. No idea what we were thinking. We also would mix pixie sticks and water into potions and guzzle them.
  11. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    That's my current go-to morning tea too, but I have a single shallow teaspoon of sugar in mine.
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Took my friend and his lovely new wife around the Front Range today. They're here for one day, so we hit brunch, a distillery, a tea place, Pearl St, more tea, then burgers and beer. Now going to have chocolate and wine. Replied to professor's email - I have a Skype meeting on Tuesday. Still happy-nervous! CMPA: no time for cooking so I got us fruit to nibble. Friend joining us, but we'll have to leave early (they have to drive to MO tomorrow evening). I'm bringing some spare Bones for them to paint (they aren't 100% newbs, but mostly newbs).
  13. Cat Dragon arrived!!! Got some skin tones and the New Years Eve Sophie for it. And some other holiday themed figures (knights, reindeer, bard). Got another Nice stocking. If anyone really wishes for an ornament, PM me. Got one to share! Edit: Ornament has been claimed. Family sent me Scale 75 Shades of Doom set. Woohoo those look fun!
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I have been trying to read Oathbringer, and it is super good, but my brain has been shorting out on it. I try to read and then I fall asleep (I read right before bed). And I haven't had my usual mid-day reading sessions either. Sir Cyr is currently reading it and is way ahead of me :(
  15. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Friday, December 15th: Did you do anything with glee during your childhood that you now find thoroughly repulsive or terrifying now? If so, what was it?
  16. My mother also hasn't gotten notified. She was asking me about it today. Might be annoying, but this is still better than Figone (by a longshot). And better than Halloween at Hasslefree (still no word on what happened to my package).
  17. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Sure you can, if you want to. Farting around on these forums gives me all sorts of ideas, and when I sit back down to the table, I'm a wee bit better because of it Okay, not huge leaps in skill improvement, but you can still improve!
  18. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Or continue writing, but allow autocorrect to run amok. Then see what fun results come up, like in a game of Mad Libs. And then you can correct back to what you intended. Win for hilarity, and win for good writing!
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Close your eyes, shove in mouth, chew. I had to do that for the first few bites to dissociate the bug (but I find snails kinda adorable) from the food. Coulda fooled me into thinking it was a strange shape chopping of some big shroom, if I hadn't had to pop the thing out of a shell.
  20. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    @TheAuldGrump, escargot isn't so bad. It kinda is like mushrooms, but with eyestalks. They soak up butter and garlic, but otherwise I found them unremarkable. Totally edible though and it was generally tasty.
  21. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I want to paint. I think I should eat more than nibbling cheese. I'm nervous. I'm excited. I have a lot of broccoli to do. A friend is arriving sometime around midnight. Sir Cyr is making some food. I should eat real food. Relax. Paint. Send email of "yes, let's have a Skype meeting" to professor. *twitches*
  22. Christmas card from @knarthex arrived! That's an excellent snow-C'thulhu I am in need of a run to the FedEx store to ship off a bunch of stuff - gotta send the Secret Sophie figure, and a figure to Knarthex, and some other goodies. So much to do!!
  23. Ditto. I got my very first order and it shipped and arrived. That one was placed at like 1am on Black Friday. Wish I had done everything then. Nothing else on notifications since.