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  1. Captain Thorrek


    Great job! I love the look on his face... I get the feeling it's the response to: "You should've gone before we left!"
  2. Captain Thorrek

    Superhero Eyes, question

    Thanks for the replies, guys! Will do Linen White for Firefox's eyes, and Yellow for Twister and Lady Tiger (Going to go with the Fire effect from the forum guides for the hair on those two, so figure yellow would make a better eye color).
  3. Captain Thorrek

    Superhero Eyes, question

    I'm making a volcanic themed Koborlas army, with only 300 pts. (Takhi, Luta, and two sentries). The thing is, instead of using the Koborlas minis, I'm using Superheroes (Lady Tiger, Firefox, Twister, and Shadow Talon). My color pallet is Black, Dark Red, Orange, and a yellow highlight. My big question would be though, with the superheroes wearing masks, would it be better to go with the tutorial on doing the eyes in the forum guide (using Reaper's Linen White in that case), or maybe going with orange eyes with a yellow highlight and red masks? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Captain Thorrek

    The Army Builder App

    If it's even in the same ballpark as the old one, it'll suit me just fine. :-)
  5. Captain Thorrek

    The Army Builder App

    Drat, it was the best army builder I ever used. It'd also make a great Android app. Just saying... :)
  6. Captain Thorrek

    The Army Builder App

    My friend and I finally got to sit down and play a Warlord match, albeit over Skype. He wanted to know about how I got the Army Sheet, and I mentioned the great Army Build you guys have... but I noticed it wasn't on the games sight. Is it still possible to use the Army Builder?
  7. Captain Thorrek

    Warlord play by phone/Skype question

    Well, we could always play with the the bases, since we know two Std bases will fit on two sides of a Lrg, and all four sides on a Monster. We'll just have to get creative with the movement. :D
  8. Captain Thorrek

    Gray Maiden, Reaper Pathfinder Miniatures

    Beautiful job on this piece.
  9. Captain Thorrek

    03763: Aravir, Elf Ranger

    That's an amazing job, well done!
  10. Captain Thorrek

    Warlord play by phone/Skype question

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! The only thing that worried me about the hex size would be the change when going to cav, giant, or large bases. It doesn't affect me much (at 200 pts. I had to get the albatross amulet, just so I can get a Daughter of Skadi), but my friend was able to grab a Sable Rider, which is on a cav base).
  11. Captain Thorrek

    The Missionaries of St. Thorg

    Wonderful job, there!
  12. Captain Thorrek

    Shadowblade Reyviande

  13. Captain Thorrek

    Bombshell Khai

    Nice work! :)
  14. Captain Thorrek

    Warlord play by phone/Skype question

    Might have to, but was hoping to get some ready made maps to make things easier. :)
  15. I'm going to be playing with a friend over phone/Skype/webcam, but we're each going to be using our own boards to track the minis' positions. We would like to go with hex terrain boards, like Battletech, but the BT boards aren't 1" hexes, like in the rules. Do you guys know of any map ideas, preferably cheap, we might be able to use? Any advice is greatly appreciated!