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  1. Kael Hunt

    03081 Edo: Human Ninja

    LadyArgent: Thanks, that's actually very helpful I was thinking that might be what they meant about the source lighting, and I was also thinking it needed more on the head and shoulder areas, which I've been particularly unhappy with. The pic helps, so thanks to Anne Cooper as well Now I just gotta get it pictured in my head and see what I can do. -Kael My blog
  2. Kael Hunt

    03081 Edo: Human Ninja

    He does look a little cartoonish, doesn't he? I want him to look like some street lamp or maybe the moon is just barely lighting the folds in his clothes.
  3. Kael Hunt

    03081 Edo: Human Ninja

    Source lighting? I'm not sure what that means - could you elaborate?
  4. Kael Hunt

    03081 Edo: Human Ninja

    After somewhat of a hiatus on painting and other crafty stuff, I decided to get back in the swing of things. The photos below are after a highlight, wash and re-highlight. I'm not completely satisfied with the highlighting but I'm not sure how to fix it: Suggestions would be most welcome Thanks! -Kael My Blog
  5. Kael Hunt

    The Keeper

    That is cool!
  6. Kael Hunt

    03441 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

    Thanks, and you're right about the practice. Of course, less caffeine before painting would probably help, too, but that's asking a lot
  7. Kael Hunt

    03441 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

    Thanks for the kind comments, folks; at long last, I think I'm pretty much done: (and hey, I figured out how to get the picture to look bigger *404*) I didn't want to upload all the alternate views, but more pics can be found on my blog once I get the post done. There are a couple of spots (such as between the straps on her shoulder) I would (and tried to) fix, but between minimum brush sizes and my shaky hands, it just ain't happenin'. Suggestions for improvement are, of course, always welcome
  8. Kael Hunt

    Bar scene WIP

    Wow - he's looking great - his face is very expressive -Kael
  9. Kael Hunt

    65051: Jolie, Female Scribe

    I like your color choices for this mini I think the earlier comments are right: your paint is too thick. If you do decide to start over, I've found that Simple Green diluted for common household use and a toothbrush work great without pitting the metal (not that I speak from experience or anything -Kael
  10. Kael Hunt

    03441 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

    Thanks And I'm just happy they look like leaves; her shield and outer armor are actually just flat surfaces and I'm usually highly intimidated by the "blank canvas." I did do some touching up where my hand apparently spazzed on the shield. I'm not 100% happy with her hair and am thinking I may do a few more layers, though the overall red color will stay the same.
  11. Kael Hunt

    03441 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

    I worked on her hair this evening; my goal is to show off the cool sculpting. I like the color scheme but I think it needs work. My blog: Yarnvana
  12. Howdy: I'm debating whether to lighten up the leather parts, but I think the darker browns show off the green. I've not yet decided what color to do for her hair. She needs lots of touching up. My blog: Yarnvana