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  1. Grignok

    Goblin Swashbuckler

    Here is a great picture of what I want, but goblin.
  2. Grignok

    Goblin Swashbuckler

    I would love it if I had the time to get really involved in some major conversions and even sculpting. Everyone knows practice makes (near) perfect, even people without talent like me. Just look at Michael Jordan! Too bad my wife and I just had our first baby Sep 1 and I am super busy commissioning a brand new naval destroyer.
  3. Grignok

    Goblin Swashbuckler

    I have to agree, the body is perfect! I don’t really know what to do with the hands though. The left hand is in the right pose, but it has that flamey stuff in his hand. Would I dig that out or cut it entirely off and attach a new one? Same with the other hand--it has that dagger. Would I go to another mini and get something with a rapier or something in the hand and swap the hands? Wouldn’t it look weird? Like I said I have never done anything like that.
  4. Grignok

    Goblin Swashbuckler

    I was dreading the conversion idea. The "geezer" goblin has a shield on his back and I'm not sure what to do with it, and the human would be too big, making the head swap a moot point. It just seems to me that to get what I want, a new mini is to be made. I was just hoping someone else might really like this idea (someone who has some talent )
  5. Grignok

    Goblin Swashbuckler

    I was thinking more of a refined duelist look. Plus he looks like an orc instead of a goblin IMO. Thanks though
  6. Grignok

    Goblin Swashbuckler

    I play Dungeons and Dragons and play a goblin rogue/duelist. I am having the hardest time finding the right miniature. I have found the perfect human mini that exemplifies what I am looking for, which is here: My goblin wears an over-sized plumed wide brim hat as well (like Jarlaxle from the Drizzt Do'Urden novels). I emailed Reaper and the webmaster linked me this: which has the perfect plumed hat. I am not the biggest fan of Reaper’s goblins. Their faces look too much like baby orcs. I like the World of Warcraft type goblins. The old Rackham goblin minis (the ninja goblins) seem to be perfect for what I want, but they don’t make anything close to what I want. This website has some pretty fantastic gobbies, which is actually the closest thing I have found Does anyone else think that this could be a pretty great looking mini? I wish I had a lick of artistic talent. I seem to have the creativity, just not the ability to create it. -Grignok
  7. Grignok

    Beholder WIP

    I also love beholders. I have to know if you have seen this guy: http://www.dotd.com/mm/beh.gif . It is from the D&D 2nd ed. monster manual and it's an undead beholder. I always thought the undead beholder was the coolest thing ever (started playing dnd when I was 9). I have to say that your beholder is looking impressive and I have to agree with the needed expression. The "grumpy" beholder has actually had some remnant of a lip that is curled, showing expression. I DO like the shark gums/teeth idea. Some detail/texture in the skin will add a lot, which I am sure you are planning on doing as a finishing touch. The question I have is, will it be scales, warty, smooth, etc? Keep us posted!