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  1. I was very pleased, we also watched the re-run on Monday to re-analyze things. I like how everything was set up for the rest of season. I am curious to see how the various 'relationships' play out.
  2. So, I saw this and as White wolf and World Of Darkness is my forte, and my love and I have to say I have been very pleased with all the stuff that Onyx has put out. I have backed a lot of the stuff and been very happy. Add in they have been getting some of the original white wolf stuff available for reprint through RPDRivethru has been fantastic. Can't weigh in on the rest.
  3. Also, I know there HAS to be a GoTs topic here...I will find it.
  4. So many names I recognize, and some new faces. :D Haldir, Aryanun...and of Course Froggy (I just unpacked your battle toad the other day as well as the fairy dragon with his stolen pie.) life is good. We finally bought an acreage last summer, and I have spent the last ten months unpacking (And I am still unpacking! You really accumulate a lot of stuff over time.) I have slowly started to set up a proper "hobby room" though it looks more like a natural disaster atm. Hope they aren't too big.... I am the proud owner of 12 chickens, 9.5 cats (This is counting the feral that has decided the barn is a nice place to live), 4 dogs and three horses. I am really looking forward to painting, and I have to say I have missed you all a lot! I'd write more, but need to get ready for work...and for the person who was looking for Monday.....It ran me over yesterday and I failed to get a licences plate.....You catch up with it, give it a swift kick for me as well.
  5. So, rather than side track a few threads here and there with non related replies... Many of you don;t know me, (Actually most of you don't know me ;P) But for those that do and want to play catch up. Here I am! Going over stuff now, looking at the help topics for painting so I can get myself ready to jump back in. I am sure it is like riding a bike. So hello to all you people I don't know, and to those few who remember me!
  6. I have been converting to Imagur for some time, less add heavy for one. But oddly some of my photo buckets links are still working. Not sure why. But it did do a number on my game forums, as my Graphics person was using them exclusively. I make a lot of my albums there private, on Imagur that is.
  7. thanks! Perusing the minis....I need those Kitsune. Been replacing paints and setting up my new craft room.
  8. Done, and I am impressed there is a person in Omaha! (Even though I am not)
  9. My sincerest condolences on your loss.
  10. SO stealing that picture for my FB ;p And yes people still don't get it! Gaming is fun and nothing Sad about it. :D Did you state that it had been the first time you had the chance to run a game in years when you posted the pic? If you did, the comment could have been referring the sad state of being unable to game for so long. If not, it looks like you've got some non friends on your friends list. So you got some pruning to do. Facebook is a tool for keeping in contact with friends, not a contest to get the highest number of so called facebook friends.
  11. Richard the Warlock...cause I need a Richard the Warlock.
  12. all I can think is "New page to book mark and make wish list for." oh and where are the Zombies?
  13. The Mind's Eye Theater has also been bought by some old writers for White wolf as well and they are gong to be re-releasing them with updates. They have a FB page started By Night Studios. Which is making me itch for Vampire the Masquerade again as well as Werewolf. Hope that link works.....
  14. Was a model horse...not a mini. Sliced my finger almost to the bone with teh exato knife. After that I really under stood all the various phases of...Shock. Of course I just slapped a band aide on it. I don't do hospitals and I don't do stitches. ;p
  15. Sorry, Note went Boom. Since I use repair by Rob (my friend who is a PC repair person) which cost me nothing...I can't really complain about the time it takes to repair :P anyway out my down time to use. Found my books and will get things sorted and typed is the typing that will suck ;p Tams