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  1. So, rather than side track a few threads here and there with non related replies... Many of you don;t know me, (Actually most of you don't know me ;P) But for those that do and want to play catch up. Here I am! Going over stuff now, looking at the help topics for painting so I can get myself ready to jump back in. I am sure it is like riding a bike. So hello to all you people I don't know, and to those few who remember me!
  2. also I a shocked no one notice Wizards horrific black dragon in that picture.
  3. Unpainted horse....Yes, Model horses are on my list to paint as well. Ya I disappeared for a bit, had moved to a smaller place, no room to set out all the paints. And with real life I am going to be sporadic, but still be here. (So any topics have so many replies already!) But the new bigger place means more "adult" responsibilities :P Thanks for the hellos, hugs and welcome back so far. I need to do some reading. Froggy's random post really scares me....
  4. I was very pleased, we also watched the re-run on Monday to re-analyze things. I like how everything was set up for the rest of season. I am curious to see how the various 'relationships' play out.
  5. So, I saw this and as White wolf and World Of Darkness is my forte, and my love and I have to say I have been very pleased with all the stuff that Onyx has put out. I have backed a lot of the stuff and been very happy. Add in they have been getting some of the original white wolf stuff available for reprint through RPDRivethru has been fantastic. Can't weigh in on the rest.
  6. Also, I know there HAS to be a GoTs topic here...I will find it.
  7. So many names I recognize, and some new faces. :D Haldir, Aryanun...and of Course Froggy (I just unpacked your battle toad the other day as well as the fairy dragon with his stolen pie.) life is good. We finally bought an acreage last summer, and I have spent the last ten months unpacking (And I am still unpacking! You really accumulate a lot of stuff over time.) I have slowly started to set up a proper "hobby room" though it looks more like a natural disaster atm. Hope they aren't too big.... I am the proud owner of 12 chickens, 9.5 cats (This is counting the feral that has decided the barn is a nice place to live), 4 dogs and three horses. I am really looking forward to painting, and I have to say I have missed you all a lot! I'd write more, but need to get ready for work...and for the person who was looking for Monday.....It ran me over yesterday and I failed to get a licences plate.....You catch up with it, give it a swift kick for me as well.
  8. I have been converting to Imagur for some time, less add heavy for one. But oddly some of my photo buckets links are still working. Not sure why. But it did do a number on my game forums, as my Graphics person was using them exclusively. I make a lot of my albums there private, on Imagur that is.
  9. thanks! Perusing the minis....I need those Kitsune. Been replacing paints and setting up my new craft room.
  10. Done, and I am impressed there is a person in Omaha! (Even though I am not)
  11. A while back someone asked me to put up some info on painting dapples on horses. After consulting with a few model horse friends and being assured "scale" made no difference, the techniques we use would work on the smaller guys, I have finally found some info. This info comes directly from Carol Howards Colors and Technique book she put put for us model horse wanna-be painters! The pictures also come from her book. " Dapples The type of dapple you desire or prefer will dictate how you will paint them onto the model. There are three basic shapes of dapples: Generic round or smooth -slightly irregular round shapes Star - Asterick shaped with fine "spikes" raditating from the center, sometimes the spikes appear to connect with other dapples. Splotchy -irregular shaped light spots with little 'nubs' around the center. The key to getting quality dapples applied here are: A) Take your time! Apply dapples in sections, and if necessary, plan to do it in several sessions (Very good idea when working on a large model horse, not necessary for our small guys I think) B) Be careful, go slowly and be patient. Use small brushes and a very delicate touch throughout the smoothing operation. C) If the dapple centers aren't white enough - don't killyourself over it! It can be fixed later, after the horse dries. Round or smooth dapples These are the easiest. You simply dab on white paint (Or light grey_ two or three at a time in the same spot for each dapple with a small frayed shader. Add more dapple in a random and somewhat irregular pattern over the dark area. (Refer to photos for ideas on where to locate dapples.) The dapples should not be perfectly arranged or spaced, and for the best results - they should vary a bit in size and shape/ Dabbing the brush two or three times on each spot will help 'set' the color into darker paint. After the dapple have been added, take a small, dry shader and barely stipple blend the edges. Overdoing it will cause the dapples to be muted or fade away. Once you have an area done, you can take a larger dry shader or filbert to lightly smooth over the area. At this point, you can pick out the dapple centers by dotting on a bit more light color as needed. Likewise, you can dot in a bit more dark color between the dapples. Star dapples A small shader or bright brush that holds a straight edge is required. With white paint on the brush, dot the brush on once, rotate the brush, dot again; rotate and dot once more. You should end up with an asterick, or start type of shape. The "lines" of white don't have to be centered - varting the technigue and location a bit you can create 3-7 points, or 'spikes'. on the dapples. Splotchy dapples Large splotchy dapples aren't much different than the round once to paint. Begin by badding on the center as with a regular smooth dapple, but slightly move or rotate the brush as you go to get a more irregular shape. The dapple should appear to have some 'nubs' sticking around the edges. Touch up the dapples as needed by lightly stippling with a small round brush. Splotchy dapples usually react well to a light final smoothing. The warping and shifting of color usually helps accentuate them a bit. " There are the basics! Hope it helps a bit. LT
  12. My sincerest condolences on your loss.
  13. SO stealing that picture for my FB ;p And yes people still don't get it! Gaming is fun and nothing Sad about it. :D Did you state that it had been the first time you had the chance to run a game in years when you posted the pic? If you did, the comment could have been referring the sad state of being unable to game for so long. If not, it looks like you've got some non friends on your friends list. So you got some pruning to do. Facebook is a tool for keeping in contact with friends, not a contest to get the highest number of so called facebook friends.
  14. Richard the Warlock...cause I need a Richard the Warlock.
  15. all I can think is "New page to book mark and make wish list for." oh and where are the Zombies?
  16. The Mind's Eye Theater has also been bought by some old writers for White wolf as well and they are gong to be re-releasing them with updates. They have a FB page started By Night Studios. Which is making me itch for Vampire the Masquerade again as well as Werewolf. Hope that link works.....
  17. Was a model horse...not a mini. Sliced my finger almost to the bone with teh exato knife. After that I really under stood all the various phases of...Shock. Of course I just slapped a band aide on it. I don't do hospitals and I don't do stitches. ;p
  18. Sorry, Note went Boom. Since I use repair by Rob (my friend who is a PC repair person) which cost me nothing...I can't really complain about the time it takes to repair :P anyway out my down time to use. Found my books and will get things sorted and typed is the typing that will suck ;p Tams
  19. No pics yet. But since I have digital camera I will "make" myself take one or two. Anyway some may recall me talking aout this some time ago. My Reaper Vampire on a rocky Tor with a bit of ruins behind him. Well, the Tor is mostly painted! Ya me! If not for a wedding and multiple trips to KC for said wedding I would surely be further along. But I figure if I post about it...I will have to keep working on it, right? Anyway, will take a couple pics tomorrow for a critique LT P.S make Frosch poke me LT
  20. heh same here, though I sent a message to ask Spike to help me ;p Don't help I caught something from my husband, :P two days abed already. But I am working on it I swear, I have always been slow making my characters.
  21. First...if anyone recognizes this mini, please tell me as I have forgotten the details of who made him, his name etc. I recall getting him from Dragglestown and that is it. anyway I started working on him a week ago. he is a very fragile resin and had a lot of "flaws" broken wing tip, holes in the resin from air pockets and a horrid gap where the wings went together (As you can see with the green stuff) At the moment I am still sanding as I mixed my first batch of green stuff weird and it stayed....soft-ish....the second batch is drying. (Does it always take so long to dry?) Anyway here there are...Though I hope the pics aren't too big.... I don't like how the tail attaches to the body so when he is all done I will be adding what looks like chain mail or a leather back cloth to cover it. And this is the head, not on yet but hoping it will help ID the model. Tams
  22. The red is driving me nuts....>.>
  23. Ahhh I see it too now. the white area under the fallen pillar...will sort that out
  24. Sorry for delay. Mike's Grandmother passed away on Thursday so the week end was rather busy with family stuff and the funeral. I will get to working on it tonight...Um what type of Characters do we have already? And I may need help as I haven't played path finder. All I know is t is supposed to be like D&D 3.0/3.5 ;p Oh And I see the list of haves now ;p I can make a thief if someone can help me ^^ I like thieves.
  25. Yes I am, this is actuall one of 4 Diaramas I am working on ;p one being a...Hippocampus! Ya water horse!